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New 99L Gowns for Happily Ever After

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New fairy gowns,with fluttering wings..
Each 99L

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Skate’N Surf Hunt

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I'm a little behind on this because of lack of the interwebs so I'll catch up quick! There is your blog for who's doing this hunt and they even have a hunt/clue list there too.

Left: Bathing suit - Apricot PawsTattoo - Never Ever!Middle:Surfboard Prop - Magnifique PosesBoard Shorts - Apricot PawsRight:Bathing suit bottom (top in middle) - DucknipplePoses left and right - sozialANGtz Apricot Paws is quite the unique store. All the clothing is on ads as you might expect but the avatars are not human. They're Furry and the cutest ones I've ever seen. Once you get to that store in the hunt list, stay a minute longer and check it out.
A lot of the stores were new to me but some were not like Ducknipple. I love the name and I love the clothing. The bikini is lovely and I absolutely love what it does for my av's butt.  This is only a sample of what you can find on this hunt. There are scores more for you to find and see.… Read the rest

Moolto Spotlight for May-June

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I am really honored to be Spotlighted on Moolto blog and More Magazine. Moolto is such a wonderful network, and I hope you take time to read my spotlight and to join Moolto.  Don't forget to get in on the Moolto Sister's Hunt starting June 1 and ending the 30th. Lots of goodies! Come be part of the fun!

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Meanwhile at night

I am so pleased with the Discord hair I got a few days ago I wanted to show you the free group gift hair too.

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Inworldz – A Formal Recipe

Take one Formal Gown add in a painful element, find a location and take a picture. Credits: Skin: KRB Skins Venom Gothbabe Toxic Rouge / Kateri Runningbear-Classifieds Eyes: Vanity Skins and Shapes Rock Blue / Kate07 Bailey Hair: EMO-tions (short hair) Magdalena black w/beads and (long hair) Victoria black / Mirja Mills-Classifieds M Tattoo: Mine (not available yet) Gown: Sascha Design’s Zuzu silver / Sascha Frangilli-Classifieds Jewelry: Deviant Designs Barbed Wire Outfit, used collar and arm bands / Rosie Lavochkin-Classifieds Shoes: AFantasy Brazilian High Tech Sandals / SexyEyes Valkyrie-Classifieds Location: Ophius owned by Rowland Larkham (morning coffee-open 24 hours!)

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Alabama Tornado Disaster Relief Fundraiser

Visit the Alabama Tornado relief event here, starting at 2:00 PM today.  My donation is a skinny, sculpted, texture change belt for 40L, all proceeds to the Mid- Alabama Red Cross.
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69L Hump Day Happiness – Week 80

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Cupcake and News from Bells Boutique

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Hello Sweethearts!
I've been working pretty hard on a new store and new dress. I am so excited that I finally get to show the newness to you.

First off Lets discuss the New Store. Due to space limitations I had to move my store to a bigger location. (No more Pink Hostess Snowball.) Bells Boutique has a brand new build and has three separate areas of the store. Our hair shop has its own wing and is now called Mane Attraction. Our clothing line is still Bells Boutique. I've moved older items to the SL Marketplace and left newer ones inside our shop. I am also working on new clothing, so keep an eye out. Finally, I'm selling boxed kittens at my store. I currently have a big love for KittyCats and  thought I would share the cuteness with others.

On to the dress. The Cupcake Dress is my first experimentation with Maya sculpts. The Cupcake dress is available in Six colors: Sugar (White), Grape Ice(Purple), Lime(Green), Cornflower(Blue), Coconut (Light Blue) and Berry (Pink).… Read the restBells Bloom loves Cupcakes

Lay Me Down

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I am really enjoying the new poses from STaTUS.  They are called “Lay Me Down” and they are a set of five different laying down poses.  The only thing I found I had to adjust for my photos was my boob size! I actually found it a little bit comical.  It wasn’t a big deal though, and certainly not a reflection on how lovely these poses are.  I sure hope I didn’t get any splinters laying across this old wooden dock. When the adorable and talented Anyalia Pearl plurked the release of her new dress I raced over to her store to grab myself one!  I think it’s darling!  The floral pattern is just my style and the neckline is sweet and sexy.  I’ve found lately I have a thing for clothing with great necklines on it.  Anyalia owns the store Cool Beans. (Cute name right?)  She has a variety of really adorable things in her store and I’m looking forward to blogging more of those items in the near future!  It seems like a store on the brink of something big!… Read the rest

Woeful Wednesday

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Belle Morte -

Hysteria -

Meat N More -
Pinkmare's House -
Saturnine Dreams -
Snowbound -

Squeek! -

Marketplace Items -

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T.G.I.50L for May 18th

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Meanwhile in the boudoir

Strutting about in my knickers, of course I am.

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May Day

I change skins constantly, but sometimes a skin grabs me so hard that I cannot let it go. Currently, that skin is Curio’s May. You cannot go wrong with any of the gorgeous faces at Curio, but I just could not resist the youthful and spring like face.
May comes in six springy makeups, with two versions of each makeup. Add to the fact that you also get Dark and Light versions of each makeup and freckled version, it’s a skin that you will not be disappointed with. Make sure you demo it soon! Get This Look:
Body Shot:
Hair: Clawtooth: Easy Breezy – Chocolate Cake
Skin: Curio – :GP: Acorn [Dark] May-Apple Blossom 1 *
Lingerie: Pig – Crystal Canyon – Golden
Shoes: SLink Desire Sandal Gold
Pose: *EverGlow*- Model 491 * Closeups:
Hair: Clawtooth: Beg Your Pardon – Chocolate Cake
Skin: *EverGlow* – Male 067* * – Denotes Review/Promotional Copy

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New Denim outfit: Raina

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New Outfit avaliable at V-Twins Main Shop: Raina

Outfit composed of:

Available in 4 colours: black, grey, blue & light blue

Visit V-Twins Main Shop by clicking here !!

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