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Sweater Vest

Too warm for a sweater, too chilly for just a shirt. What’s a girl to do? I went in search of a sleeveless cardigan and found the perfect one at DP yumyum. This sculpted sweater vest has a pretty Nordic pattern and is available in four colors. I wore it with a shirt from an outfit by INDI Designs and a cute skirt from Acid & Mala. I pulled on my Wanderer Boots from Tiny Bird and I’m ready for whatever temps this day may bring. Sweater Vest: **DP**yumyum:knit best (beige) by **DP**YUMYUM
Shirt: INDI – Blouse by INDI Designs
Skirt: .:A&M:. Brown Skirt by Acid & Mala Creations
Hair: Trinity – pecan by Truth Hair
Earrings: TFG special earrings by Label Mode Body Shop
Boots: Tiny Bird – Wanderer Boot – Russet by Tiny Bird
Pose: Model356 by *EverGlow*
Skin: LAQ ~ Maria – 01 {Fair} Glow skin by Laqroki

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April 2011
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Approach with Caution

I’ve always been slightly intimidated by badass avatars. You know the kind, right? They tower over you in all their raven-haired, raccoon-eyed, foul-mouthed glory. They’re not wasting time taking names. I used to politely step aside and watch wide-eyed as they commanded a room, quelling dissidents with a single glance. That’s over now! I’m tough as nails. Bring it on if you dare. Just … y’know, be gentle. Corset: Stephanie Corset by PixelDolls
Feet: Jolie Pied Pivoting by Slink
Hair: Somebody’s Baby by Shag
Kitten: Bandaged Kitty by Pink Fuel
Pants: Limnea high waist pants by Baiastice
Pose: ~N~ ScaryBitch22 by Niqotine Poses (Closed)
Shirt: Mides by Baiastice
Skin: Misha – Vogue by Apple May Designs

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New from Fantasia! The Plebs!

On 21st April 2011 · By Elena of Braavos · With Leave a comment
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New from Fantasia!

Some of you may have noticed the easels up front in the store, depicting ancient Roman plebian clothing. Inspired by a new trend of this type, I've created four new costumes for the plebian women, since most creators seem to be focusing on the patricians or lupas (lupas were prostitutes, and only they wore togas, ps). I'll probably make some patrician dresses as well, but for now...the Plebs!

"Alecto" is a draped top (stolla) over the tan, linen tunica. Golden pins hold the shoulder drapes together while a simple rope gathers at the waist. Available in 6 colors, and a RFL exclusive.

"Eirene" is a touch more dressy for a plebian woman, a simple shift dress of creped linen with a pleated leather underbust tie. Though simple, the fabric and line of the dress indicates it is slightly more formal, perhaps appropriate for worship or a party. Available in 6 colors and a RFL exclusive.… Read the restImage

Fantasia at Fantasy Faire!

Fantasia is at Fantasy Faire!
(This will take you to the right sim, follow the red beacon to my store)

Fantasia was invited to participate in Fantasy Faire this year and do we have some fantasy goodness for you. Being from a coastal home, but currently living far from it, I miss the ocean terribly. So out of the blue came inspiration for this set of outfits and accessories, and I hope you'll enjoy!

Naiad Scales Tattoo Layer-100L-mod/copy/notrans
This tattoo layer will let you add a bit of mer to any skin you own. Over pale skins they're shimmering highlights, over darker skins they add an opalescent hue. Available in six subtle colors.

Naiad Silks-300L-mod/copy/notrans
One has to look sexy if one is going to be singing some mariners to their deaths, right? Or, if you just happen to like a seaside tone to your silks. These are prim silks featuring soft drapes of sheer, softly luminescent silk, fringes of seaweed and shiny mother-of-pearl shells.… Read the restImage