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Alternative Body Modifications (Tattoo Layers)

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Because many asked for different body types.Compatible with current Skye, Ember and future skin releases from [Pink Fuel].
NOTE! These only work with purchases made after December 2010 (I updated the bodies that month and set them for sale). If you purchased a skin before that time, just send me a notecard and I will send an update if you prefer ^^4 different body modifications available now:Cleavage: Comes with three different types. Featured in the photo is Type 2. Small Chest: For avatars that prefer more natural and petite curves. Less definition around the chest area and a softer stomach.Dehancer: No breast shading. For avatars that prefer no definition around the chest area and a softer stomach.Boi: Slim masculine shading. At the moment, only works for femboy shapes that are female based. Will work with male shapes but may be some distortion. By the way! Sale on Ember/Skye skin ends March 1st!
Outfit Credits (L to R):
Hair: [e], lamb, Waka & Yuki, Sadistic Hacker
Shorts: League Gym Shorts, Shai boxers
Torso: Linc, My Pinkie Skull, Boom, Mr.… Read the rest




February 2011
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Mission Furniture

Low Prim, High Detail Mission Furniture.
We love lots of detail and are always trying to find ways to make detail rich furniture with the least amount of prims. We might skimp on the prims, but we put all of our effort into the sculpting, texturing and animating these classic pieces of Mission Furniture.
The chair is 6 prims and has 6 unique animations. 3 feminine and 3 masculine. 150L$
The 3 seater sofa is 10 prims and has 3 unique animations per seat. No repeats, 9 in total. 250L$
The 2 seater Cuddle Sofa is 8 prims and has 9 interactive couple animations PLUS 4 unique single sits per seat.350L$

Table is 3 prims. 50L$
Lamp is 4 prims and is scripted with on/off and lighting effects. 50L$

**all plants at Apocalips are 50L$ and under.. rugs are all under 10L$
All of the animations were made especially to fit these furniture pieces. All of them are smooth looped and made with love and care by yure4u Sosa. Every pose is adjustable, by position and rotation on all axis and there is memory for 50 unique avatars.… Read the rest

Sculpted Brains..

Although I swore I would never do it, here I am making custom sculpties. It has been interesting so far, but a little constricting, especially since in RL too, I am not used to working for other people. I think though, that the challenge has been good for me, and has given me time to rest and refresh my own creative juices.
Maybe because it is a time intensive project, my mind is suddenly bursting with things that I want to make for myself, and for our store. It has also been educational doing work on other people's vision, which is an absolute first for me in SL.
While working on this project I also found more ways to push my sculpties as far as detail and LOD quality. Practice makes perfect, they say, but in truth, practice opens up new roads and new possibilities. And I think when I am done, I will enjoy getting back to my own work, and hopefully pushing boundaries with ideas and new projects.

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Valentine’s Sale and Hunt ending, New puzzle game with free items

First off, the following events are ending soon! :

FEB 14th - Valentine's Day, Valentine's Sale Ends (assorted items L$35 to L$95, %20 off gift cards)

FEB 15th - There's No Place Like Home Hunt Ends

And new this week, Beat the brand new memory game and win a free item! 7 free items, a different one for each day of the week!

Click here now to teleport directly to the underground puzzlegame/freebie area via SLURL

Click here now to visit Arctic Greenhouse in Second Life via SLURL
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Valentine’s Day Release @ INSOLENCE !

Time is flowing so fast ! It is almost Valentine's day again !

What day could be a better occasion to make a sweet girly lingerie release ?
I couldn't miss this and went to the work table, and spent some nice time designing a new, sexy and light set, as a little tribute to love and tenderness !

I wanted to mix a very daring sheer tulle fabric, with a rather innocent flowery pattern, as an approach to what we could call fresh, simple and cute provocation.

The Amy sets were designed with this joyful spirit ,
and come in 6 embroidery variants over an overall white tone :

Baby Blue :

Leaf Green :

Baby... Pink :

Purple :

Yellow :

and pure White :

I included various layer combinations so that there shouldn't be any problem to wear the sets with, above, under, next to... whichever clothes or tattoos you might think of.

The sets have just been made available at the mainstore, follow this link to find them right away !

Marketplace pages will be updated shortly !

With the hope that these little pieces of fabric may be the sweet messengers of love thoughts,
I send you all my best wishes for this wonderful day,

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50L Friday item at LoveLace!

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50L Friday item at LoveLace!… Read the rest

Cameo . Lingerie and Stockings

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Stella . Lingerie and Stockings

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Cielo . Lingerie & Stockings

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LoveLace ~ Cielo… Read the rest

Alcine . Lingerie & Stockings

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LoveLace ~ Alcine… Read the rest

New from Fantasia! Lux!

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"Lux" is an orientalist inspired gown with plenty of glitz. The outer layer is wrapped around the bust with little cap sleeves, then split in an empire waist over the under layer. The fabric is pastel silk with beads and sequins adorning it. The under layer is patterned silk in rich gold with wide, draping sleeves. Also, something I'm super excited about, the skirt is attached to a different attachment point, so there's less hip-poke-thru! You still might have some but it's been drastically reduced (and this is with a hip-thrusty panther AO!) Available in 6 colors. Enjoy!

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