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The Simple Life

After getting back on SL after a 7 month involuntary hiatus, there were a few shops that I simply HAD to visit my first day back on the grid. One of them was Trashy Girls in Style, who remain one of my absolute favorite places to shop. Freya, the owner and designer, has an exquisite eye for lingerie. She was kind enough to share with me her newest release: Simplicity. It’s a bra and boy-short panty set that is the sort of every-day wear you’ll want to slip into. There are more than enough options to wear a different color each day! What’s “Just Right”: The clean, true-to-life styling of Simplicity is spot-on. I love the lace accents and the careful shading on the bustline. The underwire is clearly represented, and everything is beautifully proportioned. What Could Use Improvement: The color versions with dots on them suffered the most when it came to retaining textural integrity over the bustline. For fuller figures, I’d recommend the solid colors.
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July 2011
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Fior di Perle Weekend Offers – Melissa Complete Outfit with Sandals

Wow, time flies! This weekend I've made three special edition colors of my recently released outfit Melissa for the 60L Weekend Sales

You can buy the complete oufit with sandals for only 60L until Monday morning.

Made without any use of templates, this outfit is an exclusive product of Fior die Perle

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-db- Homeless Box – Store Gift

So, do you like it? I’m giving this homeless box away as a promotional gift, hoping it will bring more attention to -db- :) Yes, again with the grunge, I know, but it’s what I’m feeling right now. I looked at other cardboard boxes for the homeless in Second Life before making this one, and what I noticed was that no one really made anything that you’d actually -want- to hang out in. My goal was to make something affordable, cute enough for girls but manly enough for guys, and definitely something that could be used in the Role Playing community. It comes with a grungy mattress with unisex poses
a candle to light your way during the darkest hours that actually gives off light and that you can turn on/off …and a little mouse that squeaks when you touch him. Hope you guys enjoy :) Visit DIRTY BOXES in world to see the Homeless Box up close.
Purchase it in the Second Life Marketplace, and leave a review if you like it.  

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New from Fantasia!

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Oh, summer is in full swing. The sun is hot, the surf is cool, and the less we wear...the better. So, you...yeah, you...

I wanaleia. (Go ahead, say it outloud)

"Wanaleia" is a tropical inspired palm frond skirt and top, decorated with bright and beautiful hibiscus flowers. Available in 6 colors with a coordinating hair flower.

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Daisies in the Garden

Daisy, by Lingerie Boutique, is another outfit that I’ve been toting around forever in my inventory meaning to blog. The ensemble has a playful innocence to it that is very appealing. I started on pictures before The Video Card Crash of 2011, but upon my return, junked those pics and started over featuring two of the lovely ladies from SLUniverse, Eva and Scarlett. I appreciated them dropping everything to come and lounge about in a country garden! (Daisy Duke wears this outfit when she’s pretending she doesn’t know the boys are peeking in the window, you can be guaranteed.) What’s “Just Right”: We all liked the eyelet lace texturing on the babydoll – honestly, it’s the strongest part of the outfit. It’s crisp and clean and kittens-and-puppies-level cute. Scarlet and I both liked the way it gently frames the graceful curves of a woman’s belly. I also liked the touch of lace texture on the hip of the panties.
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Fior di Perle New Release and 60L Offers

My new complete outfit is now available!

Melissa comes with:

2 tops (jacket with sculpt hoodie & white undershirt)
2 pants (long pants and capri pants)
Sculpt sandals (modifiable through hud with 30 preset skin colors)

All this for a special release price: only 150L!

The model is wearing Emily sunkissed skin and A&A Anastasia Hair, both available at Fior di Perle.

And for the 60L weekend I have these special offers:

Come and check these out at Fior di Perle!

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New from Fantasia!

Well, it looks like Google has finally pulled its head out of its butt, and we can post again!

New from Fantasia!
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Nadia Wraps - What better way to celebrate summer than a wrap? Nadia is a linen wrap, adorned with tropical flowers in contrasting colors and a dainty chain to keep it all together. It's low slung enough to show off your curves, but still modest enough to cover your nay-nay.
Comes in 5 great colors, for 100L each, or get the fatpack for 400L!

"Workin' Girl"
mod/copy/no trans (prims may say no mod, but only because of script, the build is mod)

"Workin' Girl" is, as expected, for the girls who have to get a little dirt on their hands. It's a rough tunic made of burlap with a few dirt splotches, accented by a gingham tied waist sash and matching patch pocket. Shoved in that pocket is a little handful of sunflowers, because even a working girl wants to feel pretty. Available in 5 colors, and the pocket/sash are scripted to change to 5 different gingham colors.… Read the restImage

Fior di Perle Weekend Sale

This weekend for the 60L weekend sale I have my Aimee mini dress for a super special price for you!

This weekend at Fior di Perle

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Boho Girls Wear Bandanas

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Many beautiful bohemian flavor hairstyles are available at the Hair Fair. I bought lots of them already, supporting my shopping mania with the charity cause, and I will need to catch some others in each single store after the event is over (tomorrow). This year my attention was caught by something else though:  in each Hair Fair sim you will find a stall selling bandanas, 50L each. The proceeds of all the bandana sales will go to Wigs For Kids. Tomorrow, July the 15th, it's bandana day, a day meant to show our solidariety not wearing hair. If you want to participate, it doesn't mean you will need to renounce to your vanity: the designers prepared amazing stuff, I bought 3 of them. And no, it won't be something to wear just for one day and then trash it. Or at least not for me.
Bandana: LeLutka @ Hair Fair - Grace Scarf - 50L (100% donation)
(Inspired by a famous painting that inspired a book and a movie. It's a homage, not claiming to be a proper and accurate reproduction.Read the restTurban

When I see and Elephant Fly

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Skin:Dutch touch jaliah no brows Iki ikiarus
Hair:KiK hair Susanna as001 Littlething (hairfair)
Eye Liner:Kyoot feline liners saeya nyanda
Freckles:Tb part of jejune dark skin Julliette Westerburg Top:Lelutka part of Claudia gown old Gift Minnu Palin
Cardigan:tokidoki Summer cardigan Red maya Levane (new)
Belt:Veschi Pashmina Belt Old tdr Alla ruff( i think the store is closed)
Jeans:Fishy Strawberry Gonzo Jeans Storm loose
Shoes:ISON – elise pump (new) harry hax
hat:LaGyo Splatter roses fascinator red
Bag:Tokidoki Elephant Bag maya levane
Feathers in hair:pr!tty  Local Native hair fair gift
Necklace:.+*AA*+. black pearl aya Huldschinsky Wall Pic:
Screen Turnip
bags Tokidoki
flower in water bP at the rando museum Bootsy <3  

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I’m going to Vegas so I’m having a sale in my store! All Gift Cards are 50% off. All Chubby Cat Packs are 150L!!! Seriously, that’s a pretty good deal! Plus you help me out in having a wonderful vacation! COME GET THE DISCOUNTS!

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Bird Of Paradise

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Skin:Dutch Touch Jaliah CafeNOIR Iki Ikarus
Eyes: RockBerry Heather Beebe
Hair:[elikatira]Elika Tiramisu
Liner:ROZENA SKIN simple eyeliner lindsay Rozen
Freckles:tb Dark Freckles Julliette Westerburg Skirt:(TokiD) Mini skirt (steel) Maya Levane (new)
Top:(TokiD) giraffe top (grey) shirt Maya Levane
Bag:[LeLutka] GUAJIRA bag/yellow Azufr3 Catteneo
Socks:Emery – Socks Marine sunami Beck(freebie)
Bangle:Braid bracelet – brown Fallingwater Cellardoor
bangle L:{SMS} Native American Bangles Pink L irie campese
Earrings:[MAGIC NOOK] Bird Of Paradise Earring (Mix/Daiquiri)Ayumi Cassini The wall
[MAGIC NOOK] Summer Vine – Wall A (NEW) Ayumi Cassini
Bubble gum Machines no longer open

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A Late Hour

This is another designer that was recommended by Disaster Krogstad, and oh goodness oh my is it blogworthy! Many of the outfits I found in the BDSM collection by LeeZu were daring and delicious, but the one that immediately drew my eye and held it was Sablier. Google tells me that “Sablier” is French for “hourglass” – and it certainly does sculpt the female figure into that classic silhouette! What’s “Just Right”: The shape of the corset has beautiful, classic lines. It has gorgeous highlighting to draw attention to a full bustline. The use of textured fabrics on the sides is a lovely, elegant touch. I like the angled lacing in the front back. Naeve’s response when I sent her the pictures for this shoot was, “OMG! You look sooooooooooooooo hot!” What Could Use Improvement: Without a doubt, the weak point of Sablier is the garter straps. Compared to the strong texture work of the corset, they draw the eye due to their lack of clarity and detail.
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There And Back Again…

It’s been a very sad seven months without SL! :( Due to sudden and catastrophic computer issues, I’ve been unable to do.. well.. anything… with SL. Hopefully these are resolved, and we’re back in production! The first several posts will be ones that were started back in February before all the difficulties. Some shoots were mid-production (photos done, write ups not done), so some level of detail may have been lost in the intervening months. Moving forward, we look forward to bringing you the very best lingerie that SL has to offer! Hugs, kisses and panty-lines, -sabella

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Fior di Perle 60L Weekend Sale

This is what I have for the 60L Weekend sale for you this time:

Only this weekend at Fior di Perle

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Fior di Perle 4th July Free Bikini & Face Tattoos

Let's celebrate 4th July! Come and grab your Free 4th July Bikini & 2 Face Tattoos.

Freebie is on the 2nd floor, next to the English and American dresses.

Get ready to party!

Happy 4th July!

lm to Fior di Perle Skins & Shapes

My products in the new marketplace- Activate adult content to see all my products

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Fior di Perle Weekend News – Frilly Dress 60L!

This weekend I have my frilly dress for a super special price for you, only 60L! Sculpted heart sandals are sold separately but also only 60L each.

If you've already bought any of my sandals, you know I use the best and easiest to use hud and the hud comes with 30 preset skin colors. To find the right match for your skin is really easy, and you have the option to save your skin rgb too and make it part of the hud.

This offer is only till Monday 4th July.

And Speaking of 4th July, don't forget to get ready! You can get these complete outfits with dress, swimmsuit, sandals belt, bracelets, earrings and hat for only 250L. A real bargain!

Hope to see you at Fior di Perle soon!

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Small People Farm Playset now available!

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Hi there!
I made another addition to the Small People line of playsets: a farm! It's got a buncha low-prim and high-detail sculpted pieces, all copy/modify, so you can have a farm toy however big you have room for!All of the animals are clickable for sound and chat too. Many of the noises are from Lorin Tone's vast library of audible fun, but the kitty meows just like my RL kitty. :-D
Have fun playing!Pygar Bu

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