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It’s too hot!!!!!!

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{ ::: Due to overheating pc issues, my blogging will be slower these days! It's too hot T_T ::: }

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Truth District Opens!

This morning Mister Truth opened up a new sim called the Truth District and the new Truth Shopping Village is to be found there.  The quaint victorianish village is filled to the brim with some fabulous stores that we call know and love... and if we don't then we should! Want a ride?  Click HERE!

To celebrate this opening many of the stores have set out some freebies for a limited time and everything you see on me is one of them!  This darling Becky hair-do from Truth, this exquisite skin from Curio which I LOVE, a top from the Sea Hole, and pants from Wippet & Buck!   Even my pose is from Glitterati and WOW she gave away so much!  There are more... many more gifts out there from the generous designers so be sure to stop by and check them out!  The surprises are out until July 5th so don't freak if you can't get in right away.

More importantly in the future when you have just finished buying some Truth hair be sure to wander on over to the Truth District and see what is happening and new at the village!… Read the rest

The Dressing Room 7/01 ~ 7/15

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The Dressing Room
Glam Affair ~ Layla Light Deep Sea 70L
{SMS}  ~ Native Bead Earrings Blue 60L
[Atomic] ~ Floral Leggings 50L
*YS & YS* ~ Linda Skin June 70LRead more »

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Milly’s Garage Sale Stool

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Milly’s Garage Sale Stool, originally uploaded by Isla Gealach. Cheeky Pea in SL!

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:CP: Milly’s Garage Sale Table

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:CP: Milly’s Garage Sale Table, originally uploaded by Isla Gealach. Cheeky Pea in SL!

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The Style File – Kay Fairey’s SL Look Book 2011-07-01 17:11:00

July 1, 2011


PR  Contact: Anastacia Markova or Matteo Bettencourt

 RE: 2011 Miami Beach Summer Fashion Week-  July 15th-22nd 2011Brought to you by OGlam Agency and Opium Fashion Agency

Miami (South Beach) is renown for it's lavish, and extravagant style, mixing haute couture with the latest trends, straight from the runway! This Summer Opium Fashion Agency are proud to be working alongside with O-Glamour INC to bring you Miami Fashion Week 2011, Mirroring Mercedez Benz Fashion Week, held in July in Real life.

Miami Fashion Week 2011 aims to unite Designers, Models & fashionista's grid wide, creating a backdrop to showcase the latest trends for the Summer Season!  Featuring an array of talented and experienced individuals, from two of the most professional agencies inworld, O-Glamour INC and Opium Fashion Agency. This event will span several sets hosted on both Agencies sims.

Opium Fashion Agency's own Models In  Motion, led by the stellar and accomplished Brittainy Collins, will also be performing at several of the events.… Read the rest

Dome Skybox

This skybox was made with someone with an inclination towards the dark side of life in mind.  Perhaps a vampire or one of gothic, royal descent.  Or possibly just hiding away from the daylight, behind large castle walls.  Either way this skybox will allow you to sit regally, up in the clouds above us mear mortals.  Teleport up to the dome and dance under the star-pocked ceiling, or perhaps its a secret meeting place for your friends?  There is a large English, stately garden with a central ornamental fountain.  There should be plenty of room for dark accessorising inside and out. The Dome Skybox comes in two versions – one with a normal garden terrace, and the other with a dark terrace.  When you purchase the skybox, you get both versions, and both are copyable. Syn, May 2011

Price L$400

Buy from the marketplace Buy in-world




The Dome Skybox has a large room (20×20 sq m) with a fireplace and gallery accessible via a stairway (Read more...)

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Meanwhile is an epic hair fair type blog post (part 3)

More hair fair goodies now, again pictures are unedited.

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Oh Elly!

I must confess.  I have admired Pink Fuel skins from afar, but when I wear them, they just didn’t do me justice.  When I saw the coverage on the newest skin, Elly, I thought that I would just demo it and keep on moving until I saw myself.  This skin is so gorgeous! One thing that can be said about this skin is that there are options to be had.  The skin has 22 eyeshadow options, sold in packs of two or a fatpack.  Each skin has three different eyebrow options (two in Cocoa), freckle options, and five freaking lip package with teeth options for each lip!  I’m showing you all the lip options included in every skin package on Pure and Angelic base skins:
This skin is well worth the price and if you can fatpack it!  My only regret is that I wish Mochi would have added red brows in Cocoa (us dark girls wear red hair too, skin makers!).  All in all, I love this skin and the youthful look it gives me.  Trust me, it is a must demo skin!… Read the rest

MichaMi at Truth District

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After more than six months in the making, the highly anticipated Truth District has opened today. Conceptualized by Truth Hawks and designed by Cory Edo, the new shopping sim will house some of the most talented content creators on the grid. Resident designers include: AddiCt
INDI Designs
Je Suis
The Sea Hole
Trompe Loeil Prefabs
Truth Hair
Whippet & Buck Many of these creators will offer special grand-opening gifts for members of the Truth District Update Group. Gifts will be available through July 5, and shoppers are encouraged to stay in the group for future updates on new releases, sales, news and member gifts. Truth District: slurl Website: Truth MichaMi has a laid-back summer dress as a group gift – go join the group and pick it up for free!  

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MIAO does Disco Deals

  Disco Deals is a monthly bazaar where designers from all around the grid offer up items for under 99L.  
SLURL TO DISCO DEALS This month’s participants are:
Disco Deals – June C&D Designs – Cherelle Capra
Karizmatik Modern – Karizmah Avr
Dark Mouse Jewelry – Mouse Mimistrobell
Miao – Kesseret Steeplechase
Somnia – Sanura Snowpaw
Status – Gidge Uriza
Sn@tch – Ivey Deschanel
Sur+ – Sienia Trevellion
Bother – Ghost Harris
Crackberry – Jemima Clowes
Clutter – Kat Alderson

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Mini Hair Fair 2011 Preview – Exile Part 1

Last night I got my grubby little hands on Exile’s Hair Fair 2011 releases. Unfortunately Second Life didn’t want to cooperate and let me take more than one pic.  So we’re going to call this Part 1 of the Exile preview, with part 2 coming tonight. I’m wearing Glory in Maple with Fern highlights.   Hair Fair 2011 starts on July 2nd.  Be sure to join the Hair Fair Demo Group, demos will be sent out starting today.  Quote from the Hair Fair Blog:
This year ALL Hairstyles released at Hair Fair will be donation hairstyles, So buy them all! The money from all donations on hair, bandanas and ad space is going to Wigs for Kids, and a rep will be in world during the event, so if you see him say hi.
Awesome news for a great cause.

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Meanwhile it’s an epic hair fair related blog post (part 2)

More hair fair goodies…. Just pictures, unedited…

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50 Linden Friday @ theosophy

Look at these sock puppets! Aren’t they awesome? They are even animated, and they are theosophy’s 50 Linden Friday item!

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Disco Deals – July!

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Head on down to Disco Deals!!!

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FLF 6/30!

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 Here is the awesomeness that is FLF!

This is a Fawn

North West


DECO (not out yet)


Miel  (not out yet)
Young Urban

Turquoise Unicorn Studios

PDA (not out yet)

Lamb  (running late will be out soon).
Cheeky Pea

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Meanwhile it’s a epic hair fair related blog post

The hair fair opens tomorrow, and the hair fair demo group will start to recieve demos of the offerings today! I showed you a sneaky peek at MiaMai yesterday, and these are some of the other offerings available, as I said, they come with a tattoo hairbase/makeuplayer.

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Look of the Day

It’s been a while. A few months in fact. I got heavily involved in a play by post game earlier this year (I’m even a mod in it now – what can I say, I’m a RPG addict), and that’s occupied pretty much all of my online time. Since I have summer holidays now (which means three months without uni) I’ve decided to check Second Life out again, see what has changed and if there are any interesting new releases. I found a new skin for my avatar! Ash from the body co is pretty much perfect. I’ve never seen a skin that suited my shape so well. I immediately bought it. I also visited Sweetest Goodbye. There is a sale now. Apparently the store is closing which makes me a little sad. So many designers seem to have disappeared since I last visited SL. And Achariya (my favourite blogger) has stopped blogging. Is it just me or is SL a little emptier? P.S.: Tomorrow I’m going to check out Hair Fair and brave the lag.
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Fashion Bunny

lipstick: Pink Fuel, Elly, doll gloss tart (Mochi Milena)
hair: Elikatira, Again, colour 07 (Elika Tiramisu)
undershirt: G-Field lace top Lucy, black (Cerberus Noel)
bodysuit: Maitreya, misty rose (Onyx LeShelle)
tights: fishnets & bows (from Albero gacha festa-may be unavailable)
boots: [Gos] Burlesque boots (Gospel Voom)
ears: Church of Luxe, bunny ears (Lo Jacobs) unavailable
necklaces: lassitude & ennui, Ophelia cameo pendant (Jackal Ennui)
Balderdash, Jazz Funeral jet necklace (Saiyge Lotus)
poses by Long Awkward Pose (Dove Swanson)

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Small People Farm Playset now available!

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Hi there!
I made another addition to the Small People line of playsets: a farm! It's got a buncha low-prim and high-detail sculpted pieces, all copy/modify, so you can have a farm toy however big you have room for!All of the animals are clickable for sound and chat too. Many of the noises are from Lorin Tone's vast library of audible fun, but the kitty meows just like my RL kitty. :-D
Have fun playing!Pygar Bu

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