Naughty and Depraved Gacha Street Fair

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Depraved Nation, home to Razorblade Jacket and the Seraphim HQ as well as many other awesome stores, has an ability to pull together an awesome event, be it a hunt or otherwise. This time round I bring you details of their Naughty and Depraved Gacha Street Fair. I realized this week that not everyone may know what a gacha machine is, so as a refresher, a gacha machine is like a game of chance, you pay a set price and will in return receive one of the items available. For example if a machine has sweaters in 5 different colours for 20L each, you pay your 20L and then get a sweater in one of the 5 colours. Unless stated otherwise, these prizes should be Transferrable, so this would be a great way to get some Christmas shopping done, though you can enjoy this event right up until December 31st!
Rudh xxx

Naughty and Depraved Gacha Street Fair

01 SWEET ANTIDOTE – corsets, 22L each 02 Sassy! – dresses, 25L each/35L each 03 Sassy! – scarves, 25L each 04 SAKIDE – panties, 10L each 05 Duh! – tights, 10L each 06 Es’Cusi – panties, 50L each 07 Holli Pocket – tops, 35L each 08 MarieDoll – tops, 25L each 09 Hogs and Cart Wheels – helmets, 20L each 10 Razorblade Jacket – tank tops, 25L each 11 Pekka – tongues, 40L each 12 Vaughans – books, 50L each 13 Lil Bitz – leggings, 15L each 14 Just You Jewels – necklace, 69L each 15 Razorblade Jacket – tops, 25L each 16 Arygle Anonymous – mittens, 10L each 17 Endless Pain Tattoos – tattoos, 25L each 18 Sour Pickles – panties, 15L each 19 Razorblade Jacket – skirts, 29L each 20 American Bazaar – tops, 25L each 21 American Bazaar – tops/dress, 25L each 22 Blow-Up – skirts, 35L each 23 Epic – wings, 39L each 24 Epic – horns,29L each 25 Style Society – necklaces, 35L 26 ODB – random prizes, 20L 27 SHUSH – tops, 35L 28 Quarantine – accessories, 10L each 29 bubble – shoes, 20L each 30 bubble – leggings, 10L each 31 Hysteria – mouthies, 20L each 32 LMD – tops, 30L each 33 Obsidian – outfits, 25L each

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