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FlameAcanthus (Rue group gift)

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I’m wearing the newest horns from Rue (along with the freebie unicorn horn in the middle), in a special group only color pack. This color pack was recently discontinued from regular sale, and will now be used in group gifts. For me that’s wonderful news since this is my favorite color pack full of rich purples, pinks and golds. So far there have been plenty of gifts of tattoo, eyes and horns and the group has only been around for a little while. If I had to start leaving groups for some reason, this would be one of the last for me to give up. The group has a fee of 175L, which is a bit higher than normal while the gift is in notices. I maxed out my tattoo layers, three on makeup then the body stripes and hairbase. I don’t usually mention alpha layers but I nearly maxed out the alpha layers too with shoes, eyes, ears, and lash hiders. Stacking five is nearly not enough! This hair color is only available during Halloween, as a free hunt gift. Still this style is for sale in tons of other neat colors, and if you really want this color then you only have to wait till next year as she is generous enough to always include past hairs in her hunt.… Read the rest



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We were called out to the streets…

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 So, I thoroughly blame Alex for making me get bitten by the blogging bug againss Do not be taken in by her cute and adorable appearence she is EVIL Ok, maybe not evil but mildy mean Who am I kidding, still luffs her… Anyways, I was tweaking my graphics (yay for gaming pc monster!) and decided to do pics, now with shadows wewt Title is irrelevent btw, snow patrol tune I keep getting stuck in my head Lotd Details at bottom: Shape: Mines! Skin: Laq mima peach Hair: Magika Safe Tats: Para Designs Paisley temptress Piercings: pekka (face) puncture (belly) HoD (neck) Nails and Necklace: Mandala Boots: Kao suede fringe boots Tights: d select nylon tights grey Stockings: League Side gartered stockings dragon Shirt: SU Good morning top Skirt: Linc Ruffled mini tartan Jacket: Coco Flight jacket

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sixty nine.

hiii hello!!! it's getting SUPER cold here. like, OMGOMGOMOMG. i'm still pissed off on the whole HP laptop thing, so i don't have much to write other than. FML. League of Christmas Hunt started, and i have found a new obsession with miasnow eyes. :D there is a WHOLE SECTION OF DISCOUNTED SKINS, TATTOOS, CLOTHES, ETC ETC, for both men and female. :) soo be sure to check them out! TODAY is the last day also of the Zombie Popcorn Dark Winter. :s soo be sure to stop by and take photos or whatever before it closes.  hair - clawtooth, Bubbles Clawtooth. skin - fashionably dead, Toast Bard. | collabor88 item. hairband - the plank, Aeon Perian. pants - NSD, Naith Smit. boots - TSG, Eilfie Sugarplum. sunglasses - the wriggeslworth residence, Rosalind Wrigglesworth. | 1L on marketplace. gloves - pelletteria morrisey, Didi Morrisey. earrings & necklace - purple moon, Poulet Koenkam. purse - le poppycock, Julliette Bade. | league of christmas hunt item. sweater - bbqq, Omilou Resident.… Read the restSnapshot_002

Studio News!

New in the Studio this week is part one of a 4-part series of poses centered around a gorgeous easy chair, Easy One. We’ll release one of these a week for the next four weeks. It’s color change — burgundy, green, brown and cream — and each one will contain a different couples pose. Trinetty Skytower has been busy for me with tons of pictures! Just wait to see. Going on now is the With Love, Again hunt. It includes the burgundy color of the same Easy chair, with two couples poses. This hunt is a way for designers to say thank you to their customers, and we want to say thank you to everyone who has stopped in, bought poses, and/or participated in hunts and events. I shot two warm, Cozy images for this, the Cozy gift offering. It’s $10L through January 6th. See all the participating stores here. AND GUESS WHAT?!?! Group members this month will get all sorts of amazing goodies from the store, starting the 20th (maybe sooner if we get everything done!), we’ll be giving out free poses to our group members DAILY.… Read the rest

KMADD’s White Christmas Ball Windlight Settings

[ click on the image to enlarge ] The stage is set for KMADD’s White Christmas Ball this Saturday December 17th, 8pm SLT Theme: White Fantasy Couture. Prizes for Best Dressed. Here are the Windlight settings for the event which would also be sent for Phoenix users as easily click-able .wl file via KMADD Enterprise group. For your invite, LM, windlight settings and event details please join KMADD Enterprise group.
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Merry Christmas, Faery

The strangest idea has gained currency over the past few centuries to the point that the majority of people on the planet are flat out wrong about one of the most basic facts of life: Fairies do exist. People don’t often see fairies and they move faster than hummingbird wings, but I am certain every single one of you reading this post have caught a flash of movement in the corner of your eye, but when you looked, you could not see what it was. Well, that was a fairy. Of course, fairies do come to rest and that’s when you can really see them. Sadly, though, most of us are not looking in the right direction. We are such an earthbound people we forget to look up to see what is right there in front of our eyes. Fairies are much more common in trees than on the ground. After all, they are often barefoot. They don’t want to get their feet muddy and wet because they can catch colds. When fairies catch cold, the whole world shudders from the force of their sneezing. Those people who deny the science of global climate change are unknowingly onto something.… Read the restFaery Sola_002

She said, I was seven and you were nine

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I looked at you like the stars that shined~

~Click below for more details and pics~
If you haven't been by the Jersey Sim then you so need to make your way over there pronto to take advantage of some fabulous Grenade-Free Wednesday deals! You can also pick up this gorgeous fawn avatar for an incredible deal at Perfect Wardrobe from Aura - this is seriously one of the best faun avatars I have seen around and it includes the skin I am wearing!

Another round of Fashionably Late is also up and running, which is where you can find this beautiful hair from LoQ Hairs, and drop by the WTG mainstore to try your luck at getting these highly-detailed snow globe necklaces in their Gatcha!

❤ Details ❤
Skin: Aura - Winterfell Faun (2011) - Snow - Avatar [Perfect Wardrobe!]
Eyes: Izzie's - Reflection Eyes *green*
Hair: "LoQ Hair" Side Ponytail Att. Black Pack [Fashionably Late!]
Ears + Antlers + Tail: Aura - Winterfell Faun (2011) - Snow - Avatar [Perfect Wardrobe!]
Necklaces: +:+WTG+:+ **Snow globe** WTG bear-Angel necklace AND +:+WTG+:+ **Snow globe** WTG bear-with snowman necklace [Gatcha!]
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Lego House

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I’m gunna pick up the Pieces And build a Lego House If things go wrong we can knock it down…   Big news from Kandyland! We have a new HOME (again) and I have a new favorite song! If you haven’t heard Lego house by Ed Sheeran yet I highly suggest you check it out. Rupert Grint looks so hot as a stalker! (I literally sat and drooled the first time I saw this music video.) So yeah, the reasons we haven’t posted much this month is because we’ve been so entirely focussed on the house, we’ve practically been running around naked soooo not much to blog there. Also now out of cash (thanks to the house) till atleast after christmas, so I figured why not show you my own lego house (its not so much lego… more just a large, beautiful house) The house is from BAZARmarketplace here I have made a few adjustments, as I live in a more woodland / mountainous area the original palm tree’s didn’t quite work, along with the sand base.… Read the rest

red nose

nothin’ says holidays like some antlers && a red nose.. …amirite? xD said antlers && red nose are courtesy of the newest group gift from the vinyl cafe — the group has a minimal fee to join and there are always generous gifts either sent to the group or set out at the mainstore for group members to grab. these literally made me smile, especially the big ole glowy nose, && mirrored the design on my dress far too well not to wear! and speaking of dresses… these frio dresses from candydoll are *so* cute! snuggly warm knit fabric, nice wintery designs across the front && *just* long enough to either be a cute mini dress or a long sweater. i’m wearing them with patterned leggings, also from candydoll, but these would totally look just as adorable over plain leggings or pantyhose when worn as a dress.. or some jeans, a jacket && ankle boots to turn them into long sweaters. each color has a different design..… Read the rest12.13.2011

Four Corners

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  Four Corners is an awesome event that many of you may have heard about by now. The event is highlighting relevant and prominent trends in the fashion industry today. Four Corners starts December 17th and ends December 31st. These trends include: Delicate Damsel   Bikes and Spikes   Alluring Modesty   Delightfully Bright   There are also over 40 designs participating with new releases for Four Corners. These designers include the following: *G Field* (Cerberus Noel)
[Aura] (Tyr Rozenblum)
▲❍▼❏ (love) (Mae Liamano)
Action (MarilynMonroe Munro)
beetlebones (suetabulous Yootz)
bellballs (Viollette Vyper)
Belleza (Tricky Boucher)
Caroline’s Jewelry (Caroline Apollo)
C’est Moi! (Marcantonio Beaumont)
Cheap Makeup (Stella Semaphore)
croire (Emily Kaestner)
Decoy (Annette Voight)
Doppelganger (Francesca Cazenove/Syler Morgwain)
eleanor rigby. (Kyrsten Jigsaw)
FIR & MNA (rob1977 Moonites)
Glam Affair (Aida Ewing)
Insufferable Dastard (Audrey Lamede)
ISON (Harry Hyx)
je suis (Julia Merosi)
LaGyo (Gyorgyna Larnia)
League (Nena Janus)
marukin.… Read the rest

Latex Tuxedo

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It's classic. It's black. It's formal. It's. . .latex!

Avatar Bizarre is happy to present a classic tuxedo with a twist! Made completely out of latex, you could only wear this one in Second Life! Dance your night away, be the Master of Ceremonies, get married, or just hang around your favorite formal spot in this (nearly) classic ensemble.

Fully modify and copy, this outfit comes with several pant choices:

Low rise - to be worn on their own
Waistcoat bottom - wear with just the waistcoat for a more Chippendales look
Coat and waistcoat bottom - to be worn with the full tuxedo for a classic James Bondage look.

Top hat
Latex Coat
Latex Waistcoat
Latex Shirt
Coat collar
Shirt collar w/bow tie
Low Rise pant
Pant with waistcoat bottom
Pant with waistcoat and coat bottom
Coat tails
Coat cuffs
Boot Alpha

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Black Dress, Blue Shoes

When asked why she always wore blue shoes she said, “they match my eyes.“ A tribute to OMGLissy‘s blog and her posts “A Study of The Black Dress“. skin: SHINE. Simona, winter blush pale
eyes: Moony Eyes. Glassy, blue
hair: I Love Olive. Bella Hair, pearl white
tattoo: Garden of Ku. Lady Cat
cigarette: NSD. black cigarette
ring: rangs. sunflower sweetie ring
oufit: Vero Modero. Okul Set
shoes: Maitreya. ChiChi Pumps, blue

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        Holiday Muse

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        Holiday Muse

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Rue Winter Market!

started the 10th, and will end the 31st of december! soo plenty of time to look around and see what you like! for more information check the main blog! there are also gifts under the tree, and contest you can participate in! enjoyyy.   Rue’s Winter Market.

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Sn@tch Holiday Gift Card SALE

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YES it's our Annual Holiday GIFT CARD SALE this week at the Sn@tch Main store! From Today Through Monday all gift cards are discounted from 20-50%! ?What this means is that you pick your $250 L Cards are $200 L, $500 L Cards are $300 L and everything over $1000 L is HALF OFF! 
Choose your own DISCOUNT!
Now is the time to get the gift of Sn@tch for someone you care about AND yourself! It's like a Sn@tch sale anytime you want one! Remember it's only through Monday Dec 19th, so don't wait!
Here's a Taxi!

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Skins and Formals

Dress: Felicia's Fashion

Hey there! Tossing out a quick post here. I’m finally able to start playing catch up after school finals and have several pieces I wanted to get posted. I was able to get through a couple of the major hunts going on currently and find out where a couple good advents are for the Holiday but I’ve still got tons more events I haven’t started to browse yet! Anyway, couple softer, pretty ones for today, trying not to overwhelm posts.. or myself.

First up is actually a mention of 2 things. Free Dove and the FabFree Headquarters. Both of these are collections of designer donated free sample items. There are several vendors involved and plenty of quality things to get any new AV started at least, plus find out what kinds of designers a person can start becoming a fan of. FabFree I was aware of but Free Dove I wasn’t. Both were LM’d and noted in a recent update from Heartsick who just updated the free skins they offer at these two locations. Both places are worth a visit whether you’re new or not, you never know if some of your favorite designers have items up!… Read the restDec 14 2011


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I picked up some sexy lingerie this weekend at ?Why. The Holiday Lace Bra Set comes in three yummy colors and is on sale for 50% off until Christmas!

Shopping List:
Skin: Al Vulo - RenzieHair: Elikatira - MoodLingerie: ?Why - Holiday Bra SetHeels: Maitreya - Allegre

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*YS&YS* – Virginia, Claire and Sahara

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*YS&YS* is releasing 3 new skinlines called Virginia, Claire and Sahara. Each one has 14 gorgeous makeups to choose from: Also each skin has plenty of options available in tattoo layers: Hairbase, cleavage, dark/Light/red eyebrows, freckles, 4 tintable eyelashes, and also 5  extra lipsticks (with and without teeth): Hope you’ll like them as much as i do!! ;)
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What a Woeful Wednesday!

What a fight I’ve had on my hands today. SL has not wanted to play ball with me at all and I have been on and off line more times than I can think of! Though after much sighing and cursing and poking I seem to have got it running again, keep ya fingers crossed for me. I bring you a little collection of Woe, but this is something you can enjoy, there were two that I haven’t included though – REPULSE doesn’t seem to have the items in the notecard set for Woeful Wednesday reduced prices, though if that changes I will update this, and the Relics of Kadath is the same item that was up for grabs last week!

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