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Blacklace – Serene

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Fall is in the air, the leaves are bursting into a kaleidoscope of  autumn shades. There is a nip in the air that offers respite from the dog days of summer, and we are beginning to look to the holidays. With that its time to put away the shorts, and halter dresses and lovingly unpack our sweaters – AND SHOP! WOOT! Blacklace Casuals has the most absolutely perfect new autumn set, Serene. Serene includes torn jeans that are destined to become one of your go-to’s. Also included is a tank top that is embellished with a delicate feminine lace at the hem…and the piece de resistance? A sweater! Not just any sweater though…its a sweater done Blacklace style.  That ladies means sexy and sends it straight to the  top of the  must have list! Off the shoulder, and slightly lifted on one side, it gives you that “look”. You know the one ..and if you dont…he will. It’s the look that says you are confident with yourself and never put on airs.… Read the rest



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Bienvenue á Marché de Paris!

Bonjour mes enfants! There is a super sweet new event at the Cupcake sim! Changing on the first Saturday of each month and lasting for a week, you will find items from some of your favorite designers! The theme this month is the city of lights: PARIS! The cute outfit from Milk Motion I’m wearing above was the first thing to catch my eye, but there are so many other items and accessories I can’t wait to wear! So check it out before this round ends at midnight on the 12th! Vite! Vite! ❥ Vix Marché de Paris

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LOTD 11 06 11 – Autumn

I’m really enjoying the cooler weather…. staying indoors and watching it rain and the leaves fall… making soup… and shopping on SL for fall clothing… like this great new sweater outfit from Morea Style. If ya like this so far… keep going….. This sweater just looks soooo warm and comfy and comes in two versions with or without the skirt (not shown).  Also not shown is the cute little matching beret. I think this Lovisa skin from LAQ has just the style I’ve been looking for lately.  If you add the right touches.  For me, I love the dusting of freckles across the cheeks and nose and is perfect for my fall looks…. Pics taken at Straylight Botanical. Happy Shopping! Style Notes: Outfit: Morea Style- Virginia, Green Army
Boots: Maitreya Gold- Shearling Boots, Army
Skin: LAQ – Lovisa, Peach 03
Hair: Truth – Juliette, sand
Eyes: Poetic Colors – Moon, Autumn Bright
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Blacklace – Immoral

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Being Immoral has never been so much fun before, and guess who is behind it and is leading all us innocent girls astray *winks*! Certainly you aren’t surprised because Blacklace is always behind all the fun stuff that involves sexy lingerie and  this time is no exception! Immoral is a panty and bra set that includes black lace bra with optional hearts, but still leaves a glimpse of the goodies – and that’s all that’s needed to start the fun is a tiny little peek. Also included are black lace panties and black lace garter with seamed stockings. Wanna know whats best? Immoral comes in lots of colors and that’s a good thing because after all, there’s a lot of fun to be had! Also, don’t forget that selected sets of lingerie are 50 pct off, and you can spot them easily because they have big red bows on the vendor. Want to use or buy a gift card? Check out our new gift card system with new features – you asked for it and you got it!… Read the rest

Blacklace Beauty – Smokey Shadows and Lashes

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Blacklace Beauty has a new release – Smokey Eye Shadows WITH Lashes. Your eyes will be all you’ve ever wanted them to be, smoldering and sensuous with long curly eyelashes that will be a vision all unto themselves. Smokey Shadows come in four stunning shades, each of which will make your eyes pop and having someone look deep into your eyes is never a bad thing. Also, don’t forget that selected sets of lingerie are 50 pct off, and you can spot them easily because they have big red bows on the vendor. Want to use or buy a gift card? Check out our new gift card system with new features – you asked for it and you got it! Grab a taxi to Blacklace and become the Beauty that you always knew you were.

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Moody Mondays Week 31

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Moody Mondays brings you a list of interesting designers offering some of the very best merchandise in SL. All merchants on this list have a new or exclusive edition item out for just L$55 - Monday, Nov. 7! Get previews of this week's items on our blog: http://moodymondaysl.comMake sure to save off the new landmarks for Zoe's Garden, Tranquility Way Station and MOOD... they all have new homes! Mood Dark Mouse Stellar Clutter Zoe's Garden Crackberry Magnifique fucifino Sweet Antidote Tranquility Way StationLeBloom Beach Street Dragon Magick Wares Gems & Kisses Park Place Home Decor Snowpaws Cleo Design Kukuvaya Dreamscapes  DeSSion 

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Fashionably Late 11.06 – 13

Hey guess what?! Fashionably Late is ALL NEW! YAY! Sorry I’m a little late today! Since Di’s Opera didn’t have a demo out for the poses, I thought I’d just go ahead and snap a couple of quick shots and give you a preview. Cause I loves you that much. <33 Now on to the show! Tadaaaa! TP To Fashionable Late

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Lazy Sunday Skin from JeSyLiLo

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Skin: Lazy Sunday LightSkin8 by JeSyLiLo (75L today!)
Hair: Cinnamon in Honeycomb by lamb
Eye makeup: Love My Eyes Liner & Mascara Thick by BOOM
Shape: Tao by Vive9 (modified)
Eyes: Sunrise Eyes in Deep Brown by Fashism
Nails: Moon Nails with Heart Ring in Red by Mstyle

Vest: Faux Wild Pygmy Vest by !Ohmai (free - click pumpkin!)
Shirt: Stupid Cupid Thermal Tee Red by CKS Designs
Jeans: Chloe Jeans in True Blue by FAB.PONY
Shoe: Marie Pump (New Edition) in Cherry by Les Petits Details
Bracelets: Haiku Warrior Poet by Chop Zuey
Necklace: LW The Great Healer Necklace by Chop Zuey
Ring: Popillia Ring Red Heart by LaGyo @ The Dressing Room 70L
Headband: Bow Headband by PR!TTY

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18th Century Military

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The 1700s are alive and well in Second Life, and it would appear the military is ready to defend the sim!

Avatar Bizarre has always been at the forefront of Historic garb, so when I was approached to make another 18th Century Uniform, I seized the opportunity and ran with it.  The 18th Century is a great inspiration for a clothing maker in Second Life and, even though there are only about three colors available in any 18th Century Uniform, there's enough variation to make these suits a lot of fun to recreate.

The Behr Infantry was one of the battalions that was in service to the British empire, and fought valiantly in the Seven Years War.

This suit (one of a few) was commissioned for a Brunswick sim and is as historically accurate as I could make it, given the limitations of Second Life building tools.  Enjoy :)

 These should be available shortly.

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Galactic Glow

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White seems to be the color for my November blogs so far.
Or, perhaps, more generally, it's because when I put on an all-white ensemble after a stretch of not having done so, I remember how much I like it.
And, with that remembered, more white ensembles follow.
It's not necessarily intentional, but that seems to be the way of things.
Launched by the skin, I had a vague alien-moon-princess-night-creature-astral-being theme in my mind.
Corsets and posture collars were the second thought, met and sated by offerings from Rosal.
While looking for the bodysuit, I found the Epoque shoes. The bodysuit is from Maitreya, and I managed to excavate it from my inventory.
Truth's "Kitty," though softer than what I'd envisioned, struck me the most as I was trying on hair -- so I stayed with it.
And. Then. Here we are.
Image Credits:

Avatar: Aislinn Grizot

Skin: Curio by Gala Phoenix; The Visitor in Nebula [Molted]
Hair: Truth; Kitty in Pearl [Streaked]
Eyes: Curio; The Visitor, Nebula Eyes
Collar: Rosal; Viron Neck Corset in White
Corset: Rosal; Viron Corset in White
Bodysuit: Maitreya; Bodysuit de la Ruche in White
Bracelets: Mandala; Lotus Bracelet in Pure White
Shoes: Epoque; Mesa Platforms in White
Pose, photo one: Diesel Works -- Shyla 4
Pose, photo two: Diesel Works -- Natya 2
Poses, photo three, from left to right: Diesel Works -- Aurora 7; Diesel Works -- Odyssey 4; Diesel Works -- Odyssey 5
Pose, photo four: Diesel Works -- Daisy 5
Pose, photo five: Diesel Works -- Daisy 1
Note: Some poses may be distort (Read more...)

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Hope you're having a great Sunday, I feel like wearing colorful items today! I'm  wearing this time Jesylilo's Snow skin -which is really delicate and fresh-and this sexy dress from Censored for The Tropicalia Bazaar. I paired it to these adorable pumps from Fabrizzi, check the store at Markeplace because the shoes are awesome.

Wearing:Shoes: Fabrizzi  - Box Shoes PurpleDress: .::CENSORED::. Set Manuella- TTB #6 @The Tropicalia Bazaar - new!Skin and Lip Gloss: *JeSyLiLO*:::Snow:::*LightTanSkin*J2 (NoTeeth) and Gloss (Cheery) - new edition (contains gloss tattoo layers!)Earrings:Indyra Originals: Farouk Earrings: Bamboo/PhloPoses: Everglow

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Sweet light (Limited edition Outfit, run!)

Hair: ! Sugarsmack ! (Cole - Midnight Delights)             NEW!
Skin: *JeSyLiLO* (IceCream - LightSkin*J5 (face 2 with teeth))      NEW!
Outfit (bots, belt, all!): *{ SeVered GarDeN }* (Annelie denim - Limited edition)     Sunday Special!99l$ Only


 SIM: DarKness Forest

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Alphamale & Blacklace has re-opened!

Both Alphamale & Blacklace have re-opened. And with that re-opening you will find a 50% off sale on items with the red bows! The store build is beautiful and easy to navigate. There are also teleporters within so it’s easier for you to navigate around the store. If you want to enjoy the sale, make sure you get there before midnight 11/9/11. Want a ride? Alphamale & Blacklace            

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Blacklace – Darlin’

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Hello Darlin’! Guess what! Alphamale and Blacklace is open again with a brand new store and Blacklace has some brand new stuffs to make you squeeee in lingerie heaven! First off is Darlin’, an aptly named babydoll set created to tantalize and titillate on these cool autumn nights. Get cozy and curl up with your honey by the fire or even settle in bed alone with a good book and  revel in the feminine lace trimmed in ribbon and the lace panties! Darlin’ comes in multiple colors and all of them are destined to be your favorite color so grab them all at the brand new Alphamale and Blacklace store! Dont forget, selected sets are 50 pct off, and you can spot them easily because they have big red bows on the vendor. Want to use or buy a gift card? Check out our new gift card system…you asked for it and you got it! Grab a taxi to Blacklace, Darlin’, and get ready for those cool nights!  

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Credits below Pose: Izzie’s – Pin up 05 by Izzie Button
Skin: Laqroki – Linnea by Mallory Cowen
Eyes: Fashism – Sunrise eyes by Ikon Innovia
Bracelets: League – Wanderer bracelet by Nena Janus
Necklace: League – Wanderer necklace by Nena Janus
Shoes: Mon tissu – Provence riding boots by Elie Spot
Hair: Burley – Noel by Bella Earst
Lashes: Glam affair – Regina by Spotorno Binder
Make up: Kyoot – Feline by Saeya Nyanda
Jacket: Aoharu – Mini length trench coat by Machang Pichot
Shirt: Maitreya – BF shirt by Onyx LeShelle
Pants: Fishy strawberry – Corduroy treggings by Fae Eriksen
Hat: Theosophy – Jedburgh hat by Trace Osterham
Gloves: Nemesis – Fabulous gloves by Calypso Clip
Drink: Theosophy – Chai tea latte by Trace Osterham Listen: Celine Dion – AloneRead the rest

slips through walls

      R.icielli – RHEA skin – Mommamonster makeup1
Epoque – Runway Monarchy – Burger
Azoury – LaCape Constance Orange
Epoque – Epoquein Piramid Ring
Ivalde – Maroon socks
Miamai – modelpose46

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Betty, Lulu and Marie

I thought I would do a Look of the Day post. I haven’t really done in ages, and with some really nice group gifts out in the last few weeks/days, it was an opportune time to do a LotD. Skin | Filthy | . f . Ivory           group gift  
Hair | =YunA’sHAIR= | {Marie}=[Gift]    group gift
Dress | Sn@tch | :::Lulu Knit Dress (Brown):::
Sweater | Sn@tch | :::Lulu Knit Sweater (Black):::
Boots | Plastik | Arke Boots – Betty   group gift (no longer available )
Piercing | [VIRTUAL INSANITY] | MORBID EXTRAVAGANZA Poses – Hopscotch – Scenes de Ballet 3 -m & 13
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This outfit was built just for these shoes. Lassitude & Ennui made these spectator shoes for the Vintage Fair that begins next week, and I’m incredibly excited about the fair and the shoes both! Shirt: Pig Crystal Canyon T – Leopard
Pants: Milk Motion My highwaist pants in red
Socks: Bower Bird tintable lace stockings
Tattoo: Garden of Ku Hanamachi dream
Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui Spectator Shoes for the Vintage Fair
Skin: Fashionably Dead bird skin FLF Red
Flower: Artilleri rose in red
Glasses: Artilleri Gladys glasses in yellow

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Hey, have you tried Sunday Specials?

Another short Sunday Specials list, but sweet nonetheless. Grab these limited edition 99L bargains whiles you can! Enjoy! ❤Ellie

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A Taste of Freckles

To show off the lovely new Piper skin from Adam n Eve—which has gorgeous freckles—I headed for the charming French bakery on Alchemy Immortalis. I also slipped into the new “one size fits all” mesh skirt from Ingenue, yet another new mesh hair from Wasabi Pills, new mesh boots from Insolence and some lovely new jewellery from Dark Mouse. Whew, I think that’s all the newness this time. read on >>>

Image Preview:

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