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The joy of giving. In which I lose my temper. Rant.

Somebody got REALLY AWFUL service from Vent du Sud today.

Got a message out of the blue, 24 hours after putting the gifts in the subscribo. 

 (pick them up here for 1L each or if you accidentally rejected the subscribo message, please yell and I will send them for free in the gift box)

This... person said 'I want to leave your group I don't want all your messages and stuff any more'.

I was building, so I sent her the LM and asked her if she could pop over to unsubscribe (mean, horrible, lazy person that I am). 

She declined it. And I got a mouthful (in French) that went like this.

Her: 'I get too many messages from your group and you must take me off NOW'
Me:  'It's a subscribomatic, not a group, and I don't actually have a group. And too many? I send about one a week.'
Her: 'I can't see it in my groups but know I am in it because I get your stuff and I'm sick of it so you must take me off it'
Me: 'OK, I'll come do it manually if it's too much trouble to come over.'

I go to the controller, go to the website, and see she signed up on...… Read the rest



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Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone. I consider this post as 1st post of the year. Yay. There is no way better to celebrate it then going shopping :D This time I'm strolling around Lula sim. Well I'm more on window shopping mode. I've shopped a lot for this couple of weeks, so I need a rest from that and focus on organizing my inventory *blush*. Today I'm wearing a mix-n-match; almost everything comes from different stores. It's like my resolution for 2011, it's a mix between rl and sl; work, love, personal & hobby. My short term resolution is to organize my inventory. To my shop-buddy, please don't tp me to any shop until next month. For time being, I will keep blogging stuff but from the stuff I already own but I have not blog them yet. My style notes

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Farewell to 2010

It’s been an interesting and exciting year! I got my sim, Kuu Ipo, on April 27, 2010. Running a sim has been a challenge and a great learning experience. The first few weeks were basically a crash course in terraforming, lol. I’ve been really fortunate to have some really talented and friendly people join me on the sim. I’m hoping that 2011 will afford me the opportunity to meet even more new neighbors. POSEUR was resurrected in 2010, and this time I invited my friends Gogo, Lash, and KS to share in the experience with me. I think that was one of the smartest decisions I’ve made this year! These ladies are all kinds of awesome and working with them has been a joy. I’m looking forward to continuing working with them in 2011! <3 2010 also marked my 3rd anniversary working at LAQ, formerly known as RaC. Three years! Where does the time go? I’m sure some people think I’m just being cheesy when I say this, but it’s the honest truth: back in 2007, I applied for the job at RaC not just because I wanted a job; I wanted to work at this store because I loved their work.… Read the rest2010 memories board

New Fantasia for the New Year!

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The new Fantasia is open!
And oh boy...have we got newness.

"Cora" & "Caelyx"-200L-mod/copy/notrans
Sabina's latest creation featuring shades of leather in two different arrangements. The slim and sexy "Cora" clings to the curves as a leather mini-dress, one side left open to expose one's brand. "Caelyx" on the other hand is a little more of the flashy variety with a stripped skirt and tummy baring asymetrical top. Both feature little animal pictographs.

"Lumi", named after a snow queen of folklore, is the Free Woman's answer to winter. The top layers are a light and shimmering knit while the lower layers are dark, rich velvets. Fur edges the sleeves and a thick fur stole is perfect around the shoulders. Includes matcing veil and hood.

New sim, new store! Just a few highlights...

Feel free to explore the sim and find all the little nooks and play areas. Even use it for rp if you need a little getaway. Just open 'adult' activities!… Read the restImage