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At The Arcade!

I was in the mood for something funky and colorful today, so I thought I’d give you some sort of a throw back look. I Was thrilled to be able to show off my brand NEW MStyle GOSHI Pumps. I … Continue reading

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Shangri La Style 6-8-2011



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Catching up on 3 weeks worth of Truth Hair

I actually took these pictures back on Sunday and edited them up on Monday … still trying to adjust to having one computer and 4 kids home for the summer! LoL :D  Going to try and do 2 posts a day for a bit now as I catch up or die trying!Let me…

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^v^ Woeful Wednesday ^v^

On 8th June 2011 · By Hybie Mynx · With Leave a comment
In Second Life, The Circadian

Another spooooktastic installment of Woeful Wednesday. Everything is50L.Blue BloodCrimson + Clover(marketplace item click link above)Damage, Inc.Read more »

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Bugtussle Fundraiser Swag

On 8th June 2011 · By Ravenlynn Templar · With Leave a comment
In Fashion, LVS & Co., Second Life

Help stand beside Bugtussle as we prove to the Virtual BullyMajestic Wise,the person who stole our whole June Tier,that he will not get away with trying to destroy the Bugtussle sim,or all the hard work we put into our stores.Every Bugtussle Support it…

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MichaMi New Release: Vee

On 8th June 2011 · By Milla Michinaga · With Leave a comment
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Vee is a sexy and chic dress with a plunging v-shaped neckline (back and front).  It has a skin-tight, bandage fit and padded shoulders to reinforce the V shape.
Available at MichaMi and on the Market Place

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On 8th June 2011 · By Kyria Tomsen · With Leave a comment
In Second Life, The Circadian

They’ve created a new spot for T.G.I.50L, but this is the last sale until September. New T.G.I.50L Store

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digital paintings by a.e.meth

I love this painting that a.e.meth did of my av!!! She’s done several drawings/paintings of other avs; you can check out her work on her flickr stream. If you love your av and want to have his/her portrait done, contact Aemeth Lysette; she does commissions! She currently lists her pricing on her flickr, as follows: […]

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Art by a.e.meth

A Little Relaxation

On 8th June 2011 · By Bells Semyorka · With Leave a comment
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After a hard day of work I often find the need to relax a bit, by kicking off my shoes and sitting in the most comfortable chair in my home. For me the most relaxing chair is Diesel Works new Bean bags. I find it’s the perfect spot to sit, and think a…

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A little Relaxation

InWorldz – Hair, Eyes and Skin! Oh My!

Yesterday a new hair shop opened up InWorldz, the creator is actually new to making hair this year and has done an amazingly wonderful job! Boudica Destiny of Fashion Destiny has been teasing us for a few months and once … Continue reading

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Settees, surprises and other new stuff

Finally, at long last, I finished adjusting poses and adding texture options to some of the junk amazing stuff on my work platform and put it out This, for instance. New couch / sofa / settee and other things at Vent du Sud. Couch (7 prims, singles / f…

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Orage Creations for the Moolto Sister Hunt

A nice skin and a shape for girls and a shirt for men.
Are you still waiting for?

Get them at ORAGE CREATIONS mainstore…

Wear the tag…

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New Denim outfit: Moody Blues

On 8th June 2011 · By V-Twins · With Leave a comment
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New Outfit available at V-Twins Main Shop: Moody Blues

Outfit composed of:

Vest (sculpted) with jacket layer (cuffs optional)
Chaps with cuffs
Gloves with cuffs
Available in 4 colors: black, blue, brown & white

Visit V-Tw…

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