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Flower Power in Second Life! Retro Hot!

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Flower Power Blue

Flower Power Yellow
These jeans are so cute and sexy, and include sculpts. The tops are sexy and fun, and attention getters. Hope you love these as much as I do!

Shoes: N-Core Chic
Skin: eStyle Athens
Hair: Magikia Aina

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New @ [fucifino]: Libro Albero

Available now @ the Fucifino mainstore.

The libro albero (or book tree) is available in 5 different shades and is 8 prims with the shown books or without the books, it's 2 prims.  The shadow isn't linked so, depending on how you use it, you can have the shadow on the floor or against the wall. You can add your own items, have more or less books - it's up to you. :-)

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Phase 1: Collect Underpants, Phase 2: ?, Phase 3: Profit

I can't admit explain why I ended up searching for this on the Marketplace today. With only the 'General' maturity level checked, search only found the clean ones. The used ones only came up when the 'Adult' maturity level search preference was checked. Interestingly, the dirty ones cost more. But since some of the work is done for you (ewww! eww! ewww!), I guess that makes sense. 

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Truly Enchanted – A Concert by Prowess Rayna

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I had the incredible pleasure to be whisked away much to my delight and surprise, to an amazing concert by the incredible Pianista, Prowess Rayna. 
I don't mean to get all superfluous with my descriptions, but truly, Prowess' music is beyond description. Hers is an art to be experienced live, and an experience from which you emerge somehow changed, more beautiful.... Truly Enchanted.

If you have the opportunity to listen to her perform live, I highly recommend you do!  Her art and talent with the piano set such a healing and ethereal mood.
 I had been wanting to hear this artist perform at another event, but was unable to go the last time, and I'm so thankful to Leanna and Bradd for teleporting me to enjoy the show.  Thank you my beautiful friends!
It's times like this that put the magic in virtual worlds, and this event, simulcast in both InWorldz and Second Life, was indeed magical.  The concert was held live at Fleure's Enchanted Corner on Falathrim in InWorldz. 

Fleure Homewood has provided a magical and delightful venue for celebrating the arts, and in addition to the concerts, if you explore a bit, you will find a beautiful art gallery. 

Please enjoy your visit, and be sure to catch Prowess Rayna's next show at Fleure's.  She plays every 3rd Monday of the month, and shows are often simulcast in Second Life, as this one was.… Read the rest

Meanwhile I have new hair

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I just bought this hair and wanted to share, it has so many options.

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What do you get after high-maintenance house guest, sick laptop, and work overload?

You get a VERY grumpy me (me time? What me time?)

However, I am pleased to report that the house guest has finally headed home (seriously,  the 'is your home made tomato sauce really organic?' nearly left her covered in it).

The sick laptop? Part exchanged, and I am in the process of reconfiguring shiny newness and importing because I have a three-day work trip tomorrow and need a laptop that works (to work on, but fortunately it appears to handle SL). 
However, there is still time to support Doctors without borders, for instance by indulging yourself in a 50L Summer Cabin (19 prims, two sizes, two colours) from Vent du Sud, as shown above.
Because I am going to extend the whole thing until I get back and get organised a bit, so for at least another week all revenues at  Vent du Sud go there.
I had hoped to get more stuff finished, but hey, too busy nursemaiding cranky guest and crankier PC.… Read the rest

Remember when you were new?

Although the default avatar clothing, skin and hair have come a long way from when I was a new player, a big part of the fun of SL (for me anyway) was changing up my look.  And a big part of doing that was the Free Dove.  I’m pleased to say that the Free Dove is still alive and well all these years later, and that because of a recent project by the ultra-generous Palomma Casanov  to update the offerings there, Duh! is able to be a part of it. Next time you run into a new player looking a little lost, make sure to point them in the right direction. Taxi to Free Dove.
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