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Submit to Probe or be Denied

Ah Second Life®! So welcoming to new users! Welcome Resident! Please note that to remain in this venue you must consent to a probe scan that will load publicly available information about your avatar, including your avatar name, your IP address, UUID, and status of payment information, on to a third-party web site outside of […]

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Give me the group scoop!

The SL Blogger group needs some revitalizing, IMO. I really don’t want it to fade away — we have a killer logo, for Pete’s sake! We can’t waste that!The group was started ages ago – before I first rezzed. It was one of, if not the first, group I ever …

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Hugging trees, French Hunt, electric lime and where is my HEAD?

OK, so ages ago ago, before life turned into a long series of airports and work backlogs, I signed up to take part in a French hunt.Since I got back, I have done a lot of too much staring into space and mooching around the (albeit lovely if I say it my…

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