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Marry Me Dead

You always said, “till death do us part.”Credits:Hair – Clawtooth: Louise Brooks – Aged wellSkin – Edge of Sanity – }EoS{ – Urbana – Tone 1Outfit – *SoliDea FoliEs* Non Sono Una SignoraPose by EverglowLocation – Pravda Graveyard

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Marry Me Dead



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Flutter by Butterfly

Ok. You got me. I’ll admit, begrudgingly, that Spring might be, well, might be OK.I like butterflies and flowers. I just don’t like all the sunshine!Credits:Skin:  Gala Pheonix – :GP:Moonbeam Frex [Light] Pout-Tantrum 2Hair: (Dernier Cri) Taylo…

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Fluttery by Butterfly

Haters Gonna Hate, or Bullying in my SL

I usually don’t bring up my little fights on my blog.  Normally I find that distasteful because I don’t run a drama blog.  However, last night an issue very close to my heart was touched and caused me a lot of pain. As many of you know, I play both an adult and child avatar […]

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I finally had a chance to check out über couple Rylan Carling’s and Sixx Yangtz’s photography exhibition. I knew it would be amazing because they are both talented photographers… but wow. It blew me away. The photos demonstrate technical s…

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20,000 Adorable Babies Birthed in Secondlife®

The Meeroos™ open beta started this weekend with the first round being the challenge of delivering thousands of the HUD devices used to manage and control these cuties. Today around 20,000 babies were delivered to squealing delighted beta testers. And they sure are cute. And, just like real babies of all mammal species, they need […]

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Workin’ In the Sun

I got these awesome dirty tattoos from Miss Shippe’s Studio and these great comfy shorts from Dilly Dolls and I thought GARDENING! Then I put on the messy limited edition hair from Discord Designs and my look was complete!Well, it was complete once I …

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