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A Netherworld for Project Fur

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I have three brand new items out for Project Fur.  100% of the proceeds benefit Japanese Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support.

My 1st item is a new skybox called the "Fantasy Skybox." On the outside, it looks just like a normal skybox, but on the inside, it's a whole different world.  All the furniture inside is included, and it's only 200L

I also made a set of gothic garden lamps.  One features a spider, the other a cobweb.  The poles, top, and swirls are all sculpted.  These two lights are only 75L.

Finally, I have a cute sculpted 7 prim hanging lantern.  You can click it to turn the light on or off.  It's only 50L.

Be sure to check out Project Fur.  There are some amazing items for sale, and, again, 100% of every dollar you spend goes to help animals!

TP to Project Fur:

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Illusions @ Fantasy Faire 2011

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The Fantasy Faire has just kicked off, and after a week of my entire friend's list pulling out their hair with stress (myself included!) we finally get to enjoy the reveal.

Before I got wrapped up in working on my marketplace, I had wanted to continue working on my Egyptian set and make a few more items in that theme. In my original Egyptian Isis set (now almost four years old!) it had a strong scarab theme, and I wanted to revive that in a new jewelry set.

Khepra, (or Khepri, Kheper) was an Egyptian god of transformation and the sun. He was represented by a scarab, and so I've brought the motif of the scarab and the sun into this collar and matching bracelets. The set goes beautifully with the other Semeret pieces that are available, and have the same color and metal options as them.

Another expansion of Semeret I wanted to do was a full gown. Where the silks set is a sexy and eye catching option, the full dress is just as alluring but without showing quite so much skin.

It features a classic Egyptian sheath line, with skirt prims for the legs to avoid "breaking".… Read the rest

The Open Road

Jerremy and I went exploring a couple of weeks ago and while we were out and about we bought some hang-gliders to play with. Also, Jerremy got a bike and I picked up a scooter. Unfortunately, he wasn't in-world to race me for these pictures. If he had been able to log in, we would've challenged each other and bet sexual favors for the winner... and then it wouldn't matter who won, of course.

I found a nice quiet stretch of Route 7 to ride around on.  I like this scooter because when you ride it, a little bike bell rings and that makes me happy. (It's the little things, people.) I totally need one of these in RL now. 

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I spy this weekend!

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Hey you guys I spy this weekend… Read the rest

Building a Game: Part 2

Continuing from Building a Game: Part 1, where I discuss creating a super low poly model, I’m going to show a few tips and steps to texturing a different low poly model (for the same game) in this post! Click any of the pictures below to enlarge. Interested in hiring me to create some 3D models for you? See my services page! Step 1: Model the character. The fellow featured to the left is around 1,400 tris, which is enough to use as a base for some more interesting texturing techniques, compared to the last post which featured a mere 400 poly character. This fine fellow was created using an edge extrusion modeling technique as opposed to a box modeling technique. This allows for better control over the shape and topology and in my opinion is a pretty quick building method. The character we’re looking at today is another NPC villager, but with a more specialised role, so we’re able to spend more time fleshing out the model and textures while still keeping things optimised for older machines.… Read the rest

Fantasia at Fantasy Faire!

Fantasia is at Fantasy Faire!
(This will take you to the right sim, follow the red beacon to my store)

Fantasia was invited to participate in Fantasy Faire this year and do we have some fantasy goodness for you. Being from a coastal home, but currently living far from it, I miss the ocean terribly. So out of the blue came inspiration for this set of outfits and accessories, and I hope you'll enjoy!

Naiad Scales Tattoo Layer-100L-mod/copy/notrans
This tattoo layer will let you add a bit of mer to any skin you own. Over pale skins they're shimmering highlights, over darker skins they add an opalescent hue. Available in six subtle colors.

Naiad Silks-300L-mod/copy/notrans
One has to look sexy if one is going to be singing some mariners to their deaths, right? Or, if you just happen to like a seaside tone to your silks. These are prim silks featuring soft drapes of sheer, softly luminescent silk, fringes of seaweed and shiny mother-of-pearl shells.… Read the restImage

New Boots: Memphis

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New Boots avaliable at V-Twins Main Shop and Bootleggerz: Memphis

Collection composed of:

Available in 4 colours: black,  black with flames, red, brown & white

V-Twins Bootleggerz - Biker Boots & Shoes

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Coffee Break Sale @ Lo Lo Cafe

Coffee Break is a bi-monthly sale held on the sim Lo Lo. Designers on the sim place an item in the coffee shop at a great discount to you. This sale lasts two weeks. Can you believe the adorable dress from Grixdale is only 35L. Unbelievable! The coffee colored outfit on the right is from Ingenue and just 75L per piece. I love wearing browns! And the 7 chairs from North West have many poses in them are 75L for the whole pack! I'm also wearing my chandelier earrings. You get all 9 colors for 75L. The sunglasses and poses are by Caroline's and are only at the Pose Fair for now. Teleport to Coffee Break

April 1-15 you can pick up these great deals:
Doppelganger - Polly Dress 80L
Grixdale - Sun of a Gun - Vintage Doll Dresses 35L each
Caroline's Jewelry - Cabochon Chandelier Earrings (all colors) $75L
North West - Jenny's chairs pack (7 prints) 75L
!bang - Stolen Moment 75L (and you get reward points!)
Ingenue :: Mitzi Shorts :: Coffee (reward points!) 75L
Ingenue :: Wanda Halter :: Coffee (reward points!) 75L

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Buggered-SL Prim issues

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For some reason this past week, perms on "prim" items are starting to revert.
They are correct when you purchase the items (mod/copy)
How ever when you put them on. The revert to just transfer, and will not allow you to mod them.

I have contacted SL and this is what they told me in a nutshell

"Our records show that your Second Life account has a Basic (free) membership. Basic members have many Support options open to them (you can file cases about most account issues, billing issues, marketplace issues, and some technical issues), but it seems like your issue in this case is not one that is supported for Basic members."

So yeah basically since I don't pay them for an account, the problem, isn't going to be looked into.

So if you have this problem, with one of your purchases.

- Make a folder with your name-perm issues
-include transaction information
-send me only the prim parts that are not working for you
-i will send a fixed version asap

Again guys please be patient,I don't know how long this bug is going to last,but I am more then happy to work with you, just be kind patient and polite :))

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