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The IRS has a sim?

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Yup. It's true - the RL IRS (the Internal Revenue Service) has a sim in Second Life. I found it after I finished up my RL taxes to give to my RL tax person so that I won't go to a RL prison for tax evasion. I decided to see if I could find any tax related things in SL.

You can get tax help and apply for jobs here. And once you are done doing boring things, there's a night club where you can dance and win prizes in a trivia contest. While you're here, you can pick up gifts like jewelry and watches - which is kind of ironic, since the IRS takes away all the money I could use to buy myself jewelry and watches. 

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More Pure Juicy Goodness

A couple of my favs from the Pure Juice event, a collaboration between Chic Management and Juicy Sims.   Mushie Panties and Socks & Je Suis Earrings Shirt from Piddle Credits Skin: Mynerva 1:
Hair: Elikatira
Outfit: Mushie*
Earrings: Je Suis* 2:
Hair: Lelutka
Top: Piddle* Poses: Poseur
Photography: Salvatore Otoro *Pure Juicy items

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Steampunk Textures, Set 14

This is an extension to sets 9-13, and contains a mixture of wall and girder textures. There are 30 distinct textures, plus transparent versions of the window textures, and most of them are 512 x 512 in size. Here’s a preview.… Read the restSteampunk Textures, Set 14, Sample 1

Special for March 6!

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Robin just finished a beautifully detailed wooden shelf, with curved brackets and a stunning backboard that boasts 2 pegs and a heart shaped cut out between them. It also has baked on shadows that are continued on the accurate shadow prim. All this, in only 3 prims! (One for the shelf, one for the pegs, and one for the shadow.)

To celebrate the shelf, the coming of spring, and the successful renovation of her new store, Robin in Bay City, she has paired the shelf with a ceramic pitcher with a lovely blue-speckled glaze that's filled with a bouquet of seven bright spring tulips, and is selling the group for L$120 for Sunday, March 6, only!

Or you can purchase the shelf for L$75, and the pitcher full of tulips for L$100, if you only want one of them. :D

Come and see, at The Home & Garden Store or Robin in Bay City. Or just come and see the new store!

Afterword; the special is long over now, of course, but the shelf is still available!

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Good Deals & Free Stuff

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Set 1:
Outfit: Glam Affair: A&A Dress (10L Store- includes stockings and gloves)
Hair: Beauty Avatar ALVA White Platinum (10L Store)
Flats: ~+Flirt+~ Audrey  pink knit flat (50L@ Pure Juice Venue)
Skin: Belleza Skin - Melissa (VIP Group Gift - Join (250 FEE)

Set 2:
Blouse: =^^= MIAO Magenta Lourdes Blouse( 75L @ Pure Juice Venue)
Jeans: COOL BEANS- (Group Gift @ Jersey Shore Seaside Heights)
Boots: PLASTIK - Aestival Boot (Fur changeable) (Group Gift @ Jersey Shore Seaside Heights)
Bangles: Apple May Designs- Contemporary Bangles (Free@ Pure Juice Venue)

Set 3:
Dress: **Beauty Avatar** Lubecca (10L Store)
Hair: *Head Mistress* Starbuck: Blonde1  (150 L All Colors Pack! @ Pure Juice Venue)
Shoes: [bellballs] Dangerously Studded Heels- Zeebra Printed (50L Pre-Release! @ Jersey Shore Seaside Heights)
Make up: Musa - Blue Eyeliner (January Suscriber Gift @Musa Make up Salon )

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Rain Rain Go Away!

Rain, rain, go away

Come again another day

Little Isa wants to play

Out in the meadow far away

Skin: Mynerva - Kianna shade 1 Raven
Hair: Kin - Cricket-[Black]
Top: [SE*Designz] - Tube Top - Chess
Jeans: [SE*Designz] - Jeans Slim Fit - Black
Umbrella and Poses: {Just A Pose} - Harlequin Umbrella (Pose 1 = Penelope; Pose 3 = Singing in the Rain)
Poses 2 and 4 - Everglow

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New Oak Tree (with optional tire swing) released!

Many, many moons ago (almost two years!), my friend Todd Action asked for a big tree with a tire swing on it. I didn’t think much about it then, but over time I came around to the idea and how to execute it. I’ve also had a chance to play around with JJacek Antonelli’s Blender .bvh exporter, so I was ultimately able to put together something to my liking that meets the standards I try to keep today. The result is a 11 prim Oak Tree (3 prims make up the optional tire swing) that is offered with both scripted and unscripted versions (for foliage change) as well as a rez-faux version which uses a scripted tree and swing. Sit on the tire swing to swing – three animations are included and can be switched through clicking the tire while seated. Due to the nature of the scripts and packages included with this product, it is being offered mod/copy only (scripts inside are copy only). The tree’s available in the store as usual or on site here.… Read the rest