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A Netherworld for Project Fur

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I have three brand new items out for Project Fur.  100% of the proceeds benefit Japanese Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support.My 1st item is a new skybox called the “Fantasy Skybox.” On the outside, it looks just like a normal skybox, but on the …

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A Netherworld - Fantasy Skybox 1024





Illusions @ Fantasy Faire 2011

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The Fantasy Faire has just kicked off, and after a week of my entire friend’s list pulling out their hair with stress (myself included!) we finally get to enjoy the reveal.Before I got wrapped up in working on my marketplace, I had wanted to continue w…

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The Open Road

Jerremy and I went exploring a couple of weeks ago and while we were out and about we bought some hang-gliders to play with. Also, Jerremy got a bike and I picked up a scooter. Unfortunately, he wasn’t in-world to race me for these …

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I spy this weekend!

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Hey you guys I spy this weekend

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Building a Game: Part 2

Continuing from Building a Game: Part 1, where I discuss creating a super low poly model, I’m going to show a few tips and steps to texturing a different low poly model (for the same game) in this post! Click any of the pictures below to enlarge. Interested in hiring me to create some 3D […]

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Fantasia at Fantasy Faire!

Fantasia is at Fantasy Faire!(This will take you to the right sim, follow the red beacon to my store) was invited to participate in Fantasy Faire this year and do we have some fantasy goo…

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New Boots: Memphis

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New Boots avaliable at V-Twins Main Shop and Bootleggerz: Memphis

Collection composed of:

Alpha layer
Shoe base
Alpha texture for adavanced users

Available in 4 colours: black,  black with flames, red, brown & white

V-Twins Bootleg…

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Coffee Break Sale @ Lo Lo Cafe

Coffee Break is a bi-monthly sale held on the sim Lo Lo. Designers on the sim place an item in the coffee shop at a great discount to you. This sale lasts two weeks. Can you believe the adorable dress from Grixdale is only 35L. Unbelievable! The coffee…

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Coffee Break

Buggered-SL Prim issues

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For some reason this past week, perms on “prim” items are starting to revert.They are correct when you purchase the items (mod/copy)How ever when you put them on. The revert to just transfer, and will not allow you to mod them.I have contacted SL and t…

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