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(Cracked Mirror) is OPEN!

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I mean really, it took all of FOREVER didn’t it!?  Cracked finally got her shiz together, and I finished a few pose packs so that we could finally open our doors and let you all in on what we have been working on for so long.  Now that we are open, I thought it would be a good idea to let you all in on who we are and how we roll. Cracked Mirror is the resident clothing maker, and I am the pose maker. 

If any of our lovely customers need something, I’m the one to call!  You can of course ask Cracked if she is online, but she’s floopy and you never know when she’s going to answer lol.  Both of us are looking forward to learning and growing within SL and are very grateful to those that stop by, join the subscriber or in-world group and check out what we’ve got to offer.  There are already some new things in the works, so look forward to new releases on a semi-regular basis! Men and women can find a little something to enjoy @ (Cracked Mirror). … Read the rest



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Meanwhile hanging about and up to no good

Me? of course not.

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New For Lvs &co and so*Be Tween

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Few new Things ..

First for Lvs &co
Like announced last week all clothing,including new releases from Lvs &co
and branches will be 99L till Christmas.

We have two new summer dresses each 99L

Plus Special Summer Eyelet Dresses at 15L each

And for those of you who hadn't heard,and who are fans of Enchanted..
Lvs &co has made a new store names So*Be Tween..
So Be Tween will showcase Teen movie and Tv Series inspired clothing
For example..The Twilight Series, Harry Potter,Glee,etc.

This new branch didn't fit into Enchanted, because Enchanted are more gowns..
the So Be Tween series, is more every day modern clothing..
So if your a all means head over..
New today..

Santana Rose

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Lace Back T-Shirts and Tanks

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Knit tees and tanks with lace back, available in 10 colors on all layers. The t-shirt includes back of bra layer on undershirt for wearing under t-shirt. L$75 Located main store on table marked with new sign. Visit Hucci Shop on Marketplace

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52 Weeks of Color- Week 25 Periwinkle

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It's time to play catch up with Luna's 52 weeks of Color Challenge. I don't really know what the current week is and how car behind I actually am in the weekly posting. I think the next color post is Tangerine, but I'm not 100% sure. All I know is I'm behind and need to catch up. When I was putting together this look I became a bit confused about what Periwinkle actually is. I finally decided on a purple, gray hue with a slight blue tint. (I know so vague.) I tried my best to match and this is the look I came up with. I'm going to give a quick break down of my outfit because there is some newness that has to be mentioned.

First off I'm going to give a bit of pose love to Diesel Works for the Daisy Works pose set. I absolutely love the poses in this set. Diesel Works makes beautiful striking pose that are sexy, yet at the same time do not go over the top.

Next I have to draw your attention to the skin I'm wearing. As I was preparing for my picture I received a note card about a group gift from Glam Affair.… Read the restIs this what Periwinkle looks like?

Denim Halter Romper

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Featuring a halter neck, cuffed shorts, elasticated back, pocket detailing, bust detail, gold toned buttons. L$195 each Located Main Store, back left wall. Visit Hucci Shop on Marketplace

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This becoming a blonde thing is really starting to grow on me.  I especially love the “swedish” tone that TRUTH has in his color packs.  Maybe I’ll go blonde for the summer.  The hair I’m wearing is TRUTH‘s new Eden release, but without the flowers.  I love that I’m able to turn them on and off.  Very  handy when I want to feel a little less formal. Check out this skin I’m wearing!  I am absolutely obsessed with the face on it.  It’s darling!  The freckles add so much to it and the eyebrows and subtle make up really make it stand out.  The store is called Al Vulo! This is the first time I’ve worn an Al Vulo! skin and I’m certain to wear many more in the future.  They are beautiful! This outfit was quite a steal!  It’s so glam and fabulous!  It’s from the store S H I N E.  This particular outfit is from The Fashion Garret for only 70 lindens right now!  I wanted to check out S H I N E because I had never been to their store before, so I took a little trip to their main store and was so impressed by what they had to offer. … Read the rest

Jersey Shore Seaside Heights Boardwalk

Jersey Shore Seaside Heights Boardwalk is a colorful lovelly place, with rolercoasters, caroussel, candyshop and cute buildings.

Unfortunatelly sl is beeing mean to me and I can't raize my draw distance to take good pics of rolercoasters, but it worth a visit!


Read more »

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Look at my Treads

Colours in the air, everywhere I look around – sing it you know you want to. Ok so my post today is like this event, that event, and don’t forget that one, so make sure if you haven’t been you pack a lunch.Firstly though OMG HOW AWESOME ARE THESE SHOES!

Click HERE to read more at .

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Menswear Monday!

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Check out all the things from great designers!Focused on the men, but girls there is stuff you can use too!

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Signs of Summer

Through the dunes and over the sandhills to the edge of the water….. Location: Tikaboo Mesa, Shenandoah Wildlife and Fisheries: John Mahogany Skin: Eye Candy Jo-light Makeup2 / Eye Candi-Classifieds Outift: Casual Elegance Plaid Shorts in Black / Allyssa Chase-Classifieds Hair: ChiChikie Juliette Black / Chiana Meredith-Picks Shoes: Trippe ‘n T-flatplain Black / Tia Trippe-Classifieds Sunglasses: LC Sunglasses Pair 1 / Dawn Harbour-Classifieds Eyes: Pulse Avanti-Escher / Lorac Farella-Classifieds Surviving with class after a ship wreck…. Skin: Eye Candi Natalie Pale Makeup 6 / Eye Candi-classifieds Eyes: Vanity Skins and Shapes Rock Blue / Kate07 Bailey-picks Hair: Deviant Designs Simone Dark Mahogany / Rosie Lavochkin-Classifieds Tattoo: Adored Blooms Body Tattoo Light / AmySue Shirakawa-Classifieds Outfit: Adored Sandra Black Dress and Swimsuite / AmySue Shirakawa-Classifieds Belly Piercing: Smokin Threads Handcuff Belly Piercing / Smokie Ember-Classifieds Location: Port Hamilton

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La Volpe

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I have a treat for the roguish at heart. Something inspired by such stylish scoundrels as Zorro and the Dread Pirate Roberts.

Become La Volpe, the cunning fox, and evade the law in daring escapades. Made of sumptuous leather, this mask is sure to protect your real identity when you're up to no good or flirting with noblemen's daughters.

Both the sash and mask change independently, to give you more options to create a color scheme for your heroic rapscallion. Or, you can get rid of the sash entirely, which works well to wear under hair. I've also included an optional alpha for people with sticky-outy ears. It clips the tip of the ears so that they don't poke through, though admittedly since everyone's ears are a different size it might not fit everyone.

I'm very pleased with this mask, it's one of my first where I tried to get the texture seamless across all three of the mask prims. If you've noticed that you can see the nose and eye divisions on my other masks, I'm going to try and move in the direction of not having it be as obvious.… Read the rest

Lazy Somnia

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Hello my beautiful little rain clouds, ❤ So this week nothing seemed to want to cooperate so I put up an older release for Lazy Sunday but they are so yummeh still so I hope you forgive me.

and you get all of them for only 75L only at Somnia Main Store. Also out now are the Simply Ribbed Dark Tanks that compliment the lights I did last week for Disco Deals both sets are now on the new release wall in the front of the store.

And in case you missed them in the last notice here are the lights packs.

All of the above items are only available at Somnia Main Store. ❤Somnia has 5 items up for donation at Culture Shock with 100% of all of them going towards Doctors without Borders. And make sure to check out the rest of the venue for almost 200 of the grids top designers!

Only at Culture Shock ❤ The Albero Gatcha Festival is still going on so grab these while you can. Only 15L a try!

Only at the
Albero Gatcha Festival ❤ I’ve still got loads of KittyCatS up for sale with new ones added.… Read the rest.: Somnia :. Striped Shorts Ad

First Round Of Shoes!

I have two pairs of shoes to show you to start off on my shoe fair posts. First up, TOSL. I didn't even bother demoing these because I knew they would be epic. I felt a retro housewife vibe from them so you see the lingerie and..oops! Dropped my spatula. ;D

Next are some fun boots from BottleBird. They are a bit tough with a high heel so I felt like stomping around on something...or someone. Teehee.

Both shops are on THIS sim.
Also Worn:
Lingerie and Stockings from Ooh LaLa
Check out more info. on the shoe fair HERE. To learn more about Soles For Souls, the charity of choice for Shoe Fair 2011, click HERE.

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Moody Mondays week 6

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Welcome to Moody Mondays, Week 6! Each of the following items are on sale for just L$55. Follow the links provided!


Moodshine Designs

Red Robin Jewelry





Gems & Kisses




Dreamscapes Art Gallery

Magnifique Poses







Tranquility Way Station Designs


Zoe's Garden



These last item can be attained Here: Moody Mondays Overflow Shop

Thanks so much for taking a look! You can join the Moody Mondays group from any of the shops in this week's sale!

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TrinityBelle Blooms

Okay - I am so hooked on these Bloom Dolls. I was looking for something different and here it is.

Hair: Maitreya Green - Hazel (modded)
Dress: JANE - blossom dress.pewter
Pose: Olive Juice- ILY Tyra!

*Bloom Doll* (avatar) / Strawberry Bloom available @ Sand Shack Surf Co.

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