Newbie Challenge, Pt 1

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Over the weekend, Gogolita of JuicyBomb issued a challenge to all fashion bloggers: Create an avatar from scratch with only $L550, the minimum amount of linden dollars it’s possible to buy.

I took up this challenge in two parts.  Part one, create a child avatar with this amount to show that being new is no excuse for an ugly avatar and it’s possible to become a kid without breaking the bank.

I decided to not rely heavily on one-day sale items in my creations and instead went with normally cheap items and those on longer promos.  Finding an item cheap on a single sale is easy, but finding deals which newbies can really use is far better.

Meet Audry:

I kind of wish I had heard of Savior Hair when I was new to the grid.  It’s a little outlet store with hair from several large stores as freebies or dollarbies, including Tiny Bird, Sirena, and the one I’m wearing from Posh.  This style came in two freebie colors, blonde and dark brown.  The hat isn’t color change, but I can overlook that for the sheer quality vs. price.

Finding a good skin for this avatar was my biggest challenge.  I know of plenty of stores with cheap skins which would work on adult avatars, but very few for kids.  It took some digging through my main inventory to remember Miss Murder.  I have no clue how this store keeps their prices so low, but skins here range from 0 to 300L a pack and are all cute and high quality.  Some are adult, some are kid and all are really cute.  (Read more...)

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