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It should be called flow

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I was eager to see who was going to jump onto the mesh clothing train when it was announced that mesh was going live. I was REALLY excited when I saw Jane had new mesh items out!! I love Jane anyway, as we all know, and I'm terribly in love with the new offerings!!


 This pretty Sack Dress caught my eye immediately. It's so very cute and it just flows so well!! I was afraid, as many of us were, that mesh clothing was going to be super expensive due to the skill involved, but happily, Janie has kept her prices very very reasonable! Love love love. :)

 Now yes, there are a few drawbacks to mesh. You will not be able to edit your clothing [as far as I know, anyway. This dress, you can't edit.] and you have to wear an alpha layer to hide most of your body so that it fits. I'm wearing the "Small" size because the "Large" size gave me a huge chest! But I did have to modify my own shape somewhat to fit into the smaller size properly. There's only so much alpha layers can do.… Read the restStyle - It Should Be Called Flow



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Earth Tones

Hat: [croire] derby sunhat (coal) (free--grand opening group gift)
Hair: [Shag] - Voulez-Vous (Roots) - butterscotch (new)
Skin: -tb- {Light} Blessa: Catty 
Glasses: [[SHADE THRONE]] TYLER sunglasses (black/gold)
Necklace: Tokidoki - spheres necklace (earth)
Jacket: *COCO*_DenimJacket (50% off sale)
Top: Color.Me.H.O.F [CropTee[Brown] Shirt (new)
Dress: ISON - gretel dress
Socks: fri. - Ribbed.Calf Socks
Shoes: elikatira - Millside Flats 
Bag: Orta - Alexa Bag
Photo Location: C'est la vie

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Where I Am

[BT] Closet is bringing you more looks and outfits from Men's 24!

Divos Titanium:

Men's 24
Skin: Belleza - Jacob - Medium Exclusive Skin
Hair: Shag - One Night Stand - Afterglow
Shirt: Razorblade Jacket - Tremor Christ T-Shirt
Pants: Razorblade Jacket - Blown Out Duct Tape Jean's

Additional Items
Pose: MADesigns - M Model 7

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Waiting For Tommorrow

More looks from Men's 24 brought to you by the Boystown Closet!

Divos Titanium:

Men's 24
Skin: Prodigal - Edu - Medium
Outfit: Harding & Dobbs - GunMetal Stripes Outfit

Additional Items
Hair: Dura -Boy - 20 - Brown
Eyes: MADesigns - Clarity - Animal Call
Shoes: Kookie - Snugs - Dirty Brown
Poses: Posies - Male Relaxed

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Oh Hai! Long time no see, but I’m FABulously back :)

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Yeah, RL has kept me REALLY busy. But I missed the good ol' days, and it's been MONTHS since I wrote my last entry!
Being totally out of date, I started scrolling up and down Fab Free notices, and no surprise, I found great stuff. 1L or 0L, no more, no less.

First finding: A great shape. It's called Pilar,it is FREE!, and as her creator, Karen Blackthorne says "Pilar is a lovely medium shape, great for just kickin around SL. She has a pretty heart shaped head/ face eyes great for dramatic makeup, and cute pouty lips. She is 2.00m / 6 feet 6 inches with shoes."
Go get it! Taxi Here
Another great gift: Rockberry Skin, called Uma. I'm wearing the Natural tone. Skin is mod, so you can tint the lips as you desire. It's just lovely. 

Got get it at Fab Free Station!

Well, see you soon ladies! It's nice to be back. Thanks for all the ims and notes you left me.Remember you can find me here as well :)

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And finally, the last piece of my trio, Horus:

I'm proud to finally present the sun god who watches over us all, Horus. He is the last in my series of Egyptian gods, and is a special edition as well (though not limited).

Horus is also commonly known as Ra. The two gods were merged in the later dynasties when the upper and lower kingdoms were united. He was a god of the sky, a soaring falcon whose eyes were the sun and the moon. He was a symbol of protection and royal power. He wears a Pschent, the double crown of Egypt worn only by the pharaohs. It was a combination of the crowns of lower and upper Egypt and was a sign of unification.

Some details:

• His symbol, the "eye of ra", (also called the wedjat), was inspired by the markings on the cheek of a falcon.
• He wears a Wadjet serpent on his crown to symbolize the lower kingdom, of which Horus was a patron god.
• The hieroglyphs around his medallion read: Horus, He Who Watches Over Us All.
• The headdress is angled to mimic the markings of a falcon.… Read the rest


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So I won’t lie. I’ve become a little bit obsessed with the store Izzie’s lately.  Izzie Button’s items and fashion sense are darling and trendy in every way and I’ve been wandering around in this fringe top and shorts for 3 days now.  If you know me, this is absurd.  I change clothes nearly twice a day, and I cannot for the life of me take this outfit off.  If you haven’t been by her store I strongly recommend it. Oh..and did I mention the shorts are from there too and featured in this weeks Fashionably late event? Mmmhhm. It’s true! I hate for this blog post to be so short, but I’m running around like a chicken with my head cut off today! I hope you all have a really fantastic afternoon!! Credits: ( all of these stores can be found on my Shopping List!) * Skin: Chain & Vine – Lael – Group Gift – Tone 3 *Hair: Truth – Rikki – Carrot Freckles: L. Fauna – Extra Freckles – Dark Top: Izzie’s – Fringe Top – Pure Shorts:  Izzie’s – Denim Shorts – Vintage *Pose: Geez Location: Pemberley * promos denoted

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I am Sooo Fashionably Late

Yes, I’m late, but I blame the clothes. You see, I couldn’t decide what to wear! Decisions decisions. You can find all these outfits at CHIC’s Fashionably Late. First I thought I’d be sweet and girly in a lovely cantaloupe colored dress from Fishy strawberry. Madly in love with the color! Then I had an urge to do the classy lady routine, in a deliciously pink number from Ivalde. Bare shoulders, pretty bow, I’m good to go! That didn’t last long though once I got my hands on the saucy PopArt dress from Line. Rawr! Finally I decided I would be good to go with a lovely halter top from TuttiFrutti and a nice pair of jeans from Izzie’s. And what did I do then? I hung around in my old shack to strike some more poses! Credits:
Outfits from Fishy Strawberry by Fae Eriksen, Ivalde by Nefaria Abel, Line by Zippir Kayo, Izzie’s by Izzie Button and TuttuFrutti by Bela Tolsen for Fashionably Late
Earrings from Mood by Jori Watler
Skin from Mynerva by Rhapzody Wilde
Hair from Elikatira by Elikapeka Tiramisu
Eyes from Insufferable Dastard by Audrey Lamede
Pose Shack from Magnifique by Scarlet Chandrayaan
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New N-Cores!!

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These are SOOO SOOO HOT…. “ETOILE” comes in 2 versions with 6 different wedge choices:
1. Floral
2. Solid - which comes with a ton of different strap colors!  (Teal shown) Not to mention, they give you sock/fishnet options and a ton of nailpolish colors… these are BY FAR my new fave heels!!! N-Core has also set out a new free gift for group members thats too cute: “ETERNITY” Dots Edition - comes with color changing option (Black or White)

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Red Nebulous will Hide in Hunt Box!

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Moolto is having another hunt, and I'm excited about putting this gown in the hunt box. I hope you're going to participate. I love Moolto hunts. They're really well organized, and Maxes, who runs Moolto, is about the nicest, coolest avi on the grid. I love all the work he's put into Moolto! The hunt starts September 1st. As soon as I know more, I'll post the information!

Be sure to join Moolto! It's an amazing group of designers and those who love fashion!

Don't forget this contest! Designers! I entered my design! Even if I don't make the cut, contests motivate us to "get 'er done!"

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Another Day in SL

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You guys know I haven't done editorial posts on my blog in a long time but I'm posting this Press Release from MOOD's Jori Watler for two reasons. One is, she is my friend. She is opinionated, smart, talented,  business savvy and very outspoken sometimes even to her detriment but she is honest and she is my friend. And two, because I think what has been done to her is absolutely wrong and one of the worst examples of business I have seen in Second Life in the last five years. I too have been ripped off by fly-by-night mall owners, mock fashion agencies and even an event organizer. But this is a case of out and out lying and theft and on top of it, now spite. Read for yourself the Press Release which is backed by more than enough evidence for me and I'm jaded as they come.

For immediate release


May 24th 2011, MOOD Jewelry entered into an agreement with the organizers of Jewelry Fair 2011 to provide sponsorship of the event.… Read the rest

But, I’m eh, yeah, I’m bold as love

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Mimikri is one of my very fave designers and I have missed blogging a few of her recent releases. Boo on me. Let me try to remedy that right now.  Luca is a perfectly awesome dress that is a serious must have. I am also loving her Kay scarves. Very cute! Perfect with a million different things.
Speaking of faves...Nardcotix is absolutely on the top of my list. Nardya is a perfectionist and it shows in everything she does. Her latest Shana shoes are gorgeous! So so many options with the fatpack. Another must have.

xo - Sophia Harlow

Mimikri - Luca black
NX-Nardcotix Shana
(luc) Opal Knotted Nest Ring, Silver [R]
>TRUTH< Ricci - crow
LalALa Bracelet /leo by LeeZu!
Maitreya Anklets
Mimikri - Scarf / Kay zebra
P.C;Leather Blossom Ring\
[LeLutka]-2011 lashes/curl/touch me
[MANDALA] Takara Bangle Zebra Fur A\
.ID. Mirror Eyes/Green
~Tableau Vivant~ Prop art ~ Be Glam Dressing Room
Poses: Geez

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OMG The Sitting

Honestly since I have been lucky enough to have some sneak peaks at Mesh prior to today, the one thing that stood out the most was the bending knees, and the dresses that fold with your body. Since 2007 and sculpts being used more and more, as much as they have always been awesome, one thing started changing, we stopped sitting and everyone was always standing.
When it was just prim skirts with flexi they created the easy sitting scripts, that were more work than helpful to be honest, but you could never really get those things to do much for sculpts. When pants legs were made more and more by full sculpts also, you would sit and your lower portion would go one way, and your upper would stick out making it look like you had broken yourself in someway.

Click HERE to read more at .

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Le Disko

We at the [BT] Closet are continuing to show you more from Men's 24!  With 24 Menswear Designers 4 prominent Skin Designers, 4 Accessory Designers, and 4 Hair Designers there are many different looks and styles.  There is something for everyone, so make sure you head on over!

Divos Titanium:

Men's 24
Skin: Belleza - Jacob - Medium Exclusive Ski
Outfit: Egoisme - Yellow Fever

Additional Items:
Hair:  Dura - Boy - 24 - Brown
Pose: Posies - Male Look Forward

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All that you dream

KYOOT / Chained Thread Top MON TISSU / Greta Shorts KYOOT / Lacey White Knee Socks LELUTKA / Pow Pumps TRUTH HAIR / Erika with Flower (New-ish) ELEGANT EPIPHANY / Risk Eyeshadow - Bronze & Taken @ ANDE

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One Step Beyond

The Boystown Closet is keeping the posts coming and bringing you more outfits from Men's 24!  Remember the event ends August 27, so grab all the exclusive outfits from some of your favorite designers while you still can!

Divos Titanium

Men's 24
Skin: Belleza - Jacob - Medium Exclusive Skin
Outfit: Zanzo - Jasper Hussar (Men's 24)

Additional Items
Hair: MADesigns Hair - Christian - Copper
Eyes: MADesigns - Memory - Planted
Pose: Posies - Male Look At Me

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Send me away with the words of a love song

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I was lucky enough to spend the weekend in Seattle with two of my very favorite men in the husband and one of my younger brothers who was in town to play a show with his band. It was truly an amazing weekend, even if they made me walk more than any woman ever should in cute shoes. Yes, one must be adorable at all times...vanity over comfort.
Okay back to what this blog is about. I adore these pants from TuttiFruitti. They are just so fun and happy. The top is a new fave too, I loveeeee all the colors available. I am such a sucker for fringes with beads. I can't imagine the hot mess I would have been if I had been around in the 60's. I am positive I would have smelled like incense (um hm), had a head full of braids/beads/feathers and had tons of fringes going on in my clothes. Oh well, I will make that happen for me in SL. Still so so in love with Glam Affair's Jadis V2. Did you demo/buy it yet? Gorgeous.

I seem to have a bursting at the seams folder of things to blog so you may be seeing a lot of me in the next few days.… Read the rest

Jamila Tanks

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{bilo} has released 7 new henna inspired tanks. The design extends across the side onto the back. Marketplace Mainstore

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MOOD–Jewelry Fair Sponsorship Press Release

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UPDATE: MOOD has received full refund on paid fees. For immediate release MOOD JEWELRY SPONSORSHIP OF JEWELRY FAIR WITHDRAWN; FEES WITHHELD BY ORGANIZERS May 24th 2011, MOOD Jewelry entered into an agreement with the organizers of Jewelry Fair 2011 to provide sponsorship of the event. Jewelry Fair is an in-world event featuring accessories creators from across the grid and benefits an undisclosed charity On July 7, 2011, 6 weeks ago, merchants and Sponsors were presented with copies of the fair build. MOOD found the booth designs to be poorly made and not conducive to displaying jewelry. When these concerns were brought to the attention of fair organizers, and satisfaction could not be made to remedy the overall look, MOOD withdrew from the fair as both a sponsor and a participant. All logos and linkage by Jewelry Fair organizers were removed immediate, and it was suggested that MOOD owner, Jori Watler leave the inworld group (which was done.) Fair organizers agreed that if a replacement sponsor was secured, all sponsorship fees paid would be returned to MOOD.… Read the rest

Bubble Gum and Summer Sun

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A new round of Gatcha's are out at the Albero Gatcha Festival. I, personally, love gatcha's because it's a chance to get something from either a beloved store or a new to you store that you can get for a small fee. Plus it's always a surprise!
Albero Gatcha Festival -

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