Shoji Kumaki, Cap Estel, LAQ Susan, and Hucci

One of the people who shares space with me on my sim is photographer Shoji Kumaki. He’s been featured on NWN a few times, and for good reason: his photos are amazing!

It’s true that this world is a virtual one made up of code, prims, and textures; but thanks to all the residents breathing life into it, it becomes so much more. It’s this sense of wonder over it all, the feeling of  adventure that comes across in Shoji’s images, that appeals to me so much. Whether his photos feature a crowd in front of a busy street cafe, a couple in their own intimate little world and sharing an umbrella, or his own avatar contemplating an uncertain vista, it’s always imbued with the promise of a story that wants to unfold itself before you.

I was browsing Shoji’s photos on his Koinup account a few days ago, and noticed that one sim in particular was showcased repeatedly: Cap Estel. I decided to pay a visit a few days ago, and was impressed with what I found! One of my favorite features was the giraffe tour, which will take you all around the sim. I put together a little clip to show parts of the tour, hope you enjoy!

Giraffe Tour, Cap Estel from Melanie Kidd on Vimeo.

I’m really impressed with what Maurice Messmer has done with the sim. It’s even more impressive when you take into consideration the fact that it is a Homestead and he therefore had only 3,750 prims at his disposal. He put a lot of thought into the overall feel of the sim; you (Read more...)

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