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Nocturne Gowns @ Evie’s Closet

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Out now at the Evie’s Closet Main Store. These dark and beautiful Gowns whisper of forgotten love and other life times. You receive both Nocturne I and Nocturne II in the box, and can choose to be the more formal marionette-style maiden or the shadow gypsy. The outfits include sculpted panniers scattered with dried flowers and a sculpted medieval henin (hat) completes your look. With four color moods to choose from, which will you be? Run to Evie’s Closet, now.

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Somnia is all treats no tricks

Hello all you sparkley zombies, ❤ La Venta Eventa is this weekend and I got a few great suggestions from last weeks Imported From… Tees so I whipped them up I hope you all enjoy them. I am still totally looking for suggestions for other places also just write them in a notecard and drop it in my suggestion box in the front of the store, as always if I make your suggestion you get it free. This item is only at Somnia main store. These 2 sets are out for this weekend for only 75L

    ❤ This opens at midnight tonight! Halloween is fast approaching and Somnia has joined up with .:Zanzibar creationZ:. to bring you some great little treats for Trick or Treat neighbourhood set up in SL for kids, families, big kids…anyone really….to come and enjoy some good old fashioned trick or treating. There are neighbourhood streets with mini houses all of which have been adorned with trick or treat goodies for young and old to enjoy. Wander around check out all the houses and find your trick or treat goodies, they come in the form of cupcakes and skulls scattered on front lawns and porches.… Read the rest.: Somnia :. Imported From... White Ad Set 2

Toki-Doki – Forgotten Loafers

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Let’s Take A Walk

The weather here has been awesome lately, and it makes me want to go on long walks to see what I can see. But mostly I just want to walk around in my new Portas Booties!!

From AnE Meshworks, an Adam n Eve brand, these little booties are short, cute, and in the most soft lickable leather I've seen in ages! They ARE mesh, so you know the drill. Get a mesh viewer or GTFO. :-p I kid, I kid!! But seriously, you need a mesh viewer to see these boots properly.

I'm standing in the Cascadia Autumn Pavilion from Funky Junk, on sale this weekend for Spruce Up Your Space. It's the perfect autumn decor for your land!

Time to take my boots and go walking!

In this post:

Skin: Lustre in Luxe 1 by Curio -Gala Phoenix-
Hair: Story in Blonde 02 by Elikatira -Elikapeka Tiramisu-
Dress: Jezibell Backless Dress in Navy/Beige by Whippet & Buck -Twiggy Whippet-
Boots: Portas Booties in Ivory by AnE Meshworks [Mesh!] -Damen Gorilla-
Take It Easy Tote Bag in Priss by BOOM -Aranel Ah-
* Wanderer Bracelets by League -Nena Janus-
* Devotion Bridal Rings by Earthstones -Abraxxa Anatine-
Photo taken in the Cascadia Autumn Pavilion by Funky Junk -Ulaa Coronet-
Pose by aDORKable Poses -Adorkable Peapod-

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Sixty Linden Weekend and Seasonal Delights!

The weekend has crept in on little kitty cat paws. I’m sure it was the cutest little black cat ever. So how about some bargains and some Halloween goodness, hmm? For starts our dear Miss Reghan has some new spectacles out for the Sixty Linden Weekend special. This lovely eyewear is unisex and comes in copper, silver and gold. Once you can see your way to the halloween display you will find that all the hats from Halloweens past are only 99L, and the Rosemary boater has a new look to fit the holiday. Dear Rosemary is available in both straw and a lovely velvet, both equally delicious. I wonder if she tastes like candy corn. Oh right, must not eat the hats! The bewitching Lady Agnes outfit with matching hat is out and only 200L, and you can purchase just the hat in a variety of colors as well. And it doesn’t stop there, for you will find that the darling kitty lanterns adorning the shop are available for sale, as well as that handsome straw gent outside watching the front walk.… Read the rest

Click Click Click Click

I had ducked out of the rain
Into Maria’s wedding day
And I sat there with her friends
And with her family
And I was happy I wasn’t someone they’d invite
Because I didn’t know the groom
Or know the bride
But when I stood next to her brother
For the photograph
He was laughing Take another picture with your click, click, click, click camera

Sure, I’ve got pictures of my own
Of the people and the places that I’ve known
Here’s one: I’m carrying your suitcase
Outside of Alphabet City But in someone else’s life
Where Maria is a wife
I’m on the mantle in the corner of the photograph
Smiling pretty Take another picture with your click, click, click, click camera Are you tired of where you’ve gone?
And you think you might belong
In a moment when you step out of the rain?
And you’ve ended up in someone else’s frame?
And they’re memory now is never quite the same
And they never even thought to ask your name Take another picture with your click, click, click, click camera All photos are raw, uncropped images from Second Life taken using the Mechanized Life Filter Cam and Expansion Pack.… Read the restoct29_011

Saturday Afternoon

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I wanted to show off this amazing belt I got from GOS this week...while it may be old news for most, I just wanted to mention it again because the sizing scripts are wonderful. It is one of the best huds I have ever used for getting a perfect fit. Enjoy!

Get it...Hair:  >Truth< Cindy - crowSkin: al vulo - renzie - bronzeTop: DeeTalez -Cashmere Wool Dress/Sweater Strapless Black 2Jeans: **- Tyra Jeans Washed BlackBelt: [GOS] - Cinch - Belt in BlackEarrings: Miel - Sha EarringsBoots: [e] - Secret Boots - Black
<3 Lelu and Gabs

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You’re Invited

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Yes, you are! We think it would be great fun to meet some of our readers, fellow plurkers and bloggers and invite you all to come over to Gidge’s place for a fun night of spooky, creepy and otherwise eerie music. Normally we would give you a taxi, but for tonight, we’re sending a hearse.

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  Saturday Afternoon

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Haut Monde Halloween Collection

Teresa has released her Halloween Collection which are available at the Knitting Circle Bake Sale until October 31st. The witches costume (which includes the hat and broom) are 99L$ per colour and there’s a choice of four colours ( black, pink, orange and blue). The orange dress is also from the Halloween Collection. There are [...]

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Loathing for a change

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  On Lauren: Skin:  .ILLUSORY. – _Paige_Warmth – Stained B2 (LBF) Eyes:  Fashism –  ’Sunrise’ Eyes – Green (S) Lashes:  Redgrave – Eyelashes -6- Natural Lashes:  Cheap Makeup –  Vintage Lash 1 Hair:  Sixty Nine –  MOA 01 – Light Sandy Blonde Top:  Vive9 – Claire Knitted Tunic DEER  – Navy Pants:  Mon Tissu – Denim – 1929 Cigarette ~ Blue Boots: {mon tissu} Provence Riding Boots ~ Necklace & Bracelets:  League - Wanderer Set Necklace 2:  League - Tassle Necklace -Mid Brown  (past FLF item) Necklace 2:  -Sorry.Asia- – Secret.Keys Necklace Poses:  Glitterati

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I wanted to show this adorable tank from Cool Beans called Demure Rose - it comes with a prim rose to attach. I'm wearing the copper color and I matched it with another items in copper or brown. Worth a mention these incredible leggins by Gasqhe, have a look at that texture! 

What I'm wearing:
::Cool Beans:: Demure Rose Tank - Copper -{Gasqhe}  1521 Leggings #01Sweet Sin - I wanna do bad thing with u -chest tatoo-vinik- Leather Bag - wine - new!Osakki // Flat Disk Earring and Metalcuff- Copper – Modavia Group Gift::GB::  Gladiator Sandals-BC- Shape Annika (mouth modded) Thanks Byrds! <3Al Vulo!- sally * pink teeth claveage sunkissed - new!Poses:Croire

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On Hallowe'en the thing you must do
Is pretend that nothing can frighten you
And if somethin' scares you and you want to run
Just let on like it's Hallowe'en fun.

What I'm wearing:
Hair: TRUTH -Ricci
Eyes: pc eyes by LL -shallow water
Make-up: Elymode -Pumpkin Flower face paint tattoo
Skin: LAQ -Thea [Nougat] Glow skin
Gloves: Fri. -Fingerless.Gloves
Dress: Epic -*Epic VIP* Members Gift [Pumpkin Dress]
Wings: Illusions -Chibi Demon Wings
Undershirt: GF -Silky Blouse "Charlotte" -black
Boots: Shiny THings -Ribbon Boots - black
Pose: Glitterati

Love Quote of the Day:
To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved.
George MacDonald

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Girls Don’t

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You learn something every single day. It seems that girl faeries do something that ordinary girls do not!

If you are a Faerie or a Fairy Princess or a unicorn or fashion review blogger (I kid!) you can get this item on the Toyland sim at the building that looks like a giant pink jewelry box. I actually had a pretty good time exploring here and I still need to go back to make sure I didn't miss anything. Many of the toys and games are interactive - you can knock the dominoes over, make the Rock-em-Sock-'em Robots punch, etc. They have a "Pac Man" hunt going on and I did about half of it - but I think it is still being set up since some of the hunt items were not active.

You know how sometimes you get dressed and you think hey I look good but then there is no one around to see you? So then you know how you TP off to any place you can think where there are other people including stores, festivals, welcome centers, sex sims, etc.? But then you get there and no one rezzes for you? And then you realize that you sure as heck are not going to rez for them either so your whole outfit is wasted?… Read the rest

No Place Like Home

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I threw on my red Pixel Mode Baby T’s today.  The one shoe I can never live without.  The instant I put them on I immediately thought of The Wizard of Oz, when Dorothy clicks her ruby heels together and chants “There’s no place like home” over and over again.  My heels may not sparkle, but they sure have been a favorite of mine for quite some time. Somehow I doubt though the dress I’m wearing would have suited Dorothy very much.  Shows a bit too much skin for her tastes I’d say! My beautiful and ultra sexy dress is from Gawk!  I purchased it from their marketplace store.  How very convenient!  They have an array of great, and sultry items on there to choose from.  Certainly worth a peek! I’m gonna get my butt off this computer now and go and do something useful with my day… Like.. clean…or run errands. Hmm. Wonder if I’ll actually accomplish it all… Credits: ( all of these stores can be found on my Shopping List!Read the rest

Nothing to do

I’m bored. I look at people passing by, wearing my new hot high-waist jeans and my comfy Pivaaca vest. I found a cool beanie for my red hair (actually they come together at Mina) and now I’m waiting for my friends to tell them about it. I guess leaning against the wall on a sunny Saturday is not that bad, after all. There’s one more thing that needs to be mentioned: The  skin on Moniq is called Jenny and it’s a new release by Amacci. I love how it looks on Moniq’s shape! And I promise to showcase it in my upcoming post (which I hope will be up sooner than later, cause there’s more greatness that I need to show you!) Styling and SLURLs: Skin: Jenny – Fair – Candy By Amacci Hair: Shara DR05 by Mina Vest: Cable Knitting Vest *Light Gray* by [pivaaca] (The Seasons Hunt) Top: Part of Basic Knit Dress Rolling Moss by Chantkare Jeans: Inex Jeans/Hitch Hiker by Peqe Poses: Studio Sidhe and Glitterati

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Baaaaad Bunny!

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Hello hello,

looking for a fab Halloween costume? Come to Bang Bang and get the Bad Bunny Package! There's a shape, 3 skins (one without bunny make-up), a pair of Bunny Ears, bunny teeth and a sexy latex body suit for just 111L!

Have fuuuuun!

<3 Sisch & Riott

Bat-ride to Bang Bang

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Skin: R.icielli – EOS sunkissed Eyeliner: R.icielli – The Eyeliner collection I /basicblack (@TDR) Hair: [BURLEY] Alicia Shirt & Belt: {mon tissu} Park Avenue Top – White Jeans: Peqe – Inex Jeans/Hitch Hiker Jacket: {SMS} Boyfriend’s Blazer Paisley Red Shoes: Fleshtone :: Vendetta Wedges [Red] [White Sock] Bag: Fleshtone :: Bom Snake Leather Tote [White] Necklace & Ring FINESMITH ASIA Bangles: Indy&Co. Sylph Bangles: Silver Nails: N-core Manicure     
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Skin:  .::Mother Goose’s::. Ulika skin  Hair:  WILDO /M2/04  Shirt:  JANE strawberry  Pants  ISON – distressed leather pants (blue)  Cardigan:  ::BB:: Light Cardigan in seamist  Scarf:  Izzie’s – Knit Scarf multicolor blue  Bag:  (PRISS) – Everyday Bag in Blue  Necklace:  Kari – Hoot necklace – Brass  Shoes:  *Tea Time* Pump Platform  DANCE   
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Super Bargain Saturday 10-29

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Argyle Anonymous

La'Licious Designs

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