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On Fire

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I went into this blog post with a plan...and came out with an ambiguous country-no-maybe-it's-indie-or-a-rocker-gone-acoustic-or-oh-hell-I-just-can't-tell-anymore music video.
Sort of.
I enjoy it, whatever it is.The original plan was to use a firefly pose prop from Long Awkward Pose I've been wanting to employ and wax philosophical about a song while doing so. You can see the photo results here and here.
I almost did a post with the former of those images, but felt I needed more light.So, I started playing with my settings while I tooled around AM Radio's "Surface" build.
The field's on fire there, and "fire" randomly became of the apparent-though-inadvertent theme of the evening, because I decided to set the sky on fire, too.Then, I started tugging out poses from TeaSoup. I'd picked up a bunch of items there earlier in the day (there's a closing sale going on), and thought I'd try them out.
The guitar pose prop stuck. And. So. Here's my post. Ta-da!

Image Credits:

Avatar: Aislinn Grizot

Skin: Curio; Petal, Frex, Light in Lustre, Pure 2
Hair: Elikatira; Glory 2 in Red 05
Eyes: Poetic Colors Eyes; Classc in Oak Leaf, [L], Bright
Top: Mon Tissu; Lollia Tank Top in White
Bottoms: Tres Blah; Denim Cutoffs
Boots: J's; Western Boots in Sand
Poses and Guitar: TeaSoup; My Acoustic [Female Set] (4 of 5 poses shown)

Location: AM Radio's "Surface"

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52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Neon Carrot

Here is another one of those speedy catching up sort of posts!  Yes it's my Neon Carrot entry to the 52 weeks of color challenge!  For those of you who want more info on this click here!

For this challenge I knew just what to put on!  Such a bright in your face carrot color!  This is Disco Star (in Orange of course) from the wonderful June Dion of Bare Rose fame.  Wearing this made me bring out the Disco Ball from Glitterati because it had to be done!  Rest of the style info is down below... be sure to check out this new hair from Truth!

*Yay Rose is only a thousand posts behind on these!  Ok maybe not quite so much but it feels that way!  As always feel free to comment/IM/Plurk her with your thoughts on today's post!*

Other Credits:
Hair: Truth June in Cranberry
Skin:  Tuli Sara / pearl :: 06 with Apricot Lips 
Eyes: Amacci InSight ~ Winter Image Eyes
Eyelashes: Celestial Studios 
Boots: Adam n Eve Scamander in Silver
Necklace: Dark Mouse Daisy for You Silver

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[Insatiable Fashions] @ Taste of SL Hunt!

Wow, it's been a loooong time since I've posted here, hasn't it?

Well, I am proud to say that I am back to work. There is actually newness on deck, and, I've got some pretty cool hunt items out right now at the mainstore! I'm participating in the Taste of SL Hunt, which runs now to July 15th! 70 designers have come together to celebrate Taste of SL's one year anniversary by giving away freebies, and let me just say, it's definitely stuff you'll wanna grab!

There's also a Gatcha event going as well. Though I am not participating in that (sad!) there IS some fantastic swagger there that is well worth putting your Lindens into. Just sayin'!

Enough with the promo though, let's get on to the goodies!

I seem to quite obsessed with flowers lately, along with the word, love. Hence, the sister series of tops to my [IF] Rylan Top, Ruca!

These will be becoming in a magnitude of colors at the mainstore soon, so watch out! I've even already cleared space for them. I'm telling you, I'm coming back!… Read the restTOSL Hunt Item: [IF] Ruca Top - [Lilac] Ad

Woeful Wednesday

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Belle Morte

Blue Blood

Damage, Inc.



Malfean Visions

Meat N More

Sweet n Tart

Marketplace Items -

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Summer Holiday

I still have summer fever. One thing I like to relate about summer will be going for vacation. One activity I love to do during vacation will be walk around the town either for food, shopping or sight-seeing. Trust me when I said walk, I mean really ...I walk. As for the clothing, I pick something simple and appropriate to wear under the hot sun. This time I have big hat that will give me a nice shade to cover my face from the bright sun, cute tank top (you can mix match tank top with pants, short or skirt) and short pants (easy to pack since it doesn't need much space in my beg). As for shoes, well I have this on for the sake of vanity (lol). My style notes

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Meanwhile new skin

New skin today from CheerNO Femme.

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Flora Chic

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I’ve been very impressed so far with all the items offered at the CH1C Event, but as far as jewelry goes, Donna Flora takes the cake….or shall I say bouquet?  The floral sculpts on this jewelry set are flawless.  The attention to detail is pristine.  I am one impressed Second Life shopaholic. This isn’t the only piece of jewelry Donna Flora has made that impresses me.  The store is filled with unique and individual pieces that are not only stunning, but also incredibly diverse.  Each piece seems to have it’s own story attached to it.  Many of the vintage inspired pieces seem to come straight from another era, and take me back to when I used to raid my grandmothers jewelry box and walk around with her strings of long pearls hanging down to my knees as a kid. If you haven’t had an opportunity to check out Donna Flora, I recommend taking some time to do so.  You won’t be disappointed! Credits: Skin: Chain and Vine – Lael – Primrose Hair: TRUTH – Eden – Carob Top: epoque – Strapless One Piece Nude Jewelry Set: Donna Flora – Melody Set  

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Be vewy quiet, I’m hunting….

…. rabbits?   No, not exactly.   But I’m hunting plenty of other great items in the four grid-wide hunts Duh! is currently participating in.   It’s the Final day for Zombie Popcorn 4, so get busy on that fantastic hunt if you haven’t completed it.  Blog is here, with the info you need to get going. The current edition of the MENstuff hunt is well underway and “stuffed” full of great prizes for men (see what I did there?).  Fortunately, my prize is better than my joke.  And in case you wondering, the shoes size down to fit smaller (read: female) shapes too.  The blog with hints and slurls is here, and the inworld group is invaluable both for helping you finish the hunt, and for granting you access to the MENstuff lounge, a designer showcase full of more gifts for men.  Paste this link into chat and click it to join:  secondlife:///app/group/a8703562-6a52-20df-81a9-9aeed5dc091c/about Two new grid-wide hunts begin today and I’m please to be participating in both.  … Read the rest

New Outfit: Mattias

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New Outfit available at V-Twins Main Shop: Mattias

Outfit composed of:

Available in 3 colors: red-black, white-blue & black-brown

Visit V-Twins Main Shop by clicking here !!

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New: Fringed leather jackets!

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Finally! :-) Fringed leather jackets in 3 colors: black, red and purple.
They come with a matching tank top.

Try a demo in MayCreations Mainstore

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Double Points Weekend! June 18th-20th

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It's my birthday this weekend!

To celebrate, I'm going to be making all of my vendors give back twenty percent of your purchase in points, so the more you buy the more free stuff you'll get! And of course you don't need to limit yourself, you can redeem the points you earn at any time, top them off with a points pack, or give them away as a gift card to a friend. It starts at midnight, SLT on June 18th and goes until the end of the weekend, midnight on June 20th (early Monday morning).

If you don't have an Angel Card and you feel like this doesn't apply to you, you're being a silly billy. They're free and all you have to do is wear it and then buy stuff in order to get points. Then, once they add up pay using your points instead of Lindens. Yeah, it's that easy, don't you feel foolish for not having gotten one earlier?

Oh, one more note, the items in the basement aren't compatible with the cards due to their not being worth the effort to sneeze at them and I'm only permitting you to gaze upon them and god forbid purchase them due to the beggings and pleadings of kind and merciful people who did not want me to dispose of the primordial slime that my older creations represent.… Read the rest

L’Abel’s Country Chic Collection

L'Abel recently released their summer collection called Country Chic ... ok it was over two weeks ago!  I'm still playing catch up!  Today I want to take a moment and show you my favorites released in this group by Neferia Abel.

On the left we have Enna shown here in white.. it also comes in lavender and a lovely cream shade as well.   Shown here in the dress option, I tried to let you have a little peep at the darling prim pantaloons under it!  The details on this are so well done... making anything this detailed in white is so very difficult that I give Nef mad props for doing such a great job!

On top we have the Tinde cardigan in tan, it also comes in pink and baby blue.  Great prim work here makes the ruffles so much fun!  Love the work that went into this lace and it's great to toss over almost any type of outfit. Simple, easy, and fun.

On the bottom I'm showing you the Lottie top in grey which is one of those tops that I think you need to see on to really appreciate.  I did my best to capture the spirit of it though cool, confident and breezy in other words just right for summer time.… Read the rest

Accessory Fair 2011- Part 2

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I've been having so much fun creating looks with goodies from the Accessory Fair that it's become a bit hard to limit the amount of photos I showcase. I'm not going to bombard you with everything that I've fallen in love with instead I'll only highlight three photos.

One quick thing I'd like to point out before we talk about the Accessory Fair items is the beautiful skin I'm wearing from ISPACHI, Audrey is shown in all photos. I apologize for teasing you a bit by showing Audrey prior to her release, but it's so well done I couldn't resist using Audrey for these photos. I will be completing a full review of the skin later this week where I'll provide more details on Audrey. Audrey will be released on Saturday June 18th.

In Photo 1: I am showcasing Croire's Boho beaded accessories which includes a beaded broach, beaded earrings set and headband. This lovely lavendar set was the perfect compliment to dress up any casual look and adding an extra bit of flair.

In Photo 2: Split Pea and Kunglers became the perfect combination for a bit of Old Hollywood.… Read the rest