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Do you wanna be sexy like Rihanna?

Wow... another dress in the Red Carpet collection at Orage Creations... a wonderful sexy lace dress with a total lateral slit, inspired by the Stella McCartney's dress worn by Rihanna in real life. Get it at Orage Creations mainstore

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Leaf Fall Hunt Gift!

On 29th November 2011 · By Sin Toshi · With Leave a comment
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Couple pose with leaf pile prop for the Jerky Turkey Hunt. Stop by the vMotional Wavepaw Store to pick it up!

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One Sn@tcherific Year

On 29th November 2011 · By Dahlia Darkstone · With Leave a comment
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Hey Sn@tchettes *waves feverishly*

I was going through my blog pics and realized I have been blogging for Ivey for just over a year now *beams*  although my time with Ivey goes back quite a ways.  Funny thing is I count my years with Ivey by the number of Halloween events I've worked on with her (which btw is four hehe).  Since we're hitting the way back machine, does anyone remember when Sn@tch had models?  So speaking of modeling, I thought I would show some of Ivey's newest this week and maybe one or two from prior weeks that you can work into your winter fun beit outside or *coughs* inside.

Jacket:  Sn@tch Smoulder Chenille Sweater
Pants:  Sn@tch Girl Next Door Cords
Skin:  .Ploom.
Hair:  Agrace

Bra:  Sn@tch Maisey Lace Lingerie
Panties:  Sn@tch Still Naive Ruffled Panties (omg I adore these)
Skin:  Al Vulo
Hair:  CaTwA

Outfit: Sn@tch To Wilder Nights
Skin:  .Ploom.
Hair:  Damselfly

Outfit: Sn@tch Cliche
Skin:  Al Vulo
Hair:  BC322

All poses by Posies

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Dab of Color

Right now I am loving KIN hair. I guess I’m sorta getting on the bandwagon a little too late. *shrugs* That’s okay. I still really love her hair. It’s crazy, original and fresh. I’m so sick of the perfectly quaffed hair all over the mainstream shops these days. Let’s fuck some shit up, folks! Get down and dirty with ideas and being naughty. Yeah. Kin is like that for me. The other big thing is this post is color. I don’t really like being colorful femme. It’s not my natural inclination, so I picked up the Dark Mouse Moody Monday jewelry and was inspired by its delicate beauty. I let the feminist inside of me roar and out came a dress, heels and a perfectly lipsticked smile. Roar, muther fuckers. ROAR. Dress: LeLutka, Tallys – orchid
Shoes: LeLutka, Saffron – nude
Necklace: Dark Mouse, Spring Fling
Bangle: Dark Mouse, Vintage Troll Bracelet – copper
Hair: Kin, Brunhilde – black
Eyes: Poetic Colors, Tarn
Skin: YS & YS, Nicole – Jewel Dark

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A Piece of History

Port Seraphine is closing. This means PixelDolls along with the brands Gallactic, Chroma and Romance. The sim and the shops are still available until January 1st and all the items except the latest — and last — release by PixelDolls are on 50L sale. This latest and last release is called Farewell, and it’s an absolutely gorgeous piece of work. The skirt, sleeves and collar are mesh (sleeves and collar adjustable) and as always when shopping for mesh, please try the demo first. I don’t usually buy brown-beige-bronze tones, but this one practically screamed of steampunk to me. Not just any steampunk, but sort of futuristic slightly Asian-influenced steampunk. In a very lady-like fashion~ The moment I saw this dress I knew I wanted to go to Omega Point with it and be all dramatic and pretend it’s a futuristic vintage take on qipao. The updo with the huge flower is from Exile’s retirement sale, several walls of 50L hair, do go and loot your favorites before they’re gone for good.… Read the rest

Time stands still..

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The best part about having mesh hair is we don't have to worry about hair coming through our avatars anymore!  Mesh moves along with your body , no more clone brush for me!

I love, love, LOVE the mesh hair released by Wasabi Pills. *squeals like a kid* I am wearing Bambi in black coffee and omg, it's awesome. I love the way the hair drapes across my shoulder. It looks very realistic to me.  I can't wait to see what they put out next for mesh hair in this store. I will keep my eye on the group notices:D

I'm wearing a bustier by Blah... but there is nothing blah about the clothing they make. Always sexy and this bustier has lovely detailing to it.

The  high waist pants from Fishy Strawberry are so cute and look great on my tush. I like the sculpted pockets and the wrinkles in the legs which give these pants a realistic feel to them.

The Vintage Jewellery Set by League is to die for. I bought it when it was out for FLF and I'm so happy I did. This is well worth the normal price too.… Read the rest

Frezza Console

    available in the Lofty Spaces Group Until December 6th, 2011.
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Woeful Wednesday at A Netherworld

On 29th November 2011 · By Isabeal Jupiter · With Leave a comment
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This week for Woeful Wednesday, I am celebrating the 1st snowfall of the season by marking down the following three items to only 50L:

Taxi to A Netherworld

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When We Stand Together

SWEATER - []BELT - [celoe.abel.belt.dark/silver]JACKET - [celoe.rossi.jacket.kabul]JEANS - Zaara : Classic Jeans *indigo* BOOTS - tulip. Watershed (Abyss)GLASSES - kumaki glasses style -  K_gs Faure 1.03EARRINGS - [: B!ASTA :] ~ Gaetana ~ Earrings - AmberHAIR - >TRUTH< Kendall w/Roots - oasisLIPSTICK - [mock] Lip Size Tester in Nude [lip 2]SKIN - -Belleza- Elle BL Med 1EYES - [croire] ingenious eyes (stone)POSES - Marukin
What's playing now....

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fifty four.

hiii! hihihihi, how are you dear?? i hope you're doing better than me. I GOTS A COLD. :S:S:S:S ugggh. life sucks right now. but! zombie popcorn dark winter is opening in only a few days! the sim is BEAUTIFUL! ;p i shall take some photos of the sim for you all later on today, when i get home from picking up my shitty ass laptop from the geek squad......! those fucktards fucked up my laptop and i had to wait motherfucking two weeks to receive my shitty laptop again. UGH, those bitches. ANYWAYS, this is what the look i have is from new items from the zombiepopcorn new sim event. yayayay. enjoy and more to come!:D  hair - elikatira, Elikapeka Tiramisu. skin & lipstick - pink fuel, Mochi Milena. sweater - sassy, Ivy Burner. | zombie popcorn item. dress - sakide, Kinu Mayako. | zombie popcorn item. leggings - rezplsa loc, Rezplsa Luckstone. | zombie popcorn item. shoes - zeery's color coutire, Zeerya Pyrithea. pose - tea soup, Tea Soup. | no longer available. eyes - insufferable bastard, Audrey Lamede. | zombie popcorn item.… Read the restSnapshot_005

Chasing The Dressing Room Bus

After my last post, if you're not at The Dressing Room yet, here's another bit to entice you.  Also found this week at The Dressing Room and The Dressing Room Blue, the Fur Vest by Cheerno, Sequin Gradation Skirt by Fishy Strawberry, JadisV2 skin by Glam Affair, Gloria Wedge Shoes by Nardcodix.
This vest is MESH and I love it!  Great for either guys or gals, it's the perfect glamorous topper for your fashionable ensembles.

 Hurry... catch that bus!
Much loves.... Mwah!

 Style Credits:
Fur Vest by Cheerno (TDR)
Sequin Gradation Skirt by Fishy Strawberry (TDR)
Gloria Wedge Shoes by Nardcotix (TDR)
JadisV2 skin by Glam Affair (TDR)

Secret Eyes Lashes by [ glow ] studio
Moon Hair by Maitreya
White Tank by R.icielli
Poses by Exposeur

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New Range of Furniture and Accessories Launched

Synz Creations has launched its new range of furniture, domestic scenes and accessories. Full details are available in-world, in the marketplace and on this page on our website. Syn November 2011

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WIntertime at MayCreations

On 29th November 2011 · By Maymay Matova · With Leave a comment
In Fashion, MayCreations, Second Life
We changed our sim to wintertime! Put your warm clothes on and take a look. :)

This way: MayCreations mainstore

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Silken Satyr

On 29th November 2011 · By Aislinn Grizot · With Leave a comment
In Fashion, Second Life, She Blogs
What? She's wearing horns again?Mm-hm. It's true. I am.It's how I'm most comfortable right now.There'll be no changing my mind about it until I change it.Though, I may not blog myself in them for a bit.Or. Maybe I will.Horns. And hooves.I forgot to mention the hooves up there.But here they are. Right there. With fuzzy little legs and a fluffy tail to match.They suit the horns and the horns suit them and the horns and the hooves suit me.It's really simple, that.This was a look that I casually photographed, then realized I could make a blog out of it.So, I went back and grabbed some more photos.I ended up with more than I could use, and I'm still probably posting too many.That's alright, I figure.You'll look at the ones you like, ignore the ones you don't, likely.Part of what made this look interesting for me is the silks outfit, which is all prim.I remember my very first all-prim outfit -- a free metal bikini that I could never, ever make fit in a reasonable fashion.This all prim outfit, however, took only a few tweaks.And.… Read the rest

It’s Serendipitious

I have said it in the past, that Roslin Petion and I have this kind of strange Bloggers Fate thing going on, whenever she would contact me in the past, I would be on a posestand, and what she would send would be exactly the colour or style, or shade I needed at the time. It never failed to surprise me, but this time it was an extension of that same fate that tagged itself on to my post at the very end.

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Ginerva Winter

I'm a huge Dressing Room fan, as many of you know.  The dressing room is a discount store that highlights some new and often exclusive color releases from some of Second Life's finest designers, at intro prices that won't break the bank, and are great for filling up your closet with high quality go-to pieces.  Often I drop by to see what is new, and look for great deals on clothing, shoes, accessories, skins, and hairs.

This week is no exception.  Your Skin & Your Shape has long been showcased at The Dressing Room, and again I am wowed with another YS&YS beautiful skin.  Perfect for my current wintery mood, the Ginerva skin in "Winter" in a special makeup shade for The Dressing Room. I adore the muted powdery skin, and delicate lips.

Also found this week at The Dressing Room is the beautiful Charis sweater dress by Baiastice. I just love the sculpted drop shoulder to this sweater.

If you haven't been there in awhile, or if you've never heard of it, now is a great time for a trip to The Dressing Room

Charis Sweater Dress by Baiastice
Vintage Jeans by Connors
Prestige Boots by BAX
Ginerva "Winter" Skin by YS&YS (This week's edition at The Dressing Room)
Glam Eyes Grey by YS&YS (in box with Ginerva Skin at The Dressing Room)
Secret Eyes Lashes by [ glow ] (Rhapsody set from The Dressing Room)
Tatum Hair by
BRIGITTE Earrings by R.icielli

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I took Moniq to the circus today. Why? I have no idea. But the elephant in the background and the sepia shade are totally contrasting with the outfit. And I like that. Yes, I am twisted like that. Moniq seems a bit lost in these photos. She’s wearing a very short Fleshtone dress and those incredibly sexy Gos boots and there she is, out in the wild. She’s wearing her new Nemesis clutch and ring (you need to check out the whole new collections, it rocks big time) and there’s no one to look at them in the wilderness. Sad city girl experience :p I have the feeling that the elephant likes her outfit though :p If you didn’t do the Diamond is Mine Hunt, here’s a reason why you should: this lovely skin is a gift by Al Vulo in the hunt and is totally pretty! Styling: Skin: Giulia – malice by AL Vulo (Diamond is Mine Hunt) Hair: Hangover -chocolate by Pomme d’Amour Dress: Black Velvet tunic by Fleshtone (Essentials Collection) Leggings: Velvet studded leggings by Fleshtone (Essentials Collection) Boots: Curvaceous boots – black by GOS Jewelry: Rose cameo set by Sn@tch (Vintage Fair gift) Clutch: Secret Clutch – black by Nemesis (Insolence collection) Rings: Equality – silver by Nemesis (Insolence collection) Poses: EverGlow

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Carriage Trade

Some friends lured me away from work and took me exploring today, to a roleplay sim called Carriage Trade.  Thank you Leanna, Mera, and ArtWolf!

If you're in the mood for a Victorian/Edwardian Equestrian village, this is just the place.At the landing point you can find a free Edwardian gown and hat by Debutante, and there is even an outfit for men.

Wearing our visitor tags, we met Ivy Myst, and Moonsorrow Magic, our two guides, who led us on a lovely carriage ride tour.

Carriage Trade is home to many Equine avatars, and Ivy informs me there are other animals as well as some humans. They hold many weekly events, races, and foxhunts, though no animals are ever harmed of course. It's all in good fun.

Go take a trip over to Carriage Trade for some delightful vintage shopping and experience a new community of friendly and very helpful roleplayers.

Enchantedly Yours...

I'm wearing:
Edwardian Gown and Hat by Debutante (Free at the Carriage Trade landing area)
Ginerva "Winter" Skin by YS&YS (This week's edition at The Dressing Room)
Glam Eyes Grey by YS&YS (in box with Ginerva Skin at The Dressing Room)
Secret Eyes Lashes by [ glow ] (Rhapsody set from The Dressing Room)
Tatum Hair by
BRIGITTE Earrings by R.icielli

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I ventured to a sim called Luxembourg the other day.  I found it by total accident.  I can’t really remember how I ended up there.  I remember I was trying to hang out with my friends Paige & Tally and the next thing I know I was in the middle of a Second Life German city! It was fun prancing around in some new clothes admiring the neat little town of Luxembourg.  Purple Moon Creations, in my opinion, has some of the best sales in Second Life.  I got these amazing high waisted pants, a necklace (not pictured) and the earrings i’m wearing for 60 lindens.  They have nearly weekly sales on really cute items, almost always in a variety of colors and patterns so I highly suggest landmarking their store.  Also, on flickr they post all the sale items, which is how I hear about them. Please take note of the gorgeous boots on my feet as well.  Let’s just say… I splurged. They weren’t the cheapest shoes i’ve ever purchased, but they are pretty stinking CUTE.  … Read the rest

# 100(alt) ego

On 29th November 2011 · By Noelita Foxdale · With Leave a comment
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I have kept in my inventory, for a long time,a brunette version of me. A petite, girly, naive, sweet version of me. I was bored and decided to take her out for a walk, specially to test new Al Vulo's porcelain tone of Giulia skin. And uh uh problema: she, from my point of view, looks flawless in any skin.  So, maybe, sometime in the future, the brunette me takes over the control, lol.

She used to be my first version

{K}Rea Winter Cardigan for Perfect Wardrobe
[Nana] No lies tattoo
.::Y&R::. Big bow hairband Dollarbie 1L (don't know if it's still available)
[kik]hair-Libby*long(black) - sale
al vulo- giulia* natural teeth porcellain -new!
poses: everglow


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