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Virtual Forecast: Sunnier

After so many dark-themed posts I decided that it was high time I did something sunny. Zombie apocalypse might happen tomorrow, but today there’s still time to head to the beach! I googled ‘pretty beaches in SL’ and approached them with the scientific manner of picking at random until I found one I liked. Surf Braata Beach in Tortola felt very fitting for my little adventure in the sun. There were gigantic waves that people were actually surfing on! It looked really nifty. No surfing for our heroine, though. The moment I found this fun raft I knew she was shipwrecked. It’s important that your shoes match your hairband when you’re drifting on the ocean. You never know when the pirates might appear! The shoes are by G Field and one of the very few non-black pairs of shoes I even own. So pretty <3 The hairband with the flower is by Dragon Charm Designs from Albero Gacha Festival’s second round that has just started. The skirt is by MALT and the pose by Poise.… Read the rest



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Vintage Farm Yard – messing with his head

More than one post in one day, the shock of it all. But then I only realised today that skin/shape expo ends tomorrow so you all need to go back and check it out all over again.

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Meanwhile at the fair

Going back to my roots, kind of, I’ve never run a fair ride, although I do run bouncy castles sometimes….

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Tips & Tricks: Photography: Grain Effect

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So the lovely and talented Thema Felix gets every ounce of credit for this tutorial because she is the one who taught me how to do it! This tutorial basically explains how to add a vintage inspired, old-school, grain effect to your photos.  I really love this effect because it works so well with certain photos as well as giving an artistic flair without coming across as overly cheesy on a photo.  I will be using Adobe Photoshop CS3 for this tutorial. Step 1. Open Your Original Image File >>> Open >>> Find File. Step 2. Create a New Layer Layer >>> New >>> Layer. Name the layer what you prefer. Previous Layer stays unchecked. Color none. Mode normal. Opacity 100% Step 3: Fill the layer. Edit >>> Fill Use: 50% Gray Blending Mode: Overlay or Soft Light.  Whichever you prefer. Play with both to see what you like best. Opacity: 100% Preserve Transparency unchecked Step 4: Adding grain Filter >>> Texture >>> Grain Intensity: 100% Contrast: 70% Grain Type: Regular Step 5: Desaturate Image >>> Adjustments >>> Desaturate Step 6: Adjustments On the right side of your screen you should see your layers window. … Read the rest

Layla went to shoe fair riding on a pony

So now one usually to change shapes – well actually it has become an annual thing only with Skin/Shape Expo. So as the Expo is still in full swing, I am wearing some shapes with my own as the first one.

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I Wanna Rock Right Now

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We had an 80′s night at The Pixel Bean Monday night and ever sense then I’ve felt the urge to throw on something a little wild and crazy and do a blog post about it.  I really love some of the themed events we have at The Pixel Bean.  We run a little differently from a club, and the conversation really keeps flowing during our parties.  It’s just a fun time with great people.  Definitely stop on by and check out some of our events.  The atmosphere is stellar. One of the first places I always turn to when I know we are doing an 80′s themed event is Emery.  The store is incredible and so funky.  I feel like I’ve walked into some amazing time machine mixed with a really great vintage clothing store.  I have quite a few articles of apparel from Emery and the best part is that so many of the pieces are interchangeable.  My most recent purchase from this great store were my jeans shown above.  The paint splatters and the faded denim remind me of an episode of Saved By The Bell. … Read the rest

Soles For Souls 2011 Shoe Fair

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The 2011 Shoe Fair is in full swing and LeeZu has created an exclusive shoe, The Beach Bum Shoe in blue, with 100% of the funds going to Soles for Souls. The fair runs until May 27th. Be sure to drop by, pick up some wonderful shoes and donate to this very worthy cause. 100% of the funds raised at the Shoe Fair will go to their programs to raise funds to distribute shoes to those in need around the world.

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a shebang of freebies

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Cuz you can't have just one

All 3 skins in the image are from Mother Goose. If you wander over there, you'll find like a million..ok maybe dozen?..more then that. Blah! You'll find a good amount of Lucky Boards that switch pretty fast. Grab up your letters and get lots of free skins.

On the left is a free group gift from Vinyl Cafe which is free to join. The dress in the middle is a Culture Shock gift from Sn@tch. Get it while you still can. on the right is a re-groupgift from *Epic*. There was so much love for past group gifts that the owner has placed out 3 of them when you first walk in before the other group gifts. Did I mention it was a group only gift? (There is a fee to join)
Hair and boots not free. Baby Monkey Shoes are at the Free Dove Store

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Bang Bang Bang

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Bang Bang Bang, a photo by Mocksoup on Flickr.Un, deux, trios (turn it up a little bit more)
Bang, bang, bang

Feathers, I'm plucking feathers
One by one, by one
No more skylarking, around my head
Your information
But there's no hiding, behind moulting feathers

On the plane, on my brain, 'bout to do the sho'
40k contract, take it out the do'
Dice, symbolise my life, roll 'em on the flo'
From your grubby hands, as you hand the grand stand
You live a shitty life, we live a bon, bon vie
Hotter than the book, while we watch the tv
Think you got us fooled, ooh never again
First time, shame on me, second time, your time will end

No way, bang you're dead dead, here's your silhouette
Je te plumerai la, tete
Je te plumerai la, tete
Bang you're dead dead, alouette, here's your silhouette
Je te plumerai la, tete
Je te plumerai la, tete

No way, no, (the clock) it's ticking forward
No way, (it's just) a cruel, cruel world

Cruel world is fittin', they got us all hittin'
With late night divisions, and lab app decisions
But based with decisions, to fight a fricasse
And you've clearly decided, on how to handle me
Difficile, immbocile, is it fake, is it real
Are we dying on our feet, are we trying in our sleep
There's a rumour goin' 'round, 'bout the suits runnin' town
If you look into the sky, them birds fly high, high, high

Numbers, you got that number
You're larking outwards, and don't see the big picture
Over your shoulder, you'll get no last words
Because it's too late, you've clipped your own wings (your own wings)

No way, (Read more...)

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Red Nebulous Gown

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Red Nebulous Gown
You can have glamour in your Second Life. Stop the show when you walk into a room! Kakia Designs brings you something to die for, at least we think so! Only 599L 

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I’m a sucker for a sweet face

If you haven't been to the Skin & Shape Expo yet, well, why the hell not?! It closes on the 20th, so you need to get down there... yesterday!
Dany is the newest release from Adam n Eve (finished just in time for the sim opening!) and she is absolutely, positively worth braving the lag. I'm a sucker for a sweet face and Dany has one. She also has light brows which are perfect for those of us who wear silver, white, and even platinum blond hair.
She has a hot body and a rather cute dimples above her caboose.The base skin is simply beautiful and would be enough for me, but she comes with a TON of options on the tattoo layer including 4 eye shadows, 6 lipsticks, different colored eyebrows, pubic hair, and hair bases (black, brown, red), manicures, and pedicures. The makeups are striking and there are options for every outfit. There are also cleavage options for those of you who use them (I don't.)
(clockwise from top left: base skin, base skin with freckles, base skin with black brows, base skin with brown brows)

(clockwise from top left: smoke makeup, dragon makeup, exotic makeup, pink glitter makeup)

(top row: shell lipstick, scarlet lipstick, middle row: nude lipstick, nutmeg lipstick, bottom row: rose lipstick, red lipstick)
Also available at the Skin & Shape Expo are the May Queen and Nymph facial tattoos.… Read the rest