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Reach for the Moon

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First and foremost I apologize for my slacking in bloggage ( word yes?) the past few days/week/etc.  This month as I’ve stated is a busy one for me, and it’s also had a few unexpected turns.  Hopefully come July I will be able to fully immerse myself back into the world of Second Life in all the ways that I want to. So there’s a relatively new store in the world of Second Life and it’s run by a rather fabulous lady named Teresa Republic.  Her store called Haut Monde is also rather fabulous.  I am modeling her jeans, and her top in the photo above and quite frankly I am really digging her eye for design.  The back of this top, which you cannot see, is a lace texture. Gorgeous! My cleavage also looks quite wonderful in this top! Hooray for boobs! The jeans have this awesome flair sculpt on the bottom, and I love the textures and color options she offers. Crazy cute! This new inspirational pose is from !bang and it’s clever and cute!… Read the rest



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Boho Hippie Cheap

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I was thinking to join the TDR Stylish Contest but when I went and check their Flickr group where I was supposed to post my pic, I noticed another girl had used the same required TDR items, so I gave up and decided to share my pic here.

Style credits: 
Skin: Glam Affair @ TDR - Nina Skin Clean + Lipstick
Hair: Exile @ TDR Blue - Lucia Roots Drift Mix
Eyes: Poetic Colors - Classic - Black Swan Dark 
Dress: So Many Styles @ TDR - Hippie Maxi Dress Brown
Bag: Milk Motion @ TDR Blue - My Satchel 
Shoes: NX-Nardcotix - MANA Vixie Nutmeg
Eyeliner: [glow] studio - Pin Up Eyeliner
Lashes: je suis... - je suis... false lashes n° 004 
Nails: Je suis...- je suis... nails 001 orange
Earrings: [glow] studio (old TDR Blue) - part of the Gypsy Orange Set
Necktie: JANE - Floret Tie Teal
Pose: (crap I forgot to note it, it was a no script area and my pose hud wasn't working)

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DE Designs – Rune, Avee Separates

Vest separates from my Rune Avee design now available. Multipack also available for 50% off. Multiple Layers Included. Multipack also available here at my Marketplace Store Teleport to DE Designs here DE Designs Blog

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Molinari Outdoor Room – Updated!

The Molinari is a set that I created when sculpts were first introduced. I was on the verge of deleting them last week but decided against it thinking that it might be better if I just reworked it a bit, this time baking light and shading into it. Along with the updated textures there are new anims and less scripts. If you would like to have the updated version send me a folder with your name containing your old set by June 30th.  Colleen Desmoulins.
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Part Of Your World

Most of my friends know that I'm totally and completely in love with shopping for home furniture and decor. Seriously. I love it more than shopping for shoes, and you guys know how I love shoes! Luckily, my wifey humors me and when I yell "I NEED A NEW HOUSE!" she obliges and builds something perfect for all my furniture. The newest house from Funky Junk, Ariel, is utterly perfect for the summer!

An awesome beach house up on stilts, the Ariel home is open and inviting, with two large rooms, a great loft, and a charming sunroom. Trust me, I have spent many evenings in the sunroom watching the sunset! I do, of course, have a million pics for you all. Remember, these are just "serving suggestions" as to what you can do with the rooms. I always urge you to put your own style in your living space!

The Ariel home comes in at 145 prims, or 161 with the added decor of a lifesaver ring, boat oars, rusted nautical star, and a lantern full of pretty shells. My house is in the Mist color, and it also comes in Kelp, a soft green.… Read the restStyle - Ariel

Season of Hair

When I was brainstorming about seasons, which is the theme in the Hair Fair 2011 Flickr Contest I of course had the usual four seasons in mind. I wanted to make snow fairies and summer spirits, harvest maidens and spring fauns. While pondering I was busy cursing the Finnish summer for being too hot! Then it struck me. That’s the seasons as I know them: in the winter it’s too cold and in the summer it’s too hot and they sneak upon me like predators and always catch me wearing either too much or little! As you can see, I ported back to Alirium Garden for this. I shoved Waka & Yuki’s adorable little black bob with a colour-change wool hat on Sonya’s head, dressed her in Aoharu’s poncho cardigan and even added mittens by VC Designs (from Zombie Popcorn Hunt). No wonder she gained a blush (by Exile) with all that wool. Pose is by TERHO from the time they were still Lazy Places. The glower she’s giving me for this avatar-torture is accidental and I’m sure very genuine.… Read the rest

Moody Mondays Week 10

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Week 10 of Moody Mondays brings us another round of amazing stuff from some equally amazing designers!






Zoe's Garden







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Poetic Colors new freebie

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One of the first eye places I ever found was Poetic Colors and only because I had found one of the first of many hunts to go on. The freebie changes often, close to monthly for a chance to see whats new and exciting.

Summer Breeze comes with two sets, a Bright and Dark with optional eye lights. The color reminds me of the colors of the ocean.

Poetic is also having a sale on their eyes 50% off but only for so long so hurry and check out the other lovely sets they have.

Poetic Colors -

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