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Justice for all in Second Life?

Some disturbing revelations have surfaced recently regarding a "citizen watch group" in Second Life called Justice League Unlimited, which allegedly has been collecting the personal, real life information of SL residents they view as "griefers."

You may have seen them before patrolling the grid -- specifically, public sandboxes -- wearing superhero costumes. If you'd like to read more about their alleged activities, a summary thread is available at SL Universe, as is the massive 300+ page originating thread. Additional coverage can be found at the Alphaville Herald and Search Engine Watch.

Among the allegations leveled is that the JLU has a private wiki which contains intelligence on residents -- from both their "First Life" as well as their Second Life -- who may or may not be members of griefer groups. The "private," "secure" wiki has been compromised at least twice, mostly recently last month -- it remains unclear whether the wiki was hacked externally, or if there was a mole within the group itself that leaked the information.… Read the rest



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Sex and the City – Part 2

On 2nd September 2011 · By Kit Jordan · With Leave a comment
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Featuring my best friend and sexpot extraordinaire, Chikala Blitz. See Part 1 here. On Chikala (left) Shape- Twinny by .:ChiChiBoo’s:. (coming soon)
Skin- Pollon snuggle milk group gift from al vulo!
Pasties- Bandaids F-US-Black by [Plastik]
Panties- Slide Panties Bird by [Sassy Kitty Designs] now known as Sakide
Stockings- Stockings and Knee Socks n.4 by :::insanya:::
Tattoos-Gothic Kiss Squares by ::Para Designs::
Mouth Piercing- Ankh diamond created by Azaru Rotaru (marketplace item)
Eyes-Dazzling Sapphire Eyes by LAQ
Shirt- Toxic Tunika trans Black by Secret Passion
Hair- Cindy by Truth 
Nails- Raven nails by *Relzpsa Loc* On Kit (right) Skin: Elly – Sugar – Gloom by Pink Fuel
Lipstick in Black by L. Fauna
Hair: La La Love You 2 by Shag
Eyelashes: Bohemia Raindrops by [glow] Studio
Swan Lake Leggings in Black by Fishy Strawberry
Tattoo: Cubico 3 by La Malvada Mujer
Handcuff Bracelets by ICED 
Necklace: Love Beyond The End by WTG
Sculpted Nails V2 by Pixel Mode

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Mizu Ganon grey Makeover from [mock] cosmetics

On 2nd September 2011 · By Mocksoup · With Leave a comment
In Fashion, M.O.C.K. Cosmetics, Second Life

Mizu Ganon grey Makeover from [mock] cosmetics, a photo by Mocksoup on

A high gloss grey lip with coal and silver metallic pigment eyeshadow. Bold and Fierce.

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. numero 236

On 2nd September 2011 · By Maretch Waffle · With Leave a comment
In Fashion, Second Life, Sparkly Cupcakes

Hi gorgeous peeps! <3 I hope you're all having a fabulous Friday so far. First of all, thanks to my friend Ohna for blogging about this store. I fell in love with their cute stuff immediately as I teleported there. This lovely dress was a must have! There are 4 colors but this was my favorite because I don't own this color in SL. Fitting the dress was a piece of cake and even with my AO, it stills looks adorable and doesn't look bad with the movement. This store is definitely one of my favorites now! :) You might have noticed that I'm wearing a different skin today, it's not new but it's the Summer skin from Curio with the pink fuel lips. I love how they match so perfectly! <3


Hair: >TRUTH< Juliette - Carrot | Truth Hawks |
Skin: :GP: Petal Frex [Light] Summer-Pure 1 | Gala Phoenix |
Lip Gloss: [PF] Elly <Sugar> Juicy Gloss (Natural) | Mochi Milena |
Dress: (PRISS) - Charmant Silk Dress in Night | Erin Winterwolf |
Pose: *ELISA* I love skirts 6 (Store closed)


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Way up in my tree I’m sitting by my fire

On 2nd September 2011 · By SophHarlow · With Leave a comment
In Fashion, Sacred Fashion, Second Life
I have good news and bad news. Ready? Good news is that Curio has two new skin releases! They are as gorgeous as always! Bad news is that they are not out quite yet. BUT I will show you one of the faces. Does that make it better? Probably not.

The one I am wearing here is Jasmine 2 and it is just a beautiful face. Soft, beautiful and flawless. I love the golden skin tones on this. Beautiful work. I know I go on about Gala all the time but she is just an excellent designer. Her faces are so lovely and her use of makeup is perfect. Not to mention the cost of a fatpack is insanely reasonable. 
I am  wearing a new dress from The Sea Hole but  um, in two parts. In the second picture I am wearing just the top from the Avina dress with The Sea Hole Cigarette pants. Love it together!  

The skirt part of the dress is equally as cute though! I love how consistent The Sea Hole is with releases, every week like clock work - something new.  I loveeee designers who release often, it makes me verrry happy!… Read the rest

TOSL Featured Designer!

Maybe it should be designers? Anywho, we got picked!  And yes, there is actually 2 of us we aren’t each other’s alts.  Cracked is way too busy to do both  and I have no clothes making skills whatsoever.  I think it was very sweet to choose us, being that we are still pretty new to SL and also to TOSL but we are honored!  I hope you all enjoy the gift, its different from what I usually make but equally good I hope lol. Cracked made these tops, with all 4 house crests on them.  All of them come in one pack for only 50L!  Can’t beat that deal.  The stomach prims are re-sizeable so if you have a teenie chick like I do, their bellies can be covered with a little editing.  Same for the arm cuffs, you can edit those in to fit perfectly! Pygmy Puffs are sweeping the grid, so I thought it would be a cute idea to create some poses for all the puff owners out there.  PuffLuv is a 6 pose set, smooth transitions and a lot of fun.  Add as many puffs as you want, it’s your picture and your pygmy’s! … Read the rest

Happy Sn@tch Weekend!

On 2nd September 2011 · By Ivey Deschanel · With Leave a comment
In Fashion, Second Life, SN@TCH
Here are all the New Releases Today at Sn@tch. All sold in Fatpacks for $225-$275 L/All Colors
The Sn@tch-N-Grab Special This Week so so cheap!
And the Newest Fishing Outfit all FREE to fish for 21 Pieces! 
 Take the Lift to Sn@tch, you don't want to carry all those heavy bags all the way home do you?

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[Mock] Lip Gel Vendor

On 2nd September 2011 · By Mocksoup · With Leave a comment
In Fashion, M.O.C.K. Cosmetics, Second Life

LipGel Vendor, a photo by Mocksoup on

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Waiting and hoping to find what I can’t figure out yet

On 2nd September 2011 · By Lauren Minuet · With Leave a comment
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On Lauren: Skin:  LAQ –Alva [Fair] 02 Eyes:  Fashism –  ’Sunrise’ Eyes – Green (S) Lashes:  Redgrave – Eyelashes -6- Natural Lashes:  Cheap Makeup –  Vintage Lash 1 Eyeliner:  [[Mozz]] Cosmetics – Black Liners – Cat Eye 1 Freckles:  *YS & YS* – Freckles3 Hair:Lamb – Honey – Milkshake Top 1:  Surf Co – Hermana Tank – pink Top 2:  ~imbue. – tri blend pocket tank black Skirt:  ~imbue. –  native skirt Shoes:  SLink – Lulu Stilettos  Black Necklace:  LaGyo – Imber necklace silver/black Bracelet:  LaGyo – Imber bracelet silver/black Ring:  +ROZOREGALIA+*Carpe diem No. 2* Nails:  Mandala – Ocher skin(Hand size10/MANDALA female SINRA option NAIL Poses:  !bang  

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Party, Sale & Gatcha Festival at The Nest!

On 2nd September 2011 · By Robin Wood · With Leave a comment
In General, Livingtree, Second Life
Okay, it's not really Livingtree; but I have a store in The Nest, and this week we're doing a special Labor Day/End of Summer/Sim Opening parts and celebration!

The parts kicks off at 4 PM SL time, with a couple of DJs, and lots of other festivities.

The Gatcha festival starts then, too. I made a little white wicker occasional table for it, with a quilted cloth that's finished with lace and satin in the border on top. There's a pile of 3 books on the table shelf, and a flowerpot full of blooms on top of the table. The table, books, and plant are 3 different objects, so you can use them together, or separately.

It comes in 9 varieties, with 9 different quilts, and 9 kinds of flowers.

The flowers are from the Arctic Greenhouse; but all the rest of it is my own original sculpts and textures. There's a lot of detail here. The shadows of the lace are burned into the table top, there's a raised design on the flowerpot, and the books are real books that I actually own.

Here's a closeup of one with White Flag Iris, so you can get a better idea of what a single table looks like.… Read the rest

I Made The Cut! – Runway Cafe One in A Million! Whoo!

On 2nd September 2011 · By **** · With Leave a comment
In Fashion, Kakia Designs, Second Life

Runway Cafe!

Here is my gown that is moving on to the next round for the One in A Million Runway Cafe Contest! I'm so excited! Thank you judges!

Flicker Feed to all the Winners!

This was the secret I was keeping until September. The competition is stiff, beautiful designs... So excited to move forward and be challenged!

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Fifty Linden Friday!!

On 2nd September 2011 · By Ulaa Coronet · With Leave a comment
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Cheeky Pea - Bench OR Hanging Plants 50L

 DECO - Please note these are MESH boots.
Hoot  - Everything but fatpacks is 50L

+mocha+  - Please note this dress is also MESH

Something for everyone, go out and shop!!!!

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Bones & Roses

On 2nd September 2011 · By Shannon Dust · With Leave a comment
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What’s black and white and red all over? The Death of Moose! It’s never too early to start preparing for Halloween. Eyes: Negaposi – Creature eyes blackblood
Eyeliner: ae meth – egyptian glam (red)
Antlers + hand rose: Illusions Moose Antlers
Skin: +Nuuna+ – Voodoo People
Rose outfit: Sweet Poison – !IMP! The Sacrifice – Red (don’t think the hat is meant to be a halo but as a bald skull it looks better that way.)
Shoes: HOC – platform pumps
Coffin poses: Glitterati old halloween freebie

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Grammar Tips & Tricks

I’m not writing this post to be some kind of big jerkface or anything.  I am writing it because I have been asked by a few people on Plurk who genuinely do not understand the proper use of words I will be discussing below.  Writing this does not mean that I am correct 100% of the time so if I ever make a mistake in a post don’t shoot me down. There, their, and they’re. Just a few tips to keep in mind to keep these straight. You will use there when referring to a place whether a physical place or abstract.  There are two examples below. Your shoes are over there on the floor. or There are so many fashion blogs! Moving along.. to decipher when to use their you need to remember when using this form it implies a particular noun possesses the thing you are referring to. Their clothes were all over the floor.  In that sentence we use their because the clothes belong to someone. Finally, we will look at they’re. Words with an apostrophe all work pretty similar. … Read the rest

New, new and more new

You won’t believe how much new stuff I have to say in this post. It will probably take me forever to write it! First, there’s a Jewelry Fair happening in SL later this month. I know there’s been some drama around it, but things are settled now and since there are dozens of great designers on the participating list, I think we should support them. To me, at least, many of the jewelers are new names, so I can’t wait to see all their work! Plus, each creator will set an item for charity with benefits going to Oxfam. Next, autumn is coming, so Moniq is wearing stockings! (ok, that wasn’t the point of this post). What I actually wanted to say is that Boston Westland is back in SL. If the name does not sound familiar, maybe his old brand does: Atelier la Bubu. I confess I still have some of his old dresses in my inventory. And they’re like 2008 old or something! Now he’s back with a new avatar and a new brand, La Pepa, and his making shoes.… Read the rest

The Elves

Yesterday I got a notice from Plastik that they were participating in the Plunder Hunt. Now I hadn't heard of it but the picture in the notecard was enough to have me running over. I had to have it and so did Phlint (okay I made him get it) because I had an idea. Well the original idea did't pan out as I had planned (I was being lazy) so with a little tweaking I ended with this. It also gave me an excuse to to get the amazing elf outfits from B@reRose.

I won't bore you with anymore words. Hope everyone has a great Friday/weekend.

On Phlint
Clothes: ::: B@R ::: Elf Type2
Skin: [Plastik]-Averian-Pirate (from the Plunder Hunt)
Ears: [Gauze] High Elf Ear =Jewelry:Bane=- Natural
Hair: *SH* Kirio Special(soil)
Eyes: Shine Monet Truffle

On Phire
Clothes: ::: B@R ::: Elf Lady Type
Hair: Exile Bailey:Chardonnay
Skin: [Plastik]-Aleria- Pirate (from the Plunder Hunt)
Lashes: L.Fauna Lashes [Pretty]
Eyes: Shine Monet Atlantis
Ears: SLink Elf Ears Long L Foxy Hoops

Couples Pose & Phire's Pose : Glitterati
Phlint's Pose: {.:exposeur:.}

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On 2nd September 2011 · By ♥ Lolita ♥ · With Leave a comment
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"Arms around my body
Kisses on my skin
I walk away
I walk away
But he lingers

Maybe it should matter
More to be myself
I walk away
I walk away
But he lingers

And everyone says
This love will change you
Well I ask, does anything ever stay the same
No, no, no
Just same changes"

What I'm listening to.
Check out this tune and enjoy it with me.
The Weepies - Same Changes

What I’m wearing:
Hair: Truth - Ricci
Eyes: pc eyes by LL -Shallow Water
Skin: LAQ - Olivia[Nougat] Glow skin
Make-up: BOOM -Love my eyes Liner and Mascara
Tattoo: HUZ -Oriental
Bracelet: Love Soul -Hemp bracelet*rasta*
Dress: =Zenith= -Honey
Toes: Maitreya Gold - Bare Feet Tip Toe Edition
Pose: Glitterati

Love Quote of the Day:
A loving heart is the truest wisdom.
Charles Dickens

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Fine wool and Tight Knit Textures

Hand knitted fine woolen and tight knit seamless textures made from plain and multi coloured yarn in a range of warm colours.  5 different variations of knitted textures. Great for clothes, bags, scarfs, home spun blankets and knitted home accessories (I saw fabulous knitted baskets and storage boxes the other day at a little home decor store near us :D) Only available at Insight Designs   Get Shareaholic

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I need a name please!

On 2nd September 2011 · By ARIADNE KORDA · With Leave a comment
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So finally, a new Vent du Sud house. It's out on the sim here, but not quite on sale yet. Read on!

Yep, it's the one that got demolished in a tantrum and was subject to various other ups and downs but I think it's now done and will be on sale by tomorrow (that's a good excuse for another post, eh?).

Kudos also to a friend who left SL but who designed the magnificent roof before I snatched it out of his hands adopted it (with his permission) and leaped on it with my hoard of textures. 

Style? It's sort of colonial - chalet - cabin - lodge - modern. Which means it would fit on a beach or up a mountain. Or even as a skybox: it has a nice big base you can sink into the ground or use in the sky.

Features: 50 prims, windows turn opaque on touch, sliding wall to divide the lower part, room up top, deck out front and at the back. (oh dear this isn't very good house-sell speak, is it?).

And it will be the usual Vent du Sud price of 50L.

It does, however, have fabulous textures and the size is a great compromise between huuuuuge mansion and tiny cottage (meaning medium-sized, for the uninitiated).  And both modern and more classical furnishings work with it.… Read the rest

Got attitude?

On 2nd September 2011 · By darkleyaeon · With Leave a comment
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Now available inworld  

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