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Bubbles Rings

Hefty enough to punch out a jeweler (please don’t), big enough to cause comment, gorgeous enough to inspire envy. Each Bubble Ring comes in silver and gold versions, or you can buy the set of all twelve. Available at .( bewildebeest ). on Port Seraphine. Copy/Mod/No Trans

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. numero 224

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Happy Fridaaaay everybody! I hope you all had a splendid day. Pink Outfitters was always one of my favorite stores in SL and it still is. I love seeing stores improve and add new stuff every while. I was digging in my Blouses folder and found this lovely sheer blouse and I thought it has to be in my next look! It's quite see through so I added this black bra from Reasonable Desires. It's part of the Black Frou lingerie and it's a new release. I wanted a change so I added leggings instead of pants this time and it went perfectly well! I had to ask for help from the boyfriend with the hairstyle and he picked this. Some men don't fail as I thought after all... well most of the time they do! :P


Hair: >TRUTH< Pandora - Carrot | Truth Hawks |
Skin: [PF] Elly <Sugar> - Pure (ltbrow) with Sheer Balm (Sherbert) | Mochi Milena |
Blouse: [Pink] Loren Sheer Blouse - Zebra | London Dailey |
Bra: *RD* Black Frou - Frou Bra | Austie Pegler |
Leggings: ZC : Nishar leggings full - high waist *dirty black* | Zaara Kohime |
Bangles: *Urbanity* Bangle Madness *silver/brown* | Trixi Wuyts |
Bag: Fri.… Read the rest. numero 224

You-Know-Who Neckties

Plurk can be a great place for my random kicking in the pants, when I've intended to do something but then, whoops, forgotten, and someone reminds me. There's a new RP for a certain magic school that's coming up soon, and someone reminded me that I'd kinda sorta thought about doing ties in these colours a few times, and never quite got that far. She also stood in for my little model, which meant that I didn't stress over pictures for forever (and what to wear....that usually takes me forever for no good reason!), not wanting to inconvenience her.

(I fear I don't know where most of this came from, aside from the skin being from Curio, and the poses from {TERHO}, which closes in world TODAY- but you might recognize some of it in the flickr of uniform examples)
Thank you Juliette Dragonash, for house hopping for me!

Texture change via 2 HUDs- one does the ties themselves, one the optional attached oxford collars, so you can fit once and then clickity click. And, of course, plugs in with the rest of the tie HUDs too.… Read the rest

Another Hot Weekend

Not THAT kind of hot, you dirty people! :-p We're on our 35th consecutive day of it being over 100 degrees [37 celsius to you non-US folks]. It's HOT. It's the kind of hot where all you do is stay inside because going outside makes you feel like your face is going to melt off. Luckily in SL, I don't have to deal with that kind of heat in the summer. And my lovely outfit from Stellar makes me hope for summer forever!

Adorable Lexi Morgan gave me this for my birthday, so I know I don't have to blog it, but since I haven't taken it off for over 24 hours, you know that I love it! Anything I love, I want to share with you all! The new Brynn shirts are just fluffy sculpted deliciousness. The straps are texture, so you don't have to worry about fitting to your shoulders or worry about flashing nipples when you teleport in somewhere and your top doesn't rez right away. The sculpted part is very very easy to resize if you need to do it. I just love how fluffy it looks! Combined with the Bermuda Jeans, it's summer goodness!… Read the restStyle - Another Hot Weekend

Sn@tchtastic Friday

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This Friday like almost every Friday, Sn@tch has New Releases. Here are this week's. Can you tell I'm in a Fall mood yet? LOL. All outfits and sets of separates come in ALL colors for a really low price. AND everything is Mod/Trans for easy gifting and trading!

And the Sn@tch-n-Grab Special is still going. Only $75 L for Charming Piper. All Color Pack

 Here's your RIDE!

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The Dressing Room Blue 8/05 ~ 8/19

On 5th August 2011 · By Evion Ember · With Leave a comment
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The Dressing Room Blue Taxi 
Glow Studio ~ Robin Shape 55L
Glow Studio ~ Whatever Earrings 53L
Baiastice ~ Saraa Blue Set 70L
Mimikri ~ LeoLuxe Belt Clay 60LRead more »

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Grunge Soul Project

On 5th August 2011 · By Sileny · With Leave a comment
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Are you ready for a post with a trillion pictures?  You better be!  Also be warned there are some NSFW photos here after the cut because of half nudie vendor shots. :P  Here is some more info. on the GSP, taken from a previous Circadian post xD:
   The Grunge Soul Project (GSP) is a place where you can find high quality items from skins to clothes for a low price, 75-100L, in Urban, Modern, Sexy or Grunge Styles for both men and women. Each GSP session will last three weeks. Every new item will be exclusive for the GSP during the session. That means you will only find them here.

1. Ines Creations The Little Dress Black 100L

2. Shush Baggy Sweatpants Outfit Red 100L

3. Sourires Animal Socks Snake 75L

4. Sourires Mehndi Pants Turquesa 80L and Animal Socks Cow 75L

Read more »

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Petticoat Power

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This dress from the brand spanking new store Petticoat Lane is one of my favorite type of styles EVER.  I grew up in the 90s and one of the big trends was very feminine styles with harder-edged items.  One thing you saw a lot of was baby doll type dresses with big boots, ripped fishnets, etc.  I loved this look soooo much!  I took that idea and made it softer, a bit more romantic, to keep it up to date.  The dress comes in lots of colors and also has a fuller, flexi option for the skirt if you are not one for the sculpted skirt alone.  I've blogged these boots from lassitude and Ennui before but they remain one of my all time faves.

I wanted to share a close up of the hair and skin since they rock so hard.  The skin with tattoo layer teeth is from Cupcakes and I plan to show more of this skin in my next post.  The hair w/hat is from  Vaughan's House of Curiosities.  The hat is color change so you can wear it with lots of stuff.

Dress: Petticoat Lane
Hair w/Hat and Hair Base: Vaughan's House of Curiosities
Boots: Lassitude and Ennui
Skin w/Tattoo Layer Teeth: Cupcakes
Eyes: Croire

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hair; raw house; Jay Khaos.headband; tee*fy; Azure; filthy skin; Alexandra Barcelos.inner shirt & pants; plastik; Aikea Rieko, b-day gift in group notices. ;)tank; young urban; Trevor Turner.pants; trapt; Trapt; fashionably dead; Toast Bard.pose; dare; Chance Greatrex.fanny bag; reek; Riq Graves.
mwa <3 Sophielle.

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Furry Friday #1!

On 5th August 2011 · By Sakuradawn Lei · With Leave a comment
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In an effort to get back into blogging so certain someones don't beat me up D: I decided to start doing Furry Friday! Basically it's an excuse for me to wear and buy more furs and to show everyone just how disgustingly cute I can be.

I decided in honor of this occasion I would get a new fur :D I chose the adorble UniHusky from Derp. If you know me you know I love the unique and this my dear friends is unique. Half husky half unicorn all kinds of rainbowy goodness. Hoves, horns, paws, fur, it's got it all. It is also available in two other colors and is limited edition. I'm not sure how long it will be for sale but I would hurry and buy one now! The grid is seriously lacking in UniHuskies!


Furry: DERP. UniHusky [Rainbow] Limited Edition 900L

Necklace: Schadenfreude Cirque d'Ombre Cameos (available at the Ozimals Carnival)

Sweater: :::Sn@tch Church Sweaters::: (peach)

Dress: JANE - absolutely dress.raven

Hair: [e] Rumor - Essentials Collection (modded to fit furry head)

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Details Skin – Tuli  Sara / fair ::06
Hair – [e] Charmed – Blonde 07
Glasses – MIEL Bella Peepers
Necklace – ::Duh!:: Stacked Spiritual – Yellow (gatcha coming soon)
Trench – Maitreya Short Trench – Light Grey
Shirt – Tiny Bird – Breathe Sweater (no longer available)
Bag – *FIR & MNA* The Curragh Satchel Red Canvas
Pants – {mon tissu} Horizon Twill Trousers – Red
Shoes – ::Duh!:: Lemon Yellow Straw Espadrille Flat – 25L
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Rebel Hope: new release

I’m wearing the new wedding gown “Grace” from Rebel Hope. This dress comes with 2 veils, one is a little bit longer and fuller then the other and …
Mr. George Clooney … if you should not stay together with Stacy Keibler any longer, I would be ready :D Body
Hair: “Marianne night” Truth
Skin: “Melissa SK 17″ -Belleza- Outfit:
Gown: “Grace Wedding Gown” Rebel Hope Designs **NEW** Accessoires:
Bracelets: “Nizam haath-phool” Zaara
Necklace: “Nizam Pearl Choker” Zaara Pose:
“141″ Glitterati

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Deal Me In @ LeeZu!

On 5th August 2011 · By Barbara Nicholls · With Leave a comment
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Put on your poker face and deal yourself in for a fun card hunt! Come try your luck at LeeZu! Drop by the store and click the contest poster for details.

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FLF Week 106

On 5th August 2011 · By Jemima Clowes · With Leave a comment
In Second Life, The Circadian

House of Fox
Milk Motion

North West
 Whippet & Buck


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Bloggers Wanted!

On 5th August 2011 · By Hybie Mynx · With Leave a comment
In Second Life, The Circadian
The Circadian is looking for bloggers!!!
Basically, if you love to blog, have a lot of free time, a pretty kickin computer, have or can make a plurk account, are reliable and wake up early wellWE WANT YOU!!
Those interested please sent an INSTANT MESSAGE to Hybie Mynxor send an IM or NC to Jemima Clowes.
Thanks, The Circadian Team

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Lots of New Items @ fucifino

I've been a busy bee the past few weeks and I've got stuffs for you to prove it!  :)

First up is my item for this weekend's La Venta Eventa: The Lombard Skybox.

Funny story about the inspiration of this skybox. It's based off my first place on my own. This place had LOADS of windows and was in a historic building. I was in heaven. On my second night there, there was this smell coming through the windows. I was like "who the hell is cooking bacon at this time of night?" The next day, I met my neighbor and he asked me how I liked the place so far and I brought up the bacon smell. And then he was kind of enough to let me know where the smell was coming from - the funeral home/crematorium next door. AHHH!!! Good thing it closed down a month later.

Anyway, the skybox is 100 prims with a 20 x 20 footprint. It has a large living area, a bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom and a deck to enjoy your pretty windlights.

I also have something for Moody Mondays - Lombard Blanket Racks. There are four different styles; each 5 prims.… Read the rest[f] fucifino.lombard skybox for La Venta Eventa

The Loft – Mad for Mid Century

Let me say it before you do…yes more dining suites, but it is a room that had to be done because of my recent obsession with mid-century modern furniture. The Roxanne Dining room is full of polish with none of the fuss and don’t let the chairs fool  because even though they deliver utensils and drinks , they also contain animations for casual or formal sitting and working such as writing or using the computer. Teleport to the Loft. Add a touch of vintage to any room with these Bus Scrolls, lots more cities to come. Sideboards come in so handy, where else will you put your keys, frames, old magazines, trays, utensils, bags and if you have space maybe a lamp or two. Speaking of Lamps… So now on to the good stuff, the following five Lofty Spaces group members should send me a note card with their choice of a room and a pair of lamps. Trinetty Skytower
ellantha Larsson
Felicity Blumenthal
Lexy Blachere
Rosalee Canning
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Quick post!  I’ve been wanting to blog this adorably juicy top from Cracked Mirror. Isn’t it cute? I love! Also…the lashes… not so great in this photo, but they are from LeLutka, and sculpted, and instant love. Ummm. Like I said….QUICK POST! HAVE A GOOD NIGHT! <3

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Total Phoney-y

Yay puns! I am so excited for Marleen Vaughn, the creator of now-closed Marly's, to be creating again. Some of the very first items I bought in SL were from Marly's so it was sad to see it close a while back. Thankfully she has reopened with Vaughan's House of Curiosities and the items are better than ever!This is juts a quick snap of one of the items available. I will certainly be sharing more!! I love the quirkiness and the retro vibe, something that makes me feel like a person wearing Vaughan's might have been buddies with Dali. Love!
Telephone Headpiece: Vaughan's House of Curiosities
Hair: Lamb
Skin: Work in progress from Mango, Mango!, not yet finished or released.
Cardboard Trees: Tweedle
Eyes: Croire

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