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New Releases – Nov 26 2011

I’ve received some requests to make winter trees available as packs outside of their usual offering for those who wish to furnish their sims for the winter season, so I’ve made two packs available; They are divided by foliage type – deciduous (leafy) and coniferous (needle). Each pack comes with seven trees plus frosted grass. All items are sculptie. Please note: These two packs are offered as is. No updates for items contained within these two packs will be sent out unless there is some defect. The Coniferous pack includes: Bristlecone Pine 1 (frosted)
Bristlecone Pine 2 (frosted)
Bristlecone Pine 2 (snowy)
Bristlecone Pine 3 (frosted)
Spruce 2 – Frosted
Spruce 2 – Frosted, Lit
Spruce 2 – Snowy
Grass 3 – Frosted ( Buy in Store )( Buy on Marketplace ) The Deciduous Pack includes: Alder Grove 1 (winter)
Birch 2 Cluster (winter)
Birch 3 (snowy)
Oak 6 (winter)
Oak 8 (winter)
Sugar Maple 1 (lit)
Sugar Maple 1 (winter)
Grass 3 (frosted) ( Buy in Store )( Buy on Marketplace ) Christmas tree ornaments return to the store and will probably hang around until mid-January before they are put away for another year – they come in two varieties – star and tapered, eight colours to a box.… Read the rest



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Our Love is Timeless

On 26th November 2011 · By Jaliyah · With Leave a comment
In Fashion, Immortalized SL, Second Life
I have really enjoyed shopping this weekend. With all the black Friday sales and even black Friday weekend sales , I have filled my closets with wonderful finds. My Linden balance may have taken a hit, but it was well worth it.

During one of my splurges,  I stepped into Beetlebones and stepped out with this beautiful mesh dress (amongst other things). I love how it moves, the way it hugs my figure and the layered texture to smooth and back structuring of the dress. It really is beautiful. They come in lots of colors as well.

My next stop was Mandala...though nothing was on sale, I knew i would find jewelry perfect for the look I was going for. To my surprise , I ran right into the vendor for the new nail palette. *squealssss* 70 polish choices all in one! They even have an option of nail tips which makes this really a great buy! I purchased the medium set but I may go back for either long or short so I can have the other 60 choices of nail polish those offer. It comes with a easy to use HUD that allows you to change your nail polish on left, right or both hands and which fingers you want to polish.… Read the rest

Blacklace – Santa’s Baby

On 26th November 2011 · By Sienna Bellios · With Leave a comment
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Blacklace gives us the first holiday release, Santa’s Baby! Have you been a good girl this year? Good enough to be Santa’s Baby? Santa will not only leave you extra goodies, he wont want to leave at all!  He will have visions of sugarplums…or something…dancing in his head when he finds you under the tree waiting for him! Better than a plate full of cookies for sure! Santa’s Baby includes a red lace up corset that comes with and without a belt, and optional fur trim and black bows! Just check out the black lace boy shorts! How sexy is that? Seriously,talk about red cheeks! The most important thing of course is that adorable Santa’s hat! So this year, wait under the tree for Santa and give him the gift he’s always wanted! After all, Santa deserves a good pressie too…and in Santa’s Baby you’re the BEST! Grab a limo to Blacklace for Santa’s Baby

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Rockin Around The Christmas Tree

On 26th November 2011 · By Alicia Chenaux · With Leave a comment
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Now that it's after Thanksgiving, it's time to start decorating for Christmas!! And I started by decorating my feet with these awesome new boots from Gos!

The new Aviator Amelia boots are so very very perfect for the upcoming winter months! As you would expect from Gos, the boots are amazingly sculpted and the texturing is fantastic. There are 5 colors of boot, and with a single purchase you get 5 colors of socks. But if you fatpack them [and why wouldn't you?], then you get 16 sock colors! You can also choose to hide the socks if you prefer. The boots also are scripted to have a Loose or Tight fit, as shown below.

Run to Gos and get these boots! And in case you were wondering, there is a matching pair of boots for the guys called Yeager! Go now!

In this post:

Skin: Lustre in Luxe 1 by Curio
Hair: Isla w/roots in Cocoa by Truth
Top: Basic Turtleneck in Red by
Jeans: Lou Lou in Original 1 by Mon Tissu
Boots: Aviator Amelia by Gos
Jewelry: Lish necklace by Miel
Poses by aDORKable Poses

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On 26th November 2011 · By Noelita Foxdale · With Leave a comment
In Fashion, Noelle Fox, Second Life
Ok, I suppose every blog you're reading is talking about the 100L sale at Warehouse. Luckily I could go in before the 22 hs powercut in my city -.-!, and get some adorable stuff. Some. Honestly, I saw too many oldish items I refused to buy. So, my advice, tour all around before purchasing. Worth a mention, Leverocci wedges and The Boutique shirt and zipper bag <3

SHIRT:The Boutique - Open Loose Shirt - Bisque @100L SaleWEDGES:Leverocci - Lace Up Wedges_Mockingbird @100L SaleJEANS:-(Bad Romance)-  / Jeans Print Leoo/ WhiteEARRINGS: MONS / Earring - eagle (golden) EYEWEAR: vintage tea. reading specks - de la crem (coming soon!) HAIR: Exile- Artemis (harlow) - Sale!POSES: Purple Poses

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Float like a Butterfly

Applonia Criss of Chantkare has given us a floaty dream of a dress that had me popping over to the Musei di Roma Capitale where there’s this marvelous new exhibition with a hallway all aglow with shifting gold lights and marble columns. With a dress so elegant yet effervescent, I wanted a setting that seemed to have that same brilliant combination. I added shoes from Kalnin’s – a new release that lets you choose the colors of the soles and heel, the straps and the vamp. I went for a two-tone gold and beige to coordinate with the dress. You can see the sheer gossamer quality of the overskirt that floats so lightly. Chantkare is known for bold colors and prints and this is rather subdued for her line, but her love of print and her skill is evident in the contrasting circles and stripes prints of the bodice and skirt that work so flawlessly together. The jewelry is from Mood, a favorite from the Jewelry Fair back in August. I know I have worn this Colette hair style from Exile several times recently.… Read the restnov24_003


Peace on Earth

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Getting girly at eleanor rigby

I’m getting all girly with eleanor rigby tonight. Kyrsten has marked some of her items to 10L, two of which are these skirst and tops. I love the lace detail on the top and the pink pattern on the skirt. The jewellery are the gift from +:+WTG+:+ for the Peace on Earth Hunt (starts December 1st) [...]

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Hatpins – Pretty bowler hat for ladies, only 60L this weekend.

This weekend only, you can get the Jean Bowler hat in white for only L$60, instead of its usual price of L$300. This hat has never been released before in this colour, nor at this price!

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I love Plastik

On 26th November 2011 · By vikirose · With Leave a comment
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No, not a spelling mistake. Certainly not that stuff you get in real life! I mean The Plastik, one of a very small number of stores in SL that I really love. If you dont know already, there is a big sale at The Plastik to help Aikea Rieko get her external harddrive fixed (for more info click here).  As I don’t have much in my inventory from The Plastik, I couldn’t miss up the opportunity of 50% off the clothes.  However, there are other savings to be had in the store (see above link). Skin | [IREN] | Dani – fair  
Hair | Exile | Kalea – russet
Dress (L) | :[P]: | Ambrice – Loveless (full version)
Dress (R) | :[P]: | Ambrice – West (scant version)
Boots | :[P]: | Arke Boots – Betty Tank | JANE | chocolate
Corset (L) | :[P]: | Ambrice Corset – Oak  
Corset (R) | :[P]: | Ambrice Corset – War and Peas 
Pants | :[P]: | Aeda Slacks – Mahogany
Shoes | Cool Beans | Buckle Wedges – Mocha
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Taste of Second Life’s Black Friday

TOSL is based on the Black Friday theme this week, and we are sorry that it is a little later than ususal. It has been a mass team effort to get this posted today, Mattia was used and abused in the note taking process whilst Vix and I sat back drinking tea and “supervising”.
Still here it is, we hope you enjoy it!
Rudh & Co xxx

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Hey, you’re a crazy b****

On 26th November 2011 · By Jaliyah · With Leave a comment
In Fashion, Immortalized SL, Second Life
I'm a Potter fan... OK I admit it. No shame there. So when I came across this hair at Kik, I thought omgah this is so Bellatrix!  I can just see myself trying to break out of Azkaban. This hair is messy and unkempt but adorable if worn the right way. Like Mochi in her PJ pic on Flickr.  It's fun just to have this hair around for pics.

Kik is having a moving sale and all hair is discounted in some way or another if highlighted in pink, so get there before its over.

I love mesh, I wish that more viewers were ready for it because I'm such  a fan of some of the great creations designers are coming up with. One being this Corset tank from Aura. It comes in 3 sizes sml, med.large. The silhouette is sexy on any avatar... instant curves if your a straight and narrow kind of girl.

Mstyle released ankle wedges and I love them! I love them so much I bought a fatpack. I like the sleek style of these wedges and the suede is a soft texture and lovely shading to bring out the shape of the shoe.… Read the rest


*** I’m pleased to be participating in the ZombiePopcorn Brand “Post-apocalyptic” themed offerings this week.  If you’re feeling a bit war-ravished after Black Friday (or just in general for those of you who don’t attempt that bit of madness) come dress the part at the ZombiePopcorn Brand headquarters here.   I think these gorgeous and unique poses alone are worth the trip. *** *** Details (not free unless noted) ***
Hair – Maitreya Green II Silver
Skin – Quarantine ZombiePopcorn Brand Apocalypto Skin – review copy
Shape – ::Happy.Face:: Seraphim Readers Group Gift at Seraphim Headquarters
Eyes – Bad@zz Eyes Blue Lighter Shade Iris/Large – Diamond Is Mine Hunt Gift
Jacket – {mon tissue} Rockaby Blazer Black
Shirt – =Razorblade Jacket= Sepultus T-shirt ZombiePopcorn Brand – review copy
Shorts = ::insanya:: F**K Shorts Seraphim Readers Group Gift at Seraphim Headquarters
Necklace – +grasp+ layered necklace
Bangle – Mandala Takara Bangle metal white
Nails – Mandala Milky Way Ring and Nails/gaga black – 97L on marketplace
Socks – Twosome Socks Crochet Black
Boots – Duh!Read the rest

Casually Glam

On 26th November 2011 · By Milla Michinaga · With Leave a comment
In Fashion, MichaMi, Second Life · Tags ,
Today I’m dressed like a fashionista on her day off. Comfortable, but with a healthy dose of glam. Credits*: Hair: Janice by Truth
Skin: Fall by Curio
Blazer: One Button Blazer by ISON
Bra: In a Manner of Speaking by &Bean
Leggings: Sequin by Mimikri
Shoes: Pro Spec by 2Real
Socks: Scrunched Prim Socks by Maitreya
Bag: Mesh Flap Clutch by Haute Monde
Bracelets: Big Ass Studded Bracelet by Digit Darkes
Necklaces: Triste Coeur and Simple Drop by Muse Pose: from So Many Styles *Slurls should be correct at the time of writing this post.*

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On 26th November 2011 · By Lelu · With Leave a comment
In Fashion, Running in Heels, Second Life · Tags
I have really enjoyed visiting the Vintage Fair and lately the lag has been so much better. If for some reason you haven't gone yet it ends December 3rd, so you should stop by. Have a great weekend!

Shopping list:
Skin: Al Vulo - RenzieHair: Elikatira  - Soft (Collabor88)Lipstick: BOOM - LipwaxDress: PHILO - Stella Dress (Vintage Fair)Stockings: Vextra Messing - Sheer PantyhoseShoes: GField - Alex Strap Shoes

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Christmas is On the Grid in Second Life! Updates!

Okay, there are so many things coming up that my avi head is spinning! First, today is the runway show and raffle for the Winter Gala for Sarcoidosis awareness. Sadly I won't be there, but my gown will! This is a fund raiser for Sarcoidosis, a little understood disease. Please show support for this cause!

SLURL Sarcoidosis (SAR-COY-DOE-SIS)!!!

The runway show is at 2:00 PM. I hope you can make this event.

Next, Peace on Earth Hunt is starting...

This Gown will be available for the POE Hunt! Don't miss this gown!
And also the Broken Resolutions Hunt!

The "Seen" gown will be in the hunt box for Broken Resolutions! This was made for the runway show, One and a Million (for me to wear to the event)! The silver and green are perfect for the holidays!
Finally, the Christmas Expo 2011 is coming on Dec 3rd! Don't miss this event!

Be sure to come by my store to get the info on these hunts! I hope I haven't forgotten anything! 

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This jumpsuit makes my butt look sooooo cute!

Hiya! Skin, jumpsuit and hair i’m wearing in the following pictures are some of my fav items ever and I must admit I have been wearing them quite a lot lately. I just love each of them and I think they go really great with each other.
You already know the Miamai jumpsuit ‘cause Cajsa blogged it and, yeah, it’s another beautiful gem created by the super talented monica Outlander: Simply amazing. And yes, it makes your butt look uber cute! Wanna see???? After the cut!
Oh yeah!!!!!  Me is giggling Ok, let’s go on (even though me is still giggling )!
As many of you probably know, there’s a big sale going on at Plastik because Aikea Rieko needs money to get her computer’s hard drive fixed (the one which she store all of her work on), otherwise, as she wrote “I’ve got to raise the money to get this fixed, or i’ll be starting over from scratch on EVERYTHING”. So her skins and clothes and accessories are 50% off, the new Aleria and Averian skins are 40% off and, obviously, I had to take advantage of this great opportunity to get a few of the Aleria Elven skins, which I simply adore, and here’s one of them, in the Colorless tone: The beautiful eyes come with the skin, in many colours.… Read the restLinda


Ok first off so you don’t miss out, there are some things that have a time limit on them, as in a fantastic Jewelry SALE that ends tomorrow, and skin stuff you wont want to miss out on. Not to mention HAIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR love and 3/4′s.

Click HERE to read more at .

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Port Seraphine Closing

On 26th November 2011 · By Nephilaine · With Leave a comment
In Fashion, PixelDolls, Second Life
Port Seraphine will be shutting down as of Jan 1. This includes the PixelDolls main store, as well as the gallactic, romance, and chroma shops. All items have been set to L50 and will remain so until Jan 1st.
I've got a few things planned to commemorate this farewell, including a photo contest and a final LE item- the last PixelDolls will ever produce!- as well as a special something for all of you in the update group. Stay tuned, more info on that coming on Dec 1.


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Times Square Can’t Shine As Bright As You

Ello! Have I mentioned before that Marketplace browsing is one of my favourite things to do? I’m not always looking for anything specific, in fact I’m rarely looking for something specific, I just like browsing to see what I can find and today…oh just wait until you see! Check out these boots. I’ll leave you for a minute…………………….kinda amazing aren’t they? I saw them and knew that had to be mine so I after waiting a million years for them to be delivered (what IS up with that on the Marketplace lately?) I put them on and fell in love. I decided to go a little demure with the outfit so I threw on this skirt from TokiDoki which I totally forgot I even owned and this cute little lace number from G Field. I love lace. I spend most of my time looking for pretty lace things in SL so if you find any, let me know! These pearls are still my favourite accessory in SL and I’ve had them for years.… Read the rest