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Ice Princess

Hello SL blogosphere! I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus due to illness and some hardware issues but I’m looking forward to doing more blogging now that it’s all straightened out :)  One of my favorite SL activities is skating because I can be so graceful and beautiful and do flawless spins and jumps and so my ice skates are rarely leaving my feet these days, I even skate through the shops \o/ Today I have on a bunch of gifts mostly, I love this time of year in SL when creators are so generous with lovely gifts! One of the best for my style has been the dress & necklace from G.Field, it’s so lovely and floaty! Another big thing is happening at G.Field until the 3rd of January, she’s having a big sale on all things that are red or white and you know she makes some of the best and most reasonably priced shoes around so go get some while they’re on sale! The lovely hat is part of the gift from Donna Flora and it’s so posh I feel like a lost Russian Princess or something.… Read the rest




December 2011
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I'm delighted to share with you today a review of the Jolene Avatar by Tameless.

The very talented Nita Bracken was kind enough to share with me this review item from her store, Tameless, and I must say, I'm in love with it!

Her Jolene Avatar includes skin in three shades, breast enhancer, shape, eyes, prim lashes, hair, lingerie, boots, trench coat with two length options, boots, piercings, snowflake tattoo and AO in sassy or sweet options.

Snow eyes by Tameless draw me into their frosty smoldering depths as I'm teased by the furry trim at the edges of my coat, tickling my skin.  Luscious... divine... frost maidens beware, this ensemble is hot enough to melt the snows of a thousand winters.

The question is... are you hot enough for it?  Tempt yourself with this high quality complete avatar ensemble, found at the Tameless store, or on marketplace.

Visit the Tameless Store and find the other hairstyles shown here, including Norine, and Mindi and find your favorite hair color and streak option.… Read the rest

Winter White

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Oh, the holiday season.It's not quite over yet, but I managed to dig my way out of a mountain of brightly colored paper to log into SL for a little bit.It's been a few days, and I was loaded down with messages and boxes and notecards and textures. There were a lot of lovely gifts out there this season, and I missed a few by the wonder of messages that cap and messages that just seem to get eaten by the ether.So, I got my obsessive on and manually checked all of my in-world groups.Thankfully, most people are kind (and probably super busy, too), so a lot of gifts are still out or still in histories.In this post are two such gifts.Cannibelle's silver "Eira" lingerie is still sitting under the tree, waiting to be picked up, along with a tattoo gift that's not pictured here. The pretty, sheer piece made me feel quite wintery (in a warm way).While wandering around in my underwear (I've been wearing it for what seems like weeks now), I collected LAQ's seasonal gift skin, Ebba.The icy blue makeup added to my wintery-in-a-warm-way feeling, and so I started scheming.I've been in deer-mode for weeks, as well, and I stuck with it.But, I added fawn spots, elfin ears and a snowflake lip ring to fantasy/winter it up.And this, mis amigos, is the result.Ta-da!… Read the rest

Toxic Behavior

Toxic behaviors are a sustained pattern of dehumanizing, humiliating or harassing statements or actions that go beyond providing constructive criticism. The behaviors are forms of aggression that are harmful and damaging. I was reading through the blog The Rumor tonight. It made me sad how much snark, humiliation, and degrading antics were paraded around. I even plurked about it:  It’s like their marketing strategy is to be as mean as they possibly can – and then brag about it. When did this become cool? I’ve worked in the professional creative industry for 10+ years, and I have only seen this type of behavior from whorish creative directors that do blow in their offices and wander around the rest of the day stoned. It’s like their megalomania is turned up to eleven. I mean, honestly? Maybe it’s me. Maybe I loath bitchy, rich (and cheap), bullies who are drunk on pretend power, but when did ‘hate‘ become a marketing plan for Second Life.… Read the rest

Black and White Mistress

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Black Mistress

White Mistress

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Catching Up – Yet Again

Time for a quick catch-up blog. I have been so distracted lately that I have been letting blogging slide.

First up, all the skins in this post are the stunning new Linn from Glam Affair. Their skins just get better and better! I love the subtle makeups and the full on glam ones. GA is definately a skin force to reckon with in Second Life, so give in and fall in love with Linn!

The hair above is Nadine from Tameless. It's my new "go to" hair and I have been practically living in it! this cute and sassy bob comes with resize script and colour change built in, along with a cute streak option.

From Stars Fashion is Curiosity, a sexy minidress with a hot leather jacket. Boots are also included. Necklace is L'Olimpiade from U&R Dogs.
More glamorous Linn skins from Glam Affair peek out from Norine, a new chic bob from Tameless. The edgey makeups and hair look fabulous with Tricia Elegant from Stars Fashion.

Two more stunning Linn skins teamed up with another new Tameless style - a swept back pony style called Jolene.… Read the rest

LookBook 11

Skin: -Glam Affair – GiO skin Black Snow D (former Dressing Room item)
Dress: ::SUGARCUBE – DU4 Narcissus Dress (no longer available)
Hair: ::Exile:: Veronique:Frost new
Piercing 1: ::FlipSide:: Multi Diamond brow and mouth set
Piercing 2: Plastic Flowers ::PLFL:: Solidarity_
Claws: La Malvada Mujer – Claws Black
Feet: SLink Jolie Pied v2.0 Barefeet Tiptoes
Tattoo: AJA – DaVinci Tattoo – Light Poses: Miamai

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December Skin from .la petite morte.

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As this is my first post in Skin Addiction blog, I would like to say hello to everyone and wish you all a Happy Holidays! I feel so honoured to be part of this blog and I promise to do my best <3 December Skin is a new release from .la petite morte. It comes in 3 skin tones to choose from: pale, light and med. Also, 6 different makeups are available. .la petite morte. offers in this skin several options as well: The skins can be worn with or without cleavage, with dark eyebrows or without eyebrows and if you are a fan of freckles, this option is also included! Limo to .la petite morte. 

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With Love, Again – Couple’s Edition

There were a few items left for the With Love, Again Hunt that I hadn't blogged because I had no pixels to do them with.  Luckily for me, this very sweet and pretty man-vi allowed me to borrow him and I got them finished!  Thank you so much, Liq.  ♥
This chair is the WLAH gift from oOo Studio, called Cozy.  There is two couple poses inside the chair, as shown in the photo.  Also, the dresses I'm wearing in the pics are the hunt gift from -paper.doll- and can be worn both as a dress or as a bodysuit with pants. Both colors come included, and the skirt is re-sizeable.  Liq is looking incredibly spiffy in the photo, but nothing on him is actually part of the hunt!  I think he had a hot date later…
{what next} has this really cute lamp post out for the hunt, and it has 4 couple poses as well as single person poses.  Also comes with the caroling book and smart phone attachments to use with the prop.  In addition, the light on the post turns on or off if you touch it.  This one was fun lol, there's so many ways to use the poses I ended up taking about 10 pictures too many and had to choose which ones to use.  Generally, I went for the ones that made my ass look normal-ish sized because some of the pictures made it seem like my ass was about to attack poor Liq.  So, remember everyone…the With Love, Again hunt is on until January 6th and everything in the hunt is 10L.  This is not a (Read more...)

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Christmas is over \o/

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Christmas is over \o/ … I’m sorry, but i don’t like christmas   SHOPPINGLIST HAIR: *~*Damselfly*~* Kaja Ruby Twilight PIERCING: [-B-] :Basic Piercings     Dollarbie! SCARF: ~Pepper~ Coffee Scarf     Gacha! NECKLACE: !Admiral Spicy! ”How time is it?” Necklace SPIRALS: ~Pepper~ Spirals DRESS: JANE – cinch waist dress.austin.browns BRACELET: Izzie’s – Wood Bangles brown PANTS: [VS] Style Dora Blue SHOES: KAO : Suede Fringe Boots / black Nicky <3

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Leave it Colder…

Now the dark begins to rise
Save Your Breath It’s Far From Over.

Leave the lost and dead behind
Now’s your chance to run for cover
I don’t want to change the wold, I just want to leave it COLDER
The White Walkers have returned. With lip gloss. Winter is coming. Photography by Cajsa Lilliehook
for It’s Only Fashion
****STYLE NOTES******
Poses: Reel Expressions
Skin: [Matrioska] Fae Skin
Eyes: Amacci Gaze Eyes Clear Green
Lashes: [LeLutka]-2011 lashes/curl/touch me
Hair base: booN gathered raised hairbase red
Hair Prims: booN ARK554 hair red
Dress: Miamai_Gauri
Pink Collar (turned sideways) Miamai_Whisper Dawn
Headpiece: Miamai_Memento White fascinator
Shoes: [LeLutka]-Saffron Pumps Soft Silver
Jewelry: (luc) Athena Crystals, Bracelet WCrystal/Mtrio [
Zaara: ZC : Anaya Onyx Earrings *silver*
Shot at Elonia Gidge:
Leathers: Caverna Obscura: Kahlan Leathers and Malice Boots
Lashes: Amacci - Eyelash Tattoo 4
Amacci - Eyelash Tattoo 6
Horns: .{Rue}.… Read the rest

in venice

so bff vivi && i, in our exploration, found an area in world modeled after the beautiful city of venice (on an aptly-named sim called prada, no less!).. and we were immediately enthralled with the buildings, bridges and canals. and in our infinite wisdom (ahahah), we decided it was a perfectly fitting backdrop to show off some of the newest mesh goodies we picked up. the latest fashions, in venice, by prada.. see, it totally works! xD maitreya has been on a roll with mesh releases as of late — and all of them have been *amazing*. first the boots, dress && purse that vivi’s wearing.. then the sweater and boots i’ve got on (along with a ton of other new things!).. all of which come in some fantastic colors and, as expected, lovely and realistic textures. the shape on the dress totally gives you an hourglass figure && the scooped, open back on the green sweater i’ve got on is equally sexy.. maitreya is always good for gorgeous things, but these new mesh items are seriously above and beyond.… Read the rest12.27.2011

Snow Day

Is it cold where you live? It’s not where I am, I think it reached 80 degrees here in So. Cal on Christmas. Luckily SL provides me with all the snowy wintery goodness I could ever need. I can’t remember where I took these shots but I believe the sim is in the destination guide.
Anywho, did I mention how much I love mesh? No? Okay, well I love the mesh. Here is an outfit from a shop called TEN”10. I got the sweater, the skirt and the boots together for like 600L from the marketplace. Not a bad price at all. The outfit makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Perhaps it’s because the outfit IS warm and fuzzy. Hybie is wearing:
Outfit: TEN”10 Outfit # 1 (all mesh)
Hair: [LeLutka]-YIPPIE hair – Burnt (mesh)
Eyes: Ibanez Liquid Eyes – nebula
Skin: -Belleza- Lily Pale Dark Xmas Gift
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The Doll

Love at first sight with the irresistable doll avatar from The Sugar Garden ~ I have put together products of some of my favourite designers  for the avatar in the post. (i.e.  Dura, Mr. Poet, Fairy Tail & Death Row Design). Enjoy^^ <complete style credits after the jump> Please visit Designer Directory for store locations. BODY HAIR: Dura ~ Game – 02(Platinum) AVATAR: The Sugar Garden ~ Blind Boi BJD Avatar OUTFIT Shirt: Mr.Poet ~ Off shoulder shirt White Necklace: Fairy Tail ~ Chained Leather Pants: Mr.Poet ~ Leather woven pants white & belt camel Shoes: Death Row Designs ~ bootslazyreg – black
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Someday, Somewhere

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Last month I was away from SL for about a week while my daddy recuperated from another surgery, and I had my husband collecting things for me. Of course, when I got back, I was too tired to go back and look at everything, so imagine my squeal of surprise and happiness when I discovered this gorgeous Ingenue dress just waiting patiently in my inventory!!

I believe the Ava dress came out for the Vintage Fair, and you can see that it is completely vintage inspired. The tight fitted waist, the sweet little peplum, and the slim skirt that Ingenue does so so well are all completely fantastic. You can't see it in the picture, but the back dips down a bit in a V shape and there is a zipper. It's just so so classy! Parts of the dress are mesh, so if you can't see mesh yet... well, sucks to be you, I guess.

Oh! And Nardcotix is having a big End Of The Year sale! 70% off the whole store! You can pick up these lovely strappy Edith heels for a SONG! I find the feet in these shoes to be cute and soooo easy to tint!… Read the restStyle - Someday, Somewhere

I Was Here

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Listening to: I Was Here by Beyoncé Credits*: Hair: Wild Wild! by Vive9
Skin: FieP by Dutch Touch
Eyes: Magnetic Ice by YS&YS
Jacket: S’Wear Quilted Leather Jacket by Lapointe & Bastchild
Blouse: Profusion by Baiastice
Trousers: Xui by Celoe
Boots: Wedge Moscow Boots by Crazy
Whip: Riding Crop by Hoof It! Pose: from the Daisy set by Diesel Works *Slurls should be correct at the time of writing.

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Draw my life

  Body: *DOLLCOCO*_Body Snow and Head_Lily(ClosedEyes)
Hat: LaGyo_Single beret blue
Neck Piece: .SHI : Oriente ShoulderWrap_Beige
Flower: LaGyo_Leilani corsage in yellow and placid Blue
Pants: .S H I : Wrap Shorts_Python
Shoes: HouseofFox :: Justice Wedges[Pattern Socks] Cheetah
Pose: [FP] Sexy Resolutions Female Stance
Puppetier: [SC] Surf Couture – MELT Marionette

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Shape Up for the New Year

“A Novel, in the end, is a container, a shape into which you are trying to pour your story into.”
~Helen Dunmore
I do admit I was very resistant to getting a new shape last year because I’d had mine forever and I love it and it was MEEEE and yadda yadda yadda. But then, I tried on my shape made by Hybie of Savoir Faire (and our newest contributor here at IOF) and I fell in love. It’s amazing what a difference a shape made by someone with a brilliant eye for proportion and a great fashion sense can make. I’ve got several of her shapes, besides mine own, for blogging. They’re curvy and delicious all of them, with variations on the body thickness so if  you need to be more waiflike than Gidge she’s got something for you. What’s cool is right now, this QUINN shape is only 70L as a promo. Even if she doesn’t end up being the shape you settle on, she’s a great one to try out a different look and feel. I don’t much ever recommend shape stores as people get pretty butthurt about their own individuality but there are a few I think do it VERY well for the styles they create, Savoir Faire, LD Shapes, Juicy – right off the top of my head.… Read the rest

Ruined Doll and her dance

Hair: [LeLutka] (AWE hair - Toast) *Subscribo Christmas Gift
Skin: *JeSyLiLO* (poupee - *PaleTon*J5) *New!!
Eyes: *JeSyLiLO* (poupee - *Eyes*lightBlue) *New!!
Jacket: Maai (Ira - spring jacket - Pink Dots)
Doll Key: ~Mystic Canvass~ (Chess Piece- Queen Doll Key) *Freebie
Dress: -paper.doll- *12DaysOfChristmas Gift
Boots: AOHARU (ANEXX_VolumeSocksAnkleBootee_Red) *Christmas Gift

Pose: {Just A Pose} (Unisex Dollarbie - Tipsy Toes) *Freebie

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Z … z.z .. zzz

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I don’t have much to say today – feeling lazy, slightly lethargic, and still stuffed from 4 days of overindulging on food, drink and Christmas treats. Although some of my fellow merchants seem to have been busy sending out mucho notices about SALES! DISCOUNTS! in the last few days, personally I do not believe in spamming my groups at this time of year with advertizing. Especially not on December 25th – so come on you guys, take a chill pill! As a matter of fact, I have not visited my store for a few days and it is a kind of nice vacation feeling. Kind of like when you work from home, but you keep the door to your home office padlocked shut, and throw away the key for awhile. But today, when I logged in to buy a New Year’s prezzie for a favoured SLer of mine, I was pleasantly surprised by a late Christmas gift from one of my favourite full-perm animations merchants – webmistrex Xue of Dyer Maker Animations and Poses. It captured my mood of the moment perfectly – see for yourself  Dyer Maker ‘After Christmas Armchair’ Oh and yeah, that is me in the chair.… Read the rest:-)