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On Fire

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I went into this blog post with a plan…and came out with an ambiguous country-no-maybe-it’s-indie-or-a-rocker-gone-acoustic-or-oh-hell-I-just-can’t-tell-anymore music video.Sort of.I enjoy it, whatever it is.The original plan was to use a firefly pos…

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52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Neon Carrot

Here is another one of those speedy catching up sort of posts!  Yes it’s my Neon Carrot entry to the 52 weeks of color challenge!  For those of you who want more info on this click here!For this challenge I knew just what to put on!  Su…

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[Insatiable Fashions] @ Taste of SL Hunt!

Wow, it’s been a loooong time since I’ve posted here, hasn’t it?Well, I am proud to say that I am back to work. There is actually newness on deck, and, I’ve got some pretty cool hunt items out right now at the mainstore! I’m participating in the Taste …

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TOSL Hunt Item: [IF] Ruca Top - [Lilac] Ad

Woeful Wednesday

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Belle MorteBlue BloodDamage, Inc.HysteriaImmateriaMalfean VisionsMeat N More Sweet n TartMarketplace Items –…

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Summer Holiday

I still have summer fever. One thing I like to relate about summer will be going for vacation. One activity I love to do during vacation will be walk around the town either for food, shopping or sight-seeing. Trust me when I said walk, I mean reall…

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Meanwhile new skin

New skin today from CheerNO Femme. The skin comes in various shades, includes different eyebrow colour options but what I like most about it is the add on tattoo layer makeups.  I want more mad makeups, more imagination and these are right up my street. Also, Wasabi Pills has released yet more hair, I’m showing […]

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Flora Chic

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I’ve been very impressed so far with all the items offered at the CH1C Event, but as far as jewelry goes, Donna Flora takes the cake….or shall I say bouquet?  The floral sculpts on this jewelry set are flawless.  The attention to detail is pristine.  I am one impressed Second Life shopaholic. This isn’t the […]

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Be vewy quiet, I’m hunting….

…. rabbits?   No, not exactly.   But I’m hunting plenty of other great items in the four grid-wide hunts Duh! is currently participating in.   It’s the Final day for Zombie Popcorn 4, so get busy on that fantastic hunt if you haven’t completed it.  Blog is here, with the info you need to […]

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New Outfit: Mattias

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New Outfit available at V-Twins Main Shop: Mattias

Outfit composed of:

3 T-Shirts ( 2 jacket layers & 1 T-Shirt layer)
Pants with leg cuffs
Neck Bandana

Available in 3 colors: red-black, white-blue & black-brown

Visit V-Twins Ma…

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New: Fringed leather jackets!

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Finally! :-) Fringed leather jackets in 3 colors: black, red and purple.They come with a matching tank top. Try a demo in MayCreations Mainstore

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Double Points Weekend! June 18th-20th

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It’s my birthday this weekend!To celebrate, I’m going to be making all of my vendors give back twenty percent of your purchase in points, so the more you buy the more free stuff you’ll get! And of course you don’t need to limit yourself, you can redee…

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L’Abel’s Country Chic Collection

L’Abel recently released their summer collection called Country Chic … ok it was over two weeks ago!  I’m still playing catch up!  Today I want to take a moment and show you my favorites released in this group by Neferia Abel.On the left we…

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Accessory Fair 2011- Part 2

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I’ve been having so much fun creating looks with goodies from the Accessory Fair that it’s become a bit hard to limit the amount of photos I showcase. I’m not going to bombard you with everything that I’ve fallen in love with instead I’ll only highligh…

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