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Mission Furniture

Low Prim, High Detail Mission Furniture.
We love lots of detail and are always trying to find ways to make detail rich furniture with the least amount of prims. We might skimp on the prims, but we put all of our effort into the sculpting, texturing and animating these classic pieces of Mission Furniture.
The chair is 6 prims and has 6 unique animations. 3 feminine and 3 masculine. 150L$
The 3 seater sofa is 10 prims and has 3 unique animations per seat. No repeats, 9 in total. 250L$
The 2 seater Cuddle Sofa is 8 prims and has 9 interactive couple animations PLUS 4 unique single sits per seat.350L$

Table is 3 prims. 50L$
Lamp is 4 prims and is scripted with on/off and lighting effects. 50L$

**all plants at Apocalips are 50L$ and under.. rugs are all under 10L$
All of the animations were made especially to fit these furniture pieces. All of them are smooth looped and made with love and care by yure4u Sosa. Every pose is adjustable, by position and rotation on all axis and there is memory for 50 unique avatars.… Read the rest



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Polkadot Neckties

(That's the Guayabera by Pig on him)

I'm a little behind on my blogging, whoops. But anyway! New neckties, that match the polka dots of the corsets, sets of two colours, black dots and black background. Regular ties, and a shorter and wider style, the uberpack is HUD change and works with the rest of the HUDed ties (so any of those can be in the short wide style as well, and you don't have to fit new standard ones).

Out at the elephant!

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Shoji Kumaki, Cap Estel, LAQ Susan, and Hucci

One of the people who shares space with me on my sim is photographer Shoji Kumaki. He’s been featured on NWN a few times, and for good reason: his photos are amazing! It’s true that this world is a virtual one made up of code, prims, and textures; but thanks to all the residents breathing life into it, it becomes so much more. It’s this sense of wonder over it all, the feeling of  adventure that comes across in Shoji’s images, that appeals to me so much. Whether his photos feature a crowd in front of a busy street cafe, a couple in their own intimate little world and sharing an umbrella, or his own avatar contemplating an uncertain vista, it’s always imbued with the promise of a story that wants to unfold itself before you. I was browsing Shoji’s photos on his Koinup account a few days ago, and noticed that one sim in particular was showcased repeatedly: Cap Estel. I decided to pay a visit a few days ago, and was impressed with what I found!… Read the rest

[LeeZu!] A Mon Insu Gown

On 18th February 2011 · By LeeZu Baxter · With Leave a comment
In Fashion, LeeZu!, Second Life
High fashion has made its statement at [LeeZu!] again, releasing a fresh and appealing Mon Insu gown. The bodice of this white, low sleeved dress compliments the chest with an ecru scale-printed sculpted collar, while the assymetric skirt with its sculpted extensions decorated with roses almost dips your feet in a pleasure sauce. Accompanied by matching gloves and decorative hat, this sophisticated gown is available in 3 tones to taste.
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