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Modavia Fashion Week 2011.08

I enjoyed the show from Gabriel for Modavia Fashion Week. It featured menswear and womenswear. The womenswear was dominated by sculpted little cocktail dresses like this one in different colors. I have some great jackets from Gabriel, but these new … Continue reading

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Gabriel Cherie @ Modavia Fashion Week




September 2011
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Damselfly & Demoiselle

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I’m lucky enough to have known Kouse Singh of Kouse’s Sanctum since our early days hanging out in Avilion, and I remember when she first started making Gowns and Jewelry. I bought my first Kouse Gown (that she didn’t already gift me!) and a pretty choker from this beautiful little treehouse shop on the sim […]

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Great deals at Collabor88!

Quickie post here to show off SOME of the stuff I bought today at Collabor88!  A bunch of designers we adore get together and once a month set some great stuff out for only 88L!  If you would like a ride click HERE!The Mod dress and tights ar…

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Alphabet Challenge – B – B for Bohemian

B is for Bohemian. Check my B look and credits on Bohemian Souls.

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Alphabet Challenge - B - B as Bohemian

Alphabet Challenge – B – B for Bohemian

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I started the Alphabet Challenge on Orinoco Flow, and I will keep posting my alphabet looks there, but B is for Bohemian, so I couldn’t resist.Skin: Mynerva – BiancaHair: Truth – BohoEyes: Poetic Colors – Black SwanLipstick: AtomicBambi (now Verve) – S…

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Alphabet Challenge - B - B as Bohemian

Modavia Fashion Week: O s a k k i

Modavia Fashion Week Collection from Kaysha Piers Shown by Keira Seerose The O s a k k i collection can currently only be purchased at the Modavia Fashion Week boutique (click here to teleport). Remember that most afternoons between 10am and 5pm there are shows going on, so if the sim says its full, try […]

Black & White

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Here are two stylish new group gifts!Grab this gorgeous dress from Chrysalis here. The antique chair with zebra pattern is the latest group gift for Vinyl Cafe Addicts here. It comes with 5 animated sits!Find other styles at the Dominion location here…

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Group Gift Dress & Chair

Burlesque Beauty

(Click on any image for a larger version) If I’m remembering right from high school French class, the name of our featured outfit translates to “Lady Tickles”… hmm… sounds awefully naughty when you put it like that! But Mme. Chatouille, by Devious Beauty, the fashion arm of Devious Minds/Chanimations, really does tickle the fancy! It’s […]

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Mme. Chatouille, by DeviousBeauty

Back in Blurple

I have a feeling there’ll be more where this came from. *grins* I’ve made some progress with my Twisted sorting, so here’s the next little unseelie to entertain you~ The only thing that is -not- from Twisted Hunt is the hair. It’s by Vita’s Boudoir and I’m pretty much addicted to it for fantasy shots. […]

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Prim & Pixel Paradise Sale

The Prim and Pixel Paradise store is having a Fall sale.These cute tops were on sale for only $40L each.  Teleport over to check out these tops and browse the rest of the deals @…

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I’ll take more than another riverfull

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xo – Sophia Harlow>TRUTH< Annalise – espresso — New *League* Gypsy Tunic -White  — New*League* Tassle Necklace -Mid Brown  — New[LeLutka]-Ren Boots Mesh{mon tissu} Gauzy Skirt – Brown 3MichaMi: Pia Leggings in Cream KHUSH Te Amo…

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Blacklace Beauty – New Release

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Blacklace Beauty has released a new shape, Sophie! Sophie is petite, but still with curves so you know shes all woman. She comes with pouty lips, which are perfectly kissable! Definitely ready to play – well ready for anything. Dont forget that Blacklace Beauty has  out brand new eyeshadows, which are fabulously glamorous and an eye-shaper for […]

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Theraputic Resolve

There is nothing easy to say about September 11th. The social complexities and nuances of pain, loss and grief are exceptionally delicate. However, I do believe that we can all accept how personal it was for each and every one. There is a reason people ask, ‘where were you when you heard about 9/11′. We’ve […]

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Aught is a place where the civilization ended and the nature is taking her place back. The vegetation grows wild, tuning all gray of concrete in  a vivid and live green.In the land description we can read  "People should accept the invasion of g…

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Mesh it up!

Hello people!! After reinstalling completely my viewer, I am finally able to do some stuff on SL, so here I am and I come bearing MESH! I just acquired my very first mesh clothes and so far, I luuuurve it! Beware, you need to use a mesh enabled viewer …

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I pun on this lime-green and purple dress by Chantkare – two vibrant contrasting tones – and I decided that, …

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Jackal Ennui is, of course, the long-time SL veteran behind Lassitude & Ennui. She’s German, I’m from the East Coast, we sometimes get to hang out for a minute or two on weekends. I managed to catch her hanging about the sim today, redecorating for A…

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Jackal for L&E's blog

. numero 239

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Hi beautifuls! Unfortunately, school starts tomorrow and I won’t be on SL as much as I am in Summer. I’m just hoping it’s going to be a successful and awesome year for me and everyone else :D Okay, onto SL now. To be honest, blue can be my least favori…

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. numero 239

Update on Earlier Mesh Post!!!

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I’m experimenting with some available mesh outfits, and, duh, apparently there is an alpha texture worm with the outfits to hide all that poking out I complained about in an earlier post. To test these alphas, I tried the demo (than…

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Autumn is coming to Bang Bang!

The days are getting shorter, the air crisper… and I feel like comfortable, soft warm materials, knits… a fire in the evening… :)So this week, there are the Bouclé stretch pants new at Bang Bang! They come in 6 colours – 3 more neutral tones – g…

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