I’m Only Happy When It Rains

The Happy When It Rains event has started at Twomoons Island! A bunch of people (myself included) have booths with rainy items for the event. I ended up with 14 new things for it, because I sculpted this little cloud, and then this umbrella, and then sort of went insane. I know, like this was actually a change from my default state.

The clouds, well. They made me channel my inner Japanese girl. She's very small, and cute, and perpetually in her early 20s and wears big frilly floofy skirts. There are 2 sets of Kawaii Clouds jewelry, with bead drops of rain, and strings of rainbow beads.

The clouds made another appearance on a tanktop and t-shirt- the tanktop is the same teal as the Skunk Electro-cute, and can be made into a dress with that set using it instead of the skunk top.

And another prim corset! MiaSnow, our fine host for this event, is always unabashedly courageous with her use of colour, and it's always amazing. The rain soaked corset's colours, and those of the matching necktie, were inspired by her.

And then, of course, if it's raining, you need an umbrella! And so, the parapluies- sculpted brollies that go with the corset and tie. Each contains two umbrellas- a purple to pink outer with a teal to blue inner, and a teal to blue outer with a purple to pink inner. The most traditional ones, to carry around holding, have three holding poses you can cycle between when the owner clicks upon the umbrella. (My poses were ALL conflicting with each other when I was t (Read more...)

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