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my li’l narwhal

sales, narwhals && cuteness galore… are you ready for it? x3 there are some times when i just feel like humoring my inner child. after all, the time right around christmas is good for helping you feel like a li’l kid again — santa, the thought of presents, all the nostalgic movies on tv, how exciting the first snowfall of the year is even after you’re “all grown up”. so i decided i’d indulge my ~*~kawaii~*~ side today && dress less adult.. and more cute. blah is a good start for when i am in need of something ridiculously adorable, the range of designed tees there are just so cute. bubblegum && cotton candy colors, mixed with sweet little animals.. on a cropped tee.. there’s not much cuter than that. and the one i’m wearing, featuring arguably the cutest narwhal in existence, was hard to resist. i love the powder blue color && the whale’s blushing cheeks pretty much did me in.… Read the rest12.10.2011




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Taking a break from my break…

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Hello peeps!

I'm still away but I had to make a quick post for you!

[ SAKIDE ] has these super sexy boots. They are hawt, high heels, and trendy! The bottom part is made of crocodile skin and the upper part is like a wool legwarmer: perfect combination! You can find it in different tones in the mainstore, and each one of them is stunning!

The beautiful pants that I"m wearing are one of the last releases from .:AVALE:.. Love the details and quality of the texture!
This wonderful green ring by { Rangs. } can be found in different colors. It is discrete, beautiful, and elegant. Love it!

The store BUID just released this great coat with a sweater under it. You can wear just the sweater or both. It is so beautiful! This gorgeous shape is one of the new releases at ::[annaA]::. It is soooooo cute! Love this face!

This delicious gingerbread man is a dollarbie at .::VioleNt Chemicals::.. There's a wall with many dollarbies at the mainstore, some pretty glasses for 10L each color, and more cheapies!… Read the rest

With Love Hunt

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It’s that time again…the With Love Hunt is back and better than ever with 100 different stores featuring an amazing line up of items for you!  Each item is worth around 400 lindens, and you can pick it up for only 10!  Above I am modeling a few different items from the hunt. The hunt runs from December 9th through the 6th of January so you have plenty of time to check out each store! What Next put out a beautiful Holiday lamp post with a variety of singles and couples poses as well as a few props including a book to sing Christmas Carols with! All the poses are just fantastic, and it makes a perfect decor item for your home, as well as a great photo prop.  The beautiful winter sweater I am wearing is from Peqe!  This sweater made me run and get one of my cozy sweaters in my real life to throw on!  I love how warm it looks and the pattern choice is great. A newer store is now hitting the fashion scene and their items are certainly worth talking about.  MAAI features a variety of fashionable items, including these awesome heels and socks that I am wearing. … Read the rest

Stay tuned!

New event, limited editions, amazing brands. Starts on the 17th, so get ready!

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Every little piece love, don’t you know

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You're really gonna be someone, ask anyone~

~Click below for more details and pics~
Anddd my last post for Winter Fair to showcase one of the many many exclusive winter-y outfits available from Delirium Style there, as well as this gorgeous skin from Krasota. The outfit comes complete with boots (not shown) so its worth every linden dollars you spend on it~ The skin from Krasota is available in 6 different make-ups and 4 skin tones! I am so absolutely in lurve with the juicy lips in this skin, as well as the light blush across the cheeks. Drop by the store's venue and demo the skin today!

The hair I am wearing is also a new release from Dura. Although it is designed for guys, as you can see it works purrfectly for girls as well, especially for ones who prefer a shorter hairstyle! :D

Finally, these heels are a hot new release from N-Core, and I am so in love with their design! With thin straps of texture-change leather and dangerously high heels, these shoes practically scream sexy!… Read the rest

Winter Wonderland @ Evie’s Closet

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About a week and a half ago, I was seized with the desire to throw together a Winter White Gown. Mostly so I had something new and pretty to wear as I flounced around the grid enjoying all the fresh-fallen snow. I’m not a gigantic fan of working in grey-scale, because it’s like somebody took away my paint box, but I did my best and I simply call this one “Winter”. It has a long-sleeve/light-sleeve option, and comes with a sculpted snowflake crown and matching earrings. I love the ethereal skirt, but probably my favorite part is the lace across the back. Catch a Sleigh Ride down to Evie’s Closet and pick this one up for $350L, while the holidays last! Down: “Winter” by Evie’s Closet (Evangeline Miles) Skin: “Claire” in Pale/Smokey Red by Lara Skins (Lara Hurley) Eyes: “Moonstone” Liquid Eyes by Ibanez Eyes (Annie Ibanez) Hair: UUT644 hair in Black by *booN (boo Nakamura) Necklace: Celestine Necklace by Muse (Store is closed.… Read the rest:)

It’s funny how love and boots blend!

You’re getting another post with items collected in the With Love Again Hunt and with gorgeous boots! I know you’re curious to see more WLA hunt prizes (I can see that in my blog traffic) , so here’s Tulip, Nyte’N'Day, Haberdashery, Essences and WTG. Plus the Nora boots, the latest release by Ayla’s  – yes, now she makes shoes too! And a close-up because I want you to look at this skin (essences skins are getting better with each new release!) and the WTG jewelry set: And now back to the boots! They come in two versions: natural colors (browns and greys) and vibrant colors ( including green YAY!). The creator will have one color of her releases in the store and the other colors will be sold only on the marketplace. Styling: Skin: Anka by essences (With Love Again Hunt prize) Hair: Sylvie – Roots – California by Exile for The Dressing Room Blue Top: Crush – Tan by Nyte’N’Day (With Love Again Hunt prize) Jacket: Black Sheep – Sage by  tulip.Read the rest

A Touch of Heat

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So, the word's been out for the last week on Ispachi's new skin "Michael," and it definitely does not disappoint.  This release has some new features, such as a mutton chops version as well as a freckles layer (perfect for gingers, just sayin'). 
And in other news, this picture includes a sneak peek at the return of one of the grid's hottest spots - Steamworkz.  Boystown will be launching a few opening events in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!
Divos Titanium:
Skin: Ispachi - Michael - Tanned *NEW
Eyes: MADesigns - Naturals - Brown Conversation
Hair: Anaphora - Jayden - Umber
Towel: Boystown Steamworkz Towel *FREE

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Tom Ford

I saw this program on TOM FORD.

While Mr. Ford was interviewed, he talked about how American society is very collagen-injected and quite “pumped up”. He was doing a guest editorial for VOGUE and photographed this model with pumped up EVERYTHING… Pumped up tits.
Pumped up lips.
Pumped up cheek bones. He talked about how sad it was that women seemed to be looking the same. Their perception of style was that old is out and youth is eternally beautiful. In order to maintain that youthful look in their 40′s and 50′s, they MUST inject pig fat into their eyebrows and forever looked surprised. This gave me pause about style in Second Life. I’ve always been a proponent of diversifying assets, and depicting a variety. And I can’t help being reminded of one of the last times I was ‘out and about’ in SL… I saw this woman with what looked to be collagen-injected lips. I mean, she looked like a porn star gone WRONG.… Read the rest

The Dressing Room Blue showers us in awesomesauce!

The Dressing Room Blue has its new Collection out and there is really some sweet stuff there. I especially am in love with the Items offered by Mimikri, Exile and Tee*fy. The bag is just too cute! Oh, and Al Vulo! offers a skin for only 70L, too. Pretty much a Must have! Your Taxi to The Dressing Room Blue:   You can find me, too, at my own Blog, THE BLOGGING ELF!

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With Love, Again, Hunt!

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Hi! It’s time for the annual “With Love…” hunt! Nyte’N'Day has not one, but two, brand spankin’ new shirts up for grabs for only 10L if you can find the red gift box! HINT: “It’s probably near some bottoms…some blue bottoms…” The With Love Hunt features 100 quality creators all offering amazing stuff for just 10L! The concept for this hunt is simple; thanking customers for their loyal support throughout the year. Find a complete list of participants and hints here. Happy hunting!

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I am not amused

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I had this awesome outfit all thought out in my head, and as I go to take the pics I notice the jacket is no mod…with full bright..Yeah, I was not amused at all, so thought “sod it, I’ll go for nekkid” Skin: -Glam Affair – JadisV2 Snow Queen
Hair: creatives! hair .: katy white :.
Eyes: -Glam Affair – Snow Queen Eyes
Nails: :+*R*+: Nail Aleko Devil
Horns: .{Rue}. Horn’d/Archivist: Wraith
Tattoo: ~Cannibelle~ Efa Tattoo

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Gidge and I did a bit of shopping yesterday morning with running stops at Fifty Linden Friday stores and ending at Collabor88 where we both felt like doofuses when we saw the second building full of items. I said, “How many times have I come here and never noticed there were two buildings? What a dork!” and Gidge, like me, said, “I never noticed it either.” While we both pondered what wonderful creations we may have missed in our neglectful visits in past months, we busily ran around picking stuff up. Of course, later we learned that it’s just this month that there’s the second build and we have not been missing out on half the collection every month! That makes me feel better. I saw a couch and Christmas tree there that I absolutely adored and wanted so much and for only 88 lindens I thought i could splurge – even though I don’t have a house to decorate. So I put it in my little photobox and slapped on a couple textures from Distressed Textures to make it look like i have a house and voila, there it is!… Read the restDec10_001

Ancay’s Christmas Hunt 2

The hunt starts today with tons of great creators and prizes.  Check out the blog here for photos and hints, and start at the store, or at the official starting point here.  Happy Hunting!
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Taste of Second Life #76 – Freestylin’!

Hello, loves! It has been entirely too long since the last time I covered an event, and I must say that I have truly missed it.  So, why was I gone?  My real life got a little hectic and I ran off (well, actually it was planned) and got married!  I couldn’t be happier. Taste of Second Life has some really great deals out for you this weekend which will be out through 11:59 pm SLT on Sunday.  Nineteen stores in total are participating with no MIAs!  How sweet is that?!  I really personally loved the earmuffs from [VIRTUAL/INSANITY]; you’ve gotta go pick them up to add to your winter wardrobe! Happy shopping, loves♥  

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Everything you heard was true…

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Two new releases I wanted to blog about comes from the very talented designers of Dura and Ison.
I must tell you they happen to be two of my favorite stores to shop at and it doesn't take much to see why.

Dura released another wonderfully styled hairdo for ladies and gents alike. This is the new Emo hair 07.
The things chaiki can do with prims! You really have to look closely at the work she does and appreciate how much effort and time she puts into placing each strand. I use to dabble in making hair years ago and I know just how much time goes into doing this.

Another beautifully done design comes to us by way of Ison. I adore these fur vests. They are sophisticated as well as versatile. I am all about buying items I can dress up or down and still look great in. The texture is realistic and the construction is figure flattering. You must buy the fatpack because each color is a must have.

Xoxo Jaliyah

Credits Due:

Hair-**Dura-Emo**07 FAT (NEW)
Skin--Belleza- Aiko Tan
Vest-ISON - belted fur vest- Snow (NEW)
Top -[N] draped neck cozy knit - natural
Pants-Armidi Limited - Kogo Skinny Pants [Egg Shell]
Shoes-[PM] Pixel Mode : Baby T's - Plain - Russett
Earrings-Izzie's - Angular Earrings gold (GATCHA) <3
Bracelet-Izzie's - Angular Bangles gold (GATCHA)<3

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Christmas Mania at Lvs Kids has began!

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t's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!Head on over to Lvs Kids and visit Panda Joe'sHot chocolate shop.Every week Panda Joe will have a new gift for only 1LAnd next week we will be getting yummy, and free hot chocolate drinks you can sip as you shuffle around with your mommy!Click the gifts Panda Joe is holding to find the gift for this week!Your very own Panda Joe apron :o for only 1L !!!Also brand new at the hot chocolate shopChristmas Aprons only 50L each6 different designs :DAlso new at the Hot Chocolate shop Panda Joe plushie items. All Panda Joe Plushies or backpacks with christmas lights,have actually working christmas lights!Also while your there check out the panda joehot chocolate hoodie and pink tee for only 10L each!And as always play the gatchas above the cookie and bake case, all kinds of goodies,including panda joe bake goods and breakfast items!!And even better they are transfer!So give your mommy a Panda Joe bacon biscuit this morning!And for those not interested in Christmas Lvs Kids has a bunch of cheerleader themed tees,and even one for mommy!… Read the rest

Sascha’s Designs: new gown “Dominique” !

Sascha released  this new adorable gown – with different skirt-options and many brillante colours as usual ! <<<teleport to Sascha’s Designs mainstore>>> Oh … and somethin’ special from Sascha’s: Sascha Frangilli puts out 29 stunning gowns – each only for 99 L$ !!! ***teleport to the 99 L$ walls*** *other credits
skin from Glam Affair
hair from booN
jewelry from MOOD

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{Frick} Dollarbie Holiday Hunt

OH MY GAH FRICK DIDN’T DISAPPEAR!!! *does a little happy dance*
You might remember me being overly excited that Frick was back with a dollarbie hunt around Halloween, as the store’s owner was just testing the water again to see if people still wanted her stuff! Well she seems to have stayed around, and is back with a HOLIDAY DOLLARBIE HUNT at her store!
This hunt is for Sugarplum Fairy Skins, in 5 different tones with either blue or purple make-up each with nude and coloured lip variations, and two complete outfits again in either blue or purple. All you need to do is find the BLUE or PURPLE CANDY CANES – if you only want the purple set look for the purple candy canes, or if you only want the blue set, well you get the drift. These are SUPER EASY to find and only cost 1L each!
Not sure when this hunt ends, so don’t miss out! Fairydust trail to {FRICK}

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Super Bargain Saturday is 100!

Ohay guys!  That’s right, Super Bargain Saturday is 100..weeks old that is! This round is the 100th round and there are some really great items out this go around! Make sure you have Super Bargain Saturday on your weekend shopping list! Happy shopping! <3 MIA: [Acide!]

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