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New Look

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I bought a new pair of shoes
I got a new attitude, when I walk
‘Cause I’m so over you
And it’s all about tonight So I’ve decided it’s time to re-invent myself! Not gone for any major changes, after all, spending most of my time on a Roleplay sim kind of constrains the number of changes I can make to myself without it being too massive, for instance, hardly going to turn into a life size Meeroo avatar overnight (as much as i would love to) However, I do have a wonderful new shape by Gogo and a new skin from Glam Affair on the recomendation of my good friend Sugalicious. Nothing heals a broken heart like a day of shopping and making yourself feel fabulous. The Outfit and Tattoo are both Luck Inc, the hair is new from Truth and the pose set is from Glitterati’s discontinued prop sets (Really suggest you check them out, great discounts on what is still excellent pose work!) I did have some better photo’s for you, but apparently they got lost in the cyberspace that is my email, so I’m afraid we gotta make do with the crappy ones that come from my laptop.… Read the rest




November 2011
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I now have two computers that don't crash regularly.  The new work one (replaced after HD failed) and the backup one, after exploring several  dozens of possible reasons.*

And I have met a zillion work deadlines while living on tenterhooks and saving stuff to external discs every half hour.

And of course nobody wants to know all that but naturally people keep asking me if Vent du Sud is about to disappear.


Yesterday I finally started building again. And would have done more if the dishwasher hadn't decided to produce a lake on the kitchen floor.

Ah, life is full of surprises, eh?

Now, Christmas and glowy rich winter colours at Vent du Sud will not be happening quite yet, but unless some other major catastrophe happens, it will.

Even the couch above is (I admit it) a case of recolouring and retexturing, but it is a START. But it's not finished yet as I was too busy mopping up to put all the textures I wanted into it.

When I have finished it (if nothing else breaks today I should get there), I will even put parts of the set and some other stuff out for free. 

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Woeful Wednesday at A Netherworld

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This week for Woeful Wednesday, I am celebrating the 1st snowfall of the season by marking down the following three items to only 50L:

Taxi to A Netherworld

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New Range of Furniture and Accessories Launched

Synz Creations has launched its new range of furniture, domestic scenes and accessories. Full details are available in-world, in the marketplace and on this page on our website. Syn November 2011

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New from Fantasia! Freya II

On 28th November 2011 · By Elena of Braavos · With Leave a comment
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New from Fantasia!

Every once in a while I get the urge to redo one of my older outfits to reflect my current skill and style. So, here is Freya II.

Freya II
mod/copy/no trans

"Freya II" is a revamp of the original Freya outfit. A soft linen shirt over a thick, dark, wool skirt, edged with patterned ribbon. A fitted leather vest finishes the clothing layers, but the real accent is the belt. This thick leather belt saddles the hips and carries not only the household keys, but a curved drinking horn. Whether that's for you or your mate...we'll never tell. Lord knows you probably need one to deal with that Odin of yours. Available in 5 colors.

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Cyber Monday Items at MIAO – Only 55L and LESS

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Here’s how you get to the items:   For 54L you can get an ornament pose prop w/ pose and a sexy set of lingerie from Somnia. The ornament texture changes to : green, red, gold, and silver. So you have plenty of photographic options. For 55L You can get a gorgeous kitty cat locket.  The metal/ribbon/pearls texture change so you essentially get a FAT PACK for 55L. (Texture change samples are below – and a demo is available in the store) For 40L there’s a 3 pack of men’s shirts (Can also be worn by women). What man doesn’t want a 3 Wolf Moon shirt?? All items are giftable – please follow the instructions on the vendors.   Here’s how you get to the items:

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(PixelDolls) Farewell

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Here it is, PixelDoll's last item. :)
Includes: Pencil and mini versions of skirt (rigged mesh), scaleable mesh collar and sleeves, garment pieces on all layers. Top options include a cropped jacket, underbust highwaisted skirt, and strapless dress top.
$420 per color, fatpack and demo available.


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Moody Mondays Week 34 aka Cyber Monday!

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This week Moody Mondays brings you week 34 with a twist! Moody Mondays' Cyber Monday Sale, offers up to 3 amazing items from our amazing designers! Everything priced at 55L each! Have a look at what everyone has to offer, then run to shop your faces off!

This week we're proud to welcome back New York Times Bestselling author Michael A. Stackpole and his SL store, Third Life Books. His offerings are short stories that can be read in-world, and they are transferable! Perfect for unique gift-giving!




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Port Seraphine Closing

On 26th November 2011 · By Nephilaine · With Leave a comment
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Port Seraphine will be shutting down as of Jan 1. This includes the PixelDolls main store, as well as the gallactic, romance, and chroma shops. All items have been set to L50 and will remain so until Jan 1st.
I've got a few things planned to commemorate this farewell, including a photo contest and a final LE item- the last PixelDolls will ever produce!- as well as a special something for all of you in the update group. Stay tuned, more info on that coming on Dec 1.


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Vintage Fair

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Ohai lovelies! Finally I have some free time to blog. As most of you know, Vintage Fair was officially open on November 11 but because my RL is busy busy busy, I never got a chance to blog it. I'm having trouble writing today so I have nothing to say. Blah! :(

Hair: [Shag] - Goodbye - Gingersnap | Sebastien Aries | @ Vintage Fair
Skin: [PF] Ember <Honey> - Royal (ltbrow) | Mochi Milena | (Oldie but goodie! Only 100L$!)
Jewelry: [PM] Pixel Mode - Pearl Set (Old Group Gift) | Tya Fallingbridge |
Dress: Ingenue - Ava - Rose | Betty Doyle | @ Vintage Fair
Pose: | Darling Monday |


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New Releases from VoguE

VoguE has been a brand that is energetically coming up with some fantastic new releases and a brand that I am keeping an eye on.  VoguE designer, Zalyn Bailey has also launched her lingerie line as well as some great makeup tattoos this year and is definitely in a big development phase.

So I am going to be introducing 2 of her newest releases today.

One is an absolutely stunning cocktail dress called Alix dress.  It's a very elegant dress with a tight fit using lace for the entire outfit.  The big ruffled sleeves add glamour and movement to the outfit.  The back view is very elegant and yet sexy too with a slit up the center of the skirt.

VoguE - Alix Dress in Onyx

And the next one is a nice winter jacket called Tabitha Fur Jacket.  Here I am wearing the silver colour version.

It has that class look and this will be a nice jacket to wear over pants or skirt.  As it's sold as a separate, it will be a nice item to have to mix with other outfits.  Here I wore it with a cool leather pants from Dela.… Read the rest

Maybe Turkey Day? – LOTD 11/24/11

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone that celebrates it. It may not be entirely obvious, but Thanksgiving inspired my look today.  This is a very typical me look, take a cute dress, throw on a jacket and heels and instant pulled together look.  I know you’re wondering by now, how did Thanksgiving inspire this look?If you have been following this blog and my post, you probably know by now that I’m Southern.  So all of last night and most of today was spent in the kitchen.  My RL outfit will consist of sweats and tees. Since SL doesn’t require staying up all night to make a feast, I can play the part of the glamorous hosts here.  Hucci has been cranking out the releases lately, so I chose the Noni dress as the foundation of my outfit.  For a little contrast, I chose the funky grey jacket from justB (they are closing really soon so hurry!). Orange jewelry from Caroline’s Jewelry to add a pop and black heels from N Core completes this look! Get This Look!Read the rest

50/79/99 – Thanksgiving Sale at Bang Bang!

We would like to wish all our american friends a very happy Thanksgiving weekend! :)

To celebrate, we are having a sale!

Have fuuuuuuunnnnn! :)
<3 Sisch & Riott

Taxi to mainstore
Taxi to Bang Bang Lairs

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My pink phase

I have been loving the pink lip gloss skin I got so my shopping has been a pink onslaught lately. These are my newest finds for you to enjoy! Hair >TRUTH< Cate Streaked – champagne
Necklace/Earrings/Ring .( bewildebeest ) Panel Collection Goldieberry
Bubble Gum [PF] Yum Bubblegum! (Animated/Color Change)
Tattoo AITUI TATTOO – Demise /fresh/ I
Top DCNY Orchid Crochet Top
Pants DCNY High Tide White Pants
Shoes Mstyle RIVEA Pumps – Pink Flowers
Skin DeeTaleZ Skin Samara MU1 glossy sun

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Black Friday Gift Card Sale

Happening this Thursday,Friday, and Saturday only! Inworld sale on gift cards, marked down 30%.

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Woeful Wednesday

On 22nd November 2011 · By Isabeal Jupiter · With Leave a comment
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I'm feelin' the hipster love this week with a totally ironic t-shirt tunic/dress this week for Woeful Wednesday.  It's only 50L for one day only, then goes up to regular price.

Taxi to A Netherworld

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New from Fantasia for Black Tuesday!

On 22nd November 2011 · By Elena of Braavos · With Leave a comment
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New from Fantasia for Black Tuesday 25L Tuesday!

Leather and lace...who doesn't love that lovely little combination? Couple that with some tickling feathers and you have quite the experience in sensuality. So gather your L$ and come indulge for such a tiny price!

"Harvest" in Black and White

Also, to celebrate the most flattering color who's name is in today's holiday, every single item in black at Fantasia is also marked down to 25L. Enjoy!

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New Fantasy Skin Released

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I have been delving into the future...

A future where the boundaries of man and machine blur.  Out of this future dawn rises a sensual combination of circuitry and man-made flesh.

Talon Faire presents... Gynoid.

Please note the detailed circuitry on her plasti-metal skin. Ready to interface with non-AI as well as AI machines, there are various input node options. When equipped with optional input jacks, this gynoid, female variant of android, is ready to take on any task assigned.

Here she is on a small excursion thru InWorldz' Babylon.

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I never have time to update here anymore. :(  I feel a bit overwhelmed with so many blogs so I want to concentrate on Free*Style, Broke By Pay Day and my occasional appearance on Slexy Fashionista.  If I have cool foodie items to share I'll show them one of those places!  Thanks for reading The Sweet Side. 

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Moody Mondays Week 33

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Moody Mondays brings you a list of interesting designers offering some of the very best merchandise in SL. All merchants on this list have a new or exclusive edition item out for just L$55 - Monday, Nov. 21!

Check out the newest addtition to the Moody Monday line up - Quarantine, by Jenica Penucca!

And keep your eyes open for news about Moody Mondays for Nov. 28 - we have a special treat in store!











Sweet Antidote


Zoe's Garden




Tranquility Way






RezIpsa Loc




Park Place Home Decor


Beach Street




Piddler's Perch


Dragon Magick Wares

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