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Leather Tux, you say?

On 27th November 2011 · By Sredni Eel · With Leave a comment
In Avatar Bizarre, Second Life

I know you have been wondering about this Leather Tuxedo.  Or not.  Avatar Bizarre is thrilled to present a few Leather Tuxedos to you, my droogs and devotchkas.Available in six colors, the Leather Tux features a classic “white tie and tails”…

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Twisted Krissmuss

On 27th November 2011 · By Sredni Eel · With Leave a comment
In Avatar Bizarre, Second Life

The economy is pretty bad lately, but that doesn’t mean the holidays have to suck.  Enter our intrepid hero, Twisted Krissmuss.  This is an annual event where a whole bunch of Twisted Hunt merchants are herded together like so many cats to pr…

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Blacklace – Holiday Sexy Panty Pack – Group Gift

On 27th November 2011 · By Sienna Bellios · With Leave a comment
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Blacklace Lingerie (the inworld group ONLY) has a new gift! Ten pairs 0f holiday panties plus a white lacy cami  and fiveee golden rings..oh um…sorry got carried away. Well you know these holiday panties are something to sing about.  No matter what style you like Blacklace has you uh..covered!  Included are boy shorts and lacy panties too! […]

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What the

Have you ever seen something out of the corner of your eye, and when you turned to look, it was gone?  You swear it was a monster, or a gargoyle that moved, or maybe a ghost.  Maybe it was just a trick of the light.  Maybe you didn’t rea…

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What the?

Fashionably Late!

hii pretties!!!
check this out, fabulous collection. happy shopping.
Fashionably Late.

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You stumble and fall you’re the worst of them all

On 27th November 2011 · By Lauren Minuet · With Leave a comment
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On Lauren: Skin:  Illusory :  Paige_Honey – Simple Liner (Red Brow) Eyes:  Fashism –  ’Sunrise’ Eyes –  Rising Sun (S) Lashes:  Garage – *Eyelashes v.18* Eyeliner:  Vaya Con Dios – Express Yourself – Eyeliner Unisex – Soft Freckles: Vaya Con Dios – Freckles – TINTABLE – Medium Hair:  [e] @ Collabor88 – Soft – Red 05 […]

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Somnia & Miao get sexy

Hai my beautiful little drops of star dust, ❤ My good friend Kesseret Steeplechase asked me if I could make a little lingrie set to go with a pose prop she did and of course I said yes! It is out now for Moody Monday so will be taken down on Tuesday when we wake […]

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Miao & .: Somnia :. Sexy Cat Holidays Set

Moody Mondays Week 34 aka Cyber Monday!

On 27th November 2011 · By Jemima Clowes · With Leave a comment
In Second Life, The Circadian

This week Moody Mondays brings you week 34 with a twist! Moody Mondays’ Cyber Monday Sale, offers up to 3 amazing items from our amazing designers! Everything priced at 55L each! Have a look at what everyone has to offer, then run to shop your faces of…

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V-Twins Cruiser – Black Hawk

The Black Hawk is a heavy cruiser style bike, large and powerful with the following features: Male and Female Model plus intermediate model Pose Adjustment 5 Sound libraries Manual or Automatic Gear Light System ( front and rear ) Exhaust Pipe with smoke particles 2 Colors Silver & Black Fly Mode Burntout Mode Lock / Unlock …

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On 27th November 2011 · By Noelita Foxdale · With Leave a comment
In Fashion, Noelle Fox, Second Life

Just a quick lotd to finish this lovely Sunday =) . I’m wearing the awesome dress from the new collection of Nemesis called Insolence. The design and textures are perfect!DRESS: Nemesis – Hot dress nougat (Insolence collection part 1) – new!HAIR:Exile …

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Lazy Sunday Looks Like Winter

On 27th November 2011 · By Neida · With Leave a comment
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Hello, hello! I hope everyone had a great weekend and those in the US had a fantastic holiday. I personally stuffed myself silly, spent time with nieces and cousins playing games and tired myself out. Hopefully some of you caught some of the fantastic …

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November 27

fur attitude

credits       him skin: Redgrave, David jacket: Bliss Homme, Dixy shirt: Mr.Poet jeans: Armidi hair: Dura, Boy 20       her skin: Gasqhe, Julia dress: Bliss Couture, Zerbino hair: Iruko, hair24   sunglasses: Iruko, Big Bird               poses Del May             […]

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Just Dance!

On 27th November 2011 · By Jaliyah · With Leave a comment
In Fashion, Immortalized SL, Second Life

Today is the last day for Black Friday Weekend skin sale brought to us by all the amazing skin designers in Skin Addiction group. You have to join the skin addiction group and wear the tag to take advantage of all the great discounts on skins around th…

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Ooh it’s the lights

Right now, there’s a mega hair sale going on at Exile. Lots of styles will be discontinued or retextured after the sale. For now color packs are sold for 50L each and fatpacks for 250L, so if you want to score some great hair at even greater price…

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Ooh it's the lights

Girls in black

I never meant this, actually, but when I took this snapshot I realized that all the looks for this post …

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Merry Christmas, Alea Lamont!

Alea Lamont was the first blog reader to volunteer to be a Guest Stylist. We are highlighting our readers for Christmas, so hope you aren’t too shy and contact one of us to ask for a shoot. You can also … Continue reading

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TWO Things I Am Loving Right NOW!

1. Mia Snow’s Winter Pine Trees I follow Mia on her flickr and when I saw her Winter Pine Trees pop up on the Contacts, I was enchanted. These trees are a welcome diversity from all the tradition “holiday-gasm” we are going to be seeing over the next month. They are beautiful, artistic, and totally […]

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Vintage Holiday gift wrapping paper textures

Helping you to get every thing wrapped up for Christmas – The Vintage gift wrapping textures! Each colour and pattern comes in a seamless version, a shaded version, folded parcel ends stuck down with tape, an envelope texture, blank label to write your own message and the bonus pack (because Christmas is coming)a hand written […]

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Mens Select!

collection two of Mens Select! yayayay. check it out and happy shopping ya! Mens Select.  

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01 Vero Modero - outfit, 200L

I Want To Be Honour McMillan

Envy Aims Very High. ~ Ovid I want to be brave, and go exploring sims, unearthing new places that are exciting and thrilling. I want to take pictures that are breathtaking and drive other people to seek out the gorgeous … Continue reading

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