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Trick or Treat at the Spooky You Halloween Event

Montagne Noire has set up a small Halloween cart at the Spooky You Halloween Event, which opened earlier today. Content creators from all over SL are displaying some excellent Halloween decorations and merchandise, and each of us has a “Trick or Treat”…

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October 2011
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My Favorite Sn@tch Things

On 15th October 2011 · By Ivey Deschanel · With Leave a comment
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My favorites of the latest Sn@tch Releases. All clothing comes in fatpacks onlyPrices between $225 & $275 L. I hope you like!Taxi to Sn@tch 

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This Ain’t No Hayride…

On 15th October 2011 · By Ivey Deschanel · With Leave a comment
In Fashion, Second Life, SN@TCH

You are a contestant in this years HOTTEST NEW REALITY SHOWand you are LATE for the first night of filming. You arrive at the studio praying for your big break with 6 other hopefuls And you find something has gone horribly wrong…Blood on th…

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Sixty Linden Weekend

Here’s the weekend! Where did the week go? I am certain it was just there, but I blinked and it was gone. But that’s all well and good as I do so enjoy the weekend, after all it brings the Sixty Linden sale with it. This weekend Miss Reghan will delight you with not one, […]

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Modavia Supermodels Fall 2011 Casting

Modavia Fashion Marketing is pleased to announce the Fall 2011 Casting to add new male and female Supermodels to the team. The Supermodels will represent Modavia not only in the Modavia Fashion Directory, but in all its productions and related projects. Please join the Modavia Prospective Models group in-world to gather further information about the […]

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A Vampire At Home

This vampire thinks she might as well do away with email all together. There is never anything in it but spam and crap from people she doesn’t want to hear from.  Despite having spent my pixel day decorating my new … Continue reading

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Spot the Joker

I found this Catwoman costume from Beautiful Dirty Rich on Marketplace for only 99L and it screams naughty to me.  Well what is more naughty than hero knowingly seducing the villain while he should be on the job?  And hey, Catowman is hot eno…

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oh hay~

so it’s been two weeks && i am all.. refreshed and rejuvenated. true, my break was a li’l longer than anticipated, but! it was just was i needed. i’m excited to get back to blogging && photographing.. and i have a *lot* of awesome shit to catch up on. like for instance… click to see […]

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I Am My Hair

There are many new hairstyles out now at CheerNo!  Here we are giving you a look at some of our personal favorites.  Make sure you head on over to the mainstore to check them all out!(Upper Row Left to Right)Luciano Enoch:Skin: FRUK -&nb…

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50/52 – Mulberry

Yikes!! We’re in week 52 of Luna’s Colour Challenge, which means we have just 2 weeks left!  Luna has proposed that we do a Favourite 15 post featuring our favourite 15 colours… That might be a challenge in itself for … Continue reading

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Chic Boutique – October 15

On 15th October 2011 · By Kalia Meiklejohn · With Leave a comment
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Chic Boutique is back with a new collection for the next month. Nothing is over L$ 99, so have a look!ESSENCIAL: Daisy – Fair 2 Skin – L$ 75label motion: Allen Pose Pack – L$ 50I Love Fashion: Casual Bag – L$ 75Candymetal: Avii Dress in Salmon – L$ 70R…

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The Seasons Hunt with a twist of Zombie Popcorn

The Seasons Hunt is one of the best in SL and I’m sure you were waiting for October 15th as …

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On 15th October 2011 · By Harlow · With Leave a comment
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So a while back the lovely, beautiful, and absurdly talented Luna Jubilee blogged a beautiful mesh gown from the store Rebel Hope.  I had let some time pass and totally […]

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Bit of Fright Night with hunts and gifts

On 15th October 2011 · By Lilyana Muircastle · With Leave a comment
In Fashion, New2SL, Second Life

Creepy Classics HuntBlog: Hunt Hints: hunt is all about the classics of Halloween. I’ve only picked up one gift so far but I even saw an…

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Fringe Out

On 15th October 2011 · By Milla Michinaga · With Leave a comment
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I’ve been quietly styling and learning how to use shadows in pics. My old iMac is finally able to do shadows! I’ve been posting my looks on Flickr, but I thought I might as well post them here too. This look was born around the gorgeous, fringed Emi boots from Baiastice.  I paired them with my […]

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out of reach

Dress: Gasqhe – Darc dress *new*
Skin: Aleida – Zizi – dark *new*
Necklace: LiNe – Time *new*
Claws: Diram
Pose: Del May
Hair: tram
Shoes: MStyle – Goshi pumps

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Zombie Popcorn For All!

That’s right, the fifth Zombie Popcorn Hunt begins today! The hunt starts officially 1 PM and you have time until the end of October to find all the little popcorn-noming poppets. Without further ado, here’s the post in ZombiePopcornSL about one of my favorite looks among the hunt, I call her the Queen of Clowns~ […]

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Something Wicked

Corsets in second life have always been tough to work with. the texture ones are nice but flat, the sculptie ones are more realistic but don’t move with the body. enter mesh: this beautiful work of art is from schadenfreude. i might just find a way to make every single outfit i have suit this […]

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Caroline’s – The Seasons Hunt

This is the final Seasons Hunt. Hallie Galli has done a fantastic job at having such a successful hunt. Kudos to her! The item that you will find in my Pete the Pumpkin is this cute owl necklace. It is resizeable for fitting and copy for putting in man…

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Caroline's Jewelry Owl Necklace

Adventures in Hunting

On 15th October 2011 · By Tymmerie Thorne · With Leave a comment
In Fashion, Girl Wonder, Second Life

This is a picture of me loitering at NSD waiting for unsupected Season’s Hunters to enter the store so I can follow them around until they we find the first hunt object. I normally don’t get all excited for hunts, but some of the prizes in this one see…

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