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Elly Skin

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Presenting Elly from [Pink Fuel].

A sweet, fresh-faced, youthful skin.

22 makeups total (2 eye shadows per single pack for 900L)

3 eyebrow options (dark, light, and red)
Freckles/no freckle option.

5 Different style of lipsticks are included with every skin: Juicy Gloss, Pop Lipstick, Regular Lipstick, Sheer Balm and Doll Gloss/Stain.

In addition, body modifications ranging from cleavage to complete dehancers available in-store to further aid in customizing your look.

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/geekgasm, take two~

I got back from my little Midsummer holiday to find out that my internet had been fixed! Huzzah! To celebrate I went on the second Geekgasm Hunt. It felt very appropriate. The hunt lasts until July 13th, so there’s plenty of time to hop the short 40+ shops round of geeky prizes! The hunt starts here and I’m recommending joining the hunt group for the latest fixes and the hint list. I took all the pictures in the First Spring House by Doremi, a cute little setting that it was. I added reading pillows by FACTS and the wonderful TARDIS lamp by Kuroi Koneko to the set, as well as D&D Player Handbook by *Boof. and Geek Survival Pack by COOL BEANS. The posters on the walls are also by *Boof. This particular geek girl is wearing a top by LoveCats, pants with suspenders by Beauty Killer and a sweater by Beatnik wrapped around her waist. The ultimate geek hat is by The Mad Hattery and the almost-steampunkish gear phone in a neck strap is by DownDownDown. The skin and the teeth layer are by Heartsick, the nintendo kissy on her cheek is by Doremi and the amusing Turn Me On eyes are by Skinthesis.… Read the rest

Hair Fair Demo Group is Open!

The Hair Fair is coming!  Did you know?  Had you heard?  With the Hair Fair comes the chance to join the demo group!  "Why should you?" I hear you asking yourself.  Well lets look at the facts shall we?

1. The demo group gets a sneak peek at many of the styles that will be available... a full day before the fair starts!

2.  It will help cut down on the all the trips that will have to be made back and forth and back and forth while you go home to try on demos.... because you know trying on demos AT the fair is just RUDE YO!

3.  It's free... it's easy ... it's smart... and why not?  If nothing else do it because Rose said so!  Sure put the blame on me I wont mind! ;)

How do you join?  Well it's pretty easy to do... open up the group search in SL and type in Hair Fair DEMO Group OR you can paste the following in chat secondlife:///app/group/2e30d166-f3e5-e2de-ff72-b3da2d06ded2/about  .  If you don't happen to be in SL atm then you can just click this little link right HERE!… Read the rest

Catching up on Truth Hair!

My bid to catch up this week continues as I show off some of the recent releases from Mister Truth Hawks!    So lets start with the release from back on the 17th.  Here we have Danni and June.  Danni is just a sweet charming pony tail style with color changing bands and June is a long sleek and straight style that comes with 2 sets of bangs!  Both of these are timeless and classic must haves for any hair closet.

Next Truth release we have is Astrid and Fiona!  Astrid just makes me smile how can it not?   This loopy ponytail look also comes with color changing bands, it reminds me of a style I wore for ages back in 2005 in SL but oh so much better! :D  Fiona is a fluffy and wavy long style that is held back by a simple clip (that color changes as well).  I really love how it frames my face!

*Rose is all excited for Hair fair coming up!   Going to do a post giving you all info on that next!  As always feel free to comment/IM/Plurk her with your thoughts on today's post!*

Other Credits:
Skin:  Tuli Sara / pearl :: 03 with Apricot Lips  
Eyes: Amacci InSight ~ Winter Image Eyes
Eyelashes: Celestial Studios 
Swimsuit:*Epic* Kyoot Dottie Bikini Bottom {Green} [P]

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Black Lace Cocktail Dress

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Black Lace Cocktail Dress 199L

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[LeeZu!] Izabelle Blouse

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A luxurious touch of detailed lace, adorning the soft pastel fabrics of LeeZu's new Izabelle Blouse, will enchant your outfit on the more demanding days this summer. Each set includes 2 rich shades of lace to match your mood, enhanced by double sculpted sleeves complimenting the whole. Pruned up stylish collar finishes the look, adding yet another mixable fashion pearl to your collection.  
TP here

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New at SoBe Tween

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I had some requests to begin doing not only Glee items, but Twilight as well.
Especially with the movie right around the corner.
So what better way to start, then to do my favorite character from
the books and movies, Alice Cullen.
These will also be available on Marketplace in like 10 min
Hope you enjoy!
Feel free to drop me ideas or request!
Going to be putting in a mail box here today as well.

My Alice outfit-99L
comes with crochet sweater(2 versions)
dress top &bottom
Skirt prims
Black tights

FanGirl Alice Cullen Shape-comes with style card-99L (demo available)

My alice Crochet Sweater only(50L)

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Another Catchup Post

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Sometimes it takes a new look to help you see something in a whole new light. That's exactly what is behind the little experimental Somnia store.

Full of cute seperates perfect for mixing and matching with other items instore or your inventory at fabulous prices, you can stock up. Check out the experiment and see Somnia in a new way!!!

Je Suis has just released Eternelle - a necklace, earrings and ring set that you can custom to suit your mood or outfit. You can change the metal, gem colour - by individual gem or the whole shebang, and the result is stunning.

Nebula is a new range of stunning jewellery from KOSH. There is a necklace, bracelet and ring for you to grab, all sold seperately. They are real statement pieces that you will love to wear.

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L. Fauna’s Lea Skins

I know I know I've been gone a bit yet again... I've been insanely crazy busy this summer.  I'd say that I hope to catch up this week with the kids gone but we shall see because I've said that before!

I am sadly way behind on getting this post done but I really wanted to share with you my thoughts on this new release by L. Fauna. The Lea Skins are really well done but mostly I really enjoyed some of the innovative ideas that came from it. 

First off this skin comes in 3 light colors, 3 tan colors, and 3 dark colors... what I found so very interesting was that the 3 sets weren't just slightly different tones from each other but very different shades with unique base colors.  I should have taken more pictures really but I love how many choices there were.

Each of these skin tones includes 4 breast options with various cup sizes and cleavage so that you can further customize your look something that was a first for me anyhow.  I've shown the full variety of them in my shots to give you a general idea.… Read the rest

Final results of Cliff Tribute

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The total amount donated was L$29,690. This translated to $114.20 USD. If you would like access to the transaction log and donation receipt go here to this page. Thank you to everyone who donated and partcipated.  Words can’t describe how amazing you all are.  

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Meanwhile I’m feeling the heat

I’m such a wuss when it comes to heat, I am definately a cold weather person, plus the UK seems to fall apart once the temperate goes above 30c Moving on, not new new stuff, but recently stuff.

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MEILING – A New Collection

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The real life designer who has crossed the line, MEILING, is coming up with her new collection, "Grand Riviere", which she presented during the Caribbean Fashion Week in real life!

This will be her all white new capsule collection which will be released in SL this summer.

The very first outfit in this collection that has just been released in her Wind Song Dress that was the outfit featured in her promotional poster in real life also.

MEILING - The Wind Song Dress

Her real life poster featuring her real life Wind Song Dress.

Photograph by Laura Feriela
From Meiling's real life Press Release:
MEILING's Grand Riviere CollectionAt Caribbean Fashion Week 2011, Meiling revealed a capsule collection called “Grand Riviere”. Inspired by the idyllic village in the Northern range of Trinidad, the all-white collection is a study in serenity and romance, not unlike the famed Jean Michael Cazabon  paintings.
In her inimitable style, Meiling captures the spirit of gentler days gone by with designs that embody the narratives in the Cazabon paintings of the 1800s.… Read the rest

China Blue

skin: Curio, Jasmine, golden rabbit 1 (Gala Phoenix)
lashes, 2 sets from L.Fauna (Launa Fauna)
lips: Pink Fuel, Elly, glam lipstick, true blue (Mochi Milena)
eyes: Fashism, Sunrise eyes, dark steel blue (Ikon Innovia)
hair: Elikatira, blind, colour 04 (Elika Tiramisu)
top: Sn@tch, Ming bikini top, blue & silver (Ivey Deschanel)
hairstick: .( bewildebeest ). Cascade hair stick, iolite (Coyote Momiji)
pose: Long Awkward Pose, RCD classic right (Dove Swanson)

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New Outfit: Layla

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New Outfit available at V-Twins Main Shop: Layla

Outfit composed of:

Available in 3 black colors: pink, white and black & and a copper leather jacket.

Visit V-Twins Main Shop by clicking here !!

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What I'm listening to.
Check out this tune and enjoy it with me.
Akcent - That's My Name

I love my new flip flops from Maitreya Gold. You are going to see me running around in these a lot this summer. Color changable and they have cute anklets with them that change color to match my outfit. A must have for me! *smiles*

What I’m wearing:
Hair: Truth -Neve
Eyes: pc eyes by LL -Shallow Water
Skin: LAQ -Susan [Nougat] Glow skin
Make-up: BOOM -Love my eyes Liner and Mascara
Top: {mon tissu} -Patterns of Spring Top ~ Orchid
Shorts: Maitreya -Jeans Shorts
Sandals: Maitreya Gold - Flip-Flops
Pose: Glitterati

Love Quote of the Day:
Many a man in love with a dimple makes the mistake of marrying the whole girl.
Stephen Leacock

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The Gods Return

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In 2007 I created my first limited edition mask. It was my pride and joy, my best creation. Only ten were sold, leaving many people IM'ing me for as much as a year after hoping to get just one more.

That mask was Anubis:

The god of the dead has returned. And this time, he's mad not limited edition. All of these Egyptian creations have been building up to this: the return of the gods.

It is, however, a special edition. There is a month's worth of work in this mask alone, and that time usually goes into multiple projects or things with many different pieces. It won't be going anywhere, but it has been priced at a more premium rate.

The jackal was a destructive scavenger of the dead, but through Anubis the Egyptians turned him into a more protective force. He would prepare the dead for their journey to the underworld to be judged by Osiris, and is often pictured either embalming or in the hall of judgement.

Some fun details I'd like to point out, since I put them in there:

• The medallion on the side of the head and under the gem reads "Anubis: He who is upon his mountain".… Read the rest

Diva Lace Red Cocktail Dress

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Diva Lace 99L

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Moody Mondays Week 12

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The Moody Mondays line-up just keeps getting better! We're excited about bringing Week 12 to you!

Park Place Home Decor, by DeAnn Dafaux


Le Bloom, by Lawra Fredrickson

L`Abel, by Neferia Abel

Ayla's, by Ayla Verity

Savoir Faire Shapes, by Hybie Minx

Red Robin Jewelry, by Mozart Loordes

Hatpins, by Reghan Straaf

Zoe's Garden, by Adele Rhiadra

Magnifique Poses, by Scarlet Chandrayaan

Crackberry, by Jemima Clowes

dinocorn, by Snow Melody

Clutter, by Kat Alderson

Dreamscapes Art Gallery, by Carlotta Ceawlin

Gems & Kisses, by Deli Vendetta

elymode, by Elysium Elide

JLZ Designs, by JL Zinner

Cleo Designs, by Cleom Bailey

Snowpaw's, by Carrie Snowpaw

Piddler's Perch, by Rowan Attis


fucifino, by TrinityBelle Meriman


Tranquility Way Station Designs, by Lyta McKeenan

Esther Jen, by Jennie Ugajin

PiCHi, by Zxxrya Magic

SySy's by SySy Chapman - Will be out late

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