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If I Were Queen

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I saw Crap Mariner do a meme on his blog (inspired by Mitch Wagner) that asks you to share the first five things you would do as CEO of the Lab.

Oh!! Oh!!! Pick me! Pick me! I know what I would do!!

1. Call my own customer service line and ask for help with a made up problem. Better yet? I'd listen in on a day or two's worth of calls and find out how the folks who were on the front lines with my customers were doing and what issues came up. Oh - I'd file a ticket, too, and see how long it took for a satisfactory answer.

2. Try to search for something. Then, I'd know that one of my highest priorities should be fixing search. Fixing search benefits the economy, the creators, and the current residents. This is basic functionality and it needs to work.
3. Figure out who butters our bread and how to keep them happy. It's not just big land holders. Big land holders are nothing without the regular residents who rent from them. Find out who buys Lindens and figure out 'lifetime customer value.' SL will only survive if they can keep customers who spend spending and creators creating.… Read the rest




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Custom Avatar: Dorukolorukalai for Babakotia Kuhn & Jenn Cassady

My latest custom avatar was requested by Babakotia Kuhn. Seeing my work online and visiting this blog, Babakotia came to me with a request to create a somewhat popular character amongst furry communities. With permission from the artist to go ahead with the creation (as long as the colour was different, see above) – I took the project on board! This character, a Dorukolorukalai (what a mouthful!) is one of the more interesting characters I’ve done lately, with lots of detail in the hair and fur around the neck. Very bold in colour and somewhat fearsome! Babakotia & Jenn provided me with many images of the Dorukolo….ru… let’s just call her “Doru”, for me to work from – which always helps. I got some great profile views and drawings of details around the character’s body to bring into the realm of 3D. Most furry heads are created with jaws that can open, but it often leaves a very visible, and sometimes distracting seam where the two sculpted prims for the jaw and head collide.… Read the rest

Late for red, later for Chinese new year (but 1L goodness!)

I could use a bit more lying watching stars...

And one of these, plus a warm breeze to do it in.

The gazebo is up on the cliffs at Vent du Sud. Naturally, it's 1L.  Simple, but lots of attention to detail.
Click on the curtain to close it for a romantic hideaway.
Click on the lamp to turn the light on. . 

Again, 1L for the CURVE IT seating arrangement (up to 5 people, also couples poses).  
Deep burgundy and black, also simple and also mod / copy: great for outdoors or indoors at just 9 prims.

Dress from ICING, 'Chinoiserie', including the hair flowers.
Hair Cora by I love Olive.
The Vent du Sud gazebo
Now, if I can just do teal before the weekend I will be one happy blogger.

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