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Modavia Fashion Week 2011.08

I enjoyed the show from Gabriel for Modavia Fashion Week. It featured menswear and womenswear. The womenswear was dominated by sculpted little cocktail dresses like this one in different colors. I have some great jackets from Gabriel, but these new cocktail dresses are a move in a more frivolous direction and I love it. The shoes are from BottleBird. I made a trip to BottleBird to see what was new after wearing the Wallpaper shoes I got at Shoe Fair. I don’t know how new, but new to me is new enough. I love these Heart’s Desire shoes with the big floppy bow and the big platform wedge. They are fun and so chic. This is Shai’s new skin for Modavia Fashion Week. I tossed on a tattoo eyeshadow from Chelle and it was good to go. The earrings and bangles are from Mood and that’s Vanity Hair’s new hair, Crazy Horse, for Modavia Fashion Week. ****STYLE NOTES****** Read the restGabriel Cherie @ Modavia Fashion Week



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Damselfly & Demoiselle

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I’m lucky enough to have known Kouse Singh of Kouse’s Sanctum since our early days hanging out in Avilion, and I remember when she first started making Gowns and Jewelry. I bought my first Kouse Gown (that she didn’t already gift me!) and a pretty choker from this beautiful little treehouse shop on the sim when there were only 3 or 4 to choose from. Given enough time and a hazmat suit, I could probably delve far enough into my inventory to find them. Anyway… There’s lots of squealing and jumping and girly hand-flapping going on at the moment, because I’m able to share this next New Release with you, as a collaboration with Kouse. She graciously agreed to work with me and create a perfectly matched set of jewelry to finish this outfit’s look. Maybe it had something to do with my whining about needing something. Who knows? Anyway, here is “Damselfly” from Evie’s Closet. The outfit has a fully sculpted skirt (no flexi-bits) and the wings are included.… Read the rest:)

Great deals at Collabor88!

Quickie post here to show off SOME of the stuff I bought today at Collabor88!  A bunch of designers we adore get together and once a month set some great stuff out for only 88L!  If you would like a ride click HERE!

The Mod dress and tights are called Sedgwick and come from Ingenue this is the cyan shading however there are three others for you to check out!  Ingenue also shaded her Bridget flats to match!  Lots of fun and very cute!

I love this hair from Clawtooth called Mystery, the wisps are adorable!  You not only get one shade for 88L you get the entire pack!  I'm wearing the shade called Red eye flight... the name alone amused me! 

You can't see it well but I have a lovely bangle on by EarthStones. If you head to sale be sure to give them a closer look! Also the Furnature is from LISP!  Both the Valentine sofa and chair are on sale there... in two types of color packs!  A matching footstool was on sale for fifty lindens Friday...… Read the rest

Alphabet Challenge – B – B for Bohemian

B is for Bohemian. Check my B look and credits on Bohemian Souls.

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Alphabet Challenge – B – B for Bohemian

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I started the Alphabet Challenge on Orinoco Flow, and I will keep posting my alphabet looks there, but B is for Bohemian, so I couldn't resist.

Skin: Mynerva - Bianca
Hair: Truth - Boho
Eyes: Poetic Colors - Black Swan
Lipstick: AtomicBambi (now Verve) - Sabrina Lip Blush
Top: Zaara - Yauvani Tank Top Bordeaux
Skirt: Snatch - Boho Swirl Skirt
Necklace: Burroughs -Sunara Necklace
Earrings: Studio Sidhe - Silver Filigree w Bell Gypsy Earrings
Nose Chain: Studio Sidhe - Silver Nose Chain with Bells
Bracelets: League - Wanderer Bracelet
Bracelet: BINA - Tende Bracelet left red (part of an outfit)
Anklet: BINA - Tende right anklet Blue (part of an outfit)
Nails: je suis... - je suis... naive Nails v.2 Basic Nails
Bag: HOC - Hemp Bag
Shoes: Baby Monkey - Classic Flat Brown
Pose: Bent!

A closeup to showcase the beautiful earrings and nose chain by Faery Sola of Studio Sidhe.… Read the restAlphabet Challenge - B - B as Bohemian

Modavia Fashion Week: O s a k k i

Modavia Fashion Week

Collection from Kaysha Piers
Shown by Keira Seerose

LOOKBOOK for above Photos ONLY (Click here) Hair :: Lelutka – Rykiel
Leggings (2nd Picture): JustB – High Waisted Leggings in Black
Shoes: Kookie – Vo Pumps in black
Bracelet (2nd Picture): Amorous – Hard
Poses: Del May The O s a k k i collection can currently only be purchased at the Modavia Fashion Week boutique (click here to teleport). Remember that most afternoons between 10am and 5pm there are shows going on, so if the sim says its full, try again outside of those hours, or check to see when the sim should be lighter on traffic on the Modavia Fashion Week blog. Please note that the top two photos feature me but the other photos are live shots from the runway featuring the O s a k k i Modavia models.

Keira Seerose

Please do not send me review copies at this time, as I am way behind. Thank you.… Read the rest

Black & White

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Here are two stylish new group gifts!

Grab this gorgeous dress from Chrysalis here. The antique chair with zebra pattern is the latest group gift for Vinyl Cafe Addicts here. It comes with 5 animated sits!

Find other styles at the Dominion location here for just 75 lindens each for the next two days. Enjoy!

Style Notes
Hair: FabULous
Skin: YS & YS
Shoes: MStyle

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Burlesque Beauty

(Click on any image for a larger version) If I’m remembering right from high school French class, the name of our featured outfit translates to “Lady Tickles”… hmm… sounds awefully naughty when you put it like that! But Mme. Chatouille, by Devious Beauty, the fashion arm of Devious Minds/Chanimations, really does tickle the fancy! It’s part of their burlesque line (recently added to with their release of “Miss Dhalia“). I’ve used many of their props and poses here in the blog, but this is the first clothing piece we’ve reviewed for you. Mme. Chatouille was released in December 25th, 2009, and is described by the creator as being “Burlesque Couture and Lingerie” all in one. I agree. Of their clothing line, this one has remained my personal favorite of all of their releases. It’s also the design that Sean Gorham was most drawn to, when we popped over to take a look. What’s “Just Right”: The level of detail and options in Mme.
Read the restMme. Chatouille, by DeviousBeauty

Back in Blurple

I have a feeling there’ll be more where this came from. *grins* I’ve made some progress with my Twisted sorting, so here’s the next little unseelie to entertain you~ The only thing that is -not- from Twisted Hunt is the hair. It’s by Vita’s Boudoir and I’m pretty much addicted to it for fantasy shots. Everything else is up for grabs at the moment if you only manage to find the evil twisted cube spinning mock-innocently amongst its decoy brethren. I adore this filigree owl mask by Star Kindler, it’s exquisitely feminine while at the same time so obviously wicked. I added a tattoo layer mask make-up and eyes by Sn@tch to it and used the skin by Heartsick as the basis for this particular unseelie. The outfit is by DV8 and is very appropriate for a twisted pixie. The necklace and bracelets are by Mia’s Gems and the unseelie royal pavilion where I took the pictures is by ThatChick. The poses are a part of the build. By the way, if you fancy evil thrones, fairy circles, forests and castles in this colour: this is the hunt for you.… Read the rest

Prim & Pixel Paradise Sale

The Prim and Pixel Paradise store is having a Fall sale.
These cute tops were on sale for only $40L each. 

Teleport over to check out these tops and browse the rest of the deals @
If you like this post, read more @ and follow us on Twitter or Facebook for blog updates.

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I’ll take more than another riverfull

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xo - Sophia Harlow

>TRUTH< Annalise - espresso -- New
 *League* Gypsy Tunic -White  -- New
*League* Tassle Necklace -Mid Brown  -- New
[LeLutka]-Ren Boots Mesh
{mon tissu} Gauzy Skirt - Brown 3
MichaMi: Pia Leggings in Cream
KHUSH Te Amo Tattoo
-[AddiCt]-APPLE Ring/Silver
:GP: Sundust [Dark] Lustre 2-Brandy 1
.ID. Mirror Eyes/Green
Poses: Del May

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Blacklace Beauty – New Release

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Blacklace Beauty has released a new shape, Sophie! Sophie is petite, but still with curves so you know shes all woman. She comes with pouty lips, which are perfectly kissable! Definitely ready to play – well ready for anything. Dont forget that Blacklace Beauty has  out brand new eyeshadows, which are fabulously glamorous and an eye-shaper for more versatility in your look! While youre there, be sure and check out Blacklace Love Affair, this weeks LOW! Taxi to Blacklace        

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Theraputic Resolve

There is nothing easy to say about September 11th. The social complexities and nuances of pain, loss and grief are exceptionally delicate. However, I do believe that we can all accept how personal it was for each and every one. There is a reason people ask, ‘where were you when you heard about 9/11′. We’ve all been marked by it. My therapist and I have discussed “marked events” like this extensively. (Yes, I have a therapist and she’s lovely.) She described huge tragic events like rings in a tree. Allow me to explain… The very center point, or origin, is the event itself.The event is just the series of actions that were taken, nothing more and nothing less. Let’s create a workable metaphor for this event, for example: Jane climbs up a tree in her yard and falls out of the tree. When she lands, she breaks her leg. The next ring is how this event effected you. What personally happened to you, while that event was running it’s course.… Read the rest


Aught is a place where the civilization ended and the nature is taking her place back. The vegetation grows wild, tuning all gray of concrete in  a vivid and live green.

In the land description we can read  "People should accept the invasion of green. Because it is a correct recovery. "

To do a RP in this sim, just contact the owner Miki Morigi. There is more details about it on the sim

Ah! I almost forgot, you can rezz your stuff here. This place has a sister  sim, a beautiful garden, but this will be another post ...

Style Card

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Mesh it up!

Hello people!! After reinstalling completely my viewer, I am finally able to do some stuff on SL, so here I am and I come bearing MESH! I just acquired my very first mesh clothes and so far, I luuuurve it! Beware, you need to use a mesh enabled viewer to see mesh stuff, otherwise, well, it'll look like crap, which would be a shame, honestly. 
Riddle just released this cute mesh skirt and sculpted top outfit for Project Themeory, for only 75l$ for the outfit! (BTW they're having a 50% off sale on the whole shop, so that's one more reason to drop by)

Have you noticed the cute shoes? They're the latest group gift from Katat0nik , and they're mesh too... Plus I think they match the outfit perfectly.

Other stuff  (not free or cheap):

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I pun on this lime-green and purple dress by Chantkare – two vibrant contrasting tones – and I decided that, well, this looks needs YELLOW. I’m usually not a fan of yellow, I think that I only have a yellow top in RL and I got it as a present. However, SL is teaching me to say yes to colors that I’m not familiar with. After all, see how cool it looks? To the Chantkare dress I added boots by Dilly Dolls and a bag by Wanda’s. Plus Je suis nails, Pididdle lipstick and Amacci hair with matching headband. I tinted it just a bit to match the dress. The jewelry set will be available mid-September at this year’s Jewelry Fair. Styling and SLURLs: Skin: Amelie Natural by Glam Affair Lipstick: Passive Attraction – Teeth by Pididdle Hair: Rhoda – Modern Red by Amacci Dress: Blocked dress by Chantkare Boots: Sonata Metallic by Dilly Dolls Bag: Katia by Wanda’s Nails: Crocodile- Yellows by Je suis Jewelry: +M’s Avon+Peacock (Jewelry Fair preview) Poses: Posies

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Jackal Ennui is, of course, the long-time SL veteran behind Lassitude & Ennui. She's German, I'm from the East Coast, we sometimes get to hang out for a minute or two on weekends. I managed to catch her hanging about the sim today, redecorating for Autumn and petting her Meero.

I asked her what she was wearing.

"Almost entirely mesh," she said gleefully. "Even the hair."

The hair is free from Curious Kitties, a group gift, although you can pay for a color-changing hud if you want to. I'm getting the sense that Jackal is embracing mesh whole-heartedly, here…

What's next, Jackal? Mesh shoelaces? :D

You can find those mesh overknee boots at Lassitude & Ennui.

Pose - Glitterati Jewelry 2
Necklace - Pixeldolls Valois
Dress - Violent Seduction - Persephone (Death)
Hat - lassitude & ennui Elegance tophat black (?)
Skin - Den-Dou Nosferatu skin (skin - skin Nosferatu Den-Dou)
Hair - Curious Kitties - Mystic
Boots - lassitude & ennui Mesh overknee boots (boots - fatigue & boredom Mesh OVERKNEE boots)
Eyes - Mynerva - Elemental

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. numero 239

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Hi beautifuls! Unfortunately, school starts tomorrow and I won't be on SL as much as I am in Summer. I'm just hoping it's going to be a successful and awesome year for me and everyone else :D Okay, onto SL now. To be honest, blue can be my least favorite color sometimes but today I felt all bluey and wanted to blog that color. Also you're probably like wth?! Mare in blond hair?! I just felt like wearing a new hair brand and different color from what I usually wear. I admit that I feel really nice in blond hair too.. maybe time for a change? Who knows! :P

This dress from petticoat lane is too lovely for words. I love the cute little collar! The belt is even color change. I feel so much like Alice in Wonderland in this dress and hair.. but I guess that's not a bad thing, right? :P


Skin: [PF] Elly <Sugar> - Pure/nolash (ltbrow/freck) with Doll Gloss (Beestung) | Mochi Milena |
Hair: (Dernier Cri) Kira - A2 Shade | Asuka Martin |
Dress: petticoat lane; tshirt dress; blue.… Read the rest. numero 239

Update on Earlier Mesh Post!!!

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I'm experimenting with some available mesh outfits, and, duh, apparently there is an alpha texture worm with the outfits to hide all that poking out I complained about in an earlier post. To test these alphas, I tried the demo (thank you for that, by the way) of Pretty Lady, Lanna Halter Dress.

As you can see, nothing is hanging out, like my earlier pictures of a mesh shirt. The demo came in two sizes, and I am wearing the larger size due to my boobs. This gown fits me nicely along the back, whereas another gown I tried by someone else was too big in the back with the larger size, but fit my boobs. 
The price is right, too, 199L.
The full perms are really high, though, and I don't expect them to come down anytime soon. I might jump in with a pair of pants and skirt and see what I can do with them. My only concern is using full perms is going to gut the market with look alike clothing, where as full perm prims and sculpts can be easily manipulated by the designers.… Read the rest

Autumn is coming to Bang Bang!

The days are getting shorter, the air crisper... and I feel like comfortable, soft warm materials, knits... a fire in the evening... :)

So this week, there are the Bouclé stretch pants new at Bang Bang! They come in 6 colours - 3 more neutral tones - grey, choco and forest - and 3 brights - pink, orange and blue!

They come with a satin lining and drawstring, tied in a bow, and a cute little backpocket.

Have a funfantastic weekend (I certainly will - I have a huge funfair right on my doorstep until tuesday evening!)!

xoxo Sisch & Riott

Taxi to Bang Bang

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