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The Fashion Garrett 5-23

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TP HERE to check out the Fashion Garrett
-paper.doll- jeans and tank 80L
[IREN] Leather Dress 50L
.Blanco. Leggings  & Flats each 60L
+mocha+  -  Midnight Water Pool 70L
~Pepper~ Dolphin Set - TFG 70L
::u.f.o:: maichu shorts. 60L
::{u.f.o}::orange caramel boots and headband 50L
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New House… New Bikini

About a week ago Sal and I found a nice cozy island and settled down with a new house.  House decorating can be tiresome. I took a break and took little Lorna out for some sun and sand.  I got the cutest beach blanket and swimsuit for her from Chunky Monkey.  I also got a beach blanket for my self from ANA-mations one of the Lazy Saturday specials. Two of my favorite stores had new bikinis so I wore both. Hucci has the Waterfall Bikini and Sn@tch the Belize Bikini.         Credits:
Skin: Mynerva
Hair: Lelutka 1&2:
Swimwear: Hucci
Shoes: Pixel Mode 3:
Swimwear: Sn@tch
Feetz: SLink Poses: Adorkable & Reel Expression
Photography: Salvatore Otoro ♥♥♥

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Feeling Adorkable at the Beach

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Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a splendid weekend.  Mine was great!  I even snuck in a day at the beach as you can see above! What an adorkable day it was! Adorkable Poses just released this really fantastic beach set of poses.  What I really love about Adorkable Peapod’s pose sets is her attention to detail.  She takes the time to include mirrored poses as well as pose balls for you to use when needed.  The set includes both male and female poses as well.  It’s the perfect accessory for a day at the beach in Second Life. My day at the beach would not be complete without this classic suit from Ingenue.  I cannot get over the class and style this store has.  This swimsuit is an instant classic.  It’s not shown in the photo but it has adorable ruffles on the butt too!  Betty Doyle has done it again with her incredible taste and eye for beautiful vintage inspired apparel! Last, but never least, I thought the new TRUTH release Miku was one of his more unique styles he’s released in recent months. … Read the rest

Chain and Vine: Lael

Hello again! You may remember my last post here for Chain and Vine, and today I’m coming back to you with a lovely new skin by Lyric Demina: Lael. It is a special edition skin for summer, what means it doesn’t come with the normal skintones Chain and Vine skins usually do. To make things more clear, let me quote Lyric herself: “The darkest tone of this skin is the darkest I think a person can be while still claiming to be blonde”. Therefor, it still comes in 7 tones, but they’re more tan than dark at the end (tone 1 = lightest, tone 7 = darkest). The one I’m showing you today is tone 5, an adorable tan tone. With one makeup it has been available as a groupgift recently. In your box of skins you’ll get some extras: a shape, brow shaper and lashes. The skin itself comes in busty and natural version (you can see busty in the first, natural in the second pic). And then again with dark, light and red brows. Wearing tone 5 I’m always using the dark brow option.… Read the restchainvine-lael001

inTrospection and neon carroT

Someone I know died this weekend in sort of a freak accident.  He wasn't my best friend or anything but I know his family well.  He was a good man, a good father and a good husband.  I'm so sad because I have no idea how his wife or children (all adults now) will cope.  But you do.  Cope.

I haven't been on SL much.  I got rid of my skyland about a month ago because it seemed silly to be paying rent when I wasn't there all that much.  The truth is, I think I fail at Second Life.  If this were a game (*yes, I know this is not a game*), I would probably lose.  Or if this was Survivor, I would have been eliminated the first week. But one of my passions is writing and for some reason, I really love writing this blog.  I write stuff here that I would never share with my rl family or friends.

I deleted my facebook account a couple weeks ago.  Basically, I suck at all aspects of this social media/communication phenomena (but hey, I can sew!… Read the rest

Meanwhile I hate morphs

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I wrote about morphs a couple of years ago for ShoppingCartDisco, my opinion hasn’t changed but if anything they are becoming even more popular, I am not going to out anyone specifically (I don’t want that shitstorm on me) but I am going to say why I hate morphs, and why they are doing a disservice to SecondLife creators and photographers.

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New Summer Dresses for Lvs Kids!

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I was pretty much dragged away from the puter this weekend.
Which was really not fair,because I had lots of new summer dresses for you!
But luckily,or well unlucky for me I guess, started coming down with a sore throat,and sniffles so they locked me up in my bedroom ,which let me get all these dresses out finally!

All 99L ..
Lvs Kids clothing is 99L every day,all day! All year round :D

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DE Designs – Belle 1791-Tavern and Gothique

I wanted to offer a couple more color options for my Belle 1791 design. Tavern and Gothique. Multiple Layers Included. Also available here at my Marketplace Store Teleport to DE Designs here DE Designs Blog

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(Romance) Bloom . 48hour item

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For the next 48 hours only, you can get this lovely and versatile minidress from our Romance collection.

Included are a long top on all layers, a ruffled sculpted chest piece, sheer empire skirt, and system miniskirt.

Also included just because they looked cute together- our medium wash denim minishorts!

M/C/NT- both an unscripted and resizer scripted version of the flexy skirt is included.

The contents:

This item will be available for purchase in our main store at midnight tonight SLT, or you can get it now on the Marketplace.


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(Romance) Meadow Boot . Plaid

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Our Meadow boot is now available in 8 plaid fabrics.
These boots attatch to the lower leg, are fully modifyable (scripted and unscripted versions), and include brown and black detail versions.
2.0 foot alphas only- please try a demo in our shop to be sure this item is compatible with your viewer.

Available at PixelDolls, or on the Marketplace.

The Meadow leather boots now come with a resize scripted version included! If you have purchased this item previously and would like the scripted version, please send an IM or notecard to Scarlett Butler and I will send you an updated set of boots.


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This is going to be a very quick post because I am way past my bedtime, but I wanted to make sure I blogged about this beautiful makeup set I recently picked up.  The oh so lovely Elysium Eilde has one of the cutest stores on the grid called elymode.  The store offers a variety of apparel and accessories including the coal and color set that i’m wearing above.  I’m wearing the green eyeshadow with the blush and I just think it’s darling!  The whole store has plenty to offer so make sure you jet over and check it out. Credits: Skin: Belleza – Melissa – Fair – 1 Hair: TRUTH – Tara – Coffee Makeup: elymode – Coal and Color shadows – green w/ blush

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Bloomin Good Fun

First off a reminder that the Annual Hair Fair Flickr Contest starts tomorrow 23rd May, all the info is here Ok so now that I finally got around to taking some Bloom pics, I feel inferior in contrast to ones such as these by so many talented people. One day in the future I may be able to take prettier pics of them, because they are truly inspirational. See that is the phenomenon that is the Bloom doll in Second Life at the moment, the desire to take a simple yet adorable avatar and run wild with it.

Click HERE to read more at .

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Moody Mondays Week 7

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Week 7 already? Time flies! Here is your list of amazing merchants, participating in this weeks sale day. Everything is 55L and don't forget to check out the merchants at the Overflow Shop as well! The first set of merchants have their items for sale in their shop.


Gems & Kisses


Zoe's Garden









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Moody Mondays @ Fucifino!!!

For this week's Moody Monday, I present you with the Giardino Retreat, a place to set up in your SL garden, as a outdoor bedroom, a studio, whatever you desire.  Its footprint is about 8 by 8 m and it is 40 prims. Catch it tomorrow for 55L!

SLURL to fucifino:

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