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A Man on a Mission

Maxwell Graf of Rustica is that man.  He recently released a brand new set of mission furniture.  Houston we have lift off!!  This set is SOOOO amazing.  It’s not only beautiful furniture;  it’s versatile – it comes with a really cool HUD that you can pick cushions/bedding/runners and change the textures from a selection on the HUD then you can go to the next tab and tint it any number of a colors just to match your decor.  All the pieces are copy.  And if that was not enough to make you go wow….it’s LOW PRIM!!  Now I know you are saying no way….mission stuff is never low prim.  But most pieces are under 3 prims and have sculpt changes to open and close drawers/doors.  SO…as a challenge….I decorated a Linden Home using 99% of this new release and just a few accents.  As you may know a linden home gets only 117 personal prims. So here is a Tahoe A frame house.  I chose the Yew Wood set from Rustica for this design experiment. … Read the rest




February 2011
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New Highland boots at lassitude & ennui

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New boots, yay! I'm mighty proud of those, hope you'll like them too!

These sleek boots sport a used and slightly grungy leather look, and would be great both with contemporary boho outfits or for a dashing steampunk styling.

The low heel version is unisex and fits both male and female avatars, though the guys will have to resize the boots. The boots are mod / copy and I've included a separate copy with low-lag and removable resizer script. Alpha layer only, no invisiprim. 300L$ per colors, or 1200L$ for the fatpack with eight colors.

Get them on the marketplace or at my main store on Nouveau (teleport in picks, SLURL in blog header)

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Shop ‘n hop with Lilie 075

Dancing with the bees. Catching the butterflies.

There again we are, woot!

This outfit is laying around since a few weeks (actually, I am wearing it all the time, ew) and now I just have to blog it, because I want to change haha.

The cardigan by Naith Smit you've probably seen a whole lot in the feeds a while back, cause it was a new release and every girl had to get it, like me. It is longer originally, but I had to shorten it to go with my skirt.

Ingenue lately has a ton of lovely releases. Betty Doyle is putting out that fast, I can't even wear everything of it. But oh how do I love all those blouses, shirts and pullovers she does! And they all come in so delicious colors too. The one I'm wearing here is only available at LeLook though, so please don't wonder about the SLURL not going to the mainstore.

And since my look is totally spring-like, I had to wear that adorable skirt by Whippet and Buck and combine it with some cute flats by Tokidoki. Feel the spring vibes pulling through the last snow!… Read the restundefined thingies 075b

Paper Doll

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52 Weeks of colour, teal. And SPRING

Slowly, slowly catching up after travels and tribulations. And best of all, yesterday felt like spring.

The warmer weather also led me to haul out THIS, which I made last year. Click to get different types of spring flower in each pot (meaning lots of combinations).

Go splurge ONE WHOLE LINDEN for it here at Vent du Sud, near the subscribo?

And if you DO mosey on over there, and are not signed up, then please do so because a couple of spring flowers will be popped in there within a day or two.

But back to teal. I love the soft, muted teals as much as I dislike bright turquoise (and bright lime is going to be a challenge!).
The sweater from Fishy Strawberry was perfect, then, and those boots from J's match it perfectly. Tinted white socks from Ducknipple and pants from Coco.

OK, going to use my energy and freedom to get going with all the promised newness at Vent du Sud (and look for something in lime).

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Cleaning out the closet part II (upper clothing )

On 27th February 2011 · By Noelle Fox · With Leave a comment
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Bombarded by RL job, my days of shopping and goodies searching will be termporaly canceled. Anyway, I took some spare time to continue with this series, in this case, about all the mess I have to clean out when it comes to my tees, my jackets, my boleros, coats, shirts, and so on. I will be posting my favorite items,new and old ones I revived! =)
Some readers told me they like this kind of posts because they remind them of old items, give them ideas for shopping, so here it is!

Lovely vest in red from KKBB

Sweeter than Candy Pea Coat
Lemon ginger unisex jacket

Sculpt Jacket and top from YDEA
Airflow Soft leather jacket

COCO Shirt Parka
Ribbon Refined Top Glitter

Bounce Bolero wool

*WAvE.:* Patches Jacket
Censored Blazer Julia - Green
Censored Shirt Elegance

MYTH Penelope Top
Privaaca P coat CheckWave Stripe navy jacket 
 R O C K   M E   A M A D E U S Blue Plaid Shirt

HORI-MUTO Dawn Jacket (sky)
Fri. Tourist Jacket

Izm. Jacket (isn't it unique??♥)
Magi Purple Coat

R.icielli - GABRIELA militaryjacket 
SD Wears Jacket
Young Urban Brown Cardigan
Latte Knit SweaterRibbon One Shoulder Lacetop

Salire Dot Bare Top

Winneys Sweater Blue

.Magoa.… Read the rest

POSEUR at the Garden City Relief fundraiser

POSEUR is participating in the Garden City Relief fundraiser! You can pick up a pack of three of our couple’s poses for 350L; these are normally sold in our stores at 200L each so grab them now and save! All proceeds from the sale of this fatpack are being donated to the relief fund for victims of the New Zealand earthquake. Visit here to find our poses and more at the fundraiser event:

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Mysti Eyed

I've been feeling naked lately.

I've been trying to get used to not wearing my MystiTool HUD. I've taken it off for all the events this week (Garden City Relief, etc.) because of the scripts. Having it off in general does improve my performance in SL. It's the scriptiest thing I wear and I only use one function; the area scanner that tells you what avs are around you.

In Viewer 2.5, the people tab will tell you who is around you. Although it is clunky to get to (as everything is in Viewer 2.X) and I don't want the tab open and blocking my screen all of the time, it does serve the same function.

Occasionally, I'll use the dance function of my Mysti, but in a pinch I could just use dances straight from inventory. Oh, I use the Lucky Chair detector sometimes. That's it.

I don't think anyone has heard from the creator, Mystical Cookie, in ages and ages. I wonder if she will ever be back to update the Mysti? I wonder if anyone will ever build a 'new & improved' version of it?

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Once Upon a Starry Night

OMG I’m so in love with this edition of Spruce Up Your Space!!  Trompe Loeil put out the Starry Night Skydome for the unbelievably low price of 25L.  And it’s exactly what we’ve all needed for ages.  Perfectly sized at 30x30m and only takes up 4 prims.  The stars move slowly across the sky above and the grass is beautifully sculpted as if you found a little clearing to study your astronomy. I grabbed {what next} ‘s SUYS picnic blanket to go with the skydome and made a perfect place for a midnight picnic.  The blankets and pillows are 9 prims and are super loaded with fun animations.  The set comes with a rezzable and wearable guitar and a picnic basket that gives food.  And it’s copy and mod!!  YAY!! As always SUYS only lasts the weekend and there are loads more participating so check them all out. Sleeping under the stars tonight,

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Oh My Stars-O-Rama

The sims of Elliott and Bill do these events, Oh My Stars-O-Rama, where we're all given something to create items around for the event. This time, it was a feather.

And so! There are feathery things. A feather boa, in both the hanging and wrapped styles, and a feather tree, in copy and transfer versions, from me. Those gold feather lashes up there? From Miss Shippe's Studio for the event too.

(hair from Clawtooth, lamb, fashionably dead, Schadenfreude; all facepaint from Miss Shippe's Studio; clothing from Pig, Schadenfreude, Pig, Schadenfreude; tattoos by ~silentsparrow~; skin&eyes by Schadenfreude; poses by Imperial Elegance and LAP)

Available at Schadenfreude on Elliott, February 26th to March 5th.

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Newness + News @ [Insatiable Fashions] 2/26/2011!

Hello Hello Insatiables!

Just wanted to take a second to blog about the newness that is hitting the mainstore and Marketplace as we speak! It's the full line of the Mixed Tape Hoodies in 10 scrumptious colors! You may remember the raspberry hoodie from Taste of SL a couple weeks back, when I put it out as a teaser! The hoodies are L$75 each, and the fatpack is L$375! That's 50% off!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy them! :D Let me know what you think!… Read the rest[IF] {Hoodie} Mixed Tape - [Raspberry] Ad

New Eyeshadow Release, Mock Picks and Makeovers

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After much whining about making vendors, I finally got them done ;)
And soooo this means... shadows are out!

10  High Pigment, Photorealistic Eyeshadows:

Bright Meadow - Bright and totally reminds me of a meadow, your interpretation may vary)

Cherry Bomb-(Rock!)

Mach 5 (It's the same color as my best dude friend's mustang from HS)

Dark Meadow-  Same at the bright, but after dark.

And Taste the Rainbow (cause you guys should know by now I have a thing for rainbows and I like to use any excuse I can to make more)

Olive Branch


Totally Hot Pink

Teal Me Twice

Bright Peenk

I even got some winged eyeliner done!

A tip, if you are on Firestorm or V2, you should be able to wear the eyeliners over your eyeshadows, just remember it's layered. So 'add' (not wear) the liner last.

Makeover Addition:

This was a request from my group member Nicci. She wanted a strawberry Jam lip creme with a silver eyeshadow. It looks AMAZING on.

Also, the Group Group is 100L to join.… Read the rest

New Gingham Chucks

On 24th February 2011 · By Robin Wood · With Leave a comment
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Spring is just around the corner! Get ready with a delightful new pair of gingham chucks from Robin!

These beautifully made chucks come in 7 fresh colors, and are perfect for those bright spring days. They all have tiny hearts on both the laces and the lining, and the bumper stripes match the gingham to give your feet a beautifully coordinated look. Notice that the fabric doesn't "pinch" anywhere, and the stitching is perfect! These are shoes that you'll be proud to wear.

Transfer only, so they are perfect for gift giving.

Touch them to activate the low-lag resize script, so you can easily get a perfect fit. (There's only a single script in each shoe, 2 scripts total, and you can remove them after you have used them, if you want to, and reduce your script load even farther!)

Included with the shoes are base shoes, so they'll fit your feet more easily, and a V2 Compatible Alpha Layer (courtesy of Marianne McCann) so that there's no chance of "peak through."

Just L$150 per pair.… Read the rest

If I Were Queen

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I saw Crap Mariner do a meme on his blog (inspired by Mitch Wagner) that asks you to share the first five things you would do as CEO of the Lab.

Oh!! Oh!!! Pick me! Pick me! I know what I would do!!

1. Call my own customer service line and ask for help with a made up problem. Better yet? I'd listen in on a day or two's worth of calls and find out how the folks who were on the front lines with my customers were doing and what issues came up. Oh - I'd file a ticket, too, and see how long it took for a satisfactory answer.

2. Try to search for something. Then, I'd know that one of my highest priorities should be fixing search. Fixing search benefits the economy, the creators, and the current residents. This is basic functionality and it needs to work.
3. Figure out who butters our bread and how to keep them happy. It's not just big land holders. Big land holders are nothing without the regular residents who rent from them. Find out who buys Lindens and figure out 'lifetime customer value.' SL will only survive if they can keep customers who spend spending and creators creating.… Read the rest

Custom Avatar: Dorukolorukalai for Babakotia Kuhn & Jenn Cassady

My latest custom avatar was requested by Babakotia Kuhn. Seeing my work online and visiting this blog, Babakotia came to me with a request to create a somewhat popular character amongst furry communities. With permission from the artist to go ahead with the creation (as long as the colour was different, see above) – I took the project on board! This character, a Dorukolorukalai (what a mouthful!) is one of the more interesting characters I’ve done lately, with lots of detail in the hair and fur around the neck. Very bold in colour and somewhat fearsome! Babakotia & Jenn provided me with many images of the Dorukolo….ru… let’s just call her “Doru”, for me to work from – which always helps. I got some great profile views and drawings of details around the character’s body to bring into the realm of 3D. Most furry heads are created with jaws that can open, but it often leaves a very visible, and sometimes distracting seam where the two sculpted prims for the jaw and head collide.… Read the rest

Late for red, later for Chinese new year (but 1L goodness!)

I could use a bit more lying watching stars...

And one of these, plus a warm breeze to do it in.

The gazebo is up on the cliffs at Vent du Sud. Naturally, it's 1L.  Simple, but lots of attention to detail.
Click on the curtain to close it for a romantic hideaway.
Click on the lamp to turn the light on. . 

Again, 1L for the CURVE IT seating arrangement (up to 5 people, also couples poses).  
Deep burgundy and black, also simple and also mod / copy: great for outdoors or indoors at just 9 prims.

Dress from ICING, 'Chinoiserie', including the hair flowers.
Hair Cora by I love Olive.
The Vent du Sud gazebo
Now, if I can just do teal before the weekend I will be one happy blogger.

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Woeful Wednesday and New Release

On 22nd February 2011 · By Isabeal Jupiter · With Leave a comment
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A Netherworld is participating in Woeful Wednesday tomorrow, February 23rd, and has set out this mini skirt set for only 50L.  You get two skirts and two tanks to mix and match in all layers.

We also have a new release, Selena's Dress.  It comes in four colors - red, green, blue, and purple.  Each dress is only 100L each or you an get a fat pack for 300L.

I really hope you like these new offerings, out now at A Netherworld.


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Two home items, one new tree!

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There are a number of new releases this week! This is a bookcase made from sculpties, so you’ll need to rez items on the ground then place them on the shelves. Low prim, Asian design, realistic lighting and shadow base. Great for your home! Available mod/copy only. This is both a decorative and functional tea set. Scripted and unscripted versions of the teacups are available (for wearing) and it’s possible to make the teapot steam when clicked. A pouring gesture is also included so you can pour tea while holding the teapot in your hand. Available mod/copy only. Folks who have been following Organica for a while may recall a couple of Acer tenuifoliums which were made many many moons ago and which were relegated to the discount wall. Well, finally I’ve gotten my act together and put together a new version of that tree; it’ll be known by its more colloquial name, the Full Moon Maple. This new tree comes with sculpted foliage and more efficient trunk.… Read the rest

Cheapies & Freebies @ Vanity Universe Skin Fair 2011

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Yeah, by the time I'll be posting this you would have probably read a lot of bloggers reviewing skins at the fair. Not my case, for two reasons: lag was incredibly LAGGY (yeah, redundant) and I just toured around looking for gifts or special offers, in case I could move from a store to the another one. I just made a white skin to be naked and zero primmed and entered after 3 hours hittin teleport( and being rejected for full region.). All I saw was grey and MANY GIRLS full of scripted stuff, vamps huds, aos... c'mon, let's cooperate a bit!
So, I didn't enjoy it, lol, but I could catch some stuff!

Free Skins:

 Maverick Skin-Wish Tan- Siren- Vanity Skin Fair Exclusive *JeSyLiLO*::SkinFairGift::*J1 *JeSyLiLO*::SkinFairGift::*J3 *JeSyLiLO*::SkinFairGift::*J2 *YS & YS* Susan - Skin Fair 2011 Gift :: hsh :: VENUS 01(promo) 5Lal vulo- eliza* vanity bronze gift
Make up:

Curio Pout Lips (glossy, well defined, and freee!Read the rest

New Shadows In the Mix :)

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Dark Meadow on moJo Alba 3.0 Cocoa 1
Faery Punque in Hollywood Pink
Cherry Bomb
Faery Punque in Sangria
Coming soon :) :)

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