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New at Arctic Greenhouse, Plumeria (aka Frangipani)!

22 Prim Fully Sculpted Plants, Mod/Trans or Mod/Copy

New Vases and Planters, larger planters and arrangements coming later in the week

And finally, let's make something beautiful together, with the new Plumeria Kit!

The Arctic Greenhouse Valentine's Sale is going on now inworld, get a head start and come check out our selection of discounted items for Valentine's Day!

Click here now to visit Arctic Greenhouse in Second Life via SLURL

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January 2011
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New at Fantasia!

On 27th January 2011 · By Elena of Braavos · With Leave a comment
In Fantasia Costumes, Fashion, Second Life
Oh, it must be nice to be rich, right? Well this week we have releases for those privileged few, the wealthy among us.

"Lavish" is a more classically cut garment of supple silk and brocade. Included is the dress itself, as well as a capelette, golden armband and bracelette. Available in 6 sets of contrasting colors.

"Sedan Chair" & "Sedan Chaise" - 500L - mod/NOCOPY/trans
Who wouldn't want to be carried around the city, laid out in the lap of luxury whilst proclaiming to the poor pedestrians, "I'm so much better then you." These pieces of furniture are made just to help you do that. Both are carried by slaves, the chair at shoulder height and the chaise at hip height. The tunics of the slaves are both color change at a click. The chair has several texture options, while the chaise can have the padding and pillows all set to different textures. Both are worn as attachments, so you don't have to worry about rezzing it. Just wear and go!… Read the restImage

Skin Love…………

        I Like Mondays....... its the start of the new week,yess...?Iki Ikarus has recently released three New Skin Lines Mensje,Megan & Jaliah.Iki in the past couple of months has outdone herself and has been on a roll consistently getting better and better, and with each release being one better than the other.Dutch Touch has Basic skin packs for each face with a bunch of options like freckles, differently coloured brows & hair bases and two cleavage options & Lashes.
Then if you want to wear different makeups, you can purchase tattoo add- ons sets and mix and match to create your perfect look. This Post a bit late but as you all know I'm a slow blogger and not around that often but I could not pass up the chance to showcase these gems.MensjeIsnt she pretty? Mensje has such a Sweet Innocent and delicate looking face the most youthful and sweet face I belive Iki has made up to date, I LOVE LOVE! the no eyebrow version of this skin so much and the new rose tone is so soft and lovely.… Read the rest

Aye, Aye Maties!

On 16th January 2011 · By Atia Merryman-Jameson · With Leave a comment
In Atia Creations, Fashion, Second Life
ATIA's is pleased to offer our new line of eyes. I've been playing with eyes for a while and finally have a line I am "comfortable" with. As an artist I can never say I'm totally happy with anything I make, so comfortable seems appropriate - lol. So here are a few examples of ATIA's newest eyes. Visit  us on SL Marketplace or inworld to see the full line of vivid colors. I hope you enjoy!

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Last Day for CTK Sale

On 16th January 2011 · By レベカ ギルモア · With Leave a comment
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Teleport to my main store location here!

The collection of 99L kimonos are now set at 50L each.
Heian Junihitoe kimonos are now set at 150L and the matching fan sets are 75L.
Uchikake sets are 250L.
Individual hair style colors are 75L.
My newest furisode collection kimonos are now 150L.

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New CTK locations + ongoing sale

On 12th January 2011 · By レベカ ギルモア · With Leave a comment
In CTK, Fashion, Second Life
I've always had two locations, but both sims went under renovation within the last month. So with the addition of my new main location in the lovely Eventide Far East Sim, I have two other smaller locations in the Kyoto Bakumatsu Sim, and the Blue Lotus Sim.

Kyoto Bakumatsu

Blue Lotus

All three sims are gorgeous. The Blue Lotus and Kyoto Bakumatsu sims are both Japanese themed and have quite an impressive atmosphere if you're interested in checking them out.
The Eventide Far East Sim is home to Kin Keiko's hair store and Polly and Max's skin store, Logo. The atmosphere here is very sophisticated and upscale. Gah.. not to mention i'm sandwiched between two favorite stores of mine since forever ago... I couldn't ask for more. :))

Eventide Far East

Enough Chatty Cathy from me. hehe :)

My sale is still going on now through Sunday at my main location.

Stuff marked down as low as 50L. I should totally buy a wacky inflatable arm flailing tube man for this.

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Ooh La Lacey!

I can always count on Disaster Krogstad to have a recommendation for places to shop. He has a keen eye, enjoys spoiling his little moppet, and has traveled the grid far more widely than I. Recently he showed me a little boutique on the Tableau sim, Ooh LaLa. (Addendum: The sim is currently under re-design, but you can see the Ooh LaLa line – which is part of Nylon Outfitters – on The Marketplace.) I loved the design of the store, and really hope it doesn’t change too much in the sim remodel. It harkened back to when femme fatales of the silver screen wore structured corsets, weren’t afraid to embrace their femininity, and styles didn’t have to be cut all the way up to there to be considered sexy. While there aren’t a lot of different pieces offered, what is available is intriguing. I purchased three different outfits: the Lacey Slip, the Betty BodySuit, and the Lined Corset. I also picked up the Garter Clips and Black Seamed Stockings which are sold separately.
Read the restLet Me Just Slip Into Something More Comfortable...

Let the savings begin

On 11th January 2011 · By レベカ ギルモア · With Leave a comment
In CTK, Fashion, Second Life
I finally have my renovated main store location and it is up and running! To celebrate, i'm having a sale now through Sunday. I have marked down my best sellers, including all of my hair, to 50% or more off.

Teleport to my main store location here!

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Out now at Arctic Greenhouse - 20 New Caladium Plants (1 to 3 prims each, fully sculpted with no flickering alphas), available mod/copy or mod/transfer.

And for content creators there's the brand new Full Perm Caladium Kit!

Click here to see the Full Perm Sculpted Caladium Kit on the SL Marketplace

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"Raggamuffin" from Fantasia!

On 5th January 2011 · By Elena of Braavos · With Leave a comment
In Fantasia Costumes, Fashion, Second Life
More new from Fantasia this week!

"Raggamuffin" is a little rustic winter ensemble for a slave or anyone looking to be a little sexy with their bad rustic self. The cropped shirt is made with a rough homespun fabric, accented by grungy bits of old floral fabric. The skirt is a patchwork of leather with a waistband made of various grungy fabrics. Available in 5 colors.
(Its a little further back then right in the landing zone, look next to the subscriber kiosk!)

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Start 2011

On 4th January 2011 · By Vanity · With Leave a comment
In Fashion, Mocha Stitches, Second Life
Happy New Year Everybody
I am not one for dwelling on the past or looking back on what might have been....I am not even sure that my memory is that good. I have a sister who is just two years younger than me and we always laugh about the fact that she remembers huge chunks of our childhood so clearly whilst I apparently have no recollection of it whatsoever!! OK maybe that wont surprise most of you!
so questions I will ask you guys what are your hopes/dreams/wishes/darkest desires....what is out there for you? What do you really really really want to do? What would you be disappointed if you missed out on or didn't take the chance to do/see/be? we only have one life and I've learnt that when that sudden and amazing opportunity is in front of you don't let it go hold on with both arms and tug and keep tugging till its yours.
re Sl and fashion/blogging I know that in between my hectic Real life schedule I've kept in touch with all the amazing fashion and the glamour and the style, I have touched on these themes here this year...and the response every time was fabulous - and very encouraging.THANK YOU SO MUCHI have already had some new experiences via my blog and pictures and learning new techniques and know that many more lie ahead of me, some in the pipeline....some, who knows?Read the rest

New from Fantasia!

On 3rd January 2011 · By Elena of Braavos · With Leave a comment
In Fantasia Costumes, Fashion, Second Life
New from Fantasia!
Visit Fantasia In World!

"Nanuk" is a fluffy, furry set of leathers. Following the rule of 'the less you wear, the more covered you are' that is so prevalent in fantasy genres...these leathers will really keep you warm! The outfit consists of a ripped and stitched long sleeve leather top, matching leather booty shorts, and leather socks that come up the thigh. To accessorize, super furry boots and cuffs were added, along with a short fuzzy cape and hood set, which can be worn 'hood up' or 'hood down'. It's so FLUFFY!!

"Nanuk Capes"-100L each-mod/copy/notrans
Figuring that people might like the capes that come with "Nanuk" but might not want to buy an outfit they won't wear, I created 10 versions of the cape, available for separate purchase. All come with the 'hood up' or 'hood down' option and would work great for slaves or even free women. They too...are so FLUFFY!!

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CTK Renovation

On 2nd January 2011 · By レベカ ギルモア · With Leave a comment
In CTK, Fashion, Second Life
It's been a while since I was active with my CTK brand. Between school and my personal life, 2010 was quite the busy year.
As most of my followers know, I have always gone the traditional route when styling my shop. With the new decade I will be ushering in a more modern store layout.
Stay tuned! In a few days I will unveil the new location and images of the new store. As for the grand renovation reopening for CTK, I will also be having a sale.
Happy New Year everyone!

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2010 in review

Happy New Year, everyone! As promised, it’s been an exciting romp. Our first year of publication is behind us, and I thought it might be fun to take a look back… In 2010, there were a total of 69 posts. (I didn’t plan it that way, I promise!) SLingerie was viewed about 3,400 times, 765 of which were in December. The busiest day of the year was September 29th with 142 views, largely due, I am told, to some sort of controversy on Plurk. The most popular post that day was It’s All In The Details!

The top referring sites in 2010 were the SL Universe Community Forum,, iheartsl, Plurk, and Some visitors came searching, mostly for slingerie, cut a curve in earthstone, jailbait corset, slexy, and woman in yellow corset bra panty and stockings. (Little confused about that last one, but that’s ok.)

The the posts and pages that got the most views and or comments in 2010 are (according to WordPress – I don’t get total view numbers by post, but they sent me a nifty summary):
1) It’s All In The Details!Read the rest

New Fantasia for the New Year!

On 1st January 2011 · By Elena of Braavos · With Leave a comment
In Fantasia Costumes, Fashion, Second Life
The new Fantasia is open!
And oh boy...have we got newness.

"Cora" & "Caelyx"-200L-mod/copy/notrans
Sabina's latest creation featuring shades of leather in two different arrangements. The slim and sexy "Cora" clings to the curves as a leather mini-dress, one side left open to expose one's brand. "Caelyx" on the other hand is a little more of the flashy variety with a stripped skirt and tummy baring asymetrical top. Both feature little animal pictographs.

"Lumi", named after a snow queen of folklore, is the Free Woman's answer to winter. The top layers are a light and shimmering knit while the lower layers are dark, rich velvets. Fur edges the sleeves and a thick fur stole is perfect around the shoulders. Includes matcing veil and hood.

New sim, new store! Just a few highlights...

Feel free to explore the sim and find all the little nooks and play areas. Even use it for rp if you need a little getaway. Just open 'adult' activities!… Read the restImage