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For Japan

On 19th March 2011 · By Aislinn Grizot · With Leave a comment
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Through SL, presentations of the world that is and worlds that might be, would be and have been create a unique global community. The distillation of cultures and ideas is one that never ceases to amaze -- particularly so when it not only reflects the world outside, but responds to it with an expansiveness that far exceeds the boundaries of its grid-borne pixels.Every item worn in this post can be acquired at one of two fundraisers currently ongoing in SL -- Help Japan and Pacific Crisis Fundraiser.
Both are dedicated to relief efforts for the real-life Japan.Many items are red and white, or bear the language and symbols of the disaster-stricken country. Others less-definitively tied to any one theme. All are there to raise money for Japan.
Image Credits: Avatar: Aislinn Grizot Skin: Glam Affair; Sakura Skin, Natural BR_A 01 [PCF]Lipstick: Esk-Imo; Red Japan Makeup in Lips Only 2 [PCF]Face paint: Bounce; Ethnic Paint in Both Cheeks, White 1 [PCF]Hair: Tiny Bird; Islands in Deep Warm Black [HJ]Eyes: Banana Banshee; Japan Eyes in Nori [PCF]Dress: Aoharu; Off-Shoulder Gauze Tunic in Red [PCF]Shoes: Lazy Places; Wren Wedge in PCF White [PCF]Necklace: GJK; Red Bird Pendant [HJ]Bracelet: Rozoregalia; Mizuho Bracelet [PCF]Poses in single photos, from top to bottom: Exposeur -- for PCF 2; aDORKable poses -- PCF4; aDORKable poses -- PCF3 [PCF]Poses in multi-photo, from left to right: Exposeur -- for PCF 2; aDORKable poses -- PCF3; aDORKable poses -- PCF4 [PCF] Location: Home

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[Insatiable Fashions] does Taste of SL! 3/19/2011

Hello Hello Insatiables!

I'm participating in Taste of SL this weekend! This week's theme is Spring Break, and I decided to put out this cute little floral number in honor of the event!

To see the full list of items, check out the TOSL blog here.

New items are coming in a bit! You know me, I like to release things in big batches. Pain in the ass, but it works! ♥

Here's your limo:
TP to [Insatiable Fashions] HQ!

AliannaMarie GossipGirl

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The Even-More-Basic Viewer

Have you read about the new beta Basic Viewer? You can read about it here (Raul Crimson's blog) and here (Alicia Chenaux's blog). It's a stripped down version of the viewer intended for new users. It lacks such "confusing" items as inventory, landmarks, voice, avatar customization and movement controls.

Well, I have created what I call the The-Even-More-Basic-Viewer. It's by far the easiest viewer to use EVER, in my humble opinion. Here's how you can try it out:

Step 1: Find a Second Life user in your geographic area. 
Step 2: Ask their permission to come to their house and watch over their shoulder while they do stuff in world and explain what they are doing.
Step 3: Profit!

I feel that The-Even-More-Basic-Viewer is better because the new SLer has the opportunity to learn about things like inventory, building, commerce, griefers and Windlight settings with a set of  training wheels of sorts.

The only downside of The-Even-More-Basic-Viewer? Finding someone who is willing to admit in RL that they use SL.… Read the rest

“So Boho”: March SUYS @ AMBIANCE!

Available March 19-20 at the special price of 150L each!

  Vist the AMBIANCE Main Store.

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