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Hi there, kiddos. 'Short post today.
I've been wearing this outfit off and on for some time now, and I thought I would share.It's simple -- the shoes are the only real accessory.
But, it makes me happy because it's so warm and beachy. Ta-da!
Image Credits:

Avatar: Aislinn Grizot

Skin: Curio; Lustre, Patina 2 in Petal, Dark
Hair: Elikatira; Paper in Red 05
Eyes: Poetic Color eyes; Fairy Eyes in Frog King, Bright [L]
Eyeliner: Tres Blah; Indie Liner Style 3
Bikini: artilleri; Jackie Bikini Top and Nyna Bikini Bottoms, for The Dressing Room
Shoes: Surf Couture; Knotted Wedges in Orange
Towel: {whatnext}; Brighton Beach Towel [Slightly Tinted]
Poses, from top to bottom: Striking Poses -- Billie Piper Freebie Pose; {Just a Pose} -- Pin Up Towel-Lay Side; {Just a Pose} -- Pin Up Towel-Kneel Sexy

Location: Home

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Kakia Designs Empress Urban Goth Gown

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Empress Urban Goth499
Kakia Designs is offering a second gown in the Urban Goth series. It's never too late to be the Empress you are... On Sale now!

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[LeeZu!] Florentine High Heel Pants

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Let your legs be fondled by LeeZu's new extraordinary Florentine High Heel pants, accentuating the tush with subtle pockets. The skin-tight pant flares break into two layers on the inner thigh, luring the eye down to the fully sculpted and wrinkled boot extensions. Entwined with buckled straps around the ankle, the heels finish this diverse design.

TP here

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Frilly Vest 5/31/2011

We apologize for the delay in updates the past 10 days or so, we were both on a bit of a hiatus while I was on RL vacation and mom was building a new house. Grixdale is becoming a frequently blogged shop from me and I must say I’m very thankful to be part of the blogger group of the store.  I really do love most of what comes out in the store and although this look came together by off chance with some of the new releases from that shop I really wanted to show off my new shoes! I can’t say that I’m guilty of going through all the shoe fair sims or that I even purchased more than a handful of items but I absolutely love the pair of shoes I purchased from Pixel Mode.  The proceeds of this shoe went to the charity which “collects new shoes to give relief to the victims of abject suffering and collects used shoes to support micro-business efforts to eradicate poverty”. The shoes went as a good accessory to my bit of a quirky look today. … Read the restShangri La Style 5-29-2011

Black and Blue

Hmm I will like to call this look as being consume in darkness, while glitters and blueness manage to steal me away from it. Sorry I might not talking sense at all. At this moment, I like this song from New Found Glory; Black and Blue. It might a bit old song but I know some people might feel like this. We always refer bruises as "black and blue". Bruises will fade away but sometime it will stay in our memory the feeling of pain and hurt from what we get from those bruises. Well I consider this as my shortest blog entry ever *blush*. What I wear...

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Flickr Contest HAIR FAIR 2011

Week 2, we cant wait to see what else you have in store for us! I would just like to take this opportunity to remind everyone to make themselves familiar with the rules before entering pictures, and to please be patient as entries are moderated. We have some absolutely amazing prizes this year (so far) and would like to thank all of our extremely generous prize donators. Below is a list of some of the incredible stores who will be donating prizes for this years Hair Fair Flickr Contest, with prizes being added daily.
Discord Designs
L+N Signature
Malevay Studios (Meeroos!)
Mechanized Life
Milestone Creations
Nikita Fride
Rezispa Loc
Rock Candy
Tutti Fruitti
Vanity hair
VR Studio
W Winx If you would like to donate a prize, please contact me, Ashia Tomsen in world via notecard stating the prize you would like to donate and your LM.… Read the restHair Fair 2011 Flickr Contest

Fan Limited 5-31

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Another installment of Fan Limited. Will last for two weeks, when they run outthey run out.
*LpD* - *Petit* Top Pink 90L(pic wouldnt fully load)
- Nemesis - Pure dress regatta 125L
Sweater Dress-(Gray) Comes in 2 styles -Dress or mini 200L
*SoliDea Little FoliEs*Flower Jewels Hat/RWB+ eyedress  125LRead more »

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Magic Nook

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One thing I really encourage shopaholics to get involved in are subscriber groups.  Especially for some of your favorite stores.  One of my favorites, Magic Nook, just released this adorable new dress (in a multitude of colors!), and I was alerted about it as soon as it was released!  Hooray for subscribers! (Plus they don’t take up group space. Double win.) I was so impressed with the sculpts on this dress.  I didn’t have to adjust a thing!  That almost never happens.  Ayumi Cassini, owner & designer of Magic Nook took the time to include an option for “chubbier” avatars with this dress.  Not that my avatar is necessarily “chubby” but she does have a little junk in the trunk, so the larger skirt size was perfect for me!  Thank you Ayumi for considering the curvier avatars when you created this darling dress! I’m really digging the new release from MOOD as well.  Jori always does a fantastic job. … Read the rest

Meanwhile by the tracks

New releases now from The Plastik and Wasabi Pills.

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InWorldz, A little bit of Happy at the Fair

The Alchemy County Fair is gearing up for a month long fund raising event with 100% of proceeds going to Japanese Relief Effort through Second Harvest via scripted vendors that send money immediately through participating creators to Virtual Helping Hands which is on file with InWorldz as a charity organization. This is really nice because that means other then ‘granting rights’ to a script, no funds are transferred manually between avatars! I went to Isle of Alchemy for a sneak peek (well that, and I’m a vendor there) and bought some fabulous shoes from Deviant Designs called Carnivale. I’m not super good at HUD based shoes but Rosie Lavochkin has made these extremely easy to tint, even for skins that are not her own. Granted, someone else with experience could have probably tinted these better but not bad for my third try! close up shot of the shoes from Deviant Designs called Carnivale I also did a short machinima for the Alchemy County Fair which you can see here: click here for Sneaking into the Fair and if you would like to be a vendor with 100% of the proceeds going to Japanese Relief Efforts, please contact Johnny Night or Cryptic Quandry for a group invite.… Read the rest

New Swimsuit and new store!

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So for the first time in 3 yrs, I have reopened a swim shop.
The Swimsuits from memorial day are there,they are now regular price at 75L

And a brand new swimsuit today
Glittering Sunset, with the 3-d chest strap.

Head to : Everything But Water
To see the new Swimsuit Shop,and join the subscriber, going to be doing lots of new suits this weekend :))


And a new Gatcha to
with the opition of not trying your luck and just buying the fat pack :))

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52 Weeks Of Color-Week 30- Ruby

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I can't believe I finally caught up to everyone on Luna's 52 Week of Color Challenge. I'm really excited to be at this point. When starting this challenge I made a commitment to myself that I would complete all 52 weeks and slowly I am. Now if I can only stay on track with the remainder 22 posts I'll be all set.

For this Color Challenge I decided to use a deep shade of red to capture the Ruby color. Ruby is my favorite gemstone because it happens to be my RL gemstone, gotta love the month of July. Today's look is compromised of items I already own, so I didn't need to make any special purchases for this post. It did give me a great excuse to sort and use things I had stored away.

The Next Color Challenge post is going to be Denim. I have almost a whole week to find my outfit, I am totally on the hunt for it. *crosses fingers*,  I hope I am able to find something cute to wear, after all I love dressing up.

The Look- Ruby
Hair-Lamb-Sick Muse- Christmas Special Hair
Skin-Exodi-Sylvan Cachet- Makeup #14
Tattoo Lips- Amacci- Katie Lips- Tattoo- 03
Necklace-League-Fly Me Away Home
Ring- Zaara- Kashiti bobble ring- Pearl
Dress-Truth-Martini Dress- Holly-Group Gift December 09
Background Texture- Distressed Textures- 190 Designer Walls

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52 Weeks of Color- Week 29-Neon Carrot

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At first when I read that this week's Color Challenge was Neon Carrot I became a bit nervous. I thought I used all of the bright orange hue that I owned in my Tangerine post, but thankfully I found a surprise in my inventory from Evelyn Hartshon owner of PomPomPom. This gorgeous bathing suit was given as a gift for subscribed members to celebrate over 1000 PomPomPomers. Evie did such a great job on this bikini. I am in awe of the finished look of it all, it's just a small sample of the beautiful handcrafted designs you can find at PomPomPom.

I have one more color challenge post to complete, Ruby. After that I will be completely caught up! I'm so looking forward to it. Let's hope I can find some Ruby soon.

The Look- Sunny Side Up
Hair-Clawtooth-Could I Resist?- Orange you glad
Skin- Apple May Designs- Teegan- Peachy- Naturals 1
Bikini- PomPomPom-Orange Toggle Bikini
Necklace- Nylon Outfitters- Glass Beads
Earrings- Artilleri- Glitter Love- Orange
Flower in Hair- Artilleri- Orchid hair Flower-Spotted Orange
Location- Isle of Brands

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LE Ballgown, clearance sale, and new additions @ PixelDolls

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Lots going on this week at PixelDolls!

First up we have a new limited edition ballgown available.
Ariadne is a gorgeous semisheer bodice, with a dramatic jewel-overlaid skirt.
Available in 4 colors, or a discounted fatpack.
The dress comes on all layers, and a bonus garment-only body jewel version without the dress part is also in each box.
M/C/NT, skirts come in unscripted (and modifyable) or with resizer script.
L500 per color, available through 6/6/11
Find it at PixelDolls main store.

Also, we are clearing out space again- that means sales!
68 items have been placed in the lobby, on the opposite side of the boot display, full of amazing bargains. Items include tops, denim, casual and party dresses. These items will remain available on Marketplace, but this is thier last go-round in world!
Taxi to the bargains

And last but certainly not least, we have recently welcomed Bewildebeest to the PixelDolls main store. If you like crazy detail and whimsy, you must come see this jewelry collection.… Read the rest


The weekend went by too fast. *smiles*
I went dancing with my favorite DJ.
We listened to our beats and jammed the night away.

What I'm listening to.
Check out this tune and enjoy it with me.
Necessary Response - Spilling Blood

What I’m wearing:
Hair: Truth -Kelsey
Eyes: pc eyes by LL -Shallow Water
Skin: LAQ -Susan [Nougat] Glow skin
Tattoo: HUZ -Oriental
Make-up: Little Pricks -Alchemy's Warning
Choker: Blitzed -Legacy choker
Vest: Izzie's -Draped Vest black
Dress: [Plastik] -Boudoir-Cirque
Socks: Xbordeaux -Hungry Hearts Tights
Boots: Ducknipple -Motoko (Black)
Mask: Cobrahive - Surgeon Mask (black laced)
Bracelets: Blitzed -Legacy
Bracelets: LouLou&Co -FRENCH KISS
Leg Wraps: -::Twisted & Spoiled :: -Renegade
Pose: Glitterati

Love Quote of the Day:
Say what you will, 'tis better to be left than never to have been loved.
William Congreve

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The Khaleesi

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If you’d been following my plurks lately you’d know that I’ve been reading the ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ series by George R.R. Martin, which is also the basis for HBO’s latest hit A Game Of Thrones. The stories are epic fantasy novels, set in the fictional land of Westeros and the lands beyond. Early in the first book, Daenerys Targaryen and her brother Viserys, the rightful heir of Westeros, are in hiding across the narrow sea in the Free Cities. Daenerys is married to Khal Drogo, a Dothraki horselord, by her brother Viserys in hopes of obtaining the the Khals vast army to regain Westeros. Daenerys embraces the Khalasar, becomes one of them. One of the great things about SL is the ability to bring these characters that exist now in our hearts and minds to life. This outfit started with the skin – Dany, a skin with white brows and several makeup options created by fellow Game of Thrones fan Sachi Vixen of Adam n Eve.… Read the restDany

**Angelwing** Spring Fairy

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**Angelwing** The Spring Fairy Green Thank you to Angel Susanti
Poses Used: [LAP] Swimsuit Model II Pose Set [:T:] Jade Skin – sunkissed subtle cleavage
[:T:] Jade shape Thank you Tuli
Truth Cecilia Streaked – Driftwood Thank you Truth

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Hi there.
It's Memorial Day.
I'm posting a little late in the day, but I still made it.
It took me a while to put this together.
The post I started out making had nothing to do with the holiday , but it just wouldn't go right.
I figure it was a sign from somewhere nebulous and bright (or just because my mind was elsewhere), so I shifted gears.I decided I'd do a memorial day post, and, without so much as a gap from one thought to the other, a Howard Chandler Christy image slipped into my head.
I was going to recreate the poster altogether, but after getting the look together and sifting through thousands of poses with no luck on a match, time was waning.
I like the result, regardless. It's different, but it feels right.
Happy Memorial Day.
Image Credits:

Avatar: AislinnGrizot

Skin: Curio; Lustre, Pure 2 in Petal, Dark
Hair: Truth; Kitty in Espresso
Eyes: Poetic Color Eyes; Fairy Eyes in Frog King, Bright [L]
Eye Makeup: Tres Blah; Indie Liner Style 3
Teeth: PXL; OpenMouth AddOn
Top: Edelweiss; School Sailor in Navy
Bottoms: Artilleri; 1st Mate Capris in White
Shoes: Reek; Swell Sneaks in Navy/Gray
Hat: Icing; Sailor Hat
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Sophia is my Homegirl!

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You know what show I can’t get enough of?  It’s  a little embarrassing but… The Golden Girls!  Growing up I watched it ALL THE TIME.  It always just made me feel good.  Each character was so dynamically different.  My friend Bowie Zeplin and I were having this discussion the other day and she made a really good point about our friendship and the friendships we have with other people.  Our personalities are all so versatile.  Each of us have such unique characteristics that make us who we are, and really for any success in any relationship you have to learn to embrace one another’s difference, regardless of if they are considered flaws or not. We came to the conclusion that if her and I were part of the Golden Girls she would be Sophia. The up front, blunt, tell it like it is, but still kind at heart one, and I would be Rose, the somewhat ditzy, rambling, easily excitable, but fun loving one.  So when she spotted this shirt the other day at Arnadi I just knew I had to have it. … Read the rest

undefined lilies 014

Some news!

I just released a bag, yes, you read right: a bag. It is my first attempt doing something none-jewelish and I hope you like it.

The bag comes in 7 basic body colors (see them named 01 - 07) which you can't change. But all other parts, like the wings, eyes, holding strap etc. are texture change, you can even switch the metal between gold and silver.
Only the fatpack version includes the ability to change the body of the owl bag.

Every bag comes with and without left/right hand and shoulder poses so you can wear it as you prefer.

Single: 249L
Fatpack: 1500L

Please take a look at the inworld demo and guide available next to the vendors!

undefined lilies mainstore

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