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Pacific Crisis Fundraiser: Kumi Pre-Release Skin

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So happy to be done with finals because I really wanted to find a way to help:

About Pacific Crisis Fundraiser:

"SL is an international community with a strong base in Japan. This disaster affects us all. SLers have risen up time and again to help in periods of distress, including very recently.

In September 2010, USD 11,000 was raised for the Pakistan flood crisis relief fund (UNICEF) at an SL event — an event organized in four days. This is an example of what our community can do, and we are attempting to prepare for a similar, simple but effective event.

Please note that 100% of all money raised will go to the charity Americares. Land was donated by Glam Affair and all volunteers are giving their time without charge."
March 16th ~ April 10th
Outfit Credits: Hair (Lelutka), Eyes (Insufferable Dastard), Shirt (MichaMi)

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[LeeZu!] Arabesque Blouse & Glitter Hotpants

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You can almost feel the coolness of a spring breeze coming through your windows as [LeeZu!] releases 2 sets of sculpted feminine blouses. Unbuttoned and softly distorted by wind, Arabesque Blouse will add a perfect flowery finish to your outfits. The Araplain Blouse hugs the body in softer fabric patterns. Enhanced by sculpted collar and delicate puffy sleeves covering your wrists he'll desire to kiss.
Wear it with [LeeZu!]'s new highwaisted ribboned Glitter Pants for a sexy and stylish look. Available in 12 colors.
Blouse: TP here Pants: TP here

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New Outfit: Maelie

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New Outfit avaliable at V-Twins Main Shop:  Maelie

Outfit composed of:

Available in 3 colours: black, red & white.

Visit V-Twins Main Shop by clicking here !!

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e! Photo Contest!!

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Just over 24 hours to go to enter!!!

e! Eclectic Apparel and Accessories

e! PHOTO CONTEST - 1st MARCH - 18th of MARCH

e! Eclectic Apparel and Accessories


1st Place:
- Your photo displayed in store for at least a month
- L$1000 cash
-L$2500 gift card for e!

2nd Prize:
- Your photo displayed in store for at least a month
- L$500 cash
-L$1000 gift card for e!

3rd Prize:
- Your photo displayed in store for at least a month
-L$1000 gift card for e!

Additional prizes may be given if the submissions deem it.


This is not a voting contest. Entries will be judged by myself (Eclectic Wingtips) and several other impartial judges. These judges will assist me, however I will make the final decision.

Rules :
(Please read carefully and completely)

- All photos must be submitted by March 18th at Midnight SLT.
- Maximum of three photos to be submitted per avatar.
- Please note down the other items worn in the picture (hair, skin, shoes, accessories etc) in a notecard and submit this with the photos
- Post processing IS allowed, however this should not obscure the clothing
- All photos should be either 512 by 512 pixels OR 1024 by 512 (standing up, that is 1024 pixels HIGH not wide).… Read the reste! Photo contest

Susamajii means Fierce- Please read: Pacific Crisis Fundraiser

This makeup is inspired by the Kabuki Makeup in the Edo style of Japan.  To me, it is fierce and represents tenacity, hanging on to Japanese tradition.  I used red as a predominate color to symbolize the color of disk on the Japanese flag.  I have also included an eyeshadow only version to keep for yourself or share with a friend.

The Edo region is now the Tokyo and surrounding areas, including the north which were hit hard by the earthquake,subsequent aftershocks, tsunami waves and are now at great risk of radiation because of nuclear power plants being unable to withstand these natural disasters.

There really isn't anything more I can say, other than my thoughts and prayers are with the people of Japan, their families and friends. 

And my dear friends eku and yure, I adore you and continue to pray for your continued safety and good journey to wherever you go.

100% of the proceeds to AmeriCares.
Please check out the other vendors and help out however you can,  and if you can't face the lag, I also have my vendor in my shop along with a donation jar.… Read the rest