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New at Arctic Greenhouse, Plumeria (aka Frangipani)!22 Prim Fully Sculpted Plants, Mod/Trans or Mod/CopyNew Vases and Planters, larger planters and arrangements coming later in the weekAnd finally, let’s make something beautiful together, with the new …



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End of Season Sale

The first floor of the store is getting crowded and I have to make room for the new spring collection! Many items will be retiring, some have already removed some items but more will be disappearing next weekend. I will try to list older items on the marketplace at some point, but I can’t guarantee […]

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Meanwhile on the bridge

I’ve been looking for a decent bob hairdo on and off for years, but I never seem to find the perfect one for me, because it’s all about the fringe, a nice heavy fringe. Whenever I want to look a … Continue reading

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[Insatiable Fashions] does Taste of SL + Group Gifts! 1/29/2011

Hello Hello Insatiables!This post is gonna be short and sweet, mainly because, well, I don’t have a lot to share. Well, maybe I do… Totally kidding. I just wanted to let you all know that there is a snazzy new group gift available in both the inworld…

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[IF] Stereo Love Group Gift Hoodies!


A 2 piece satin club outfit with optional prim attachment. Satin booty shorts with gold or silver chains. Satin pullover tank top with optional prim attachment. Available in 8 colors, clothing copy, prim attachment copy and modify.  L$175 each or discount pack of $840. Located on table near front door, on right side! Visit Hucci! […]

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Adam Lambert

On 28th January 2011 · By Sredni Eel · With Leave a comment
In Avatar Bizarre, Second Life

Just a little Adam Lambert costume, including the Guyliner.

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New at Fantasia!

On 28th January 2011 · By DreamResistance · With Leave a comment
In Fantasia Costumes, Fashion, Second Life

Oh, it must be nice to be rich, right? Well this week we have releases for those privileged few, the wealthy among us.”Lavish”-300L-mod/copy/notrans”Lavish” is a more classically cut garment of supple silk and brocade. Included is the dress itself,…

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Shop ‘n hop with Lilie 074

Oh the friends.Once again I’m blogging after some days of nothing. There is still a lot going on in my real life, so don’t expect too much in here, haha. Anyhow, here’s my outfit.You’re probably already done with the Seasons Hunt winter, but if not, he…

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undefined thingies 074b

So guys…

(and girls with guy-friends, and girls who just like to own guy stuff), are you getting excited yet? My gift for this Saturday’s MENstuff Hunt  is my tassled loafer, featuring custom sculpts and textures.  The shoes are scripted for resize with an ultra low-lag deletable script (yes, I finally found one I like) and work […]

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LOTD 1.27.11

LeLutka-AVA_stan-250910(D Brows)booN LUV205 hair brownAOHARU_BT_ShortRidersJacket_Black[Gos] Curvaceous Boot – BLACKMichaMi GlamTank in Gold Maitreya Cleo JeansSkirt – Dark Wash:. WoE .: Nomi Leather Belt (Blood)ROLE OPTIC SG-53 EternityMIEL LIA…

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Meanwhile during the war

Depth perception was for pussies. I am a huge fan of military clothing, especially coats and this ‘Charlie’ coat from LeLutka is perfect in every way, it’s mod so easily resized to fit your shape.  The trousers have amazing textures … Continue reading

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Meanwhile I’ve been thinking about honesty

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Welcome to the internet, where people sometimes do not tell the truth… Really you say? no it can’t be true can it? SecondLife is not unique in that people sometimes are less than sincere, but what got me thinking about … Continue reading

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Opposites really don’t attract.  At least that’s what psychologists and sociologists have known for awhile.  So, what could be better than to pair a heartache necklace from Lolapop! with flowers and sunshine?  Because for me, heartache i…

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Imabee Looking Fine In My New Skins

Imabee has a new skin line out right now called Miranda. When I first tried it on and saw the little red cupid’s bow lips I knew I had to make an homage to silent films. So…I did!The skins themselves though are very modern and clean. The line is m…

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I was wearing this and my husband said I looked like Yoko Ono. Not sure why but I shall take it as a compliment, being one of the few people in the world who *likes* her. Another thing I love is the new line from L’Abel, where I got this dress. Spar…

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Castle Textures – Set 8

Yet another Castle set, adding floor and ceiling textures (along with a couple of new wall textures) to match with the two previous sets, 6 and 7. Here are a couple of previews, and you can check out the entire set in the  Gallery (see the sidebar for the links to all the texture galleries). […]

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Castle Textures Set 8 Sample 1

Meanwhile in a sea of black and white

I’ve decided to take my ball home and go green instead. I bought this dress a good 18months ago, but I still adore it. and yes, I am still wearing these boots, but today they are cream suede The necklace … Continue reading

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In praise of taupe, 52 weeks of colour

Taupe, the colour of French moles.Soft, dusty, neutral…  and slightly melancholy, whimsical.Or, if you are my husband, it’s that sludgy beige colour I wanted on a wall. No, not that one, that is too sandy. And that one is way too pink.That one.S…

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Low cut mini dress with cutout triangles on sleeve in a soft stretch knit texture.  Zipper detail in back. Available in 6 colors, L$250 each or discount pack of L$1000. Located on the left front wall next to the door at the Main Store. Also at LE.LOOK! Location. Visit Hucci Visit Hucci @ LE.LOOK! Shop […]

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Meanwhile its a bright new day

On 25th January 2011 · By darkleyaeon · With Leave a comment
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I still haven’t taken off the boots, and have been deciding on what to wear with them. So I’ve headed over to the Dressing room and picked up the bodysuit from Kletva, the Glam Affair skin and the hair from … Continue reading

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