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A Man on a Mission

Maxwell Graf of Rustica is that man.  He recently released a brand new set of mission furniture.  Houston we have lift off!!  This set is SOOOO amazing.  It’s not only beautiful furniture;  it’s versatile – it comes with a really cool HUD that you can pick cushions/bedding/runners and change the textures from a selection on […]

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February 2011
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New Highland boots at lassitude & ennui

On 27th February 2011 · By JackalE · With Leave a comment
In Lassitude & Ennui, Second Life

New boots, yay! I’m mighty proud of those, hope you’ll like them too!These sleek boots sport a used and slightly grungy leather look, and would be great both with contemporary boho outfits or for a dashing steampunk styling.The low heel version is unis…

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Shop ‘n hop with Lilie 075

Dancing with the bees. Catching the butterflies.There again we are, woot!This outfit is laying around since a few weeks (actually, I am wearing it all the time, ew) and now I just have to blog it, because I want to change haha.The cardigan by Naith Smi…

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undefined thingies 075b

Paper Doll

On 27th February 2011 · By Mocksoup · With Leave a comment
In Fashion, M.O.C.K. Cosmetics, Second Life

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Redzone is KAPUT!

That is worth a watch. A little humor is great medicine during a dark period in Second Life®
Itazura Radio rocks!
Don’t forget to watch and vote for Establish a do not track opt out system

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52 Weeks of colour, teal. And SPRING

Slowly, slowly catching up after travels and tribulations. And best of all, yesterday felt like spring.The warmer weather also led me to haul out THIS, which I made last year. Click to get different types of spring flower in each pot (meaning lots of c…

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Cleaning out the closet part II (upper clothing )

On 27th February 2011 · By Noelle Fox · With Leave a comment
In Fashion, Noelle Fox, Second Life

Bombarded by RL job, my days of shopping and goodies searching will be termporaly canceled. Anyway, I took some spare time to continue with this series, in this case, about all the mess I have to clean out when it comes to my tees, my jackets, my boler…

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POSEUR at the Garden City Relief fundraiser

POSEUR is participating in the Garden City Relief fundraiser! You can pick up a pack of three of our couple’s poses for 350L; these are normally sold in our stores at 200L each so grab them now and save! All proceeds from the sale of this fatpack are being donated to the relief fund for […]

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GCR Three Pack

Mysti Eyed

I’ve been feeling naked lately.I’ve been trying to get used to not wearing my MystiTool HUD. I’ve taken it off for all the events this week (Garden City Relief, etc.) because of the scripts. Having it off in general does improve my performance in SL. I…

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Once Upon a Starry Night

OMG I’m so in love with this edition of Spruce Up Your Space!!  Trompe Loeil put out the Starry Night Skydome for the unbelievably low price of 25L.  And it’s exactly what we’ve all needed for ages.  Perfectly sized at 30x30m and only takes up 4 prims.  The stars move slowly across the sky above […]

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Oh My Stars-O-Rama

The sims of Elliott and Bill do these events, Oh My Stars-O-Rama, where we’re all given something to create items around for the event. This time, it was a feather.And so! There are feathery things. A feather boa, in both the hanging and wrapped sty…

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feather lashes

Newness + News @ [Insatiable Fashions] 2/26/2011!

Hello Hello Insatiables!Just wanted to take a second to blog about the newness that is hitting the mainstore and Marketplace as we speak! It’s the full line of the Mixed Tape Hoodies in 10 scrumptious colors! You may remember the raspberry hoodie from …

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[IF] {Hoodie} Mixed Tape - [Raspberry] Ad

New Eyeshadow Release, Mock Picks and Makeovers

On 24th February 2011 · By Mocksoup · With Leave a comment
In Fashion, M.O.C.K. Cosmetics, Second Life · Tags , , ,

After much whining about making vendors, I finally got them done ;)And soooo this means… shadows are out! 10  High Pigment, Photorealistic Eyeshadows:Bright Meadow – Bright and totally reminds me of a meadow, your interpretation may vary)Ch…

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New Gingham Chucks

On 24th February 2011 · By Robin Wood · With Leave a comment
In General, Livingtree, Second Life

Spring is just around the corner! Get ready with a delightful new pair of gingham chucks from Robin!These beautifully made chucks come in 7 fresh colors, and are perfect for those bright spring days. They all have tiny hearts on both the laces and the …

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If I Were Queen

On 23rd February 2011 · By Tymmerie Thorne · With Leave a comment
In Fashion, Girl Wonder, Second Life · Tags , ,

I saw Crap Mariner do a meme on his blog (inspired by Mitch Wagner) that asks you to share the first five things you would do as CEO of the Lab.Oh!! Oh!!! Pick me! Pick me! I know what I would do!!1. Call my own customer service line and ask for help w…

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Custom Avatar: Dorukolorukalai for Babakotia Kuhn & Jenn Cassady

My latest custom avatar was requested by Babakotia Kuhn. Seeing my work online and visiting this blog, Babakotia came to me with a request to create a somewhat popular character amongst furry communities. With permission from the artist to go ahead with the creation (as long as the colour was different, see above) – I […]

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Late for red, later for Chinese new year (but 1L goodness!)

I could use a bit more lying watching stars…And one of these, plus a warm breeze to do it in.   The gazebo is up on the cliffs at Vent du Sud. Naturally, it’s 1L.  Simple, but lots of attention to detail. Click on the curtain to close it fo…

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Woeful Wednesday and New Release

On 22nd February 2011 · By Isabeal Jupiter · With Leave a comment
In A Netherworld, Fashion, Second Life

A Netherworld is participating in Woeful Wednesday tomorrow, February 23rd, and has set out this mini skirt set for only 50L.  You get two skirts and two tanks to mix and match in all layers.We also have a new release, Selena’s Dress.  It com…

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A Netherworld - Skull Skirts & Tanks Mix & Match 1024

Two home items, one new tree!

On 22nd February 2011 · By Aki · With Leave a comment
In Buildings and Landscaping, Organica, Second Life · Tags , , , ,

There are a number of new releases this week! This is a bookcase made from sculpties, so you’ll need to rez items on the ground then place them on the …

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Cheapies & Freebies @ Vanity Universe Skin Fair 2011

On 22nd February 2011 · By Noelle Fox · With Leave a comment
In Fashion, Noelle Fox, Second Life

Yeah, by the time I’ll be posting this you would have probably read a lot of bloggers reviewing skins at the fair. Not my case, for two reasons: lag was incredibly LAGGY (yeah, redundant) and I just toured around looking for gifts or special offers, in…

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