Rent at Kuu Ipo!

There are currently several parcels open on Kuu Ipo, all of them available at reasonable rates. Some parcels can be combined into a larger, single parcel, up to a quarter sim in size. Cost to rent a quarter sim is L$23,000 per month.

Kuu Ipo is a G-rated sim, which means your store will be accessible to teen resident shoppers, too! If your main store is on an M-rated or A-rated sim and you are looking to reach a broader range of residents with a smaller satellite shop, IM me and I will be happy to create a location with a prim allotment that is sized to your needs.


Kuu Ipo parcel 03 Parcel 03

8192 sqm (1/8th sim)
1875 prims
12,500L per month

Perfect for a main store! Located at the NorthWest corner of the sim. Enjoy unblocked ocean views at all three points of this corner; endless possibilities for rezzing off-sim landscaping decor.


Kuu Ipo parcel 02 Parcel 02

6656 sqm
1523 prims
2900L per week

Large parcel with lots of prims, perfect for a main store. This swath of land borders the unblocked West edge of the sim. Located next to Mela’s, and adjoins the sim’s center/lunch shop.


Kuu Ipo parcel 01 Parcel 01

1872 sqm
428 prims
950L per week

Gorgeous location between Shoji’s Gall (Read more...)

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