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No internet+No Pictures = Blog Post?

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Having no internet means that I can't take pictures in SL but that doesn't mean I can still blog about things in the SL world. I just have to use different ways about doing it. I figured since people are offering via Plurk and other blogs and you might not know who they are, that I could post them here for you!

1. Olela's Blog reports that Mashooka Designs' 4th Anniversary has come up and has 14 gift boxes hidden on the sim filled with clothing and jewery. Mynerva Skins also has a birthday, their 1st, and have hidden 5 boxes in the store.

Mashooka Designs
Mynerva Skins

2. SLgooddeals has several pictures related to the Albero Gatcha Festival. If you don't know what a Gatcha is, think of a bubble gum machine but filled with prizes in SL. They can be as low as 1L a shot and go up higher.

Albero Gatcha Festival

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Leanna’s Surprise

It was set! The plans made, notes passed, arrangements made, agreements whispered.  It was the day of Beltaine celebrations across the grid, but unbeknownst to our lovely fae friend Leanna, it was also the day that her sweetheart had planned a magical surprise birthday party for her!

Bradd Laval went through every effort to create a magical experience for his lady love, Leanna.  The setting was upon the serene shoreline of Atlantis, dancing upon the sparkling waters upon partially submerged mosaic floors.  He hired Prowess Rayna to perform the magical music that Leanna so much loved, and she waited patiently beside her piano while the guests arrived.

When the time arrived, *boom!* teleport after teleport of friends bringing friends all to surprise Leanna and wish her a happy birthday.  She fainted with surprise!  If it were not for the swift and steady reflexes of Bradd, she might have fallen into the sea and surely put a swift end to the celebrating.… Read the rest

(Caroline’s Jewelry) @ Culture Shock

The heart and key necklace is available now at Culture Shock. The necklace comes with both a chest and a spine attachment. 100% of this item goes to the charity Doctors without Borders. You will find two other new items along with this one at my culture shock location. This event runs from May 1st - 22nd. Please be considerate and de-prim and remove any worn scripts before going to the event. Teleport to Culture Shock

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Lazy Sundays Week 49

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*yawns* Morning! Hope your weekend has rocked so far!Here are the goods.
{ what next }
Holli Pocket
*~*HopScotch*~*Read more »

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Tiny post, hunt, gift, no it is not breedable, and thanks

Because milk churns are CUTE and decorative and I have too much RL work to get other stuff out... here they are, out at Vent du Sud.

The set of smaller ones is a gift to say thanks for supporting Doctors Without Borders last month. The bigger trio is a massive 1L. Copy, modify. 

Just think, you could have churns everywhere. You think there's a market for breedable churns?

OK, no. Sorry.

(and if you didn't buy anything last month then please still help yourself... and join the subscribo. Please. Thank you. I have lots of stuff nearly ready to put out). 

Grab the milk churns right outside the Vent du Sud mainstore, and pssst, new hunt gift also for the Perfect Couples Hunt.

Go... hunt. Sign outside the store too. It's a nice gift but no, not saying what it is. 

Back to work (yes, I know it's Sunday. Tell my clients that, huh?)

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Sexy or cute?

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My friend Rissa teleported me to that shop called B&T designs, and it's filled with very sexy outfits for less than 100l$ each. She nicely accepted to model for me that daring set of jeans, shirt and belt (only 50l$)

If you'd rather go with cuteness, Lo*Momo just put up a new group gift in store, this adorable white lacy camisole. My eyes are part of Banana Banshee's latest release,  Roses, and they are the Amber color (80l$)

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e! Sexy Bound Mini

This sexy little skin tight mini with strips of ribbon and material bound around the body makes a serious statement. This dress is not for the faint hearted.

This adoreable dress has different tones of the same colour family making this dress fun and funky and easy to accessorise with your favourite items.

This dress is avaliable in a variety of colours both on the marketplace and at e! Eclectic Apparel and Accessories in world.

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(romance) Meadow dress

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This set comes on jacket, shirt & pants, undershirt and underpants layers. Dress with glitch pants and long top version are included. M/C/NT, L$250 per color.
Available at:
PixelDolls Main Store

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(romance) Adventuress Belt

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These charming belts are available in 12 colors. Comes on jacket, shirt, and undershirt layers. M/C/NT, L$50 per color.
Available at:
PixelDolls Main Store

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(Romance) Meadow Boot . Leather

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Our Meadow boot is available in 12 leather fabrics.
These boots attatch to the lower leg, are fully modifyable (scripted and unscripted versions), and include brown and black detail versions.
2.0 foot alphas only- please try a demo in our shop to be sure this item is compatible with your viewer.

Available at PixelDolls, or on the Marketplace.

The Meadow leather boots now come with a resize scripted version included! If you have purchased this item previously and would like the scripted version, please send an IM or notecard to Scarlett Butler and I will send you an updated set of boots.

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Culture Shock Preview – Hucci

Culture Shock opens tomorrow at Midday SLT.   I’m previewing the Asymmetric Swimsuit from Hucci, available in solids and patterns for a total of 20 color selections. Credits:
Skin: Mynerva
Hair: Maitreya
Glasses: Gos
Swimsuit: Hucci (available at Culture Shock)
Bag: Berries (previous summer freebie)
Feet: SLink Photography: Salvatore Otoro

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ICON makeover- Mock Cosmetics

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ICON makeover- Mock Cosmetics, a photo by Mocksoup on Flickr.Preview. Coming to the Shape and Skin Expo- May 10th...

Skin: Kiko from Mynerva
Hair: Clawtooth by Clawtooth
Eyes: Fashism
Outfit: MiaMai

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