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Virtual Forecast: Sunnier

After so many dark-themed posts I decided that it was high time I did something sunny. Zombie apocalypse might happen tomorrow, but today there’s still time to head to the beach! I googled ‘pretty beaches in SL’ and approached them with the scientific manner of picking at random until I found one I liked. Surf […]

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Vintage Farm Yard – messing with his head

More than one post in one day, the shock of it all. But then I only realised today that skin/shape expo ends tomorrow so you all need to go back and check it out all over again. Click HERE to read more at . Filed under: Fashion Feed of SL, Fashion Guide SL, Fashion […]

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Meanwhile at the fair

Going back to my roots, kind of, I’ve never run a fair ride, although I do run bouncy castles sometimes…. Credit Hair – Exile Skin – League Top  – BC322 Jeans – Zaara Shoes – 2Real Tattoo – Lapointe & … Continue reading

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Tips & Tricks: Photography: Grain Effect

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So the lovely and talented Thema Felix gets every ounce of credit for this tutorial because she is the one who taught me how to do it! This tutorial basically explains how to add a vintage inspired, old-school, grain effect to your photos.  I really love this effect because it works so well with certain […]

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Layla went to shoe fair riding on a pony

So now one usually to change shapes – well actually it has become an annual thing only with Skin/Shape Expo. So as the Expo is still in full swing, I am wearing some shapes with my own as the first one. Click HERE to read more at . Filed under: Fashion Feed of SL, […]

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I Wanna Rock Right Now

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We had an 80′s night at The Pixel Bean Monday night and ever sense then I’ve felt the urge to throw on something a little wild and crazy and do a blog post about it.  I really love some of the themed events we have at The Pixel Bean.  We run a little differently from […]

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Soles For Souls 2011 Shoe Fair

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The 2011 Shoe Fair is in full swing and LeeZu has created an exclusive shoe, The Beach Bum Shoe in blue, with 100% of the funds going to Soles for Souls. The fair runs until May 27th. Be sure to drop by, pick up some wonderful shoes and donate to this …

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a shebang of freebies

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Cuz you can’t have just oneAll 3 skins in the image are from Mother Goose. If you wander over there, you’ll find like a million..ok maybe dozen?..more then that. Blah! You’ll find a good amount of Lucky Boards that switch pretty fast. Grab up your lett…

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Bang Bang Bang

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Bang Bang Bang, a photo by Mocksoup on Flickr.Un, deux, trios (turn it up a little bit more)Bang, bang, bangFeathers, I’m plucking feathersOne by one, by oneNo more skylarking, around my headYour informationBut there’s no hiding, behind moulting feathe…

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Bang Bang Bang by Mocksoup

Red Nebulous Gown

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Red Nebulous GownYou can have glamour in your Second Life. Stop the show when you walk into a room! Kakia Designs brings you something to die for, at least we think so! Only 599L 

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I’m a sucker for a sweet face

If you haven’t been to the Skin & Shape Expo yet, well, why the hell not?! It closes on the 20th, so you need to get down there… yesterday!Dany is the newest release from Adam n Eve (finished just in time for the sim opening!) and she is absolute…

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