Casa de Seerose, Winter!

Hello everyone out there in radio land. I decided today to give you a tour of my very recently finished new Winter home. If you saw our spring home in Feb 2011 (see that blog post here if you missed it) then you’ll remember that I live with Kristy Seerose and Prue Genira, with occasional visitings from Inex Hax and Orion Gant. So this is the Seerose home.

Oh, by the way, if you click the images they are linked to bigger versions. <3

Firstly, I will show you Kristy Seerose’s attempt at decorating. This explains why I am in charge of decor:

Okay so, back outside to begin our tour on the porch.

There is a huge sale at LISP Bazaar which I went a little crazy at yesterday. Loads of things for just 10L. I love the way LISP pays attention to detail, and these little things make it feel more like a home. I like detail!

Shown: LISP Bazaar

Shown: { what next }

Okay lets go inside, brr its cold out in the snow. Inside its a bit chaotic, as you can imagine for a small space with so many girls. Prue, Inex and I blog, Inex Orion Prue and I all create things. So our house is a creative kind of space

Shown: { what next } | Cheeky pea | LISP Bazaar | Art Dummy

Those speakers are part of a set by LISP Bazaar at Collabor88 which ends on the 8th, so hurry!

Shown: LISP Bazaar | { what next }

Okay so even though we don’t have any beds, we have a bathroom.Whats up with that? Well I love this bath and need to have it in every home I’m in. so.. thats all! I love the roses wrapped round the pipes. Makes it feel vintagey but also so luxurious.

Shown: Mudhoney | Cheeky pea | The Loft

This is the sight that greets you when you walk in. The three areas of the first room. You can’t see but behind the camera there is a coat rack going on. Btw that epic jukebox is Mesh!

Shown: LISP Bazaar | The Stuff Store | { what next } | Cheeky pea | The Loft | Art Dummy | Mudhoney

I know its not Christmas yet, BUT I am busy so when I had time to redo the house all wintery and warm and cozy, I prepared for Christmas. The fireplace is ready for Santa.

Shown: The Loft | LISP Bazaar{ what next } | * PRAVDA – DC * (the tree)

Grumbles, kids these days. Not going to comment on the chaos of our eating arrangements except to say that the yellow chair is MINE.

Shown: Mudhoney | RC Cluster | { what next } | LISP Bazaar

I did forget to mention in the photos that the gramaphone in the background of this shot came with the house! Cool huh? The stack of trunks is from Mudhoney and the book laying open is from Hopscotch. It was a prop for one of their animations.

Shown: { what next } | Second Spaces | LISP Bazaar | The house / Gramaphone on Marketplace | Mudhoney

The kitchen sink island is not for sale anymore (everything but the kitchen sink, ha!) but it was created by Sommer Restless. Its sadly no copy no mod or I would make a whole kitchen out of pieces of it. That cutting board doesn’t have to have bread on it by the way, it can be clean, or you click to rez various options to be chopped up. Including pizza. yum!

Shown: Mudhoney | { what next } | Bitter Vanilla (Ichi Swansong) | Artilleri

This is our living area and the end of our tour. I kept our huge TV out of the picture because everyone has a tv. Its not really important, lol. This is Jasper! On the bed which he shouldn’t be, BAD JASPER. GET DOWN. Anyway, he is the most important part of the house. When Jaspers out it feels like a home. Unfortunately it does mean my KittyCats! have to live outside in the snow :/ Just to warn you that you can’t buy Jasper (Zooby Sleeping Black Lab) any more. She has a ‘resting’ black labrador instead you can get though which switching through a variety of sleepy dog poses.

Shown: LISP Bazaar | Zooby | Mudhoney

Okay I think that’s everything so that’s all folks! Hope you enjoyed the tour and come over for Hot Cocoa some time.

Keira Seerose

Please do not send me review copies at this time, as I am way behind. Thank you.

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