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New release "Tunique" Greek/Roman toga set

Fresh of the virtual sewing machine is "Tunique," a classical Roman/Greek toga set for roleplayers. You may recognize the "pearl" variation, but I've added two additional colors, ruby and onyx:

This set includes full outfits for both women and men, and is modify/transfer, so you can buy it for yourself, and transfer the second outfit to your partner! Even better, through next weekend this set is 50% off, just 100L.


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Moody Mondays Week 28

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Moody Mondays brings you a list of interesting designers offering some of the very best merchandise in SL. All merchants on this list have a new or exclusive edition item out for just L$55 - Monday, Oct. 17!

Be sure to check out the newest Moody Mondays merchants, Lara Darkbyrd of Mystic Canvass

Adam n Eve - Sachi Vixen

Argyle Anonymous - Swan Ling

beach street - Heath Pevensey

Clutter - Kat Alderson

Crackberry - Jemima Clowes


Dreamscapes Art Gallery - Carlotta Cealwin

DeSSion - Desmonia Corvale

Stellar by Lexi Morgan

Sweet Antidote - Noena Merlin

LeBloom - Lawra Fredrickson

Tranquility Way Station Designs - Lyta McKeenan

Zoe's Garden - Adele Rhiadra

Gems & Kisses - Deliziosa Vendetta

Mystic Canvass - Lara Darkbyrd

Piddler's Perch - Rowan Attis

Pulchritude - Juliette Pashinin

Red Robin Jewellery - Mozart Loordes

Snowpaw's - Carrie Snowpaw







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Creating a Slideshow Viewer, Part 2: Reading the Inventory

This is the second installment in my small series about creating a slideshow viewer (based on my new texture vendors). In this one, I’ll be showing you how to add images to the viewer. In my original texture vendors, the prim which displayed the images was responsible for creating a list of the images available, and then of moving through the images when it received a message from one of the buttons. In the new version, all of this is handled by the Frame prim, which looks for touch events and determines which button was ‘clicked’, and which then updates the texture on the Display prim. This is made possible by another relatively new script function, llSetLinkTexture(), which allows the texture of a prim to be assigned by another (linked) prim. There are two elements to handling the images. The simplest is assigning a specified texture to the Display prim. However, in order to do this the Frame needs to have the textures stored in it, and needs to be able to make a list of the available textures.… Read the rest

Before I Rust Away…

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I’m up again late tonight to bring a few more items out for the charity event at La Ville Macabre, running October 15th to November 1st in InWorldz. Here are the Bren sweater for Men and the Brew sweater for Ladies… in an exclusive recolor only to be found at this event! Once the event is over, they’re GONE so grab them now while you can. Visit the Chrysallis sim in InWorldz to find them and cozy up to a new sweater this fall!  100% proceeds benefit the Virtual Helping Hands charity. Visit Leanna Caerndow’s site for more info about this event. Mwah! Boudica

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