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Linden Endowment for the Arts – Open

The discovery of Second Life, and journey through old concepts and immersion. From love found, friendship, wonderment and more. Now open, and hope to see you there.  For the surl please click here. <3 Charlotte x

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Fashionably Late!

hii! here to bring you fashionably late! happy shopping, enjoyy.   Fashionably Late.

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seventy three.

hiii babies! how are you?!?!! christmas is getting closer and closer! I hope you all have bought presents for family and friends!!! hahah, there some gifts at Cannibelle shop under the christmas tree for free!! :O:O tattoo and underwear set! :) read more to view the items! tomorrow i start working out in the gymmm.. AMAGOSH! yayay. AND! friday is having a SALE!!! 50% off THIS WEEKEND ONLY!! yes a SALE!!!!!.  hair w/ scarf -, Parvarti Monday. skin - illusory, Crushed Clarity. teeth - pxl, Hart Larsson. lipstick - pididdle, Brutus Martinek. sweater - coloreta's Cate Ying. | new! thanks Cate! <333! mittens - izzie's, Izzie Button. | with love hunt again item. jeans - the sea hole, Drinkstein Sorbet. | four corners item! skirt - tsg, Eilfie Sugarplum.  shoes - miel, Mika Nieuport. pose - marukin, Valencia Southard.   Cannibelle FREEBIES! <3

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Pattern Play

Hair: booN DPY537 Blonde
Eye Shadow: Dead Apples Glam Shadow Gold
Lipstick: MOCK Mizu Lipgloss Russian Red 1
Earrings: Yummy Observation Earrings
Jacket: CHANTKARE Azele Jacket
Ring: Paper Couture Diamond Fan Ring
Bag: Tee*fy Leather Holdoll Bag
Pants: CHANTKARE Vira Pant
Shoes: N-Core Illusion Heel Brown

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Blogger Girl

Sometimes being at the other side of the world really sucks. I have been working my hours around SL time for so many years now, but lately just keep getting confused with not only my time, SL time, Mel time, Whimsy time, Ashia time and don’t forget that crazy Newdoll time where because of the poor cows, those crazy Queenslanders don’t even do daylight savings. So not only did I stuff up once this weekend, but two times, and the worst part of the second one was that it was the middle of my day. So anyway there I was logging in ten minutes after the hour, instead of the fifty minutes early I thought I was. SIM FULL ! Bah Humbug. So all was not lost, or so I thought, when my powers of all knowing, all seeing, Blogger Girl came into play- heehee’s at the thought of Blogger Girl. So I tpd to the sim next door, also owned by the fabulous Modavia, and flew up to 2000ish metres – yes Modavia you can turn off flight but Blogger Girl has the madskills. So there I was hovering like I was new to SL in the air, with my draw distance up to 1000 – thank you Firestorm, cannot pretend that is a Blogger Girl skill, but knowing I needed to do it is .… Read the restMai Angels Bishes

5th Annual Pulse/Sn@tch Snowball Hunt

  Y’all know I am a big fan of Sn@tch, and I just had to come out and tell you guys about the Pulse Snowball Hunt they have every year. I will let you read on here: “Ding Dong, Ding Dong! The 5th Annual Pulse/Sn@tch City GREAT SNOWBALL HUNT is going on. Some of our Merchants have hidden snowballs in and around their stores WILLY NILLY. YES I said willy nilly! Most are absolutely free and have great holiday and fun gift items inside. Some cost a few $L (between $10L and $100L) but are huge savings on regular store items. So come check out the awesome stores on our sims, hunt for snowballs, share a snowball with a friend and play with us! Monday, December 19 – Sunday, January 1, 2012 Find snowballs in and around the stores listed. Half are FREE, half are $10L to $100L but have great stuff inside. Just buy the ones you want!” Sn@tch Slurl: Sn@tch    -=Forsaken=- Slurl: -=Forsaken=-    .:Somnia:. Slurl: .:Somnia:.    !ReToX! Slurl: -!ReToX!    [Gauze] Slurl: -[Gauze]    [Infamous] Slurl: [Infamous]   

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Basically--magenta-purplevendor, a photo by Mocksoup on Flickr.Via Flickr:

Hot magenta lips sizzle with smoldering magenta and bold purple eyes. To die for!

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Dark Mouse Hair Sale and FREE STUFF!

Hi there, I’m having a sale on my hair as a holiday special – $25L for a color pack and $100L for a fat pack. Many styles, come check it out. I marked at least 3 of the hair packs at $0L, so if you take a look around you’ll probably find them! And if you’re looking for a great deal, check out my numerous gatchas and lucky boards! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Click this link for a teleport directly to the store!
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The new Linden Realms

I'm all for Linden Lab moving forward with progress and when I heard about the new Linden Realms, I was excited.
I had just ordered a brand new laptop. (I knew to not even try to access the Realms on my old one - its graphics card was already struggling.) So, I waited two weeks, finally received my new computer, and was able to log in and check them out.
Click image to enlarge.
Click here to read the rest of this blog post »

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LOTD 12-18-2011

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Skin: Sofia Natural by [CIA] for With Love… Again Hunt
Hair: Tatum – Passionate Red by friday
Sweater: Knitted Sweater Purple by Relentless Couture (store closed)
Top: Henley Hoodie in Lilac by friday
Jeans: Low.Rise Jeans Faded by friday
Shoes: Uproar Boots in Lavender by haut monde
Necklace 1: Trei Choker in Wisteria/Platinum by MOOD
Necklace 2: part of “For God’s Sake” set by [DDL] Location: Alirium

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It’s Too Big

Gidge has had been having me help around the store, hauling stuff over from the old one, dusting, doing some touch up on the walls where movers scraped the paint and helping with the unpacking. It’s a messy job with lots of running in and out of the building over to where her merchandise was piled up in the snow. It made sense to dress for the occasion in this warm and snuggly fleece from Aitui. I tossed on some old jeans from Zaara that I know are a few years old and all, but hey, when you are bending down and hauling crap around, you need comfortable jeans with some give, the kind of give that only comes from wearing them for a few years, right? But then she traipses off to ride a pink turtle or pig or elephant or some such thing leaving me to manhandle the last few items into place. Seriously, did she think I could move that globe by myself? It’s Too Big!!! So, I got on the phone, so to speak, and called up Hybie who, good friend that she is, came over to lend a hand no questions ask.… Read the rest1216_006

I’m not a princess, this ain’t a fairy tale

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I'm not the one you'll sweep off her feet~

~Click below for more details and pics~
I won't write too much in this post, as I am about to head out again. This gorgeous dress that I am wearing is a recent recent release from Sacha's Designs or SAS, and I am so totally in lurve with how flowy, and beautifully the textures are. The skirt has tons of options so you can style it for just about any occasion, while the slight sheen and sheer-ness of the body adds a touch of smexy to the look!

The earrings I am wearing are WTG's gift for a mini-Christmas hunt! The hunt has no list of slurls or blog, so the best bet is to start at Starting Point and continue onwards! You are looking for a gift from Santa at each store in the hunt~

❤ Details ❤
Skin: :: DUTCH TOUCH ::JoLiE:: V2 Cocoa - Dew
Eyes: .ID. Delightfully Bright Neons - Green [Four Corners!]
Hair: V. Christopher Street Memoir :: black [A Depraved & Desolate Winter Hunt! - Starting Location]
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New Cheerno Winter is Out Now

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Today we have a proud to presents the PART I of the new winter collection called F*UCK U.

Come to check the new Itens.
Any doubt or help please contact CheerNo Destiny or Jarl Soderstrom.

More new in soon...

See you there.

Much Love.

CheerNo Team
Cheerno - Back to the roots

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A Zoey Sale at Lucifer’s Heart!

What is a Zoey Sale you might find yourself asking reading the title of this post? Well, apparently it is the daughter of the owner of Lucifer’s Heart and today is her birthday!
So to mark the occasion there will be a special sale held in the store, the Zoey dresses will be 10L Each and the greedy pack (fatpack) has been reduced to 45L, PLUS anything PURPLE has been reduced to just 10L!! WHAT A SALE!
For the duration of this sale the group, in which there are lots of gifties waiting for the members, is also having it’s joining fee reduced by 50% – until the end of the sale it is only 125L to join the group and get all the goodies!!!
There is such a deal to be had at Lucifer’s Heart, but the sale is a short one, it will end on MONDAY 19th (that’s tomorrow!) so go check it out asap!! Lucifer’s Heart

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Toki-Doki is part of Four Corners!

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Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii… Read the rest

Spruce Up Your Space – Winter Wonderland

Hey, guys!  Sorry the post for SYUS is out so late; Bells started it yesterday and then lost power.  Blah!!!  So, I finished it up for her today.  =)  All the items will be out until midnight tonight.  There are a lot of great items this time around; don’t miss them! For some reason, I cannot get into the Where It Begins SIM to snap the picture of SPRY’s item for you.  =( Happy shopping, loves♥  

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HAPPY FACE Shapes Grand Opening Event!

Happy Face is a new store on the shape stores scene, and already I am predicting big things for their future! When you buy a shape here you don’t just get the shape, you get a shape with copy/mod permissions, a stylecard, 4 eyebrow shapes, 2 versions of physics, and pregnancy base shapes in copy/mod! So there is a lot to be had for your money!
From Today until DECEMBER 24th at 12AM SLT, there will be a GRAND OPENING SALE. All shapes will be 99L during the duration of the sale, and every day there will be a new shape released, even the new shapes will be only 99L! How awesome is that?! There are 2 locations where you can find these shapes – Happy Face at Death Row or Happy Face at RAWR… Go there and try on Demos!!

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Uh oh

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This weekend is another weekend of SALES. It started off with one of the very last 50Lfridays *snif*. (see how I made a smooth transition) is also the place to be for sales this weekend! So it's the perfect time to score some more colors of their basic pumps (like i did, BOOYAH).Zaara also put 50% on all her red items, so I hopped over there. I didn't actualy buy anything red, but I did pick up her new jeans. Well, "new" as in "she released them months ago but I didn't hop over there sooner". Hair:  Parix - ExileEyes: Stella eyes - Glam affairLashes: Diva lashes - LelutkaSkin: Lustre - Curio
Sweater: Adelaide - IngenueBracelet: Lun - MielPants: Classic jeans - ZaaraShoes: Basic pumps -
Pose: Croire

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Kinki Animations Year End Sale!

End of the Year Blow out sale at Kinki Animations.

As we get ready for the end of 2011,Yure has decided its time for some price slashing.
Almost all of the full perm animations have been marked down by 50%.

Of course apart from the mind-blowing assortment of naughty, sexy animations..
there are yoga packs with transitional animations included so that you can make up your own sequential yoga scenes.
Massage animations from the expected to the unexpected.. cuddles, sits, sleeps and more.

While youre there.. pop across and look at the new (still in progress) 9L$ pose section...

The Animation mark down is a time limited sale.. so come on down and get festive in ways you never dreamed of..

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Can we say HELP? (But hey, Christmas stuff)

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Somehow, I got some Christmas stuff out.

Two places... the winter cabins and the  mainstore.

Above, the winter cabins. Read on... because a lot of the Christmas stuff is FREE. 


The idea was this MASSIVE MASSIVE publicity binge about how Vent du Sud did classy Christmas stuff and everybody would rush over and love it.

The reality?

Where do I start? Work arriving in ****loads, details like car window motor dying (while it was open, of course), and... getting sick of over my birthday last week.

No, I won't go on. I won't even scream about Lyon airport being closed because the security people are on strike and we are supposed to head on out on Wednesday. For a HOLIDAY (or vacation if you are across the Pond).

OK, I'll scream.

Look away, please. This is not a pretty sight.

But the Vent du Sud winter cabins ARE pretty and they are 50L each, small and larger. The lights? Not included but free and mod copy so just click and help yourself.

Grab the armchair, the firebowl, the fire basket, all for 1L.  Right here. 

ANYWAY, please do help yourself to some Christmas stuff - I shall blog about the smainstore goodies tomorrow but for today, I am in this sort of mood.… Read the rest