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MIAO Stumblebum Feb

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Only 100L Grab your Stumblebum item from MIAO. It’s a cute little Valentine’s dress. TELEPORT TO MIAO

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January 2012
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I was so much hoping to have a jubilant I AM BACK post, complete with photos of a brand new build and some fashion shots.

(You can imagine them if you like).

But, you lucky readers you, here is another whiny rant.

I have no idea why (and once again I have changed NOTHING), I appeared to have stopped crashing on Sunday, having sent in a detailed ticket on Saturday.

Optimism reigned. I even changed clothes. I considered cancelling the ticket but thought OK, let's wait and see.

I went up to my building platform and started just pootling around with a build and was SO SO HAPPY.

Then came yesterday.

Logon took forever. Then one of those 'moved into nearby region' messages where people were showing up one after the other.

I was halfway through typing 'is anyone else having login issues' when I crashed.

Checked grid status - nothing.

Logged in crashed logged in crashed logged in crashed (while checking to see if there was a response to my ticket... of course not).

Saw an SL friend on MSN and said 'is Graces down?' Mind, this seemed unlikely because in the brief moments I was logged in, I got a purchase message from Vent du Sud.… Read the rest

Free stuff.

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I know, I know, this post has the lamest title of the year, but at least you know what it's all about. Wishbox has a new Midnight Mania prize, this lovely romper dress. It comes with the scarf, the necklace, the cute optional pockets, 2 different skirts and the tights with garters and panties.

ColdLogic is opening soon, and before that they set up a subscribe'O'matic at their store with these 3 adorable mesh dresses. Grab them before they're gone!!

Credits (100l$ or cheaper)

Other things :

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In Black and White

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I found Not Everything is Plain Black and White in the Destination Guide. I went there wearing this cute red mesh dress, but found a few free goodies there – some black and white avatars and clothes to help you become part of this cool art installation. I had some editing-fun with these photos.

Credits Other black and white skins and outfits are courtesy of Not Everything is Plain Black & White.
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Petite moi ?

Hello !!
Do you know about the Petites ?
No ... well .. it doesn't go in the "under 100L" category, but I'm pretty sure it's still something you want to know about it !
After all, we're in the fae's wardrobe !
Visit Yabusaka to discover all about it, and for more pictures you may look here and here
Enjoy !

Under 100L:
Hair : NMR122 red previous group gift available at the store (!! resized !!) by boon
Above 100 L:
Outfit : PETITES Will O The Wisp by Evie's Closet only available at Petites Market at the moment 

Avie : PETITES -Elves (Sunkissed skin) by Fallen Gods
Pose by Everglow

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New @ Fucifino: Spruce Up Your Space with the Bridgeport Collection

New Release time! And for you I've got the Bridgeport Collection. I've been really thinking about warm weather and beaches lately. The Bridgeport Collection comes with the distressed white console table, starfish photo frame (just add your own photos...this is partial mesh, so you will need a mesh-enabled viewer to view), framed shell art, lamp, birch candle holders, crate with towels and BEACH letter tiles on tray.

It's available this weekend for Spruce Up Your Space! Get it at the Fucifino Mainstore!

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Die Erstellung eines Gutachtens setzt voraus, dass man den Aufbau in Grundstrukturen kennt….

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Die Erstellung eines Gutachtens setzt voraus, dass man den Aufbau in Grundstrukturen kennt. Zwischen Vertragshändler und Unternehmer besteht häufig ein Rahmenvertrag in Form eines Geschäftsbesorgungsvertrages mit Dienstleistungscharakter i. Steht ein bestimmter Lebenssachverhalt fest, ist der zweite Schritt das „Erfassen der Fallfrage“. Oft sind Anwaltspraxen und Gemeinschaftspraxen von Ärzten als Gesellschaft bürgerlichen Rechts organisiert. Möglich bleibt aber die Anwendung der §§ 677 ff. Für die Klagen der Nachbarn sind die eBooks kostenlos herunterladen auf bookboon. - Hier finden sie ihren Rechtsanwalt in Oberhausen. Nach § 3 UWG sind geschäftliche Handlungen unzulässig, wenn sie geeignet sind, die Interessen von Mitbewerben, Verbrauchern oder sonstigen Marktteilnehmern spürbar zu beeinträchtigen. Kapitalgesellschaften Bei Gesellschaftsschulden der AG und der GmbH sind die Gesellschaften selbst Schuldner und haften mit ihrem gesamten Gesellschaftsvermögen.… Read the restbaumhaus

Dragon Lady

On 25th January 2012 · By Jupiter Firelyte · With Leave a comment
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Sn@tch has some great new goodies on their Lucky Boards including this outfit, which includes the dragon top in various colors and the jeans with prim cuffs that I’m not wearing in favor of the boots.

Shape: mine
Skin: Devotion, Euphoria, Au Naturel by Heartsick (free; Depraved Xmas Hunt)
Eyes: December Gift / Green by Insufferable Dastard (free)
Hair: Pulse, Raven, Sin by Exile (free group gift)
Outfit: Dragon Lady Tee & Jeans by Sn@tch (free; Lucky Board)
Boots: Leather Boots in Black by Vignette/In Her Shoes (free)
Poses: tapoe (free; marketplace)
Location: It’s All Good Biker Bar
Viewer: Second Life 3.2.5
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With murder in mind, and hey, MUSIC

You know, having fixed my blue screen issue I was lulled into a false sense of 'if I really keep plugging away and reading IT forums and trying stuff, I will find the cause' this time around.

Also, it is a 90-minute round trip to take a sick PC into the store, let alone the calls to see if it has been fixed (via a call centre from hell), followed by another trip to pick it up.

And if the problem is with my Internet connection, then it won't help much.

(I really need a photo here, so let's dig out an old one of me in the days I could actually walk around in SL).

Old hunt gift from ALaFolie, Ari in a snit
This time, I have been reading up masses of stuff on connectivity (including concerning the ADSL box I use). This, at least, has the advantage of being able to grasp the fixes more rapidly as the instructions are for Windows in French (which I have). Other discussions of the issue, in English, require me to go to the control panel and find the equivalent in French, which - even if you are virtually bilingual - is not always obvious.… Read the rest

Alphabet Challenge-R

 When I put on this dress, it automatically made me think “Stepford Wife!” because of how much it looks like a super puffy, classy apron. So, in came the kitchen backdrop and a glass of wine. -worn- Dress:  Ambrsia (Winter Rose)
Skin: Tres Blah (La Vie En Rose)
Hair: Lamb (I’m a romantic)
Eyes:  A.G. (Rebel)
Earrings:  .(bewildebeest). (Cassandra Rhodonite)
Shoes: NX-Nardcotix (Rebekah)

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52 Weeks of Color Challenge- Iron

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I’ve noticed that when in the official viewer, objects are much more likely to distort-whereas in firestorm,  under the same graphic specifications, items retain their shape.  Odd. =/ -worn- Skin:  YS&YS (Desiree)
Lipstick: YS&YS (Desiree), Tuli (Elusive Lips)
Shape:  Mine
Eyes:  I.D. (Brown)*gift
Hair: Kik (Tsubaki)
Lashes: Glam Affair (Divine)
Tights: Insanya (Subscriber Gift)
Shoes: Lelutka (Saffron)
Earrings:  Yummy (Diamond Stud)
Ring:  Paper Couture (Water Over Wine)
Outfit:  Sweetest Goodbye (Second Moon)

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Duck, Duck, Goose

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Here’s a sweet and playful look put together with the help of Mother Goose’s. It’s hard to beat the big wall of Lucky Boards for free skins at Mother Goose’s and they’re perfect if you like a look that’s younger and not so model perfect.

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Etta James Tribute

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Acclaimed blues and R&B diva Etta James passed away Friday. Adan n Eve released a wonderful tribute shape and skin this weekend. I prefer my own shape, however, so I let it inspire me, but ultimately went with my own shape for these images.

If you’re not familiar with the music of Etta James, you don’t know what you’ve been missing! Credits
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Newness from Fucifino

I've been super busy lately building a new store front - I am still not finished; lots of final touches to be done. But I've been also a busy bee working on some new releases as well.

First, there is Memories of Grandma. As I was putting this together, I kept thinking about my grandma's old apartment in Chicago with its very colorful 70's decor. She had this bold yellow flower wallpaper that I am sure I saw in a Potbelly's restaurant LOL. The table and accessories are 28 prims and it will be on sale for Moody Mondays for 55L!

Then there is the Tanzi Outdoor Fireplace for the ZombiePopcorn Brand. Sorry, no real story behind this one. I was cold and wished I was in front of a fireplace. HAHA! Rez this by itself or next to your house. Decorate it however you want - pillows, big comfy chairs, etc. The fireplace has 8 different burn styles to match the mood you want to create. The curtains are soft-linked so if you need to save some prims, just remove them. This is on sale now until February 3 at ZombiePopcorn Brand and at my mainstore.… Read the restFucifino.Memories of Grandma for Moody Mondays

More Mesh Boots @ INSOLENCE !

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As promised when I released the first mesh boots for INSOLENCE, back in November last year, I am expanding the Mesh shoes range today !

I wanted to create this boot design since quite some time, and never took the time to do it with sculpted prims. Mesh allows me to play with detailing and texturing much more easily !

The Christine boots are an experiment in mixing a classical shoe and high heel shape, with a casual, sport like lacing. As a result, we have here a highly sexy low boot, with quite a strong personality. ! That should be the perfect shoe for going out dancing at night !

I took extra care at polishing the finest details and crafting, as well as keeping the lines in the INSOLENCE spirit of upscale elegance, for your best foot fetish pleasure :

The boots come in 6 tones :

Classic, warm Brown for a dinner in town :

A lighter Beige will work great for an elegant outfit :

White, shining in the night lights :

Girly in Pink !

Purple is quite sweet too :

And Black for a military feel on heels !… Read the rest

I Have Moved My Blog!!

I have been blogging in "The Style File - Kay's SL Look Book" since July of 2008 and I had been feeling the need to revamp my blog.

So I have been preparing a new site which has finally become ready to go public.

I apologize for the trouble, but if you have been following me in this blog, I hate to ask you for the trouble but I would appreciate it if you can re-follow me in my new blog.

If you are a brand/store owner or a fashion blogger and if you would like to be linked to my new blog, please send me a notecard in-world or email me at with the following information so I can add you.  But please check if you are not already linked before you send your request. :)

To go to my new blog, CLICK HERE.

I hope you will like it. :)

Thank you!

Kay Fairey

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Did you flush? Tales of a not-geek

Yes, I did.

I am sitting here with half an eye on those little bars that show the internet connection. The ones that have been intermittently coming up with the yellow exclamation mark on and off all week, whatever I've been doing but particularly so with SL.

At the moment, it looks good.

Because I flushed my DNA cache, having read eleventy million articles on what might be wrong and finally came up with that as the last in a long line of attempts to fix it.

Ah, IT-speak. Dontcha love it?

I am praying it has worked, after perusing event logs, cleaning the registry, cleaning the fans, kicking the laundry basket (I had to kick something), forcing myself not to strangle Mr RL when he said the inevitable "well my machine is fine, so it has to be SL"... 

... and generally, y'know, getting weepy and sleepless because I had to WORK with all this going on (sociology, medicated animal feeds and a contract, if you are remotely interested). All of which required much Googling (connecting...… Read the rest


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I love the mole on this skin. It’s such a nice detail. While I was exploring the Grid for a sporty place to snap a photo for this entry, I happened on TT Enterprises. This is a great place to go if you’re looking for something to do with friends or on a date. The complex offers basketball, tennis, ping pong, and beach volleyball.
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Party Girl

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I don’t tend to go for party looks in Second Life, but sometimes you gotta let your hair down and hit a club.

This striped, sheer dress is a great find in the Marketplace. The pack also brings an orange version. I was tempted to edit the straps around the shoulder areas, but this is a Second Life issue with the body mesh so I decided to leave it. Credits
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New Skin

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Happy Thursday I couldn’t think of a title today so yeah… Happy Thursday! I was bored last night so figured I’d have a bit of a play around with my look. In doing so I invested in this beautiful new skin! It still has ‘essence of Sassy’ along with being slightly more grown up. Yay for growing up! So the skin is from Glam Affair – The Same as Kythaela’s new look. It’s there newest Linn range, and they have some absolutely beautiful make up options. I’ve gone for number 09 which is the most toned down, but I would love to have a play around with some of the others maybe in the future. I’ve also added some CheLLe makeup – namely Dark shadow, Smokey shadow and Cat eyeliner just to spice up the look a little more and make it somewhat more unique. I hope you all like! xX Sassy Xx [Credits] [Hair] – Mesh – Wasabi Pills [Skin] – Glam Affair [Jewellery] – Mandala [Underwear] – Zaara [Sofa / Poses] – Glitterati

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