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Guild of Gloom Carnival Sinister

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The Guild of Gloom Carnival Sinister is here andit's a cute little carnival with each merchant having one or two vendorsset to charity. The proceeds going to The Sophie Lancaster Foundation.There are other vendors but I'm only showing the charity ones :)
{Violet Voltaire} Freak Show Necklace 300L
Gilded Gypsy Tat 75L & Gilded Gypsy Hat 75L.
..::Beauty Killer::.. Starnival Umbrella's 150L & ..::Beauty Killer::.. Carnival Girl 200L
ImmateriA ~Carnivale Sinistre~ 275L
 [noctis] Vintage Popcorn Machine dirty and clean versions 245LRead more »

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Asymmetric Swimsuit

Asymmetric Swimsuit with back ties at the neck and midback. Hip hugging bottom cut. Available in over 20 colors and patterns at Culture Shock. Available on all clothing layers. L$150 Located main store on left side, near lingerie. Visit Hucci Shop Online

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Ruffle Maxi Dress

Flowing maxi dress, with ruffle trim at v-neckline. Spaghetti straps with and in back, lacing and bow tie. Prim flexi dress attachment at spine. Dress Base can for worn as bodysuit or bathing suit also. Clothing is copy, prims are copy, modify. L$275 Located Main Store on left side of store on other side of Linerie wall by the swimsuits. Visit Hucci Shop Online

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Evie’s Closet

Evie’s Closet is my go-to place whenever I’m looking for elegant evening wear. And you can even find the perfect gown for any themed formal affair here. Milli, an elegant and sophisticated gown by Evangeline Miles is one I wear every chance I get. It twirls beautifully as I dance. And I adore the understated print and pretty muted colors. Coppelia is one of my favorite gowns. It makes me feel bathed in luxury. Every time I wear it, I get compliments on the rich texture and perfectly put-together prims. If you like being “inspected” this is the dress for you. Coppelia was originally created for the Miss SL Universe 2010 contest. Amarie’s Bower has a lovely woodland nymph feel to it. This one is a sure-fire costume contest winner, especially when paired with the Secret Garden wreath in my hair. I love the laced front and the natural-looking leaves and tendrils at the shoulders and waist. Amarie’s Bower also comes with a short skirt for less formal occasions.… Read the rest

Zombie Killer

What’s a girl to do when Culture Shock keeps being full and the twitching begins? Simple. Go kill some zombies! The Zombie Killer Hunt just started and continues for most of May. It’s rather different from the regular hunts — you actually have to fight to get your slurl and hint list! Port in to Grimly’s Bloodbath & Beyond Zombie Apocalypse, pick up a free HUD and weapons, equip them and off you go! If you’re as clueless as I am about HUD combat systems, worry not. It’s really very easy. Go to mouseview and left-click to shoot. If Sonya got through the ordeal without breaking a nail in her high heel biker boots, so can you! You can take your pick between handguns, a shotgun or a sword and if you actually run around killing zombies on regular basis, check out the sim’s rules about accepted weapons and weapon systems. The quest begins by locating Edward who is standing in the middle of the parking lot and clicking him to get the quest to find his wallet.… Read the rest

Southern Belle Fashion Show by Allure

Allure Modeling Agency produces "Southern Belle" a Fashion Show in InWorldz
With much anticipation I awaited the date of the Southern Belle Fashion Show, to be held in InWorldz, and produced by Allure Modeling Agency.  I had heard of the fashion show, sponsored by Rowland Larkham of "Morning Coffee" through several group announcments, blog posts, and also through a friend of mine who's gowns would be featured in the event.
Southern Belles Fashion Show Poster
Unable to attend the beginning of the show due to a prior engagement (see here), I arrived at Bella and located a seat among the crowd of other fashion lovers.
Boudica at Southern Belle
Olivia Winterwolf and Rowland Larkham
Admiring Fashion Lovers
Apparently, there was a bit of lag, commotion, crashes, and last-minute changes of venue before I arrived, as reported here by Scarlett Qi of InWorldz Network News. I cannot say that my experience was near as bad as hers sounded.

When I arrived the lag was fairly minimal, with the models taking it all in stride with poise and confidence, though they had to walk through the stage rather than on it, and at times needed to float above it.  I was impressed at how cool and level-headed the production was, with encouraging and smooth announcements by Raven Dulce, CEO of Allure Modeling Agency.… Read the rest


Softness and sweet defined, a Fae is ever so beautiful, yet cross them and they can become your worst nightmare. Looks are always deceiving. Today is also the last day of the hunt at Sidhe na Daire located on the sim named Connemara. You will be looking for little Shamrocks for gifts and red leafs for special prizes as well as the grand prize, as Selkie build. I haven’t completed the hunt yet, but a friend has and I hear there are outfits to be found. I know there are many other fairy goodies to be had as I located some of those. Good luck! Credits: skin: eSTYLE silver 5 x3 / Dragos Janus-classifieds Lashes: Deviant Designs – Rosie Lavochkin – classifieds Outfit: Boaz – Faery Tavia Purple / Boaz Sands-classifieds Hair: Damselfly – Journey Brown Driftwood – Shylah Honey-picks Jewelry – Earthsong – Braided Silver Cuff / Thely Anansi Pose: Posture- Shower Pose / Lydia Cremorne-classifieds Location: Sidhe na Daire on sim named Connemara

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Lazy May Day

Not only am I lazy, I'm also super late to show you the latest group gifts from Katat0nik, these 2 cutes dresses, supposedly Easter themed, but hey, they're pretty, so I'm going to wear them anyway. And so should you...

Now with something a little different. LISP has put out their retied items for 1 to 10 l$ in their garden... I bought a few pieces that I love : table and chairs (10l$), potted heart plant (1l$)...

...armchair 10l$...

...sofa 10l$...

... set of heart cussions 10l$.

Other credits :

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Naima dress - Suscribo giftie
Summery dress, fresh look and cuteness in the look... That's what I picked in my SL wardrobe this morning and guess what ?
It's a gift from Mashooka, so go go go !

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Moody Mondays Week 4

Another amazing week from our amazing merchants. There is no Overflow Room this week, everybody's items are instore! Happy Shopping!



RezIpsa Loc





Tranquility Way Station Designs

Savoir Faire Shapes

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The Dollhouse New Release

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Like all Dollhouse Dollie only 100L

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