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The 2nd Annual Props and Poses Fair 2012!

It’s time for The 2nd Annual Props & Poses Fair! The goal of this event is to raise not only awareness for those who suffer from seizure disorders but also money for The International League Against Epilepsy. Running from January 1st through the 8th, you will find props and poses to make any photo simply […]

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January 2012
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Just Strut

Sometimes after a particularly lovely night, you can’t help but just throw on some heels and a shirt and strut out to the kitchen for a drink.Now as you know, I’m not one to show off a ton of skin, but the Soft Resolution shirt from Kyoot for Stumblebu…

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Style - Just Strut

Bet our hold on happiness

On 2nd January 2012 · By Lauren Minuet · With Leave a comment
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On Lauren : Skin:  Illusory :  Paige_Honey – Simple Liner (Red Brow) Eyes: .ID. – Real Eyes / Stumblebum 1 (Stumblebum item) Lashes:  Redgrave – Eyelashes -6- Natural Lashes:  Cheap Makeup –  Vintage Lash 1 Freckles: Vaya Con Dios – Freckles – TINTABLE – Medium Lip gloss:  Pink Fuel – Elly <Milk>Sheer Balm (Nude) Lipstick:  [BG] – Winter Chills (AD&DW […]

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Climb into the ring for a battle that you can’t win

On 2nd January 2012 · By Suri L. · With Leave a comment
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Swing as hard as you can swing, it will still mean nothing~-Details and more pics inside-Read more »

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Menswear Fashion Week 2012

Menswear Fashion Week 2012Coming March 23-31st!Photographer: Aspen HuntressModels: Jax Aster, Strawberry Singh, Galliano Boucher, Divos Titanium, Jims Dinzel, Garrett Ceriano, Takeshi Kiama

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The Fresh Unknown Hunt

Applications open Mid January and close on February 5th This hunt is Unisex, therefore we need unisex items or male & female items. All hunt items must be your own! BIAB and resellers will be declined immediately. Please inform myself (Evelyn Harts…

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Wear all the colors!

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I’m colorblocking. Honest. Tattoo: Aitui tattoo love is blind Skin: Frick Confetti in apricot, New Year’s group gift Bowtie necklace: La Malvada Mujer – lou lou a l’ecole Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui selene mesh boots in red Skirt: So Many … Continue reading

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Wear all the colors!

Make An Appointment for A Prostate Exam Today!

Once you have booked an appointment with your family doctor, here is what to expect when it comes to the prostate exam: Usually you will be asked to stand, feet apart, facing the examination table and bending forward so that your arms or elbows are on the table. The doctor will put on a surgical […]

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I see you shiver with anticipation

The other day there was a lot of discussion about events, and ways in which people could know in advance when something was scheduled. Sanura Snowpaw decided to take matters into her own hands, and created the new Second Life Events Calendar. Now this is a great project, and will of course mean that Sanura […]

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Let´s begin!

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Let´s begin!

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A Note About 2011 Props & Poses Fair Rumour

On 2nd January 2012 · By evie · With Leave a comment
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It seems that people like dragging things up from the past. Sweaty Badger (aka Epileptic Dreddmor) has worked her ass off for the Props and Poses Fair 2012 (with my help ofc) so it’s a shame to see the rumours rising again. Sweaty has decided to …

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i’m wistful, damnit

On 2nd January 2012 · By Vixxie Vultee · With Leave a comment
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yaaaaaay, i got off my lazy ass && made new poses! go meee! \o/ seven poses this time, that are all sideways glances && artfully staring off into space and whatnot. x3 they were super fun to make (though forgive me if i’m a bit rusty at it, it’s been a while since my last […]

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fayse ~ i'm wistful, damnit!

Addicted to Mesh

On 2nd January 2012 · By Lelu · With Leave a comment
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Okay, I admit it.  I’m a texture and prim snob.  This is nothing new, really.  Gabbie and I have joked about this foreeevver but really….its true.  But it gets worse!  Last night I realized I’m now addicted to mesh, too! &nbs…

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Etheria – Painted Lady – Gooooodies

On 2nd January 2012 · By Willis · With Leave a comment
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Etheria – Painted lady is now open, what is it you ask?  Well if you have read my last post, you SHOULD KNOW… but i’ll recap… It is a collaboration between jewellery and clothing designers.  The jewellers make their goods, and then they picked a collab partner to make a matching outfit!  It has turned out […]

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Etheria - Painted Lady 1 - Carolines/DCNY

[LeeZu!] Oxford Mesh Dress

On 2nd January 2012 · By LeeZu Baxter · With Leave a comment
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 [LeeZu!] is proud to join the world of MESH.  In our first release, the flirty Oxford dress is the perfect must-have for any stylista!  In two versions – the 70s inspired stripes well have him hypnotized as you sashay into the party.&nb…

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-Hanaya- January 2012 Group Gift

On 2nd January 2012 · By Moriko Inshan · With Leave a comment
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Lately, I have been saying thank you a lot – but then I am Canadian and we tend to do that a lot. So let me thank you for reading my blog, which turned one year old yesterday. -Hanaya- Bamboo Fountain Since it is the beginning of the month, the monthly -Hanaya- Yummy Collectibles in-world […]

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Winter Wonderland…

I recently posted “Judge” that contained some of the same times I wore to this year’ MAD Agency Christmas Ball shown here in this post.  I either edited the pieces by changing the color or added parts from other outfits or simply wore a different color.  I wanted to show how you could use the […]

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